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Sasuke remembers his youth, being excited to see his brother come home. Sasuke asks if he can play, but his mother says Itachi must first finish his homework. Itachi says he can do it later and the two brothers are soon outside playing hide and seek. Sasuke finds Itachi but his brother says not quite, disappearing as a clone.

Later at dinner Sasuke asks his father if Itachi's clone meant he cheated, but his father instead reacts in surprise to Itachi's skills. Sasuke asks Itachi to show him how to do it but his mother reminds him of his homework. Itachi pokes Sasuke in the head and says maybe another time.

We jump ahead in time to Itachi having to promise to train Sasuke in shuriken some other time, which he apologizes for with another poke to the head. On the way home, Sasuke asks when they can train. Itachi says he has missions now and Sasuke will start the Academy soon, which means they won't have time together any longer. Sasuke says that's okay, as long as they can hang out from time to time.

Time passes, Sasuke and Itachi sit alone. Itachi tells Sasuke that as brothers they have a unique bond, and that Itachi will be a hurdle for him to overcome. Time passes again and Sasuke asks about shuriken training, Itachi pokes Sasuke's forehead one last and apologizes. Sasuke thinks over Itachi's words from different points, how he would always be there for him, and be a hurdle to overcome, even if he becomes hated.

Sasuke thinks back to moment before Itachi's death and those barely audible words that only he heard… of Itachi apologizing… for the last time. Sasuke stands before the waves and tears rush down his cheeks. Around him sit Team Snake and Tobi. A hawk flies overhead and Sasuke states that they are no longer Snake, they are now "Hawk". In addition, as Hawk they have one goal... With Mangekyou eyes, Sasuke states that goal is to crush Konoha...
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y does sasuke want 2 crush konoha?
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