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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/9/08
There were the psychological question to TVXQ last night in BKK during the interview.

If there is one cake on the table which part of the cake they would choose to eat first.
1. Strawberry
2. Some decoration made from plastic (who would choose this one, u cant eat plastic!)
3. Some decoration made from sugar
4. Chocolate
5. Wafer

Junsu and Yunho chose chocolate. Jaejoong and Yoochun chose strawberry. Changmin was the only one choosing wafer.

After they chose this Thai Cassy sang HBD song to Yoochun. The management of Yamaha gave him the cake to blow the candles. Yoochun was so pleased that he almost cried (I think this part a bit over exaggerate hahaha ^^). Once he blew all the candles, JJ put some cream on Yoochun's cheek. (All fans screamed like crazy.)

About what they had chosen.
Chocolate means reasonable person and a leader kind of person, love to have control.
Strawberry means ethical person, would not do something if it's wrong
Wafer means romantic person, dreaming of happy marriage.

credit pinkbook entertainment
trans: [email protected]
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