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Facts about my 16 year old Sis:

1. She never had braces, retainers or any other metal for her mouth
2. She had chicken pox -- I didnt!
3. She likes to tell me to get her water every time
4. She enjoys using the internet 24/7
5. She loves Jin
6. She sleeps with her green blanket and her heart shaped pillow every night.
7. Her wallpaper are ducks!
8. She has one pair of shoes that she refuses to wear.
9. She has smaller feet than me
10. She is such a fast reader

Did I mention she loves Jin? =X

Know anything about judi? Post them here!

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they arent very secret like :O we need more detailed ones XD
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yes! Jin jin is right...more secret the last time judz wet the bed =X
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Lonely-Goddess- wrote:

Midnight_Desiresx3 wrote:

yes! Jin jin is right...more secret the last time judz wet the bed =X

I dont wet the bed >.>

AND.. why cant you just ASK ME >< i can answer them >.> as best as i can

Then tell me if your still a virgin =X i wanna know the truth ><
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More facts:

1. She hates fish and carrots
2. She always calls herself fat --- everyday
3. She loves chocolate
4. She loves ice cream -- cookies and cream
5. All her ex bf's were weird --- i hated them..
6. She loves Jin.

yah...all her ex bf's i hated.. but im fine with Jin for some reason.

Bleeeeeeeehhhh Nom nom Devil!
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