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help!! me study
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Posted 6/7/08

langkeekong wrote:

tell the mods to ban your acc. for a week, (like what snow-chibi did) or destroy your pc so you can't be tempted.. or cut off your connection for the meantime.

if the mod is supposed to ban everyone who is facing exam then wun the mod be very busy???
furthermore by asking the mod to ban u only stop u from comin CR but not other website
so is better u make up ur mind to study n use some self restrain on not wastin time
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Posted 6/7/08 , edited 6/7/08

Archangel768 wrote:

YojimboMifune wrote:

Archangel768 wrote:

don't report this person really needs help
well luckily for me i don't wanna go to university
for studying i suggest u get a family member to take all ur anime and manga and computer away and anything else taht u might have fun with until u finished the exam.



i have also gone through this. . .

im already in a college. . .

just this month. . .

and i didn't ask for help in the internet. . .

some people though are differnent and require more help although the advice might not be all that great but it would be nice if this did help her.

different? take a bullet to the head if one can't drop their obsession and rely on the internet for help.
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Posted 6/7/08
Well, Internet can be used as a key tool to study,,,
Posted 6/7/08 , edited 6/7/08
haha..this is one way to keep yourself visiting crunchyroll...
so better keep yourself focus... and continue not visiting this site 'till after your exams...
its your body and mind its in your control not ours...
Posted 6/7/08

hopelesshana wrote:

im sorry caz i dont know if i should post this here or not but i couldnt help it caz i realy need you guys help you see i have finals next weeks that i ll be doomed 4ever if i dont pass with an A as in i wont be able to get in university and i cant get in the mood of studing all i do is watch anime or read manga but never study
plzzzzzz help me or tell me how you study any way

i always ask my self how can a person study alone 10 sub and remember all of them like in anime and stuff ....

If you can't control yourself, you will fail. Always think to yourself "do I want to pass, or should I continue reading anime" People who can control themselves are the people that can achieve in many subject..

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