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Posted 6/6/08
Naruto awakens in his bed thinking over his most recent run in with Itachi. He remembers Itachi asking why he cared for Sasuke so much. Naruto explained that he was more of a brother to Sasuke than Itachi himself was. Naruto then charged for battle and Itachi turned to crows. We then see more of the incident. Itachi asks what if Sasuke doesn't want to return? Naruto says he'll do anything for Sasuke, even use force.

Itachi asks but what if Sasuke attacks Konoha? Naruto says he would never do that. Itachi explains that Sasuke could be swayed by most anything, so could Naruto still stop him, even if it meant killing him? Could he weigh Sasuke's existence against Konoha's? Naruto yells that he would find a way to do both, without having to kill Sasuke. Itachi retorts that such words are childish.

Naruto remembers Jiraiya telling him something similar after his fight with Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Naruto states he heard that before, but he won't go back on his word, that’s his ninja way. Itachi smiles and suddenly a crow flies into Naruto's mouth.

Itachi offers that he just granted Naruto some of his power, and hopefully he'll never have to use it. Naruto asks what this means, but Itachi says he must now take his leave. Elsewhere Sasuke looks at the moon and remembers that fateful night and his newly understood memories. The young Sasuke stands before Itachi and listens to his brother say to come to him when they share the same eyes.

Sasuke falls to pass out then rights himself. With determined, one tomoe Sharingan eyes he watches Itachi leave. He takes chase and throws a kunai, knocking of his brother’s forehead protector. Itachi stops and ties the protector back on. He then looks at Sasuke as a tear rolls down his cheek. Sasuke passes out and we return to the present. Sasuke remembers his brother crying and admits he couldn't figure it out.

He then states to Madara that his story was true after all. Back in Konoha Naruto wonders what Itachi wanted to tell him, and wonders what Sasuke's doing now. Elsewhere Madara asks Sasuke what he'll do with Itachi's eyes. Transplant them? Sasuke says no, what Itachi saw and what he will see are different. He can't do what Itachi desired, he'll follow his own path and revive the Uchiha his own way.

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