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Posted 6/29/08

djloi wrote:

yea i m glad someone offer help for me =) m i suppose to send d doc for u to edit?

err email? or msn? i can edit it then send it back to you.

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Posted 6/29/08
I recommend you put your story in are many great KR fanfics there,and I'm sure the people there would help you in improving your stories
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Posted 6/29/08

zafz wrote:

djloi wrote:

yea i m glad someone offer help for me =) m i suppose to send d doc for u to edit?

err email? or msn? i can edit it then send it back to you.

Thx alot =)..would u mind PM me ur MSN or email? tq ^^

Guardian07 wrote:

I recommend you put your story in are many great KR fanfics there,and I'm sure the people there would help you in improving your stories

wow thx for d great info.i nv knew this kind of web exist..=)
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Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/12/08
Episode 4 : Unexpected Guest

Terran : Where am I…it is so dark…I cant see anything…

“Hehehe…finally, I found you…”

Terran : What…? Who are you?? Please release me…I am scare…

“You are mine!!”

Terran : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


I open my eyes and woke up immediately after I heard Terran scream…I was sweating a lot

Shinichi : It was a dream…

I looked around and trying to recall what happened…

Shinichi : I remember, that Serpant Vambie shoot me with something I cant see… and I fell down from the mountain…

Forbin : Shinichi! What happen? Why you shouting??

Shinichi : Is you Forbin. I am fine…just having a nightmare.

Forbin : Thanks goodness you are fine. If something happen to you nobody gonna rescue Terran and others villagers…

Shinichi : What?? Where is Terran?

Baduck : I guess he have been captured by Vambie…

Shinichi : Shit…! It is my fault…I shouldn’t leave him alone…I want to go save him now!

As I tried to get down from the bed, my injuries hurt me…

Shinichi : Ouch!

Baduck : Hold on Shinichi! Please take a rest. Your wound was pretty bad and deep.

Shinichi : I can’t…I need to save Terran or else he in danger…

Forbin : What? Please explain

Shinichi. : I’m sorry…I guess I had mix up my dream with the reality…I had a dream just now…Terran was been slaughter by Vambie.

Forbin : …

As everyone being depress because worried about Terran safety, Mass entered my room.

Mass : Shinichi, use this medicine. It can increase your healing rate.

Shinichi : Thanks Mass…I want to heal quickly and go save others.

Forbin : Your majesty, our action yesterday already cause them aware us. Shall we reform a new plan?

Mass : You are right. They might tighten their security to avoid same thing happen again.

Shinichi : Mass…You guys don’t need to form any plan

Baduck : What? What are you talking??

Shinichi : I will go myself.

Forbin : No way! You can’t do it alone!

Shinichi : I said I’ll do it!! It is my responsible!!

I was totally emotional that moment and yell at them…everyone speechless

Shinichi : I am sorry…

Mass : Shinichi, I understand your feeling. If you want to go, first you got to heal yourself first…

Shinichi : Gotcha!

Mass : Alright, guys, lets go out. Let Shinichi to rest.

Everyone leave me alone after that. I was sad yet I want to revenge on what Serpent Vambie did on me. I was thinking a way to defeat him but it was impossible! He can reflect my attack, my sword useless against his skin and he even can cast a powerful ray.
I was totally frustrated…I closed my eye full with disappointed on myself…At the moment, I remember Prof Fudo, Mana, Elder and Mac! “Fight as a man or run like a chicken”… this word was appear in my mind again. “I will make sure I come back in a piece”, I promised that to Mana. That’s right…No matter what the situation, I should not give up…I started to collect back my courage.

Shinichi : Everyone…wait for me. I’ll defeat Vambie!

On the next day, it seems my wound completely healed. Mass medicine really has greater effect. I join the breakfast with three of them after I taking off my bandage.

Mass : Shinichi, seems like you are completely healed. That’s great!

Shinichi : Thanks Mass. I have a question to ask you guys. How did you guys found me that time? Before I lost my conscious, I saw all leaves was gathered around…it seem like they purposely so that I can land on it.

Mass : First of all, I would like you to know that the forest in this mountain was inhabit by a spirit, we believe it was Forest Spirit.

Shinichi : Forest Spirit??

Mass : We believe that Forest Spirit have the ability to control green plant action. That’s the reason you have been save twice by those leaves.

Shinichi : (Could the Forest Spirit is Elf that I looking for…)

Shinichi : Mass, have any of you seen the spirit before?

Mass : Hahaha, Shinichi, that’s was just a rumor. Even it do exist, none of us have see it before.

Shinichi : What about the Elf Archer I mentioned to you before? What happen to the Elf?

Mass : I am sorry, I couldn’t remember what I had read from that book before. But I believe that book was still in castle, if it didn’t been demolished.

After the breakfast, Baduck and Forbin cleaning the plate and table. I offer myself to help but they reject it.

Thus I have a walk at outside the cave.

Shinichi : Well, guess I need to do some exercise and warm up.

I went back to the cave and tell them that I going to have a jog outside the forest. After that I am doing some warm up inside the cave and started to jog around the forest. While jog I trying to notice nature around me to determined whether the Forest Spirit really exist or not. However, after jog for around 30 minutes, I stopped and sat on the big stone while taking a deep breath.

Shinichi : This forest just looks normal…But I am sure what I seen. Those leave have their own will to move by themselves…

I am trying to look around those trees and leaves. Nothing suspicious…

Shinichi : Elf Spirit…if you do exist, please show yourself and help me!!

I tried to shout for few times but no response given…

Shinichi : It is no use…No one has seen the spirit before…I guess I need to depend on myself to defeat the Serpent.

I jog back to the cave after tired looking for the rumors spirit.

Mass : Shinichi, so how do you feel now?

Shinichi : I guess I am fine now. I want to go to the laboratory again to save others.

Mass : Don’t be rushing. I already sent Forbin to spy on them. Wait until he back and report to us the situation there.

Shinichi : Huh? He went there alone? Does it ok for him?

Mass : Well, don’t worry. Forbin is born talented spy. He is one of my importance assistance after all.

Shinichi : I suppose you guys are good in sword mastery. Never expect you guys good in spying as well.

Mass : Hey hey! Watch out what you thinking!

Shinichi : Heh, sorry.

Baduck : Your Majesty, Forbin has returned.

Forbin : Forbin report!

Mass : How the situation there?

Forbin : It seem like their security still loose. Not much Vambie in the laboratory.

Baduck : They never tighten their security? Could it be a trap?

Shinichi : Or they very confidence that they already killed me in the last battle…

Mass : Shinichi, what do you think? It could be a trap.

Shinichi : No matter what the situation, I must go. It is my responsible as hero…right?

Mass : Shinichi, a true hero will never call themselves a hero until the task was complete. I want you to remember this, no matter what…stay alive, ok?

Shinichi : Gotcha!

Forbin : Shinichi, always trust your own power, and Hercules.

Baduck : Never give up justice!

Shinichi : Thanks guys. I won’t surrender until I die!

I went to my room and grab my rider belt. I am going back to the laboratory to complete my task which I unable to complete it last time. Again, I use the secret path to lead me to the destination. As I in the laboratory, I check others area which I miss out last time.

Shinichi : I checked whole laboratory, but I couldn’t spot any hostage. Where is Terran and others villagers? This laboratory seem weird, no guard, no trap, no Vambie. Everything seem going well…

I walked around the laboratory and finally, I entered the last room located at underground. The room was very big. It seems like a Roman Fighting Stadium. I walked and checked around the stadium.

In others side, all my movement have been monitored by Serpent Vambie.

Serpent Vambie : So the rat still alive. He will be my tester for my experiment…hehehe…

For sudden, the stadium light been switch on. I look around to figure out who on the light. When I looked on the stage side, Serpent Vambie was there.

Serpent Vambie : I am surprise you still alive. After all never have people who survive from my Invisible Ray.

Shinichi : Well, your attack was nothing for me.

Serpent Vambie : So, what do think about this stadium? This Battle Stadium was specially designed and prepared for you…AS YOUR GRAVEYARD!

Shinichi : I will make sure I defeat you this time and here will be your grave!

I took out the rider belt and plate, trying to transform but Serpent Vambie continue his talking…

Serpent Vambie : Hang on, we can have more fun now.

Shinichi : What?

Serpent Vambie : I would like you be tester for my new experiment!

Shinichi : Experiment?? Could it be….???

Serpent Vambie : Bingo! You got it right!

At the instant, all the entrance was sealed.

Serpent Vambie : Hercules, here is the rules…

Shinichi : …

Serpent Vambie : Only the survival can find the exit in this stadium.

The gate behind me was opened. I can see something behind the gate waiting for me.

Serpent Vambie : Hercules, kill him if you want to fight me! I’ll watch your fight in the next room! Hahahahaha!!

Serpent Vambie left the stage and move to the next room…

Shinichi : Wait for me Serpent! I’ll come for you!


A bright light appear together with *Binary Code surround my body. It changes my body into Hercules.

The gate finished open. It was a giant monster inside the gate.

Hercules : Is that Hyper Bio Form monster?

Serpent Vambie : Correct! That is my latest creature! HYPER ELF BIO FORM!!

Hercules : Elf!!!??? No way!! That monster is….

Terran : Roarrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hercules : Terran!!!

Terran dash toward my direction and punched my body. He punches me rapidly. Not giving me a chance to defense myself. His last kick cause me flew few meters away.

Hercules : No way, I can’t attack Terran…Listen Terran! Wake up!! Is me!! Shinichi!!

Terran : Eliminate…Hercules…

Serpent Vambie : What happen Hercules? You have to fight if you want to survive! Shower your friend blood!! Hahahahaha

Hercules : Bastard! I’ll never kill my friend!

Serpent Vambie : If you don’t kill, you’ll be kill!

Terran shoots a few rays from his mouth. Eventhough that shoot was easily dodged by me, but I can’t make an opening attack. While I am thinking a way, suddenly I heard Terran speaking to me…He speaking to me through my mind.

Terran : (Shinichi…fight me…or else I cant return to normal. You have to kill this form…)

Hercules : (Terran…but I can’t do it…)

Terran : (I can’t control this body…If you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you…)

While communicating through mind with Terran, I have slow down my movement. For all sudden, Terran shoots another ray from his mouth and this time it hits me. My whole body was burn due to that attack.

Hercules : Ahhhhhh!!! It is so hot!!

Serpent Vambie : Hahahaha!! It is so interesting!! Watching Hercules been kill because of the priceless relationship he hold with that elf!

Hercules : Did you say...Priceless??

Serpent Vambie : What?

I stood up after the fire stop flaming my body…

Hercules : I’ll show you, our friendship will surpass you Hyper Bio Form power!!

Serpent Vambie : Fool! Hyper Bio Form is the most powerful creature in this world! Even Kazaf-sama acknowledges to this power!!

Hercules : Wait for me Terran! I’ll end the pain for you!!

I press the button on my rider belt. My sword flies toward to me. Seeing me using sword, Terran become more aggressive. He run toward to me again and tries to punch me but I managed to block it with my sword. I swing my sword and manage to hurt his left hand. I continue to make a few slash on Terran and his body was well damage.

I press the middle button on my rider belt. An energy flow from my body to my sword.

Hercules : Terran! I’ll perform my Hisatsu! Elf Slash!!!

At the instant I perform mid-air slash, Terran wound was healing automatic. He rejected my attack by using right hand only.

Hercules : What!?? He can heal his wound by himself?

Serpent Vambie : Hahahaha! You are right. Hyper Bio Form defense was weak, however they have strong vitality! They can heal by themselves!

Terran : Rooooaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time Terran was shooting an even bigger ray from his mouth!

Hercules : (The ray was too fast! I can’t dodge it!)

The ray hit me and this time I really can feel my whole body was burning until my deep heart. I roll around the floor, trying to put down the flame. While I am doing that, Terran dash toward to me again and he grab me with his two hands. He wraps me tight with his bare hand.

Hercules : Ahhhhh…it is hurt…!!!

Serpent Vambie : Hahahaha! Finish him off!! Send him to hell!!!

Hercules : ( I cant…I don’t have energy left anymore…I am sorry Terran…)

When I was just prepared to give up, Terran using mind wave to talk to me again…

Terran : (Shinichi! Listen!! While I using my whole energy wrapping you, my weakness was revealed!)

Hercules : (…What…?)

Terran : (My stomach…use your Elf Slash and hit my stomach…I already reduce my stomach defense to 0.)

Hercules : (But…you can auto heal youself…)

Terran : After you hit my stomach, immediately chop down my head!

Hercules : (No!! It would kill you!!)

Terran : (Believe me Shinichi, I’ll be fine…)

Hercules :

Serpent Vambie : What are you waiting for!! Kill him fast!!!

Hercules : FORGIVE ME TERRAN!!!!

I use my last energy to release the wrapping. I immediately grab my sword and press the middle button on my rider plate. Again, an energy flow from my body to the sword. I am ready with my hisatsu…

Terran : (Fast Shinichi!! While I still can revealed the weakness…!!)

Hercules : Please alive Terran!! ELF SLASH!!!

To be continued…

*Binary Code is used in computer language. It consist "01" number.In a fixed-width binary code, each letter, digit, or other character, is represented by a sequence of bits of the same length, usually indicated in code tables by the octal, decimal or hexadecimal notation for the value of that sequence of bits interpreted as a binary number.
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Posted 7/10/08
Episode 5 : Dragon Fist, rising!

In previous episode, Serpent-V already success created Hyper Bio Form creature by using Terran as the host for the monster. I was being force to fight against Terran in order to save him and proceed another fight with Serpent-V. In the middle fight between Terran, I was performing my Hisatsu on Terran stomach.

Hercules : ELF SLASH!!!

Serpent-V : It is useless you idiot!!

My slash pierce through Terran stomach. Terran seems like stun; not moving.

Hercules : Here my chance!

I press again the middle button on my rider plate. Again, an energy flow from my body to my sword. I dash toward to Terran.

Hercules : (Terran, please say you are ok after this attack!)

I reached in front of Terran and immediately perform my Hercus Slash!

Hercules : Hercus Slash!!!

Serpent-V : What!! He is trying to chop down his head!?

My sword accurately hit Terran neck. But something unexpected happen. I suppose my sword manage to chop his head but it turn out my sword been broken into 2 pieces. Terran neck doesn’t leave any single hurt.

Hercules : What the…! My sword broke!

Terran : Roarrrrrrrr!!!!!

Terran shoots another ray from his mouth. I have been repelled back few meters away from him and the flame burning my whole body…

Serpent-V : Hahah! You idiot! You did a same mistake again!!!

Hercules : Ahhhh!!! (I was struggling with the flame on my body)

Serpent-V : Have you forgotten your sword just have 50% physical and durability? And I forgot to tell you, Hyper Bio Form blood was containing same chemical like Snake-V. You slash him few times just now, your sword was none other than junk steel!! Hahahahaha!!

Finally the flame around my body has been put down. I stood up, hopelessly. I already lost my weapon. I don’t know what I should do to save Terran.

Hercules : I am sorry Terran…I am weakling…I can’t save you.

Serpent-V : Finish him now!

Terran : Eliminate…Hercules…

Terran casting some energy on his mouth. I knew he was trying to hit me with a biggest ray again this time…I already give up and let God decide my fate…

Terran : (Shinichi~~~ You…~~~Have~~~To Kill Me!!!!)

Hercules : Terran!!

Terran shoot a gigantic ray from his mouth. The damage went straight in front of me. I didn’t try to resist the attack, just standing at there…


A huge explosion been heard soundly by everyone. The mountain was vibrated by the explosion effect.

Forbin : What happen? An earthquake?

Mass : No! This wasn’t earthquake! Must be something to do with the explosion…Shinichi!

Baduck : Your majesty be careful!!

Some rock was sliding inside the hideout. Baduck manage to save Mass from the rock slide. After a moment, the earthquake was stopped.

Mass : Finally it stopped. I wonder Shinichi is alright or not…

Meanwhile, in the stadium…

Serpent-V : Hahaha! We won! My creature is powerful!!

Terran : …

The explosion created a big hole on the ground. In that messy situation, a shadow of mine was seen inside the smoke…

Terran : !!!!

Serpent-V : What? No way!!

After the smoke blow away by wind, I was obviously been seen…as Melee Form

Hercules : Lets go, round 2.

Serpent-V : He manage to survive again! How!!??

Hercules : At the instant that ray hit me, I change into Melee Form. At least, Melee Form defensive better than Rookie Form.

Serpent-V : (Grrr…I never expect he could dodge Hyper Elf attack with this form…)

Hercules : Serpent-V! Listen! I won’t repeat myself again! I will save Terran and defeat you!

Serpent-V : Stop dreaming you brat!! Kill him Hyper Elf!!!

Terran was dashing toward to me and laid a few punch on me. I manage to block all his attack. At the instant, I start rampaging! I punch Terran rapidly and continuously. Not giving him a single space to defense himself. Terran unable to bear the punching been flew away from me few meters. I rush toward to him continue punched him before he manage to get up.

I don’t know I punched him how many thousand times but he keep recovering his wound with a rapid rate. After a moment, I leave some opening on myself. Thus, that opening giving him a chance to attack me with his ray. I still continue punching him eventhough my body was covered by flame.

Serpent-V : What the earth happening! He can resist the flame! No way!!

Hercules : Terran! I’ll keep punch you until you wake up! Until you can’t stand the pain!

My punched seem like becoming weaker due to loss a great amount of energy. But this would not stop me keep punching him. Terran keep screaming of pain...

Terran : (Shinichi….Just kill me…Stop protecting me…)

Hercules : (I wont kill you! I’ll punch you until you wake urself!)

Terran : (No way…I can’t take over this body…)

Hercules : (Terran, I am fighting hard to save you guys. You as a Knight of Elf, Don’t give up!)

Terran : (Why??? Why do want to save me…I am not your friend)

Hercules : (You are my friend!!)

Terran : (W-What??)

Hercules : (Remember that night you teaches your swordsman skill to me? I cause a lot trouble to you that night but you still paying your patient to teach me…)

Terran : (Don’t be naïve! That’s because you are our only hope to save us!)

Hercules : (I don’t care!! I promise everyone to bring you back!)

While I am punching on Terran and mind talking with him, Serpent-V ran out from his room and hit me with his tail. I move away from Terran due to that attack.

Serpent-V : How pathetic Hercules! I can’t stand watching you punch my pet like sand bag!

Hercules : So, you decide to fight with me now?

Serpent-V : Not yet!! You still haven’t seen the true potential of Hyper Bio Form!

Serpent-V Insert some chip inside Terran wound.

Serpent-V : This chip contain a powerful energy that enough to blast away this mountain! I just equip it into my pet body!

Hercules : What!? Don’t tell me you plan to destroy this mountain!

Serpent-V : You are right! Hyper Elf! My next order to you! Eliminate this mountain!! Hahahahaha!!

Hercules : Stop it Terran!

A huge aura gathered on Terran body. I try to dash near him but been repelled back by that aura.

Terran : Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terran roar causes the earth unstable and shacking. The power gathered on him was extremely powerful. I was having a fear that I never had before. When I just thinking a way to stop his attack, Terran speak in my mind again…

Terran : (Shinichi…Here my last talk with you…I am glad…be able to meet you…)

The power around Terran getting stronger and stronger. I just stand there do nothing…helplessly waiting the whole mountain been destroy soon…

Terran : (Again Shinichi…You must kill me! Or else, all Elves and our hometown…will destroy…)

I still hesitate…However my hand automatically pressed the middle button on my rider plate. A flame appears on my right hand and forms a dragon shape. I standing there and waiting a right time to attack Terran…

Serpent-V : Attack now!!! Hyper Destruction!


Hercules : (Now!!)

At the instant Terran cast his attack, I dash toward him and performing my hisatsu!

Hercules : Dragon Punch!!!

I hit right on his chest. I use my body as shield, receiving his attack.

Serpent-V : Are you nuts! You use your body as shield!? You are killing yourself!

I don’t know how long I bear that attack. After a moment, I have been pushed back abit by abit…Finally I flew away few meters from Terran. I land down on ground…I can’t move anymore…

Serpent-V : He must be dead now, HAHAHAHA!! You are doing a great job, Hyper Elf!

Serpent-V keep praising his pet but Terran doesn’t show any response…

Serpent-V : What happen? Show me some reaction. We are champion today! HAHAHAHA!!!

The moment Serpent-V put his hand on Terran back, Terran whole body release a flame. The flame was burning his body.

Serpent-V : What??? What happen!!

The flame slowly melted Terran body…

Serpent-V : (Could it be his attack causes the burn!? No way…My creature is strongest in the world…!!)

I stood up slowly…while watching Terran body melted constantly…

Hercules : (I am sorry, Terran…)

Hercules : I am done with your pet…Now is your turn…!

Serpent-V : Grr…I’ll kill you! As revenge for killed my pet!

At the moment I just wanted to fight with Serpent-V, something happen on Terran body…His body was melted down but Terran showing some life response.

Terran : Grr..grrr….

Hercules : Terran!?

Serpent-V : My pet still alive! Hahaha!

Terran skin all melted completely. Something coming out from the skin! It was a dragon creature looks…

Hercules : W-What is that??

Serpent-V : (He came out from the dead skin…That is-is…!!)

Terran : RoaaaarrrrR!!!!!

Terran roar causes a huge whirlwind and damage me. I felt down from that attack…

Hercules : (His power is more powerful than just now…what the earth is him??)

Serpent-V : Hahaha! Hercules, you should be glad you can see my Hyper Bio Form final mode!

Hercules : What?

Serpent-V : Hyper Bio Form…after experience from death and alive back, it evolve into highest mode which you can see now, Hyper Devil Elf!! Hahaha!!

Terran : Rooarrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stood up slowly…and ready to fight as a warrior again

To be continued…
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Posted 7/10/08
'01 codes' are called 'binary code'. change it. but put a footnote as for reader's info. and i think the earlier part of chapter 4 still can be improve with more details like face expressions & ect.
at half downwards of the chapter it was ok for me. but chap 5 is in contrary. that's what i think.
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Posted 7/10/08
wow its long
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Posted 7/10/08
yea i knew 01 is binary..just i din mention it =)
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Posted 7/11/08
great episodes!!!
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Posted 7/11/08
i think u should call it binary codes. sounds cooler n educational. esp to ppl like me. a student
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Posted 7/11/08
heh..seriously i m comp student i'll change it =)
Posted 7/13/08
the early 3 episode is ok...but...4th n 5th is kinda boring....but at least urs r better than the other 2 fanfic here...
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Posted 7/13/08
lol..bored coz too many fighting scene?
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Posted 7/13/08
perhaps u need to add more drama in it?
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Posted 7/13/08

Aegis85 wrote:

perhaps u need to add more drama in it?

heh ok..i guess i too observe on d fighting scene
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