when going to the philippines . . .
Posted 6/8/08
i've been traveling to different countries for about five months now--backpacking, crashing over, and bumming off friends, family, strangers [who are now my friends] . . . luckily, i was able to get a free ticket to the philippines . . . most of the places were preplanned and hence i knew what i wanted to do when i got there . . . but, this trip is out of the blue and by mere chance . . . well, i have never been and will be totally clueless when i get there . . . i'm not to worried about where to crash . . . i always find somewhere to stay . . . i will be there for only a week . . . and i got enough cash to get around and eat . . . but, i don't want to spend too much . . . i made plans to go to japan the week after the philippines . . . and japan ain't cheap . . . so, now you know my case . . . any suggestions of where to visit in the philippines, what i really should do while i'm there, or where to eat some good food???
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Posted 6/8/08
Go chick-watching
Posted 6/8/08
I'm really sorry but no personal threads.
Maybe start another thread that's more general ie - What is there to do when holidaying in Phillipines?

Something like that ^^

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