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Posted 6/7/08
I've been craving a conversation about Jiraishin...D= Please don't tell me I'm the only fan on Crunchyroll. Anyways who's your favorite character? What's your favorite case? Do you think Kyoya is a jerk? Who's your least favorite character? What's your least favorite case?
My favorite character would have to be Kyoya Ida because he's so cool and not to mention HOT! -shot- <3 Anyways I also like Eriko alot too. I think she and Ida would make a cute couple. :3 My favorite case would have to be Thrill and Real. :3
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Posted 7/4/08

It's my favorite seinen manga of all time and one of my top favorite mangas! I happen to love Kyoya! I think he's so hot and badass, too. He's intelligent and such a complex character. I read all 19 volumes and downloaded all of it. I like Thrill and Real but my favorite one is the hypnosis one. I like Eriko but I admit that his former partner is the one I like more. i was so sad when he died! I don't think I have a least favorite...they're all pretty cool.

As for Eriko and Ida, I don't think they do well together.
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