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Posted 6/8/08
Post your request here, and im sure that some one will be able to help you. My request is:

Im looking for Japanese Rock Bands, that are:
-Non Visual-Kei.
-Also i dont want Pop-rock, or Slow tempo, ballady Rock bands.
-Metal is ok, as long as its not all Screamo
-Preferably Male Vocalist. Can have some female backup vocals, like Base Ball Bear or Maximum the Hormone.
-Not Emo, I dont want to hear them whine about the world/their lives.

Bands like:
The Back Horn
Wait through the 2 min intro.
The Rodeo Carburettor
9mm Parabellum Bullet
The Birthday

I of course already know of Asian Kung Fu Generation, and The Pillows.

Thank You
Posted 6/8/08
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