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Posted 6/7/08 , edited 6/8/08
Wu Zun crazy over Michael Jordan, buys shoes and clothes in twos

Wu Zun showing MJ's championship rings, quite a number of the jerseys at the back are limited editions valued at tens of thousands of dollars.

FRH showed their personal collections, Wu Zun and Aaron revealed their dissimilar interests. Everyone knows that Wu Zun is a fan of MJ, his collection of MJ limited edition jerseys and shoes are countless, but the most precious was an MP3 player personally autographed by Jordan which Chun received during his birthday last year. Aaron at the side referred to himself as a cultured young man, because his interest was in stamps, "So embarrassed wor."

Wu Zun is Jordan's fanatic fan, he once spent more than NT$10,000 to buy a limited edition jersey, he recalled, "That time I went to New York, the first day I saw it in the shop I couldn't bear to buy it, because it was quite expensive, a few days later I went to see it again, there was only 1 left, so what was I waiting for?" But because of his hesitation, he only got a large size.

During Wu Zun's birthday last year, the merchants knew that he loved Jordan most, so they gave him a Jordan-autographed MP3 player, there were only 5 in all Taiwan, he guarded it so preciously, he instructed all onlookers "Can only see, cannot touch."

When circumstances permit, Wu Zun would try to get two sets of the same design of jerseys and shoes, "One set to wear, one set to frame up." As for the 22 generations of commemorative shoes released by Jordan, he has every design except for the second generation which he hasn't been able to find

Aaron spent 6 years collecting stamps.

Aaron started collecting stamps since junior school, in the six years up to middle school, he had only completed 3 stamp albums, it was because while writing letters in the past, he would just use the stamps he had collected as he was lazy to buy some.

He even said proudly, some of the stamps were sent on friends' letters but which had not been stamped by the postmen, he would immediately recycle them. Recently with the progress of technology and the internet and the proliferation of email in place of handwritten letters, he would also reminisce over the days when people used stamps to send letters.

Aaron in the six years from junior school to middle school only filled 3 stamp albums because he would often use the stamps in his albums

Jiros has collected more than 300 guitar picks

Jiro has a whole collection of Ultraman, colour-changing skeletons(?) series of picks, every set is valued at thousands of dollars, even friends are not allowed to view them

Calvin collects earrings

Calvin who pierced his ear at 18 years old likes to buy earrings.

Calvin has bought K gold, fake studs, faux stones etc type of earrings, in future he hopes to "enter the ranks" of Cartier, Bvlgari etc precious earrings.

Credits: Fahrenheit Globa1 Fanclub

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