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Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
lol i did'nt realise you had posted two new episodes since you never post
on the group wall when you update...anyway, it was a great read!!
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Posted 8/24/08
uhh...i tod u guys will realise it...XD..beside i tod i from beginning never post on wall about i update my fanfics..sorry dude..XD
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Posted 8/27/08
btw loved the way you twisted the plot by making Herucles think he's not the real deal.
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Posted 8/27/08
Episode 10 : Power was everything

In previous episode, Kazaf appear on the ship dock and wanted to kill me. I henshin into Hercules and challenge him a fight, for the second time….

Kazaf : Your power, can’t match with me.

Hercules : I might lose to you last time, but now I am different!

Kazaf : You gain and grow a lot each time you enter a battle. But, it was still nothing compare to my strength.

Hercules : Shut up! I’ll finish you now!!

I dash toward to Kazaf, ready to give him a slash. When I swing my sword towards to him, he dodged my attack by moving to left side and he punches on my chest. I flew few meters away from him.

Hercules : What the…that punch was so powerful.

Kazaf : If you want to know, that is Rider Punch.

Hercules : What!? Since when you charge your finisher?

Kazaf : That’s the different power between our rider system. You need manually press the middle button on your rider plate to charge your finisher. But mine are totally different. My rider system charges the finisher depend on my will.

Hercules : Will!?

Kazaf : That’s right. As long as I have the will to use my finisher, it will automatically charge. That’s mean, I might can have unlimited Rider Punch.

Hercules : (This is bad! He really powerful…)

Kazaf : Beware Hercules, all of my blow coming next might be Rider Punch or Rider Kick!

Kazaf run toward to me before I manage to stand up. He tries to stomp me but I manage to dodge. Due to that impact, the ground was crack. The stomp must be Rider Kick! I quickly stand up and try to kick him. With the speed of light, he grabs my leg and counter on me by performing a Rider Kick on my chest. Again, I was flew few meters away.

Without mercy, Kazaf dash toward to me and stomp on me repeatedly. I know each of his stomp was Rider Kick, he damage me badly. After a few stomp, he stop his move. He pushed his left switches to MIDDLE level and right switch to DOWN level. His boots and glove was disappeared but a Katar was appearing on his hand, the Katar where he tried to use to kill me last time…

Kazaf : Remember this Shadow Katar? I’ll use it to kill you again!

I was so weak to move…Kazaf jump high up to sky and make himself spin, looks like a driller. I move slowly and I press the purple button then middle on my rider plate.


A binary code appears around my body. The giant lizard appear from above my head and it change into armor to equipped into me.


I managed to change to Wizard Form.

I pressed the right button on my rider belt to summon my weapon, Basher Rod.

The Basher Rod manages to hit Kazaf before it fly to my hand. Kazaf received my damage was land down on the ground. At the instant the rod was on my hand, I summon Thunder Strike on Kazaf. It hit him! I continue using Thunder Strike on him while I try to recover my stance. When I manage to get up myself, Kazaf able to dodge the Thunder Strike. I tried hard aim him but all my hit was miss. He was too fast in speed!

Kazaf : One of my best ability when I at this form is, SPEED. My speed was unmatchable!

He is right! Kazaf manage to move like a speed on light. I was hardly to catch him with my eyes. While I still searching for Kazaf, he attack me few times with his Katar.

Hercules : (Darn, at this rate I’ll get kill…)

Hercules : Lord of Water, I need your power. I summon High Tide!!

The instant I cast my magic, a large tide from the sea flood the whole ship dock.

Hercules : Here come my bet!

I placed my rod on the surface of the water and summon Thunder Strike. The thunder flowed throughout the area. I was damaged by my own magic as well as Kazaf because water is the conductor electric. Kazaf was struggling and unable to move.

Hercules : Say….Whose your daddy now!!

Kazaf : You are pretty smart…but how long you can bear on your own magic!

Hercules : Then, I’ll just die together with you!

I continued cast Thunder Strike and put my full power on it. For a sudden, Kazaf was explode. But I still saw his shadow inside the smoke.

Hercules : (Here is my chance!)

I pressed middle button on my rider plate to charge my hissatsu. An energy flow from my Basher Rod to my right leg. I throw away my Basher Rod and jump as high as I can. I tried to perform a rider kick on Kazaf.

Hercules : Death Ultima Kick!!

Before I land my kick on Kazaf, a gigantic shield was flying toward to me. The shield was from the smoke.

The shield hit right on my chest and I fall on the sea. I reverted back to my human form and fainted.

After the smoke blew away by wind and the tide started fade, Kazaf was seen clearly. He was holding the gigantic shield that hit me just now. His form was totally different than previous.

Kazaf : To think that magic can hurt me, you still don’t understand my true power.

Kazaf walked toward the sea and look at my body, floating on the sea surface.

Kazaf : That damage already break all your chest bone. You no longer able to survive. Farewell, Hercules.

Kazaf walked away after finish his word…

Meanwhile, I still float on the water and unconscious… Prof Fudo and Mana was searching me around the area. They shout my name repeatedly, trying to get response from me.

After that, Mana discovered my bike at the ship dock.

Mana : Ossan! Is this bike belonging to Shinichi?

Fudo : Yes! This is his bike. He should be nearby here…

Mana and Prof Fudo look around. Finally Prof Fudo notices something floating on the sea…

Fudo : Mana…is that Shinichi!?

Mana : Where!?

As soon as Mana confirms that is me, she jumps to the sea. She swims toward to me and drags my body to the side.

Fudo : Is he alright!? Is he still alive!??

Mana didn’t answer Prof Fudo question. She is performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on me. After doing CPR on me for few times, I still didn’t show any reaction.

Mana : Ossan, I think we need to bring Shinichi back to our lab for Mac!

Fudo : Ok!

They two quickly bring me to their car and located me on the back seat. Then Mana drives a way the car while Prof Fudo rides my bike back to the secret lab. They reach their secret lab after hours drive.

Mana : Mac! Please check on Shinichi!

Mac : What!? He seems pretty back injured. Place him at the next room.

Mana and Prof Fudo slowly place me on the bed located at the next room. After that, Mac begins to scan my whole body while Prof Fudo and Mana went out to check the scanning result.

Fudo : Look! His chest bone was cracked!

Mana : What…!?

Mac : Wait Prof Fudo, look properly....!

Prof Fudo and Mana went to look closely on my X-ray. They notice something strange. My body was recovering myself, healing all the cracked on my bone.

Fudo : Shinichi…was recovering?

Mana : No way. How come human can have such power…

“I think I can explain to you…”

Fudo : Who it is!?

At the moment, the Giant Lizard come out from my rider plate.

Mana : Who are you!!??

Fudo : You must, one of the Hercules! You was inhabit inside Shinichi body.

Giant Lizard : Yes. My real name is Sekryu.

Mana : Sekryu, what happen to Shinchi? Why his body recovering himself?

Sekryu : Haha, don’t be surprise. It was just my healing magic effect. His bone was broke due to battle with Kazaf.

Fudo : I see. That’s mean he is alright now?

Sekryu : He should be able to handle himself now. He need a lot of rest because he use too much of magic power against Kazaf.

Fudo : I see…

Sekryu : I need to go now. There is something I need to do…

Mana : What!? You’re leaving Shinichi!?

Sekryu : When I am done with my job, I’ll be back to assist him again. Until then, farewell.

Sekryu disappear after finished talk.

Mana : Arigato, Sekryu.

Mac : It is hard to believe, Shinichi recovery speed was fast. He almost totally healed.

Fudo : That’s good!

Mana : Alright…I’ll prepare for lunch while waiting for Shinichi awake.

While I still stay unconscious, I had a dream…I was walking inside a darkness, unable to seek for light. And someone appear in front of me. It was Hercules (Rookie Form)! But he has a cape at the back…

Shinichi : Hercules!?

Hercules : Shinichi, you’re the chosen one to be my successor. However, your true potential hasn’t awaken…

Shinichi : What do you mean?

Hercules : You have doubt now whether you are Hercules or not. I’ll answer you. You are Hercules, but in Modern Mode. The form you see me now was Ancient Mode.

Shinichi : I-I really don’t get it…

Hercules : Don’t rush…Someday when you already awaken your full potential, you’ll able to henshin to Ancient Mode and retrieve the lost memory.

Shinichi : Lost memory…?

Hercules : Ganbateh Shinichi. Someday all your doubt will be clear and the truth will reveal. You can do it, because you’re the chosen one.

After Hercules finishes his word, he disappears from my sight. After that, a bright light appear. As soon as I open my eye, I found out I at a bed…It was a dream?

Mac : Shinichi, you’re awake!

Shinichi : Mac!? I’m still alive…?

Mac : Yes, you’re.

Fudo : Shinichi! Thanks God you’re alive!

Shinichi : (What I saw just now…just a dream?? Or that’s message from real Hercules…?)

Mana : Shinichi! Good to see you healed. I prepared lunch. C’mon.

Shinichi : Hmmm…

While we taking lunch together, Prof Fudo & Mana explain to me everything while I still unconscious…I knew that Giant Lizard, Sekryu already no longer in my body. I can’t use Wizard Form anymore…

Shinichi : Kazaf was too powerful…He is great in terms of offensive and defensive…

Fudo : Shinichi, in order to defeat Kazaf, you need to learn his true power and his ability.

Shinichi : You mean, I have to read the Book of Hero about Kazaf power?

Fudo : Yea. I read it last night…He can consider really strong rider.

Shinichi : Prof Fudo, do you know anything about Dimention Gate!?

Fudo : Dimension Gate…

Mana : What’s wrong Ossan?

Fudo : Dimension Gate was located center of Network. It was a cursed gate by Kami long time ago to avoid disaster occurs on Network and no one able to open the door. Rumors said that gate able to connect every dimension…if some evil organization uses that gate, it might bring disaster to us.

Shinichi : That’s mean if I able to break the seal, I’ll able to back to my world?

Fudo : I don’t know...perhaps yes…

Mana : Shinichi, you want to go back to your world?

Shinichi : No…I am sorry, I just curious to know…


Shinichi : Vambie!

Mana : Wait Shinichi! You want to go!? You just recover!

Shinichi : Don’t worry…I’ll come back.

Fudo : Shinichi…

Mana : Make sure you come back. I’ll cook a nice food for tonight!

Shinichi : Gotcha!

I went down to the basement and reach to my bike. I sit on the bike. I key in “KQ652” on the bike control panel. “LOCATION CONFIRMS”. I press “Auto-Drive” button and the bike begin to move by itself.

Meanwhile, at location KQ652, it was a small village not far from Outskirt Town. A Vambie was killing villagers by sucking their blood and bone. I reach the location after a few minutes drive.

Horse-V : Hercules! You’re still alive!?


A bright light appear together with binary code surround my body. It changes my body into Hercules.

Horse-V rush toward to me and try to lay a blow. I dodge his attack and punch at his chest. He was push back a bit. I continue my attack without any mercy. I press the right button on my rider belt and my sword fly toward to me. I use my sword and slash him continuously.

After Horse-V seem weaken by me, I press the middle button on my rider plate, charging my hisatssu. I release the energy at my sword at mid air, performing Elf Slash. But unfortunately Horse-V able to dodge my attack and he escape in speed of light. At the instant, he disappears from my sight.

Hercules : He escape…

I take out my rider belt and revert back to my human form. I ride my bike and back to secret lab…

Meanwhile, the escaped Horse-V reach a place call Dakra Castle. It was hideout for Kazaf at unknown location…

Kazaf : What!? Hercules still alive?

Horse-V : Yes-yes Kazaf-sama…I almost get kill by him…

Kazaf : (How come he still alive after receiving damage from Shield Boomerang…?)

Horse-V : Kazaf-sama!! I want more power! Please grant me power so that I can defeat Hercules for your sake!

Horse-V begging for Kazaf while holding Kazaf leg. For unknown reason, Kazaf seem like angry and mad. He kicks on Horse-V head, causing an explosion.

Kazaf : Gorilla-V…I’ll leave it to you.

Gorilla-V : As your order Kazaf-sama. I shall not fail you. We are special Vambie species after all.

Kazaf : I count on you.

It seem like Gorilla-V will take action against me soon…

To be continued…
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Posted 8/27/08

zafz wrote:

btw loved the way you twisted the plot by making Herucles think he's not the real deal.

haha..i juz trying to make some suspense actually..XD
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Posted 8/27/08
Cool !! Its out ^^
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Posted 8/28/08
cool Ancient Mode and Modern Mode ^^
Your fanfic's getting much better!!
Keep it up!!
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Posted 8/28/08
heh thx guys....did my eng back to normal state? lol....
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Posted 8/28/08
ya its back abit
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Posted 8/28/08
nice... ancient mode eh... thats nice!
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Posted 8/28/08
hahha..tat idea juz came right on my head when i still wonder how to connect d past & future of
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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/7/08
Episode 11 : Night Prayer

It was a brand new day again. I just woke up from my sleep and sitting on the bed. I still worried about the escaped Horse-V will return and harm everyone. Well, eventhough he didn’t appear, they are more Vambie will do it. To completely destroy this virus, I know I must kill their leader, Kazaf. Prof Fudo said the leader of Vambie was using Kazaf rider system. His real identity was still mysterious to everyone. Who is him actually? While I was still thinking about it, someone knock my door.

Shinichi : Come in.

Mana : Shinichi. You woke up already? Let’s get breakfast. Today ossan wanna treat us at outside restaurant.

Shinichi : Sure thing. Give me a minute to change my clothes.

Mana : Alright!

After Mana went out from my room, I continue thinking about Kazaf. I do realize Kazaf rider belt left and right side have switches. Each different level of switches allows him access a difference weapon for battle. That giant shield that hit me, was one of his weapon?

Mana : Shinichi! Faster! We are late!!

I give up on thinking about Kazaf. I grabbed my blue jacket that hanged on the chair and went out from my room. We sit on Prof Fudo car and get ready for our morning breakfast.

Fudo : Well, today I’ll bring you guys get dim sum (Chinese style breakfast). I know there are nice dim sums at Wall City. It was not far from here.

Mana : That’s great ossan! It has been a time since we get breakfast…together with okasan…

Shinichi : What happen…?

Fudo : My wife was killed by Vambie…She fail to escaped when Vambie attacked out city few months ago…

Shinichi : I…I am sorry…

Mana : No worry Shinichi! Hahaha…

Eventhough Mana act like nothing, but I knew she was sad and miss her mum. I can see that from her eyes. I could understand her feeling though. My real name was Shinichi Shin. I lost my parent since I am born and someone throws me outside church when I am still baby. Those priests took care of me until I was adopted by Mimura family and from that day onward my name changed to Shinichi Mimura. Until today, I was still wondering who is my parent? How those they look like? Why they throw me away? While I recalling about my past, Prof Fudo calling me.

Fudo : Shinichi! Shinichi!

Shinichi : Ahh…yes yes?

Fudo : We arrive already. What are you doing? Are you ok?

Shinichi : Yeah I am fine. Sorry about it…

Mana : Ossan! Shinichi! Let’s go! Else we can’t get a good place!!

Shinichi & Fudo : Coming!!

We enter the “Hyu Bistro Restaurant”. There are a lot people queuing up for place. Luckily Prof Fudo already books the place before we come. We are given a seat of three people in the middle of the restaurant.

Shinichi : Wow I guess this restaurant kinda popular. A lot people around…I never see so many human in this world.

Mana : Well, you keep busy fighting for Vambie. We don’t really have a chance to bring you out to enjoy our world!

Fudo : Well, lets see the menu. Just order whatever you wanna eat! No need worry about my wallet.

Shinichi : Sure! Then I won’t shy for it.

We ordered quite a lot food such as har gau, chicken and vegetable congee, steamed dumpling, rice noodle roll, cha siu baau and etc.

Fudo : Wow! You guys order that much!??

Mana : Ossan! You are the one said don’t need to save for your wallet?

Fudo : But the food will be a waste if we cant finish it…

Shinichi : Don’t worry. I’ll finish it. I love Chinese dim sum.

Mana : You see ossan. Don’t worry about it.

Shinichi : Itadakimasu

After I speak the word, I started to eat. When I just nearly put the har gau to my mouth, I realize Prof Fudo and Mana starring at me.

Shinichi : Huh? What’s up?

Mana : Shinichi? What the thing u spoke just now?

Shinichi : Uhh…that is our Japanese honorific speech before eat and drink…

Fudo : I see. Sorry for being surprise…hahahaha…c’mon guys, let’s eat!

When we are almost done eating, Prof Fudo suddenly asked the waitress who currently pushing the trolley.

Mana : Ossan! You don’t tell me you want to continue eat? We are late for our next plan!

Shinichi : Next plan?

Mana : We wanted to go for shopping. Tonight there are a prayer will be held in Center City to pray for our Kami.

Fudo : Don’t worry Mana. I just want to meet up someone a while

Waitress : Yes sir? Which food do you want?

Fudo : Ahh nothing. I just want you to ask your main chef to come out meet up with me.

Waitress : Ok. Please wait a moment.

Mana : The main chef? You mean Hyu-kun?

Fudo : Yup. I have a favor for him

After few minute, a chef walking to our direction. He was in big size, tall and handsome.

Hyu : Prof Fudo! If have been time since you came.

Fudo : Let me introduce. He is my friend, Shinichi and he is Hyu Sawatori, boss and main chef for this restaurant.

Shinichi : Nice to meet you.

Hyu : Nice to meet you too.

Fudo : Hyu I have a favor for you. Would you mind help me cook few variety of Chinese food for today people who go for prayer.

Hyu : Sure thing. I’ll send the food to there one hour before the prayer begins.

Fudo : Heh thanks! I know I can count on you. Oh look at the time! I need to go or else my daughter wont happy.

Mana : Ossan!!!

Prof Fudo went to the counter and pay for the bill. After that, Prof Fudo drives us away and went to shopping complex that located few kilometers from the restaurant.

Mana : Here Shinichi! Our world biggest shopping complex! Network Terramall!

Shinichi : Wow impressive! The size was about 50 times of my college!

Fudo : Well, lets appreciate it later. We run out of time!

Mana : Ossan! It was your fault for eating so slow just now!

Fudo : You cant expect me this old man eat fast! Later I die of chocking how!?

Mana : Always ask us don’t treat you like old man but yourself keep saying you old!

Shinichi : Hey hey guys…stop debating. I am excited to get in this Terramall!

Seeing my excited expression, Prof Fudo and Mana laugh on me and they stop fighting. We entered the shopping mall and started to buy everything needed for today prayer. Later Mana asked me to have a look at clothes department.

Mana : Shinichi. You have been here for few weeks but you are just wearing the same shirt. Here choose yourself for new clothes.

Shinichi : There are too many clothes. It will be headache for me, hahaha…

Mana : Alright, in case of that I’ll choose for you!

While Mana was choosing clothes for me, for a sudden I heard a lot people screaming at the lower ground of the shopping.

Citizen 1 : Vambie!!!

Citizen 2 : Run!! Ahhhh!!!

A Dog Vambie entered the shopping mall and kill everyone by sucking their bone and blood. I and Mana looked that scene from 30th floors.

Shinichi : Vambie! Shit, I left my rider belt at Prof Fudo car!

Mana : I’ll call ossan to get it for you!

Fudo : No need! I am here! Take this Shinichi!

Prof Fudo throws the rider belt to me.

Shinichi : Sweet Prof Fudo! Let’s go!

I equipped the rider belt and rider plate.


A bright light appear together with binary code surround my body. It changes my body into Hercules. I jump from 30th floor and reach on the ground floor.

Dog-V : Hercules!

I rush toward to Dog-V and in the same time Dog-V stamp on the ground, causing the ground crack and a ray appear in the crack, causing damage on me. Dog-V run toward to me and punches me rapidly. His last punch send me fly off and hit on the wall.

Hercules : Ouch! My back…

Dog-V : Weakling! I’ll finish you off! Then I’ll be the best left man of Kazaf-sama!

Dog-V collecting his energy and his teeth become big and sharp, just like fangs. He use his fangs to attack me before I manage to get up. I have been hit continuously by his crazy fang and I can’t defend myself. I tried to punch and kick him few times but it doesn’t have any effect on him.

Mana : Shinichi! Don’t lose!!

Hercules : (He is strong and fast! I can’t beat him in this form…but I don’t have other form with me!)

Dog-V slams me on ground and step my chest with his leg. I unable to move, feeling weak…

Dog-V : Die!!


Dog-V : What!?

Prof Fudo was carrying the steel dustbin and running toward Dog-V.

Hercules : Prof Fudo!?

Mana : Ossan!

Prof Fudo throws the dustbin to Dog-V. It hit accurately on Dog-V head. Dog-V started to scream in pain and unable to continue his attack. I woke up immediately and grab on Dog-V waist. I perform supplex on Dog-V and smash his head on the ground. At the instant, I press the right button on my rider belt to summon my sword. I press middle button on my rider belt. An energy flow from my body to my sword.

Fudo : Shinichi! I want to listen that dialog u spoke during the first time you fought Vambie!

Hercules : What!?

Fudo : I want to listen! hehehe...

Hercules : Uhhh…ok…

When Dog-V recover his stance. I rush toward to him.

Hercules : : I’ll show you my hisatssu waza! Part three!

My speed suddenly increases and I slash on Dog-V uncountable times. The Dog-V completely destroys. I took out my rider plate and belt and revert back to my human form.

Shinichi : Prof Fudo! Thanks for your help! If not I would die in his hand…

Mana : Ossan! You’re cool and brave!!

Fudo : Of course! Who dare call me old again!? Hahahaha

At last, a peace was restored in the shopping complex. The damage wasn’t serious and everyone continue their shopping for tonight prayer after being comfort everything was fine. Mana managed to choose few clothes for me. We shopped for almost half day and everything almost done. Prof Fudo asked us return to secret lab for the next preparation.

After everything has been prepared, Prof Fudo drives us to Center City for the night prayer.

Mana : Ossan, since Shinichi is not human from this world, do he need to participate for the prayer?

Fudo : I don’t think so. Is it ok for you Shinichi?

Shinichi : Is ok. I can walk around the city or help in other things.

Fudo : Thanks Shinichi!

After almost 45 minutes drives, we finally reach Center City. It was a main city in this world and every human will gather here once a year for the prayer. I help Prof Fudo and Mana to take out all the things from the car and bring it into hall.

Shinichi : wow! This hall was really big! It seem like can fix in few millions people.

Fudo : Thanks for the help Shinichi. The prayer will begin soon. If you don’t mind, can you wait us at outside until we done our prayer? It will take around 1 hours.

Shinichi : Sure. I’ll meet you at your car.

I go out from the hall and the door was lock by someone after the time hit accurately 2000 hours. I walk around the city until I reach the center of the city. There was a beautiful fountain in the center. I walk closely and I saw someone standing at there.

Shinichi : Hyu-kun? Why you didn’t go for the prayer?

Hyu : Because, there was a important mission for me to complete it…

Shinichi : Mission…?

Hyu : Defeat you, Hercules!

Shinichi : What!? Who are you!

Hyu body was changing. His body was become bigger and a flame covering his body. I remember this face! Gorilla-V!!

Shinichi : Gorilla-V!!

Gorilla-V : It was my pleasure for you still remember me…But this is your last time see me!

Shinichi : How…how can you turn into human form!?

Gorilla-V : I am special species of Vambie. I have capable to do so!

Shinichi : (Darn, if I don’t defeat him here, he’ll kill everyone in the hall)

I took out my rider belt and plate. I equipped on it.


A bright light appear together with binary code surround my body. It changes my body into Hercules.

Gorilla-V and I standing in front the fountain…Waiting for a suitable timing to launch our attack…

To be continued….

Coming up Next! Ep 12!

Shining Silver Armor!
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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 9/4/08
wow its long and i love dim sum ^^
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Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/5/08
nice man... lol...^^
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Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/7/08
Wow, great read!! It really was worth spending my time on such a long episode but
there were many spelling and grammatical errors...(ur usually not like this)
did u rush through the fic?

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