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Whats your favorite moment in We Got Married?
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 8/6/09
1. hyun joong & buin at amusement park, the opening scene where hyun joong claimed that no one can recognise him, but at the same time, tons of ppl are screaming already...
2. lettuce couple pretending to be Ant couple
3. lettuce matchmaking wondergirls and ss501
4. wedding shoot of ansol: the part where andy kissed her on the lip, and she walked away with a smug expression
5. solbi revealed she lost the ring, andy expression
6. ansol both prepared the couple ring scene
7. hyun joong screaming when he saw dragonfly on 3 occasion, the picnic at the farm area,, after the thrilling ride at the amusement park, during the interview
8. when seo in young claimed that she got her flu from andy oppa, ant reaction
9. got one ep, the theme is vacation with other couple, andy asked solbi who she wanted to go with, she said alex coz she want andy to learn from alex
10. vacation theme- ant couple frantically packing clothes
11. vacation theme- sinae told alex she want lettuce couple coz she wan to see idol, and alex kept repeating 'idol idol idol idol'
12. sinae hwang bo fake fight
13. ant tour- ant couple fake fight
14. ant tour- when hyun joong got on the bus and SIY immediately said : oh fresh boy, u are here?
15. ant tour- where marco dambi is late, and SIY glared at crown j and said she hate ppl to be late, and crown j meekly told her: u should't get angry with me abt that. and lettuce couple laughed at that.
16. ant tour- when they reached the beach venue, everyone except ant couple went down to walk in the sand, and ant couple said they can't understand why they would wan to destroy their 'babies' like that. and crown j said he hoped the tide will come and wash them away, and they laughed like 2 evil shrew.
17. when marco took dambi clubbing
18. when marco make a fuss at the bookstore and dambi cried at home
19. babysitting theme for sinae and alex, those park where they tried to pacify the babies.
20. crown j mum came, and SIY tries to win her over. at the spa where she gave the mum the letter she wrote and told the mum in a super cute voice that crown j said he was sick and tired of her when she was writing this part of the letter
21. lettuce wedding dress selection where hyun joong dismissed those dress he thought are too revealing, and told hwang bo he already memoris all the dress, so she cannot wear those he disqualified
22. lettuce dress selection, where hyun joong and hwang bo are saying which 2 out of the 6 dress is their fav, and both said the same
23. crown j hid the yellow high heels in the kitchen, guiding SIY to find it that part
24. after the noodle incident, crown j created the romantic event on the rooftop to celebrate seo in young bday
25. whenever andy do the heart dance
26. lettuce at amusement park, having their lunch, and hwang bo was asking hyun joong what kind of girls the young master like, and w/o even thinking, hyun joong said nice and pretty girls. when hwang bo said, how can there be this kind of girls in this world, and hyun joong said there is, wife is the representative
27. after the baseball stadium incident, crown j created a romantic event to apologize to SIY
28. when SIY had her cinderella come back, and crown j asked her why she never give him a cd, and she autograph a cd to kim hyun joong instead. then a small window appeared , showing hyun joong smiling at SIY's intention
29. Cinderella comeback aftermath, SIY decided to cook for crown j, and the hosts was like, what's happening? why? is this the last episode? is this in young stand-in actress? and when crown j walked into the living room and stared at SIY like she's gone utterly crazy. and when SIY had her interview and she glared at the screen and asked: why? cannot?
30. andy expression when he discovered solbi also prepared a ring
31. during alex concert, he called out to sinae, when he sang 'i wan to kiss you', when he said: even though its dark, i can still see her. when he suddenly said: everyone , where are u looking? look at me. when he's singing flowerpot and the audience sang for him instead
32. when lettuce moved into their new hse, and hyun joong played a popular song on the piano and claimed that he's the fastest player of this song in korea
33.lettuce couple at amusement park, where hyun joong lose a bet with his wife and he had to do a pole dance with a tree
34. lettuce wedding dress selection, when hwang bo mentioned a model name, and hyun joong said: u sure know a lot of males
35. before the matchmaking session, hyun joong asked hwang bo why is she wearing such a short skirt, and she said once they arrived she will change. after that she went into the kitchen and she said, since young masters are also her family, its doesn't matter whether she wear short skirts or not, and hyun joong said: then when ur guest arrived, i will just wear my boxer, and hwang bo laughed in defeat
36. when ss501 arrived for the matchmaking session, hwang bo told them to pick up their fork with right/left hand to signal whicb girl they like better, and hyung joon asked whether he can used both hands. and hyun joong said: do u see any noodles?
37. during the actual matchmaking session, where hyung joon actually picked up fork and spoon with both hands and hwang bo said she understand and he laughed.
38. when hwang bo went japan to look for hyun joong: the breakfast scene where she put on music and ss501 reacted to it.
39. japan: where lettuce went shopping in japan and tried on wig in the shop
40: japan 1st day : after dinner, hyun joong ordered ss501 members to one by one thanks hwang bo for her effort
41. vacation with couple theme: SIY said she wan to go with lettuce couple coz she wan to see hyun joong, and listed out alex, andy hyun joong bonus points, and crown j got jealous and demand her to list 2 good points of his in 1 min and she can't get a word out.
42. farewell theme: at the point where they must decide whether they wan to say 'i love u' or 'i am sorry', and hyun joong accurately predicted hwang bo ans, and said if she said 'i am sorry' , he will run out of the studio.
43. when solbi visited andy at shinwa event, and when asked to bite the strawberry in andy mouth, she was literally pushed toward him.
44. when solbi was preparing the food she is planning to take to shinwa event, she asked her mum to come and help her. the part where solbi mum said she like alex.
45. the part where hwang bo was forced to act cute by hyun joong and after that he kept repeating her voice and actions
46. the part where hwang bo have to kiss hyun joong and her frd called, and her frd told hyun joong that if there's a need to change wife, she's available, the smile of hyun joong face is .........heartmelting!!!!!!!!the part where he told his ss501 fans to understand.........absolutely charming
47. dondon moved in with ant couple: after millions of quarrels where crown j ordered dondon and SIY yo buy food together. at the supermarket where dondon started to gush abt the games and SIY suddenly forgot abt her extreme irritation with dondon and joined him in excitement.
48. the part where dondon and SIY pretend to be friendly with each other
49. the part where ant couple tried to matchmake dondon with the single woman
50. the part where dambi wanted to convince marco to view 5am sunset with her and ended up hugging him while he threw her onto the bed. those editing effort of WGM production team is awesome.
51. farewell for lettuce couple: the part where hyun joong declared that they must make the news of today of conquering the mountain in 1h30 min.
52. vacation with couple theme: the part where lettuce couple was waiting for sinae alex on the beach, and hyun joong was suggesting to hwang bo how to tactfully tell the other couple that they want to have fun on their own.
53. thanksgiving sp: where they was playing scenes that were deleted and asking the various couples to guess the reasons. and the female host , hearing that the washroom scene of hwang bo washing hyun joong's hair was delected becoz an idol underwear was showing, and she asked to replayed the part again.
54. the part where crown j took SIY to the swimming pool, and when they were parting to change into their swimming outfit, crown j told her in an anticipated tone that he's looking forward to her outfit. and inside the studio, everyone was saying perverted ant.
55. alex kissed sinae on the forehead
56. alex surprised sinae by turning up for her signature event
57. when alex took sinae to watch the stars, sinae switched off the light for the indoor viewing and everyone inside the studio was gushing and wowing
58. the romantic event alex organised for sinae after the concert.......when the lights in the concert hall was switched off, and dondon said to the audience that this is the part where they can start recording.
59. whenever they call alex professor
60. solbi mum, dad and sis came to their hse, and when her mum passed andy the pear nectar, solbi sis saw the new couple ring, and solbi saw off to them, the part where solbi mum suddenly said to solbi: how can u lost the ring andy-son -in-law gave u? and solbi immediately shhhh her and said: mum!!!!!!why did u brought this up again. andy is laughing in the backgrd.
61. ant tour: the part where SIY is plotting the fake quarrel, and crown j seeing the 'look' in her eye, he immediately said no. and all the amusing things that SIY said to get crown j on her side
62. the part where dong dong copy all those things that andy, alex did to win over saori heart
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22 / F / newyork
Posted 7/1/09
Most memorable part - episode 15, when Solbi was crying her heart out ;~; that was so sweet of her, and it was so touching. I was positive that she'd fallen for Andy by then. If not, then she was at least very close to it. T_T huhu its so hard to forget this couple.

funniest couple - LETTUCE COUPLE!! lol omg they're both such coool people, Hwangbo and her ferocious laughter, and HyunJoong with his blunt humor, addiction to comics, and funny face expressions xD i love how he doesnt even try to be funny..its like, he's being serious but its still hilarious xD

cutest couple - anbi/ansol definitely. they're so cute when they give each other little kisses or hugs...its like they genuinely care about one another...and i support them so much that it kinda hurts..

i'm still in the middle of the show, so i dont know about the newest couples....but i'll be very sad when anbi breaks up
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26 / M / Sweden
Posted 7/30/09
honestly I can't choose one special moment because every episode/part with lettuce couple were incredibly funny but the part that comes to mind first when I think about "we got married" is when both alex and hyun joong were both fooled by their wives, when shinae and hwang bo were "fighting". Sill any moment with them were memorable, even their awkward silences.
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Posted 8/4/09
Lettuce couple. they are so funny
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24 / F / Behind you.
Posted 8/19/09
christmas with hyungdon and the ant couple. (:
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F / Neverland
Posted 9/23/09
My fave is when hwangbo and hyunjoong were having a picnic and hwangbo said "if i get reincarnated, i'd marry you again" and hyunjoong was like "that's too bad, i'm planning on getting reincarnated as a lion" XDDD that totally made my day. I don't know how he comes up with such hilarious things to say haha
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32 / F / Wilson, NC
Posted 10/19/09
When Shinae and Hwangbo pranked Alex and Hyun Joong.
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26 / F / somewhere nice&quiet
Posted 10/25/09
when shinae and alex were dancing on the yacht by themselves while the lettuce
couple had to do the dishes, LOL!
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27 / F
Posted 11/4/09
lol when Crown J and Inyoung met with Crown J's mom and they were eating and making those faces when his mom wasn't that cracked me up sooo much!

and the last episode with andy and solbi honestly i dont cry when watching things but that was mad sad. Im getting sad talking about it.
Posted 11/21/09
When Hwang Bo and Hyunn Joong are on the mountain top. I cried so much.
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31 / F / Indonesia, Jakarta
Posted 9/18/10

sandradewi wrote:

cap637 wrote:

when hwangbo and hyunjoong write letters to eachother..but i always wonder what did hwangbo write?

I wonder too....

What episode was this on??

And i personally love JoongBo. Their relationship developed really well, at first it was awkward and slowly it bloomed into friendship and at the farewell mission, it kinda bloom into something else, maybe love?? Only them who knew.
I wish they could continue on WGM, but i guess after he got more famous and had lots of work because of it, it's kinda hard to do so.
Maybe both of them in a drama??
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