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Need help In choosing a car
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Posted 6/12/08
uhh get a used acura rsx type s? =)
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Posted 6/13/08
GTI but i like love VW/AUDI
Posted 6/15/08
Yea for the time being. I can only look up specs. User feedback on cars they tried is a great plus. Different strokes for different people. I just need to know the cons and all. Gotta pool together all the resources I can before I make a purchase. Its like a comparision report

Anyways if any of ya are up in seattle, I'll buy you a drink once I get back from deployment. I come back to the US of A in JULY WOOOO. Currently living in tents till I fly to Kuwait.
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Posted 6/15/08

YagamiLight wrote:

revolutionofone wrote:

otakuNXT wrote:

at that price range , and good trunk space id grab a RSX type S.

though im not a fan of acura's id go with that car.

At that price range, I'd get an early TSX.

s2k maybe

but wtf is trunkspace for a s2k? hmm

Trunk space in s2k is really good, trust me i fit in 4 boxes of kitty litter each weighing at 21lbs and 2 big packs of towel paper jumbo rolls form safeway.. still have more room lol!! for a sports car with that much trunk space is pretty damn good.
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Posted 6/15/08

phuminhtrinh wrote:

Hello there. I'm new to this section of the mmm forum area. any hooo

My problem is that I'm going home soon back to the US. Since I've been looking up alot of cars. I didn't know which one to choose and what insurance to go with.

My current crop of choice cars are

A Volkswagon gti(2 or 4 door)

Minicooper clubman s

Toyota Prius


Yea I think I want a hatchback or something along those lines.

Probally something with alot of cargo space. Which i liked about the Gti folding seats and back. Any hoo my price range for the cars is about 18-24k

Modding the car can wait O__o

any imput is great.

I think you should hold off on the smart car or prius because it's still new and wait until there will be better made hybrid cars within 10 years..You don't want to drive a Smart Car where a SUV or Truck and pins you down, crushing you like a bug because safety comes first in any car accidents that can happen to you.

If you are driving daily with this car then it should be 4 doors. For my preference I like two doors on two seater and 4 doors on hatch backs or sedans. Think about investing your money into NA cars rather than turbo, you can read about reliability, performance in magazines and you can test drive cars at the dealerships. NA cars lasts longer than turbo FI cars depending on how often you take care of your car as well as driving. Turbos aren't cheap when they need to be replaced, same goes for electric motors in hybrids for maintenance or replacement.

I had a 2003 accord coupe 5seater my sis left at my house and it took my grandma 5 mins to get into the back seat, so coupes are a NoNO for sure.. I felt so bad, so umm 4 door sedans and hatch backs are ftw in daily driving depending if you have big family. At my house I only live with my dad so a roadster convertible two seater or sedan or 4door hatch will do.. =) Vans, trucks and SUV are too big and hard to find parking in the area I live in. So think closely and carefully about what car you are really looking for because every penny counts from your money.

Here are the list of new cars you should look into in your price range..
honda fit, civic hybrid sedan or prius, 4door gti hatch..

List of used cars
4 door civics, honda accords, acura tl, or tsx

If you dont want any of these cars and you want a used a sports car for fun!
honda s2000 ftw!! hahah thats what I got =)
Posted 6/15/08
get a ford lightening f350...are you mad i can carry a cow or two in that
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Posted 7/7/08
since u mentioned hatchback and folding seats go for volvo c30 its awesome
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Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
The GTI would be the best one out of those choices. I have to agree that a S2k would be pretty awesome though. Or a 350z, thats a hatch. If you got a used one, you could probably find one in your price range too.
Posted 7/8/08
the mini cooper is pretty nice. old school :), Fiat released a new version of the great car fiat 500 from the seventies.

you should check it out
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Posted 7/9/08
the volkswagon GTI is a great car, best for tuning id say get it but no the new ones. something along the lines of 90's
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Posted 7/9/08

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Posted 7/9/08

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Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
Ok i`m not purchasing a new car actually but modding my 2000 Nissan Sentra.
I`ve found a website to purchase some parts and body kits from. But there is also a few modding shops close to me. so give me the heads up on whats better.
http://www.yourhotcar.com/prod/VIS_Racing/Body_Kits_&_Conversions/Hoods/EVO_Carbon_Fiber_Hood/3093 - carbon fiber hood
http://www.yourhotcar.com/prod/VIS_Racing/Body_Kits_&_Conversions/Front_Bumper/Octane_Front_Bumper/5615 - octane front bumper
http://www.yourhotcar.com/prod/VIS_Racing/Body_Kits_&_Conversions/Rear_Bumper/Octane_Rear_Bumper/5617 - octane rear bumper
http://www.yourhotcar.com/prod/VIS_Racing/Body_Kits_&_Conversions/Side_Skirts/Octane_Side_Skirts/5618 - octane side skirts
basically a full octane layout
http://www.yourhotcar.com/prod/VIS_Racing/Body_Kits_&_Conversions/Trunk_Hatch/OEM_Carbon_Fiber_Trunk/3559 - maybe the carbon fiber hood
http://www.yourhotcar.com/prod/Custom/Wheels/4_Wheel_Packages/18_inch_Phantom_-_4_Wheel_Set/17543 - possibly the 18 inch phantoms
Oh and I will change the overall color to silver or chrome like paint job.
This is ofcourse only the visual appearance i`ll switch up the overall output of the car later but baby steps ^_^.

http://www.yourhotcar.com/prod/Tenzo_Racing_Sports/Car_Interior/Racing_Seats/Type-R_Evolution_Sport/231 - of course some racing seats since the sentas seats are just flat out ugly and uncomfortable.

http://www.yourhotcar.com/prod/AA/Exhaust/Exhaust_Tips/Universal_-_2.25_Tip/549554 - and gotta go with a exhaust to match...

Give me your thoughts please
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Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
Though this is purely my opinion and you don't have to follow it. However most car purists will laugh at you. I am one of them.

No, don't do it. Body kits were the trend in the early 90s, the overly aggressive ones, that's a DECADE AGO. The current trend now is either VIP or JDM. You can't go VIP with a Sentra, JDM may be hard because there probably won't be anything JDM for the Sentra. I say lower it and stop or just leave it alone.

Since the exact same Sentra, color too, was my first car. Take this advice from a fellow Sentra owner (ex-owner). The car isn't cool, and no matter what you do, it still won't be. The whole dashboard looked like cheap ass, the center console looked slapped together, the seats lacked style, the body lacked any kind of sportyness, the interior space is cramp, the design is bubbly, the car has 140HP yet you feel like you don't have any, and my number one complaint, it has a solid rear axle. Any kind of FF car with a solid rear axle means the manufacturer did not market the car towards car enthusiasts except possibly the new Civic Type Rs which could munch on carpet because it's a failure of a Type R.

*edit* That's not even an exhaust. That's a tip. If you want an exhaust, the A'pexi World Sport 2 exhaust looks great and is as quiet as stock and are decently priced.
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27 / M / Chicago
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
LOL @ the CTR diss. I'm sure your car is much better than this. (sarcasm)

The CTR has some different stuff.
1. Hand ported K20 with 225hp and 8400 rpm redline,
2. Torsen Type LSD
3. Recaro seats,
4. Brembo Front Brakes
5. Wider fenders,
6. HID light option
7. Special light wheels with bespoke Bridgestone RE070 tires.

Its faster than the NSX Type-S and S2000 on most tracks, per best motoring.


I agree with that Rev! After all of those mod, that sentra will completely loose it value even when it's already bad. Why don't you just save money and buy an actual sport car instead of trying to mod a sentra that's not even a SE-R Spec V? I'm not trying to play you or anything but damn, you're _____ if you actually buy that body kit, wheels, and exhaust TIP.
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