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This Is For Her and This Is For Him
by: Aira Isane (my pen name)

Note: Through out the story all the characters are speaking Japanese. So when the narrator suddenly says something about English don’t get mixed up!

Chapter 1
When She Claimed That He Wanted War

The April showers passed by fast and unnoticeably by the students of Igarashi High. The green house that stood not far from the school was sending off a circular rainbow. From a hawks eye you could see different shades of green and white. No less than 10 people took turns taking care of the green house that was once an old unused glass house 8 months ago. Two shadows sat under a sakura willow that barely began blooming.

8 months ago…
“A suggest a Gardening Club Ms. Takaya! It will teach students to be more caring of our world!” 16 year old Natsuki Okashii was as you say a ‘tree hugger’. She spent most of her days reading under the old sakura willow near the old glass house that she loved to paint. If she was not found outside you could rarely see a ghost like figure moving inside. “We all know of your adventures Natsu-san but I’d really love to start a Tea Ceremony Club. Since I’m pretty sure all the girls are force to take classes we might as well embrace them right?” 15 year old Sakura Kano spoke up. She is what most parents would want, a perfect daughter (popular amongst everyone), and a great wife to be. Since of the age of 9 she was said to be engaged to the owner of the big company which I might say could also be called a super market type of company.

“Exactly! Why spend your time doing that when you already do it at home. School… school should be a place where students can relax!” 16 year old Ichibana Tsukaba exclaims. This boy is the fiancé that Sakura Kano seems to be proud of most. “Look no one wants to work in a garden and no girl would want to spend her time doing what she already does at home. What we need to establish is a Relaxing Club where all we do is sleep.” 17 year old Kado Tsumetai points out.

Everyone in the school is important in the society because what Igarashi really is, was school for the rich. Only those who are really smart can get in without the use of money, like Natsuki Okashii. She’s gotten the scholarship for painting, piano, and for having a series of straight A’s since the age of 7. Kado Tsumetai was considered the hottest guy in school. No guy stood a chance with a girl if Kado Tsumetai is ‘hunting’… as they call it.
“I still propose the Gardening Club.” Natsuki persisted. “Look you commoner, go love Earth somewhere else okay?” Kado replied back. “I didn’t ask you Rich-brat where I should spread my loving disease.” This battle started a month ago, just when she moved to the school. “Don’t you dare call me a brat, little girl.” He gives off the same glare he always does when she is usually in site.

“Don’t give me that crap Mr. I’m-so-popular-I-think-I-can-get-anything-I-want. Cause this time, the Gardening Club will get approved.” Natsuki smirks at the sight of Kado’s surprised look. “How can you be so sure that it will?” As if knowing that Kado is trying his best to not loose his temper but miserably failing, Natsuki adds on to her 50th victory. “Well you see, my father came back just a few weeks ago and I thought I’d give him the heads up about the school. And the Gardening Club just suddenly got in the subject in front of our beloved principal. Oops.” She grins towards Kado and continues on. “He seemed thrilled about the whole idea, Rich-brat.” She laughs out loud and waved good bye to her fellow classmates as the bell rang as she got out the class.

“How is it she knows everything about this school but she just got here?” Sakura Kano questions to no one in particular. “And how does she know the principal so well? He hardly visits this school.” 15 year old Katsuya Jiino added.

“There’s something weird about her.” Kado finally retorts. “Katsuya go research on her background a little. I’m pretty sure you can do that, being as the president of the school right?” Kado eyes Katsuya as he nods endlessly. “How about me Kado-senpai what should I do?” Ichibana was always eager to help and if he’s eager so is Sakura. “Go spy on her Sakura and Ichibana… I want you to tell everyone our little sabotaging game called, Stray Cat Natsuki.” An evil grin was plastered on Kado’s face as he thought a deeper plan.

“Shall the festival start with a gun shot this year Kado-senpai or should we start with a water balloon?” Sakura sat atop the teacher’s desk with crossed legs revealing a little in front of Kado. “Oh please Sakura don’t tempt me in front of your fiancé.” He stares longingly at Sakura as she bites onto a pocky. “Hmm… not tempting senpai. Just a little hungry is all.” She answers.

“Bunch of sickos…” Nastuki walks in holding 5 books in her arms mumbling about how stupid it is to have transferred to the school. “Kado-senpai is never disgusting.” Katsuya retorts. “Shouldn’t you be researching about my background Jinno-san?” Natsuki continued to walk to her desk and placed the books on top of her desk. “Let’s see how to care for a sakura tree…” She quietly sat down and ignored the fuming Katsuya.

“You’re pretty early today aren’t you?” 17 year old Sakuma Saito always visited Class 1B since her favorite fan was in the class. “Sakuma-senpai!” Natuski jumped up from her seat and hugged Sakuma tightly. “Sakuma Saito-san, why are you here?” Sakura looked to everyone for an answer, bewildered that the hottest and smartest girl in school actually visited the commoner. “Well of course to visit none other than Natsuki-chan!” She smiled down at the hugging chibi. Natsuki and Sakuma looked very much a like yet no one knew that this bond they have had long started even before Natsuki transferred to the school.

“Kado-kun, why do you often go here?” She pulls off Natuski and drags her to Kado’s desk. “Nothing…” He looks down most embarrassed and looks back up as he soon captured his calmness once more. “HA! Rich-brat is embarrassed in front of Sakuma-nee? How wonderful, another weak point against you!” Natsuki maniacally laughs. “Haha, Natsuki-chan. Don’t tease Kado-kun. We should tend to the flowers now Natsuki-chan.” She begins to walk away but was pulled back by Natsuki. “No need. Otou-san said he’d do it today!” Natsuki received only a smile as Sakuma walked out.

“What was that? Your dad can’t come here.” Ichibana snaps. “That’s something you shouldn’t say. Ichibana.” Natsuki icily says, sending shivers down all her classmates. “Wow… that was scary Natsuki-san.” 16 year old Satsu Kenchi applauds. “For Halloween we should do ours in the glass house. That would be so cool and Natsuki you can be a scary witch or something.” She was a fan of dark stuff and loved to read like Natsuki.

Natsuki had bumped into her while looking for Dark Magic book, trying to cast a spell on Kado. Satsu who admired her sense of fun became her first friend. “Haha, it doesn’t have to be Halloween for us to do that Satsu! We could do it today and scare the shit out of that gang.” She strongly and loudly answers staring at Sakura. “Ugh, you think being a witch is a compliment. You’re lucky Satsu Kenchi that your father is rich. Without him you are nothing.” Satsu began to laugh uncontrollably along with Natsuki who tried to stop herself.

“Well FYI Ms. I’m-inheriting-money-too Satsu actually owns half that money her father has. Learn your history.” Natsuki defends and begins to laugh again as Satsu was reminded also but looked confused for a long period of time. Though there really isn’t anything funny about it. “How about you commoner?” Sakura points back. “Well let’s see… should I tell them Satsu or shall we wait for the bell to ring?” Natsuki looks over to Satsu who finally calmed down. “Hmm… let Otou-san tell them.” They both began to laugh again as Kado and Katsuya just sat there researching about her. Natsuki and Satsu walked out towards the back lawn.

“Gosh that’s the most fun I’ve had all day!” Satsu plopped down on the grass heavily pulling down Natsuki. They began to laugh once more and finally calmed down. The bell they spoke about rang and all teachers initiated the ‘evacuation’ which was not really needed.

Class after class began to file out of the school and into the lawn Natsuki and Satsu once sat on. Plenty students came from the high school department. Most of the students in junior and grade department were told not to come out due to having some form of stampede.

“Good Morning Everyone.” A voice was heard not too far off. A stage had been built near a 2 story mansion. All teachers led their students into the built in forest of the school ground. “Please keep all your students in an orderly fashion.” The same voice instructed. Natsuki and Satsu were no where in site. As if they had disappeared knowing they’d be force to the vice principal’s welcoming speech. “Each class has been assigned their designated row/s. Please follow the signs and make sure you have all your students. Do not proceed if missing a student. Natsuki Okashii, Satsu Kenchi and Sakuma Saito have already been checked in so please do not worry about the three. But we do wish for Toushiro Tsumetai and Kado Tsumetai to also check in with me.” The vice principal spoke on and on about instructions and repeated names over and over again.

The crowd grew louder as every student wondered why the names were being called. Katsuya who seemed surprised not to be called urged Kado to get going. Ichibana thought it as a joke that he’d actually been called but Sakura who cared none for him clung to Ichibana tightly. She dearly loves him. As one 2nd year would be heard saying when they are seen publicly showing affection.

As everyone was ordered to sit down, the scene soon grew quieter and quieter. “Good morning students and teachers of Igarashi Academy. To those of you starting a new as freshmen or those of you starting school all in all, I welcome you to Igarashi. I am Vice Principal Tanabata. Today is actually the 55th anniversary of the school and we must all celebrate. For a month we will welcome every student back officially in the festival held every year by the Tsumetai Family. Please welcome in Mr. Toushiro Tsumetai and his brother Kado Tsumetai.” The VP walked down the stairs clumsily and bumped Natsuki, toppling her over. Natsuki could not catch herself fast enough and tipped over falling onto Katsuya who was finally called over by the school secretary, Hirohito Kawako, also a second year.

It all seems as if the student body was made up of mostly 2nd years except for the school president, Katsuya who got his position for saving the VP once and Kado who was a junior. “This year in the student body since all is mostly 2nd years and lack seniors or freshmen we’ve decided the festival to be a normal festival similar to last year. Also the voting for a new club will be in session tomorrow. We apologize in advance that we are only able to fund 1 new club this year but the old clubs are free to continue on.” Toushiro glanced over to Kado and handed the microphone.

“Everyone seems to be upbeat this year, right? Well this year we’ve come to get to know each and everyone for one to two weeks before school actually started and it is surprising that we’ve all gathered just now to welcome all students back.” Kado paused and handed the microphone to Katsuya. “But there is a good reason for that.” Katsuya did not know what to say. “The festival that has been planned since vacation is now being played out. Instead of having it all day the Vice Principal wishes to commemorate the anniversary for a long period of time. And we decided to make the festival last for the whole month which was said by the VP, thrilled the Principal greatly.” Everyone sat there taking no notice of the announcement but a small clap was heard at the side of the stage.

“Natsuki?!?” They all shouted. “What? Can’t a girl listen once in a while?” She claimed. She continued to clap and walked on stage beside Sakuma Saito. “Please welcome our Senior School Representative, Sakuma Saito and our Scholarship Transferee Natsuki Okashii!” Katsuya ended a little flushed. Natsuki patted his back and whispered a few congratulation words. Sakuma took the mic and proceeded with the announcements. “This year we plan to leave a mark. A sign that says last year’s seniors loved this school very much. We grew up with this school that is still growing from time to time. Trees that we’ve watched over for so many years and classes we’ve repeatedly taken or seen. Piano lessons, or business management everything that we have done here, we want to remember and cherish. To this we seniors would also like to remember our Vice Principal who took care of us as a replacement for the Principal. We cherish every moment spent on Igarashi grounds. But what I would gladly announce is the coming of the Principal after 20 years.” A meekly smile could be seen on Sakuma’s face as she handed the mic to Natsuki.

“The Principal that no one knew or thought would never know is actually coming. Sakuma-senpai has long been in this ground even before it became a school. I as well who grew up here long to see the Principal.” All the students were at a state of shock. Not knowing that Natsuki had once studied in these halls once before. “When I was a child I lived at the mansion that everyone feared to be haunted by a girl and man. But to that I say I am no ghost. I’ve lived in Igarashi all my life and I’d like to admit I have seen the Principal once or twice. He is none other than Sakuma-senpai’s father and my father as well.” Natsuki held her hand out as a rough tanned hand met hers. “Please welcome our Principal, Principal Saito.” In an even shocker state, the students began to murmur and mumble words of approval or disapproval of Natsuki’s relationship with Sakuma-senpai and the Principal.

“How is that possible?” A student from 3C High questioned. “How are you two sisters?” They all exclaimed. “Her only sister is Kisama, of course! Kisama Natsuki Saito is also Natsuki Okashii. Doesn’t anybody just sit and observe?” A boy of the age of 17 stood up. His fiery colored hair blew messily on his face. He brushed it off with his right hand and continued his explanation. “You see the ghost girl that lived there didn’t want this kind of life. Us 3rd years should know her best. I mean we were the ones in her birthday 8 years ago! Look isn’t it such a big coincidence that this Natsuki plays piano, got here through an art scholarship? I mean Kisama was interviewed about the scandal they heard about her wanting to go back to her home school. What better explanation right?” His green eyes did not compliment his hair at all but stood out nonetheless. He waved his hand towards Natsuki and gave her a warm smile. “Glad to see you decided to give it another shot Suki-chan.”

The crowd was at its pandemonium once again. “That can’t be Suki-chan… I mean…” A girl from the 2nd year cried out. “Natsuki why did you have to say you were Suki!” Sakuma sighed weakly. “Ah Sakuma-nee, just cause I had brown hair a long time ago doesn’t mean I wasn’t that little girl!” Natsuki pushed her sister lightly who seemed to tumble at the smallest touch. Kado ran to her side and glared at Natsuki with an even icier look than before that gave her the slightest shiver. “Sakuma you over work to much. Why don’t you go rest for a while? I’ll take care of the commotion okay?” Natsuki was too afraid to touch her with Kado at sight and only motioned the way. Sakuma smiled weakly once more and walked out.

“Alright! Now, you see this little bit of information wasn’t supposed to come out. But yes I am Kisama Natsuki… the girl protégé. No I am not using that as a way to get in this school. No we are only half sisters. And no I won’t sign autographs.” Natsuki started to walk away when her father, the principal began his speech. “I’m sorry my beloved students for having such a weird opening.” She glanced at her father and then to Toushiro who seemed to be blushing at the sight of her. Toushiro was older than Kado by two years. This year was his last year and was also the Senior President of the Design Committee who was in charge of decorations in special events. “Morning’ Shiro-kun!” Natsuki skipped towards Toushiro and waved her hand close to his face.

“Good morning to you as well Natsuki-san.” He replied meekly. As she was about to turn to her heals her father began to talk about the green house she’d been asking for. “You all see that green house was long ago taken cared of my dearest daughter, Natsuki and it would be great if you all helped her out.” She stared at him in disgust and some of the audience did the same to her. “Principal Saito! I don’t believe she asked you to help in this matter. It’s up to the students which they want!” The Vice Principal butted in. “Club matters are decided by the students themselves. Giving influence because you are the Principal is –“Natsuki cut the Vice Principal short. “It is not a very political way to get people’s votes! It’s up to me to try to influence them. Not you.” Sakuma ran to the stage and blocked Natsuki. She then quickly grabbed the mic.

“I’d like everyone to know right here and now.” Natsuki stared in disapproval knowing what her sister would say. “That’s none of your business Sakuma-nee. And none of theirs for that matter!” She exploded. “Kisama Natsuki Okashii is actually the owner of this school. Igarashi, is the last name of her late grandfather. This school, land has been owned by her family for 75 years in counting. Just last year she was appointed ownership by her father. So if you oppose on what she does, think twice before you say anything.” Sakuma’s face looked very stern and jumped at the touch of Natsuki. “Please do not be afraid to tell me that my idea stinks or that you just simply don’t like it. It doesn’t really matter if I do own this place… and actually after all your reactions I think I’ll probably just move somewhere else.” Her smile burned through everyone’s heart as she finally walked off stage. Sakuma stared burning a hole through her back.

“Looking like an angel on Halloween won’t do.” Satsu exclaimed so that everyone could hear and walked off to class while waving good bye. She seemed bored and wanted to read instead. Besides she was never the crowd type anyway. Teachers gave off instructions to go back to class but failed miserably. With not so much as a budge the principal ordered them to have a break. Sakuma ordered all students to back away and to do what they like for the time being. First day of school changed from a lecture day to a free day. “Natsuki-chan you need not transfer else where.” Sakuma smiles. “If you really wanted that, you wouldn’t have told them.” She glared at her sister then looked away feeling a little guilty. Kado who was forced to stay by Sakuma looked very grumpy. Ichibana and the rest of the gang stayed as well since their boss was held prisoner.

“Kisa-chan you’re looking more and more like your mother. How is she?” A 24 year old teacher came from behind a kid and questioned Natsuki. “If you mean I look pale and boney like, I would disagree. She’s very much dead as of 5 months ago. My father as you would also like to question is somewhere working as a lazy bum.” “Are you gonna teach again Kisama-sensei?” Another 3rd came behind and hugged her tightly. “No, not at all Suzushi-senpai.” No sign of flustering or blushing was drawn on her face.

Kado seemingly disappointed at this pulled himself away from Sakuma. “Sakuma-san, I bid farewell to thee.” He begins to walk away, his gang trailing not too far off. “RICH-BRAT, that relaxing club, do you still plan on pursuing for it?” Ichibana turned around eagerly. He seemed to want it more. Kado slowly turned his head glaring straight at Natsuki. The glare held no sight of even a drop of kindness. Something Natsuki had never seen and for once she was given goose bumps. His voice quietly yet poisoning said, “We don’t want it.”

Natsuki unconsciously started to chuckle. “Somehow, rich-brat I take that as a warning. I don’t take warnings lightly. I tend to… react to them.” Natsuki hugged her friends goodbye and ran pass Kado purposely bumping to him but apologized anyway. “Why apologize when you deliberately did it?” Katsuya took Natsuki’s hand and clutched to it tightly as if meaning to squeeze it. “Let’s just say I’ve gone through these kinds of obstacles before.” She twisted her own arm sending pain through her nerves. “Thanks for the excuse!” She beams and pulls her arm away wincing. “You just keep surprising me.” The only thing Katsuya could say.

end of chapter 1

Author's Note: I hope you like this chapter. Chapter 2 will be out sometime next week entitled: He Forbids Her and She Forbids Him
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Author's Note: Here goes chapter 2 for those who actually reads this yeah anyway who ever does read this at least pmail me to tell me you want to read more of it. thanks!

Chapter 2
He Forbids Her and She Forbids Him

The sun gave off a warm air and many students piling in Igarashi High seemed to notice it. The sunflowers recently planted in front the school bloomed just yesterday, as for seen by the planter. She was running late and forgot to water them yesterday. From the left corner came a 16 year old girl with black knee length hair and blue eyes. She wore Igarashi’s girl uniform top and guy’s plaid pants. Though forbidden to do she did it anyways. “Gah! I can’t believe I woke up late.”

The opposite side of the school was a boy casually walking towards the girl with a small smirk playing on his face. “Miss I think that uniform suits you.” The smirk grew bigger and seemed to lift the girl’s heart a little. “Rich-brat, I don’t think I ever asked you about my fashion statement.” She showed no sign of it though. She carried a shoulder bag on her left shoulder and an anime bag with Naruto Uzumaki’’s face printed on it.

The boy, who seemed to take great interest on her, had his bag tucked under his arm. His hair colored blue, that was once blonde, majestically flowed with the wind. His blue eyes shined brighter than the girl’s. “Good Bye!” Her American accent added a little touch to the English phrase she had just used. “Ja Ne.” He mumbles. “What was that Rich-brat?” She spins her head letting her hair brush away from her face. Her almost pale skin showed no sign of pink. Just like it always was.

“No matter how much we try to make her blush it’s like she’s always wearing that poker face! I mean her laughs and smiles are no different. Even with Kenchi-san, she still doesn’t laugh! What is with that –“The boy with golden brown hair motioned the girl next to him to shut up as to continue his story about the poker-faced girl; he then realizes that she was behind him all this time. “It’s okay Tachibana.” Her only reply, as she sat down farthest from the desk, shocked the whole class. She fumbled through her desk for a few minutes and finally gave winning nothing from her fight with the desk.

“What is it Natsuki? What are you looking for?” Without waiting for permission, Satsu sat atop Natsuki’s desk while patting her on the head like a dog. “My locket Satsu, I didn’t have it with me last night.” She fidgeted her hair for a while and stood up throwing Satsu’s hand off forcefully. “Let me look for it with you!” Natsuki’s shaking head could not be seen as a boy with golden hair walks in and towards Satsu. “What do you want Baka? I’m a little busy right now.” Satsu jumped off the desk and tried to pull Natsuki. “It’s okay Satsuki. I’ll look for it myself.” She pulled her arm away wincing a little.

Twisting her arm yesterday was not such a bright idea and left her arm swollen. Natsuki was prone to getting sick quickly and bruised easily. Her pale skin was of no help either since if the bruises are shown, they stand out more than her blue eyes. “Hey Natsuki, Kado-sama has a proposal for you.” Ichibana shouted after her, hoping it would stop her. Of no luck, Natsuki ran out occasionally wincing at the pain of shock. But it would hurt her more to go to the nurse and decides to stick this out.

“Shouldn’t you be tending to that soon?” About a 6 foot guy blocked her exit and would not budge even a little. “Go away Kado.” Though she was only 5 foot 7, her head only reached as far as his shoulder or maybe even just a little pass that. “I have a proposal.” Natsuki tried hard to think of an escape plan to get out. She really needed to find that locket. Without it, she’s vulnerable! “Sorry Rich-brat, I’ve got an important business to do right now.” Natsuki tried to push Kado with her one good arm. To no prevail, Natsuki ran for the stairs hoping maybe then he’d give up. She’d occasionally look down but would only see a small flicker of shadow to which she had no idea that he was not really intending to follow or was he?

“Yo, girl with a broken arm!” That voice she knew too well, was heard below her. She turned abruptly pulling a muscle. “Gah, why are you following me up here, Rich-brat?!” She began to run once more without catching breath. In doing this, Kado easily over powered her and held her in his arms. The beat of his heart rang through Natsuki’s eardrums. “I need that locket…” She mumbles. “This?” Kado released her and in his hand dangled a silver locket. “To think it was silver and not gold.” She chuckled. “So Natsuki do you want to hear my proposal?” He once again says. “What is it…?” She tried to take the locket away for the fifth time only ending up pressing herself against him.

“If you can get the whole school to participate in one event… and I mean every student. I’ll let you have the locket back AND I won’t mess with you anymore.” He smirked at his own idea still holding onto Natsuki and the locket. “Deal.” She gladly declared. “It’s totally like war.” She whispered, pushing herself off him. “Oh yeah, that deal. It does include me.” Her eyes grew wide and her arm gave off another shock of pain. “Kuso! How could I fall for that?” She uttered disgustingly.

“There are conditions though. Only one thing can make me do something as stupid as join some event. So figure that out and I’ll do the event. You have to create the event only by yourself. No help from anyone. Another thing, you must kiss a guy in the event, in front of the whole school.” He looked surprisingly accomplished as if he’d already won.

“Rich-brat, I’ll get you back. To this I forbid you to tell anyone about our deal in anyway possible. If you do, you have to relinquish every title you will own or already own. Also you can’t mess with me during the time I am working on the even and you have to give me advices about it, either it be helpful or not. Yeah that means you have to talk to me when I want you to.” She stares into a somewhat reflection of her blue eyes and waits for a feed back. “Commoner, I forbid you to tell anyone too. And if you do, let go off the garden, school, and your name Kisama and you must tell everyone that from the start you were of no chance against me.” He claims and stares back at her. “DEAL!!!” They say in unison.

And there it began their stupid growing rivalry relationship. XD

Author's Note: This was a short chapter. 3rd chapter will be longer entiled: His Reason to be with Her
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