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F / in my own little...
Posted 9/9/08
first kiss scene and the kidnapping scene it was so heroic for a guy ready to die for his girl especially the part when he covered her over his body to protect her getting hurt......ohhhhh knight and shining armor....
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31 / F / united arab emirates
Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
first thing first...i think their first hug..hugs feel so nice n pure.......hehe still watching.....

ooh n the background good melts me down
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 9/13/08
the boat scene!!!!!!!!!
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Hmmm,,,, AL OF IT!!sugoi ne~~~

i like the orange thing scene and the scene where hiroto is about to kiss nao but he laughed...then he repeated it and laugh again then when nao got angry..he pushed hiroto...the kiss never happened!>! haha!=]]

ahH.. i remembered the scene when he made a ring for NAO wherein his initials and nao's initials are there!!...and he threw it! so sad...
the ring was kakkoi! i like it! i wish i can have it...!

and ahh...the scene when hiroto had a wound on his sorry for him...!

ohh! i l♥ve the FIRST KISS SCENE!!! sugoi!!! with a ferrys wheel as their background!!<haha! it is a ferrys wheel isn't it> correct me if i'm wrong!! arigatou ne~~>
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Posted 9/26/08
that boat scene with the ear thing!
Posted 9/30/08
first fast kiss hehe so funny:P
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32 / Denmark
Posted 10/3/08
First Kiss ofc and kinda pretty when they wuuuuuuhuuu tha swimming pool.9 Just love it:)
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23 / M / Hawaii
Posted 10/9/08
There's a LOT that I liked. Just like the others, I liked all the boat scenes.
Ooh, and in ep 5 when he was about to change in front of his brother XDD
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F / Lithuania
Posted 10/26/08
I liked a lot of scences of this.
well i'll never forget that Nao says ''i wanna this orange thing'' or something like that,with cute voice
and also pool scence was cute.And their first meeting.
oh,this drama has a lot of nice scences
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27 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/27/08
it's hard to decide but the part that i wanted the most is when hiroto pulled Nao closer to him and hug her saying.."ja ne", not knowing it could be the last... i have another fave part (hekhek) that's when they were in the yacht then Nao ask for a kiss but hiroto keeps on laughing and can't kiss her... Lastly... my fave epi is the last when they finally realize that the other is their only love...I love this drama ssooo much...
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Posted 11/7/08

I love this drama from beginning part righ to the end part, so sad yet so sweet.
I regreted that I only get to know this drama only 1 week ago, I wished I could watch this drama 2 yrs ago.
Frankly speaking, I used to like korean drama than Japanese drama, becos I felt that korean storyline are
more romantic than the Jap, even the most famous "hana yori dango" also disappointed me, but I changed
my mind after watching this drama, though the story are quite common, but both Kame & Ayasa acted very
lively and the interpretation made by hiroto really touched me, many scences are unforgettable to me:
first met, swimming pool, first kiss, he ran toward her house,on boats, he protected her when she being
kidnapped, 2nd kiss at old school etc......
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36 / F / Here,
Posted 11/10/08
I love this show, just one of those ones that is bittersweet.

I love the scene when she goes running after him and says she'll never give up and Hiroto says "At that time I could have loved you forever." My heart broke because he was saying "could have". I was so worried!

And my favorite scene is when he sees her after the four years or so and he knows she's getting married and he goes back to his friends and gets drunk and he says something like " when does it stop hurting, when do you grow up" (paraphased badly )
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33 / F / California.
Posted 1/3/09
the part at the carnival of course!
omg, i rewatched that about 50 times already!!
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26 / M / Portland
Posted 1/27/09
I like the part where they shine the lights xD
Posted 2/16/09
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