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Posted 6/7/08 , edited 6/7/08
Watch this video about latest filming of CC Lemon in Kenting

Ragn's translation about Chun and Calvin's conversation

Chun: This is Brunei

Calvin: BRUNEI?!!

Chun: Right...

Calvin: What beach of Brunei?

Chun: I'm so happy that the well-known beverage decided to shoot tthe commercial here at Brunei
I had told them....
Because I had recommend to them the beautiful beaches ere at Brunei
Look for yourselves, isin't the beach here are nice?

Calvin: Don't be like that, I hope that the next...(sentenced cut by Chun)

Chun: I told you, you ask him... (pointing at Calvin), isn't Brunei nice?

Calvin: Right...

Chun: Right, you see...
Right, I told you that Brunei's beaches are beautiful.
When they came here, they also felt that it's really gret...
Right, we came here to shoot for four days, right?
(waiting for Calvin's confirmation)

Calvin: Right...

Chun: Right then, I will bring them to eat some well-known food here like wild ginger rice, laksa, Hainan chicken rice...

Calvin: He really is, told you...
He really misses Brunei so much he went crazy! This is Taiwan, you're CRAZY!
This is Kenting, you my swim back to Brunei, you may keep on swimming towards Brunei!

Chun: Maybe it's the effect of last night's sleeping pills... (laughing)

Calvin: You may swim back to Brunei, just make sure you will not land in the Philippines, ok?
As you all know the country Brunei and Philippines are near thats why Calvin joked about it but in Chinese culture the way he said it is insulting to the country Philippines and Ngar who translated this told me since she is Chinese herself and she even asked
her other friends who can understand and knows their culture and they agreed that when Calvin said that he did insult the Philippines.

Credits: Support Fahrenheit
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24 / F / Earth
Posted 6/23/08
well did Calvin mean too, like on purpose??
I'm pretty sure he didn't mean too..
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Posted 7/10/08
dt was just a joke, we should not take dt seriously.,! i'am a Filipino but, i don't believe dt Calvin did dt on purpose.,! He is a intelligent person, im sure he knows wt he's doing and wat he is saying.,!
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24 / F / the star that lie...
Posted 7/12/08
i don't think he insulted phil. cause he's here for promotions of romantic princess....and he said that he hopes to come back here
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30 / F / Im Lost
Posted 7/14/08
nah... just cheap rumor...
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Posted 8/3/08
0__0 lol not insulting whatsoever
Posted 8/9/08

well if he did insulted the philippines or not, he can say what he wants... it's a free world... it's those who are insulted who should think, is there really nothing insulting about the philippines??? man... it's not like we never insulted anyone or whatever our entire lives... think before you speak, think before you react!
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Posted 8/12/08
how could calvin insult the philippines?he came here to promote their drama series romantic what's the point that calvin would insult the philippines??that's not true..he really loves our country coz before he says that he came here 10 years not convinced about this kind of issue..
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Posted 8/16/08 , edited 8/16/08
Okay, this is my take on this. I'm Filipino, so I don't understand any of the video, so I'm going to go with the translation that was posted above. So, you know how Chun was saying that they're in Brunei and he kept going on and on about Brunei, but really they were in Taiwan the whole time? I think, actually, I'm positive Calvin was just teasing Chun because he was so confused about where he was. When he said, not to land in the Philippines, he was just joking around with him, because Chun might land there instead of Brunei because he is confused about where he is. It's just basically Calvin, being the sarcastic joker that he is and just jabbing at his best friend's confusion.

That is my take on this, agree with me or not. Calvin is an educated and cultured man, I doubt that he would say anything that tactless and careless on or off camera.

Calvin rocks my socks!

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25 / F / philippines
Posted 8/17/08
calvin isn't insulting the phil it was just a joke dont take it too seriously...
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Posted 8/21/08
huh, where got!?
i dun see any part that Calvin is insulting phillipines! hmm, he didnt mention phils at all leh.
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