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Road Rage
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30 / M / California
Posted 2/23/09

SpiChii wrote:

I just wave at people who seem to have road rage, I swear just act like the friendliest person in the world to the road "ragers". It pisses 'em off even more so.

Took your strategy and tried it.

...VERY fun.
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27 / M / try google earth
Posted 2/25/09 , edited 2/25/09
....i was driving on the freeway one day in my 06 si with 2 of my friends driving a rsx type s and scion tc, we were all going 2 school, out of no where, some old hag drove up honked and fliped us off, that pised me off, so since it was a 2 road lane i called my friends to go ahead and block her, the other was behind, and i to the right( using blue tooth), and we slowed down to 45 for about 5 mins and kept on honking =D, that made my day.... take that u old geezers that flips off people for no reason!!!! i thought old ladys were nice....

one other time, some dude in a gsr wanted 2 race me, and i would have owned him but i knew there were cops around the corner, he almost crashes into me then speeds off going probably around 80-90, cop from other side of road U turns and pulls him over, win...

other than that, people who have road rage, i just go extra slow....and then once they try to pass, i speed up a little =D
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27 / M / Slough UK
Posted 2/28/09
Road rage against learner drivers should considered a major crime as it is morally wrong. All people were learners once so they should not be harsh on other learners once they pass.
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24 / M / new zealand
Posted 4/13/09

wow havent seen road rage this agresive
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26 / M / USA
Posted 4/19/09
well today i was driving on the freeway down to chinatown. i changed probably 3 lanes over and then was changing to the fourth lane. i forgot to look in my side mirror, and there was a car there. the driver honked at me, and i was like "oh shit" and pulled back over to my lane. that was definitely my fault there, but man the guy must have been fucking pissed or something. he pulled ahead of me and then cut me off. i was like "ok i guess i deserved that."

so i changed lanes, and then the fucker changed into my lane and cut me off again. so i changed to another lane, and he did the same thing again. i wondered "what the fuck does this guy think he's doing?" so i did that a couple times more, then i was like "ok i see exactly what this guy is doing." so i changed lanes again, but this time i changed a bit slower. he changed as well, but by the time he was in the other lane, i was straddling in the middle between the two lanes. i thought "wow this guy is fucking stupid", and i quickly pull back over to the lane i had changed from. then i floored the gas and sped right past him. he tried catching up to me and cutting me off again, but i tailgated a car in front of me.

the guy was probably in his late 20s or early 30s. i'm 17. i haven't even been driving a year yet. such a bad case of bullying..
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