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Posted 7/13/08
yeah, what aegis says is true, fighting is good but you need drama in your fanfic
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Posted 7/14/08
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Posted 8/7/08
Episode 6 : Combo! Shining Dragon Rage!

In previous episode, Hyper Bio Form monster was resurrected and evolved into new form. It gain additional power compare to previous.

Serpent-V : It speed was as fast as lighting, it roar can create whirlwind and it attack can cause the earth shaking!! This is the power of Hyper Devil Form!! Hahaha!!

Hercules : Have you finish with your talk?

Serpent-V : What?!

Hercules : How many time I must repeat? I’ll save Terran no matter what!

Serpent-V : Hehe, too bad! It no longer your friend!

Hercules : What?

Serpent-V : Your friend is that ash, the skin that just burned by you! You just killed your own friend!!

Hercules : Terran…

I couldn’t believe it…I killed my friend? I couldn’t save him…

Hercules : Then…I’ll just punch your pet without any hesitating!

Serpent-V : Can you? Hyper Devil Elf, attack!!

Terran, no, Hyper Devil Elf (HDE) dash toward to me! It speed was extremely fast that I couldn’t catch it with my eyes. Just an instant he already at my behind. He grabbed on my neck and throws me right to the room where Serpent-V was just now. I stood up quickly and begin a heavy blow on it. It seems my blow doesn’t deliver any damage to its body. It begin scratch me with it finger. Even I manage to avoid it, but I still received some minor damage on my shoulder and chest.

HDE begin to rampage as I keep dodging its attack. It shoots flamethrower around the stadium and the stadium begins to burn. I begin to slow my movement dues to the fire around me. Without noticing, I was surrounded by a fire wall. I got it, HDE able to control the fire. It commands the fire wall to hit me. I was burn…

Serpent-V : Hahaha! Burn him!! Burn until no ashes leave for him!!

I dash out from the flame. My body was covered by fire. Immediately, I perform my hisatsu on HDE.

Hercules : Dragon Kick!!

My kick hit right on HDE face. HDE spilled out green blood over the place. I expect my hisatsu have effect on it, I immediately charge another blow on him, my Dragon Punch!! I punch on it chest, but at the instant he grabbed on my leg and throw a black ray from its mouth to me while he grabbing my leg. Later, it keeps smack me to ground; like small kids smacking the toys. I couldn’t bear it, my head was hurt.

Serpent-V : HDE! Tear him into pieces!!! Hahaha!!

HDE placed me on the ground, using his other arm pressing me. My movement completely sealed. He prepared his finger claw to tear me out.

Serpent-V : Hahaha!! DIE!!!

At the instant, I perform my Dragon Kick on HDE barehand. HDE repelled away few meters from me and fell down to the ground. I stood up immediately, with some dizzy pose.

Serpent-V : What!? Since when you charge Dragon Kick!?

Hercules : When it toying me around, I pressed the middle button on my rider plate.

Serpent-V : How come? I didn’t see it!?

Hercules : It was hidden on the leg that he grabbed me just now! Hehe!

HDE stood up again. I guess this time I make it even mad. It controls its fire again around me. Those fires chain my hand. I can’t move again. I struggle but no use.

Serpent-V : Hahaha! You are facing the same fate again! Kill him now HDE!!

HDE : Roooaaarrrrr!!!

HDE charge towards to me and trying to stab me with its sharp finger. I keep struggle myself, hopefully can release myself from the fire chain. At the instant, HDE successfully stab me! However, it stab wrong place. It stabs on my rider plate, middle button. Immediately a Dragon Kick was charge on my leg. I take this opportunity to kick on it hand. That kick manages to repel it away from me, as well as repelling myself. I was released from the fire chain due to the repelling effect and I manage to fly out from the stadium. I was outside the castle now.

Hercules : Darn, that monster too powerful. I gotta retreat myself…

I ran away from the castle and hiding inside the forest. I was badly injury…

Hercules : What should I do now…My attack seem not so effective against that monster…

Suddenly I heard Serpent-V shouting my name.

Serpent-V : Come out Hercules! I know you nearby here! If you don’t come out, I’ll order my HDE burn this forest!

Hercules : What the…Bastard!

Serpent-V : Still no answer? HDE burn the forest! Hahaha!!

HDE begin to throw flamethrower toward the forest. The forest was burning…I can feel the forest was crying and screaming to help…without any hesitation, I show up myself in front Serpent-V.

Serpent-V : Finally you show up. Nobody can escape from me!

I ignore Serpent-V. I click the middle button on my rider plate, to charge my hisatsu. A flame appear on my leg.

Serpent-V : Go HDE. Kill him for sure!

HDE begin to take its action. Its run toward to me. I was still standing there, clicking the middle button on my rider plate again. This time, another flame appear on my arm.

Serpent-V : Two finisher at once!?

Hercules : I’ll show you my true power! Go! My Hisatsu Waza! Dragon Rage!!!

I kick the flame on mid-air and release the flame. After that I release another flame from my arm. The two flames was combining as one and forming a big dragon shape. That attack was piercing throw HDE body. At the instant HDE manage to shoot me with its black ray. I fell down to the ground and revert back to my human form…I was unconscious…

Due to my attack, HDE was immediately destroyed, without leaving any ash…

Serpent-V : My HDE! No way!!

Serpent-V was mad. He walking toward to me…

Serpent-V : Congratulation Hercules. But you’ll die!

Serpent-V trying to kill me with his blade on his tail. At the instant he attack, my rider plate showing some weird reaction. A black dragon, yes, it was the dragon inside me came out from the rider plate and hit Serpent-V with its tail. Serpent-V was flown away.

Black Dragon : Hercules, your power already exhausted to the max…

The Black Dragon carried me, together with my rider plate and belt. It flies up to the sky. Serpent-V immediately throw some sharp blade to Black Dragon but his attack been block by Dragon Barrier.

Serpent-V : Darn Hercules! I’ll remember this!

Forbin : Your majesty!! Something…very very big!! Approaching us!!

Mass : What!? Is it Vambie!?

Baduck : No! It seem like a black dragon.

They three immediately went out to look the strange creature. It was Black Dragon they mean. Black Dragon land down in front Mass and put me on the ground.

Mass : Shinichi! Are you alright?

Black Dragon : He used Dragon Rage attack that consume too much draconic power. His energy totally exhausted.

Forbin : W-Who are you??

Black Dragon : I am Hercules. No, more accurate to say I am partial of Hercules.

Mass : Partial? Dragon…You must be Hercules Melee Form!

Black Dragon : You are right.

Baduck : But I though you already merge with Hercules?

Black Dragon : As I said, he use too much draconic energy. His body no longer can bear my power. That’s the reason I manage to defuse with him.

Mass : That’s mean, you no longer can posses his body?

Black Dragon : Wait until his draconic power recover, I shall return and assist him.

Black Dragon flap it wing and begin to fly up.

Mass : Wait! Where are you going?

Black Dragon : There is something I need to do…Until I done the thing, I’ll be back.

Black Dragon fly away and disappear after finish its word.

Mass : Forbin, please bring Shinichi inside to rest. Baduck, please take care his rider belt and plate.

Forbin & Baduck : Yes your majesty.

Mass : (Even Shinichi as Hercules can been damage until this rate. Seem like our enemy really tough…)

I don’t know how long I stay unconscious. However I having a nightmare which I killed Terran…I woke up immediately after that dream. I found myself, still alive.

Shinichi : Seem like I was saved, once again…

I saw my rider belt and plate was on the table. I woke up and approach to my rider plate. I notice the black light on the plate no longer lighten. While I having a question on my mind, Mass enter my room.

Mass : Shinichi! Finally you awake. Do you feel better?

Shinichi : Yea, I guess so. How long I fainted?

Mass : Include today, already 3 days.

Shinichi : I see…

Mass : Take a sit Shinichi. I would like to know what happen to you when you fight the Vambie.

I sit down. I explained everything to Mass including Terran, Hyper Elf Bio Form and Hyper Devil Elf.

Mass : So, Terran already sacrifices…

Shinichi : I am sorry, I promise to bring Terran back safely, but…

I begin to emotion again and tear started to roll from my eye…

Mass : Don’t be sad Shinichi. It was Terran choice…

The environment begins to silence for a moment.

Mass : There is something I would like to tell you.

Shinichi : What it is?

Mass told me about the Black Dragon that save me and disappear after that. His explanation already cleared my doubt.

Shinichi : So, I no longer can change to Melee Form…

Mass : But, it said will return until your draconic power recover.

Shinichi : I wonder what its doing now…

Mass : Well Shinichi, don’t worry so much about it. Let’s get dinner. We need another strategic to save all villagers.

Shinichi : Ok…

Meanwhile, Serpent-V was inside his lab and upset because his experiment ruin. For a sudden, someone appear behind Serpent-V.

Serpent-V : Who it is!?

Kazaf : ….

Serpent-V shocked when he saw that was Kazaf. He immediately bow down, showing his respect to his leader.

Kazaf : I came here immediately after you inform me you successfully created Hyper Bio Form. Where it is now?

Serpent-V : I-I am sorry Kazaf-sama…Hercules has-has destroy it…

Kazaf : Well, as I expected. Hercules power was evolve everytime he join a fight. Hyper Bio Form no longer a harm for him.

Serpent-V : Please forgive my careless…Kazaf-sama…

Kazaf : Here is your last chance. Find Hercules and kill him by tomorrow.

Serpent-V : Y-Yes sir..!!

Kazaf turn around and ready to go.

Kazaf : If you fail tomorrow, I’ll personally come and settle with you.

Kazaf left the place after the word.

Serpent-V : This is so-so-so bad….!! I must kill Hercules for my own sake! Roaaarrrrr!!!!!

In the same time, it seem like Black Dragon went back to the stadium that just happen a fierce fight few days ago. It seems like searching something around the stadium.

Black Dragon : He should be around here if I not mistaken…

Black Dragon searched for few minute and finally he found a spirit standing nearby the exit. The spirit, no doubt, is Terran!

Black Dragon : There you are!

Terran : What? You can see me? Who are you?

Black Dragon : It seem like you already forgot about us and your past

Terran : Huh? What?

Black Dragon : I am your old friend, Degan.

As soon as Terran heard Black Dragon name, he seems shocked…

To be continued…
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Posted 8/7/08
finally my assign done n my sem break coming soon! ^^...enjoy and comment my ep 6..thx ^^
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Posted 8/7/08
for some reason i think ur fic quality is decreasing. are u in rush when u post that? coz it seems like u want to finish it fast
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Posted 8/7/08

Aegis85 wrote:

for some reason i think ur fic quality is decreasing. are u in rush when u post that? coz it seems like u want to finish it fast

hmm..guess bcoz i stopped writing for so long ~_~...mind tell me where is d prob? mayb i'll try to fix it when i reli got time XD...
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Posted 8/7/08
its good to have you back ^^
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Posted 8/7/08

djloi wrote:
hmm..guess bcoz i stopped writing for so long ~_~...mind tell me where is d prob? mayb i'll try to fix it when i reli got time XD...

there's no problem. it's more like u r making the story pace faster and there's too many dialog
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Posted 8/7/08
great episode!
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Posted 8/7/08

Aegis85 wrote:

djloi wrote:
hmm..guess bcoz i stopped writing for so long ~_~...mind tell me where is d prob? mayb i'll try to fix it when i reli got time XD...

there's no problem. it's more like u r making the story pace faster and there's too many dialog

ag most probably because i felt tat in ep 4~5 already too many fighting is time to end
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Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
Episode 7 : Magic & Wizard Power

Degan (Black Dragon) : I am your old friend, Degan.

Terran : Degan!?

Degan : Does it hit the ring on your head?

Terran : No…but your name was familiar…

Degan : Anyway, the main purpose I am here looking for you is not chatting with you. Come with me.

Terran : Where are we going?

Degan : Follow me and you will find the truth.

Degan and Terran mysteriously disappear in the stadium after they finish talked. Time already 0800 hours on the next day. I woke up and get ready for my breakfast. Yesterday discussion doesn’t produce any outcome. So we decided to discuss it again after breakfast.

Mass : Good morning Shinichi. Breakfast will be ready soon!

Shinichi : Thanks Mass. You are really a good cooker.

Mass : Well I used to learn cookery from my mum since small.

Shinichi : Where is Baduck and Forbin?

Mass : Well, they went patrolling around. Don’t worry about them. They are good in saving themselves.

Mass finish cook the breakfast around 10 minute later. We sat down together and ate while waiting for Forbin and Baduck to return.

Mass : Shinichi, how is your wound? Does is fully recover?

Shinichi : Yeah. I guess I am fine now.

Mass : Heh, thanks for my secret medicine recipe.

While we eating, Forbin and Baduck appeared. Their face kinda in shock.

Baduck : Your Majesty! This is bad..!!

Forbin : We found our men! They all were tying together at the top of the mountain!

Mass : What!?

Shinichi : I’ll go to save them now.

Mass : Wait Shinichi, this must be a trap set by Vambie.

Shinichi : I know but this is the only chance we had. After that we won’t know where they prison at.

Serpent-V : You’re right. You’ll never had chance if you don’t grab the opportunity now.

At the sudden, Serpent-V appear in front of us.

Forbin : You! How do you found our secret hideout?

Serpent-V : You dumb. You didn’t realize you have been spied by me.

Shinichi : Serpent! Release them now!

Serpent-V : Be patient Hercules. Let’s start a game.

Shinichi : A game?

Serpent-V : You will fight with me here with a terms and condition.

Shinichi : What it is?

Serpent-V : If you manage lay 10 hit on me, I’ll release 1 villagers. In other way, if I manage to lay 10 hit on you, I’ll kill 1 villager.

Shinichi : What!? No way! I won’t agree your condition!

Serpent-V : It is too late. All villagers were hanging on the top of mountain. If you don’t accept my condition, they all will die immediately…

Shinichi : What!?

Mass : Shinichi…

Shinichi : Mass…do I have a better choice…?

Mass : Shinichi…I believe in you.

Forbin & Baduck : We believe in you too.

Shinichi : Guys, you all…

Serpent-V : Looks like the King agree with my condition. So don’t hesitate anymore, Hercules.

I took out my rider belt and plate.


A bright light appear together with binary code surround my body. It changes my body into Hercules.

Hercules : (I just have this default form. My sword no longer available. That’s mean I just can punch and kick his ass)

Serpent-V : King,I’ll let you see how your men die 1 by 1! Hahaha!

Hercules : You sure talked a lot compare to the first time I met you.

Serpent-V : That’s not an important fact…

Hercules : Well, what do you think? Here is too small for us to rampage. Let’s settle this at outside.

I and Serpent-V went outside and ready to fight. In the same time Mass secretly order Baduck and Forbin to save the villagers.

Serpent-V : C’mon. I’ll let you hit me first.

Hercules : As you wish.

I run toward to Serpent-V and begin to punch him. As the instant I punched on his chest, he reflected my hit and directly damages myself. I keep repeating punching but I am the one who receive the damage. He punches on my stomach and I flew away.

Serpent-V : You just received 20 hit from me. Now I’ll kill 2 elves as I promised.

Hercules : What!? Wait!!

Serpent-V shoots two sharp blades from his tail and immediately killed 2 villagers that hanging on the mountain.

Hercules : No!!! You cheater!!

Serpent-V : I did not cheat. You received 20 hits from me.

Hercules : (Darn, if I keep punching him I’ll just killing the villagers)

Serpent-V : If you don’t take your move. I’ll come for you!!!

Serpent-V dash towards to me and this time he attack me with his sharps tail. He attacks me rapidly and I hardly block all his attack. I tried to lay him a few kick but it was useless as all attack was reflected to me.

Meanwhile, it seem like Baduck and Forbin begin their move on saving the villagers without Serpent-V knowledge. They untie those villagers 1 by 1 and finally they success to release they all. Baduck lead them to a safe place to avoid Serpent-V.

Serpent-V kicked on my stomach and I fell on the ground.

Serpent-V : Counted this kicked, you received total 50 hits. That’s mean I’ll kill 5 elves now! HAHAHA!!

Hercules : Baka…

Serpent-V : What?

Hercules : Look to the mountain by yourself.

Serpent-V looks to the mountain and he had his biggest shock of life.

Serpent-V : What the...!! Since when they all run away!

While Serpent-V questioning himself, I ambush him by lay a punched on his face. Unfortunately, my punched been reflected and I got repelled away.

Serpent-V : Seems like you are the true baka. I can’t be hurt by psychical attack. Your punch n kicks no effect on me.

Hercules : As if I care. If I punch once not enough, then I’ll punch twice. If still not enough, I’ll continue punch. Punch until enough to take you down.

Serpent-V : well, you’re just killing yourself. If that was your wish. Bring it on!

Serpent-V just standing there and let me punches. I punch then got repelled away. I punch again and repelled again. Punch, repelled. Punch, repelled. I don’t know how many time I repeated this silly action. But I just keep standing up and punch him as hard as I can.

Serpent-V : You are bored Hercules. I guess I should eliminate you now!

Both of us dash forward to each other. I know if I fail to dodge his attack this time I’ll die. I successfully punched his face. Surprisingly my punched cause him flew few miles away before he manage to hit me.

Hercules : Wow! I hit him! I hit him!!

Serpent-V : Shit! What the hell happening…my stomach was hurt

Hercules : Now you see that!!

Serpent-V woke up and his face seems shock…

Hercules : What happen? Begin to afraid to my power?

Serpent-V : Be-behind you…Bi-big Lizard~~!!

I turn around and…WTF!!! A giant Lizard was flying on the sky!! I was having a shock expression as well…

Serpent-V : (Damn, it must the lizard who hit me just now)

Giant Lizard : Hercules, your spirit has awaken me. Your courage summoned me here.

Hercules : Who are you?

Giant Lizard : I am you.

Hercules : What? Lizard…you’re my form!?

Giant Lizard : You ring the bell.

While I dealing with the giant lizard, all citizen of elves able to victim it and begin to questioning themselves.

Elf A : Looks..that lizard…!!

Elf B : No doubt! He is forest spirit guardian!

Kid Elf : Mum!! Forest spirit was here to save us!!

Elf C : Go Forest spirit!! Teach the Vambie a lesson!!

All villagers cheers for giant lizard. The cheering was loud and can be heard by me.

Hercules : Wow you’re famous. Are you the forest spirit?

Giant Lizard : Indeed I am. Before I slept under the earth, I gave some of my power to the green plant. They have ability to protect themselves and act on their own.

The elves cheering was continue and getting loud and loud. Serpent-V already shows some unhappy expression. He dash toward the giant lizard, trying to hit him. Before he manage to reach giant lizard, giant lizard shoot a fireball from his mouth and hit accurately on Serpent-V. Serpent-V flew few miles away again.

Serpent-V : Ahhhh…damn!!

Hercules : You hit him! Your attack wasn’t reflected! How come?

Giant Lizard : Hercules, now I shall return to you and assist you.

Giant lizard enters my body after finished talking. Once again I felt warm and full with energy. A purple light lightens on my rider plate.

Hercules : Is time to teach you a true lesson. Let’s go!

I press the purple button then middle on my rider plate. Using my new form.


A binary code appears around my body again. The giant lizard appear from above my head and it change into armor to equipped into me.


I managed to change to my new form, Wizard Form.

Serpent-V : Hercules new form!?

I pressed the right button on my rider belt to summon my weapon, Basher Rod.

Serpent-V : I’ll never lose to you!!

Serpent-V throws few sharp blades from his tail on me. I summon an ice wall in front me and blocked him attack.

Hercules : Lord of fire, I need your power. I summon, FIRE BLAST!

My basher rod releases a huge fire blast and hit Serpent-V. Serpent-V received large damage from my attack and seems like he have been weaken. I pressed middle button on my rider plate to charge my hissatsu.

An energy flow from my Basher Rod to my right leg. I throw away my Basher Rod and jump as high as I can. I perform a rider kick on Serpent-V.

Hercules : Death Ultima Kick!!

Serpent-V flew away after received my attack. He woke up and barely injured. He ran away. Seeing him flee away, I chase him.After I chase him for few minute, I lost his track. I try to search around where is him.In the same time, Serpent-V already ran until on top of mountain.

Serpent-V : Damn Hercules…I’ll remember this…Huuh huuh Huuh…

??? : You no longer need this memory.

Serpent-V : What!? Kazaf-sama!

Kazaf : Serpent, you already failed in your mission. You should accept your punishment.

Serpent-V : No please Kazaf-sama! Please gimme one more chance!

Serpent-V grabbed on Kazaf leg and begs for him. After a few beg, Serpent-V throw few sharp blades from his tail to attack Kazaf.

Serpent-V : Hahaha! I’ll eliminate you first!

At the instant, Kazaf punch on Serpent-V chest. Cause him vomit blood…

Serpent-V : What…why-why..your attack does not reflect…

Kazaf : Do you think this child play got effect on me?

Kazaf pushed the switch on his right belt to UP level. A pair of boot appears on his leg.

Kazaf : Farewell, you idiot! Rider Kick!!

Kazaf kicked on Serpent-V head and cause his head immediately destroy. After a moment, I reached the top of mountain and saw Kazaf standing there.

Hercules : Kazaf!

Kazaf : Hercules, long time no see.

Hercules : What are you doing here!?

Kazaf : Don’t worry. I am not here to pick a fight with you. In fact you’ll die together with this mountain.

Hercules : What!?

Kazaf : I have planed bombs around the mountain. The power of bomb enough to blow away this whole mountain!

Hercules : What! You bastard!

Kazaf : Run now or else you wont have chance to see the world again! Hahaha!!

Hercules : (I gotta go back and inform Mass they all)

I quickly run back to Mass hideout and inform him about the bombs.

Kazaf : Hahah! Run Run! Save your life! HAHAHA!!

As I almost reach the hideout, the bomb already started to explode on top the mountain.

Mass : What happen!? Enemy attack again!!?

Forbin : My Majesty, this is not usually explosion!

Hercules : Mass!! Bring everyone and run! This mountain was equipped with bomb!!

Mass : What!??

Elf A : What should we do! OMG!!

Hercules : Below the mountain is Kubik Village. Run to there and ask help!

Mass : But, if we leave this mountain and contact with human, that will break our ancestor rule…

Hercules : The explosion is getting nearer! No time to bother about that! Do you want all your villagers die because of you stupid ancestor rules!?

Mass : …

Baduck : Shinichi, I do not allow you speak to our king with that way!

Hercules : Mass!!

Mass : You are right…Everyone listen!! I command you all, get refugee to human! Everyone please escape to Kubik Village.

Everyone agree with the plan and started to go down the mountain save themselves. The explosion is getting nearer and nearer.

Mass : Run everyone run!!

Forbin : Everyone come this way!

Baduck : Shinichi, what are you doing?

Hercules : I’ll try buy some time for you guys.

I summon an ice wall before the explosion reach as shield. Hopefully can block the explosion for a short time.

Mass : Shinichi run! Or you’ll be kill!!

Hercules : Don’t worry! I won’t die that easily.

I keep summoned an ice wall to block the explosion. In the same time, every villagers of elf everyday reach the bottom of mountain. They all standing and look the destruction of their own village. Just a second, the mountain was totally blown up! All villagers from Kubik Village run out and see what happen.

Elder : What happen!!??

Mass : SHINICHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Villager A : Look Elder! Elf Mountain was demolished!

Forbin : Our mountain, has totally gone….

Baduck : But where is Shinichi!??

Shinichi : I am here…

I appear inside the smoke. I manage to make it on time before I destroy together with the mountain.

Mass : Shinichi you’re save!!

Mass run toward to me and hug me as tight as he can while crying happily.

Shinichi : Hey hey Mass! I can’t breath!!!

Everyone was laughed seeing their king action. I am glad I able to save most of the villagers.

Shinichi : Elder, you sure they can live together with you guys?

Elder : Sure they can.

Mass : Thanks you for your offer. Everyone listen!

All elves are paying attention to Mass.

Mass : From now onward, we’ll live together with human!! May our ancestor bless us a peace and harmony! We no longer need hold our old ancestor rule.

Elves : Hooooray!!!!

Forbin : My Majesty…

Mass : One more thing, I no longer your king. We are living under same roof now. Status was not an importance fact anymore.

Shinichi : Mass, you sure that’s the best option?

Mass : There are a lot more importance thing I need to learn rather than become a king.

Elder : So from today onward, we’ll help each other and stay together.

All elves clapped hand and cheering. They agreed with the decision.

At that night itself, all human and elves having a party to celebrate the victory.

Shinichi : By the way Elder…Where is Prof Fudo and Mana?

Elder : They have went back to their secret lab already.

Shinichi : I see.

One of the elves grabs me and asks me participate the dance. We enjoyed ourselves that night. At last, peace was restore among elves race.

To be continued…
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Posted 8/9/08
So, Wizard form can control all the elements (fire,ice etc) right?
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Posted 8/9/08

zafz wrote:

So, Wizard form can control all the elements (fire,ice etc) right?

hmm..if u read ep 2..Mac said Wizard form just able to summon fire, water, wind and darkness element magic
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 8/9/08
in this chapter i kinda imagining, zelda, magired meets wolzard & tatsulot.

"chatting with the giant lizard"

that's funny. i dont think u should use 'chatting' it sounds kinda laid back. perhaps a word like 'dealing' or 'inquiring'.
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Posted 8/9/08

Aegis85 wrote:

in this chapter i kinda imagining, zelda, magired meets wolzard & tatsulot.

who does this mean? lol

"chatting with the giant lizard"

that's funny. i dont think u should use 'chatting' it sounds kinda laid back. perhaps a word like 'dealing' or 'inquiring'.

yea i couldn't think a suitable word for tat phrase..thx for d help aegis =)

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