Post Reply introduce ur self.. and y u h8 skul
Posted 6/9/08
mE i'm XANDI..
i'm gonna be 12..
and i h8 skul!!
i h8 THOSE darn ASSIGNMENTs!!*even though i got perfect scores all the tym...*
i h8 teachers who always picks their favorite students!!!

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28 / M / Denmark.....
Posted 6/9/08

im CJ.....
im from Denmark and became 18 years old a few months ago.....
i hate school.....
i hate it because its way too boring.....
i hate it because the hw is way too easy.....
it doesnt take more than an hour to make.....
so why the hell make it.....

but luckily for me..... we just got vacation..... so im free for a while.....
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26 / M
Posted 6/9/08
Hey im juan
im 16 yrs old and im a rocker
and i HATE SKOOL!!!!!!!!
i hate it cuz of all the skool work and homework
the teachers r really boring and sometimes bitchy
and i always have to wake up early to go to skool which i really hate
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38 / M / Hmmmmmmm.........
Posted 6/10/08
im Eijey
im 15 yrs old
i really hate school cuz it consumes the time that is supposed to be my anime watching time
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22 / F / somewhere ...
Posted 6/12/08
i'm aj ..
12 years old ..
i hate it because.....
1) it so freakin hot inside our classroom
2) so much work
3) so boring
4) so noisy
5) too much girls
6) teachers are way too boring
7) and if teachers are not they're too strict
8) too much homework
9) too much writing and reading which are way too boring
10) and just sitting in your own chair staring at your teacher or on the board..
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08
Hiyaz ya can call me Ken
im 15
i hate school cause:
1.its borin
2.projects are expensive classmates are only into the anime Death Note (theres more than one anime peoplez) class are full of flirting guys
5.the teachers are too borin of ma teachers is gay school doesnt allow anythin black except our hair it has to be black
8.colors on the hair is prohibited
9.theres too many things i hate of school to write
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24 / M / In my bed
Posted 9/9/08
Yo! you can call me azocar or azo for short(i wanna hide my identity ok!)
Iam 14! (dont belive in my profile....)
10 things that I hate in school...
1.) Its boring....
2.) nothing to do...
3.) projects makes me crazy specially when the deadline is soo short!
4.) long skirts! ( i prefer mini skirts like in japan T.T)
5.) almost all my guy teachers are gay..
6.) missing animes that i like in t.v.
7.) 9 hours and 30 mins of boredom!!
8.) can't get out when your already inside the building!!!!! (damn school food sucks)
9.) need to memorize what the teacher ask you to memorize....
Posted 9/10/08

im felicia~~!!
14 years old

i hate school cos it...
idiot teachers
no freaken good food
nothing to do
stupid work/homework
gayy uniform

ughh.... there's not enough mean words to describe school
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Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/26/09
im KM <- screen name
12 :)

waking up EARLY

pure BOREDOM:|
Posted 4/28/09
i hv unknown data
i h8 skul cuz of this
1) teacherz r annoying
2) so boring
and alot more
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