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Posted 6/7/08
new mebers,
thanks 4 joining GakuenAliceFanClub...feel free to upload photos or post/start topic that are related with GA

4 new members feel free to introduce yourself
any format will do

Posted 6/8/08 , edited 6/8/08
hi there minna I'm dream_pluff but u can call me dream-chan I just found this group empty so I take over
I'm not really a good leader of a group(I'm lazy) but I will try my best to make this group active
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Posted 6/8/08 , edited 6/8/08
hiyA! I'm Shurei_ .

My real name is Allyssa Mae

Nickname?? Ken....

I'm willing to help to make this group active...

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Posted 6/8/08
hajimemahite minna

i'm joanne new here
i hope we will become a group that is active

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Posted 6/10/08
hihi~ minna-san!
i'm sihui... juz got invited into this group...
so plz take care of mi! xD
arigato ne~!

oh! n since this yr i got 'O'level... i wont be veri active... i can onli be active onli after plz understand... >.< gomen ne..
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Posted 7/7/08
hi hi my name is bahaybata but u can call me bata
Posted 7/17/08
seems like dream pluff leave gotta take over the group............
I'm satsushi
but you could call me LR-chan or shi-chan
I'm probably the laziest girl you could ever imagine
I'm a wierd girl
my worst nightmare is WRITING,,,,,,,,
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23 / F / duNnO!!!
Posted 7/26/08
im krishel-chan...
i like to watch and read manga....
i love shugo chara, gakuen alice, vampire knight, zombie loan.....and many more....
im a friendly person,
im afraid of ghost.etc......
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 8/24/08
Minna-san, hajimemashite,,,
My username is Lourdzotaku18, but I prefer to be called Megumi(my favorite Japanese name)
an otaku since child
a shy and calm person
I hate people who can't prove what they boast

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