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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/10/08

Rumors came true. All the Fanclubs as it was planned turned off their lights during SNSD performances and they were booed!

Fans Boycotting SNSD at Dream Concert

Girls Generation @ Dream Concert

It was so quiet and Dark because Fans of DBSK, SJ, and SS501 didn't react plus they were shouting “WONDER GIRLS” instead of SNSD.

And The Ripping of Super Junior Banner

SJ fancafe said that on Dream Concert, some (SNSD?) fans STEPPED ON and TORE and RIPPED Super Junior Banners. Most of the E.L.F. from the fancafes said that the SNSD boy fans did it, whether it's true or not I'm just sad because whoever did it have no manners and brought shame to their fan club, including the artists.
The feeling from seeing this is much more hurtful than the feeling of someone ripping your heart apart!!!

ELF, Triple S, Cassiopeia Hates SNSD.


SNSD : Dream Concert “The Silence”

This is HOW Fans of DBSK, SUJU, AND SS501 made SILENCE when SNSD was singing and at the end of the video,THEY STARTED TO BOO!

See what Fans Can Do! Scary~

And this is really what it looked like!

Before SNSD performance >>>>>>>> After SNSD performance


Credits: [email protected],
Happysukmin , Youngmankore , EverlastingFriends

The I Love Korea 2008 Dream Concert which was held on the 7th to boost Korean patriotism, instead only boosted the hostility between fan clubs.

During the opening of the concert, approximately 20 fans were injured and rushed to the hospital. The injuries occurred as fan clubs were fighting over their idols as well as for seats.

To make matters worse, while Girls' Generation performed for a duration of 10 minutes, all of the male idol group fan clubs turned off their glow sticks, as well as "boo-ed" the girls.


Things only got worse for SNSD and Soshied. Since fake tickets were sold Soshified were seated next to ELF resulting in the most chaotic moment in dream concert history.

ELF were angered and tore an SNSD poster, the fanboys the retaliated by teaing down an "only 13" poster. After the only 13 posters were moved to the back ELF attacked back by pouring water on the boys who in return became violent and threated them with knives.
ELF then began lying about the boys ripping down 10+ posters to fire up the other fanclub members.

Rumor has it that both ELF and Triple S members were stabbed by Soshified members but that rumor has not yet been proven.

Along the way a poster of Yunho U-Know also got torn because the fanboys mistook him for a Super Junior Memeber.

pictures from: Shenyuepop
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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/10/08
Behind the Scenes at the 2008 Dream Concert, Monday June 9, 2008 Korea

The most significant issue on the Dream Concert 2008, which has already been reported in the forum, was the “Silent Treatment” of all the present fan clubs towards SNSD members and fans! For the first time ever in the history of KPOP (as far as we know) all the present fanclubs in the concert boycotted a single group: Girls Generation (SNSD).

During the SNSD performance, other fanclubs remained silent and turned off their light sticks .. this only left the SNSD fanclub cheering for their group, making SNSD’s official color pink as the only visible color in the stands.

The reason?
Was it this girl Tiffany’s fault?
The one who is hated the most in the group?
The one who doesn’t stand a chance to NOT disrespect her seniors in the name of being raised in the U.S. and unfamiliar with the Korean culture? The one who puts down her own group by messing up the dance moves intentionally to grab attention to herself or make fun of respectful singers only to embarrasses the whole entire group in public?

This was done because of SNSD, why? Because these girls ARE rookies, they have NO respect for their sunbaes (seniors) they just jump around like their the popular girls in high school. And seriously, does the movie “mean Girls” not pop up when you think of a reality show in their dorms?

No, there are plenty of reasons WHY fans are so pissed off, because believe it or not idiot soshi fans your so called STARS are riding on their seniors coat-tails of success, where some have worked hard, they have gained without effort. Where some have spent endless hours perfecting routines, perfecting songs, they get number 1 by kissing lollipops. Anything SNSD have “gained” is because of who paved the way ahead of them, and its not like their walking their path, no, their traipsing around all bouncy showing their panties to the world. How are we supposed to respect them, want them to succeed, how can self-respecting fans clap and cheer for them knowing that they’ve been born in to the world of showbiz with silver spoons and bought awards?

Cassiopeia's are pissed off for more reasons but they’re mostly pissed due to the fact that most of the attention they are getting is by them associating themselves with the boys, by saying they trained with them, they’re friends, by appearing in Commercials with them, by making them look close and happy. Are they really that close? The DBSK boys trained immensely hard for years to get where they are, they’re overworked, sleep deprived and are still passionate about what they do. They were taken at the height of their fame and thrown in japan where they became nobodies. They gained so much humility, respect for themselves and fans, experience and wisdom some stars get after decades of work. They built themselves up again even through such hardships and extreme homesickness. Its not difficult to respect them. They’re personalities alone are enough to get them far, but their hard work, passion, talent and perseverance can only make them go farther. Yet, SNSD with no said talent, not much passion, no personality get popular just by being under the same label, training and being put in scandals with them.

ELF are angry because of almost the same thing. They have suffered for a long time because of the sub group business, SM doesn’t take them seriously and SNSD instead of getting their own gigs, feed off of their oppas. SUJU took a while to catch on and be seen as such good MCs, DJs and guests, they had to be recognized and accepted in the industry to be where they are. But what happens with SNSD, they just put them in the boiling pot with them. Is SM putting in a buy one group get one free offer on Suju and SNSD?

also, boybands like SS501 feel the pain of cassi and elf, SS501 had gone through so much only to stay in the industry, a place that you can only make it if you are from SM, JYP or YG~ ok, they can argue but as i said in another post, die hard fans feel for each other, because they know how hard it is to break in to the business for their stars, the difficulty they had to face, the criticism from the public and th harsher criticism from themselves. SO when Tiffany claimed she liked the leader of ss501 before debut, it was almost like, ITS NOT BAD ENOUGH YOUR MOOCHING OFF THE SM BOYS NOW YOU WANT DSP.

SNSD booed
There are many behind the scene issues of happened at the night of the concert that never got the light of the day through the media coverage! In this post we are trying to bring out points to make you familiar with the reason behind the act as much as possible also a short recap of what went on at the event!

The Dream Concert held on June 7 was delayed for 20 minutes because there were too many fans trying to get in at once.

On this day, there were no security guards and concert organizers to be seen in the stands to ensure the safety and cooperation of fans. There was only supposed to be a crowd of 35,000 concert goers, but 50,000 fans showed up trying to get in. Many were buying expensive tickets that went for $500 or more. This so called ‘Dream Concert’ was set for disaster.

Problems arose when a stadium that only fits 35,000 people tried to accommodate 50,000 instead and fans started fighting for good seats. This was particularly the case when SUJU fans and SNSD fans started pushing and shoving, using violence to get seats - turning the ‘dream’ concert into a nightmare. You can obviously see in the pictures that fans are being pushed off the railings to fall.

However, the very first reports we read on the actual fight between the fanclubs is actually from days before the concert! where SNSD fans been fighting with other fanclubs on the concert message boards! It’s reports that SNSD fans were very rude to the other Fanclubs online and even went as far as telling them to boycott SNSD beforehand because they said SNSD doesn’t need anyone’s support. This may explain the fact when they even initiated the fight during the SuperJunior performance (Before SNSD performance) and some SNSD fanboys ran toward the SuperJunior Banners are ripped off the SUJU banners right in front of the ELF.

There is also news coming that after the “Silence Treatment” SNSD fans left the stadium when SUJU and DBSK were performing (this was confirmed by many fan accounts … it not a rumour!) only to disturb the other fanclub members. There are many reports of SNSD fanboys threats and physical attacks, stabbing by knife and even rape by to female members of other fanclub!

Fan account: I went with a friend but we sat separately. I’m a Triple but she’s a Cassie. Suddenly I get a call from my friend who was crying and telling me that she was scared. While she was going to the restroom, she saw a Cassie who was being beaten up by boys holding pink balloons…and she told me it was on the level of gang violence. Among the Triples there was also news of being beaten by Soshi fans!

The situation was so frightening that Security asked everyone to walk in pairs!
According to fan accounts, other fan lclub members were beaten up by SNSD fanboys - some had their hair ripped out, raped, stabbed with a knife and had broken legs, and were taken to the hospital.
The news that is being reported now is very minor on these events and they are purposely leaving out these isolated incidents.

You guys are totally Soshi Pshychos!!!

Not only the fans but the artists weren’t safe from SNSD fansboys!
There are many reports that SNSD fanboys threatened ELF to rape Kang In and Sung Min from Super Junior! And this is when you have Sung Min writing to the ELF after the concert asking them to support SNSD from now on.

SUNGMIN’s MESSAGE TO E.L.F. translation by ak6c @ soshified

Soo Young wrote:

Dream Concert Part 2: Wrong doings of SNSD fan club!!!

1. Walking around with a knife, threatening Cassies and ELFs
Why in the world would anyone bring a knife to a concert if he/she didn’t have the purpose to stab someone with it? SNSD fans are a bunch of low-life thugs.

2. After SNSD’s performance, SNSD fans left the stadium in a group
SNSD was rude enough to leave the stadium after the performance of SNSD, deliberately missing out in the performances of DBSK and SUJU. There are many fan accounts that prove unlike what they claim they never cheered for other artists either!

3. ELF (SUJU fan club) attack/battery
The girl in the wheelchair with a broken leg is just one example of SNSD boy fans beating up ELFs. There are currently reports of 3 ELFs who had to be taken to the emergency room.

4. ELF sexual molestation
Actual fan account:
“A friend of mine was taking a long time to comeback from the restroom, so I called her. She picked up the phone and told me that she was in a certain row, naked and crying. She was going to the restroom when a couple guys came up from behind and ripped her clothes and touched her body and took pictures and then left. They looked like high school boys…she says she doesn’t remember anything but that the boys were holding pink balloons.”


6. Tearing down SUJU and DBSK’s banner
Fans saw SNSD fans ripping the banners for SUJU and DBSK, enraging many fans. And making many more cry!

7. SNSD fans used words that a human should not say to incite other fans
[Warning: This is disturbing!]
SNSD fans were cussing out other groups and saying the following:
“We can kick their stomachs so that they can’t have babies”
“We can just rape the girls”
“Those crazy bastards, if they’re going to do it, they should do it right”
“They’re screaming like crazy b**ches”

8. SNSD fans cussed out other singers while they were performing
SNSD fans shouted “bastard”, “b*tches”, and “Shut up” when other artists came onto stage. This doesn’t compare to the 10 minute “silent treatment” that SNSD received.

9. Attack/Battery of ELF/ Cassie/ and Triple fan clubs
So far, ELF has reported 3 members who were taken to the hospital; Cassies have 2; while Triples have many injured members.

An SNSD posted on Soompi: Its mainly cussing so I wont post it, go find it on Soompi if u wanna read it.

Credit For ShenYuePop!: ShenYue! + soyboy01 + tealfirestar07 + Tangera + rayna
Source: Naver blogs:

The crowd of 50000 overwhelmed the anticipated numbers and caused accidents at the Dream Concert which took place at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium. The immature behavior of the fanclubs was frowned upon.

The accidents began with the destruction of the fence due to the competition of the 'good' seats. The absence of safety awareness was clearly revealed by their actions. Few fans were injured and the concert was delayed for 20 minutes to clear out the area and move the wounded to the ambulance.

That was not the end. The confrontation between the fanclubs also ruined the performance atmosphere.
The media has indicated that the fanclub culture has lost its intent when other rival fanclubs kept silent during SNSD's performance. The 10 minutes of silence during the SNSD's performance by the male-group fanclubs was clearly visible and revealed the current situation of our (Korea's) fan culture's lack of etiquette and manners.

Dream Concert festival which has been running for over 10 years have simply turned into a battleground for fanclubs rather than a celebration and a get-together of music fans. Majority of the people agree that a change in the behavior of fanclubs is needed.

translated by jstn @ soshified forums
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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/10/08
This is what MANY fans had 2 say:

It's funny how the blames all shifted to SNSD when the representative of Dream Concert spoke up, "It take two keys to dingle, okay?" And who say the girls are using the oppas (Suju and DBSK) to earn attention and popularity? They work hard themselves for it. They were trained for a long time and put out a lot of energy and time to make themselves known. Do people seriously think the boys have soo much power to control the whole music industry. Moreover, the girls never mentioned about who they are friends with in Suju and DBSK when they debuted. Instead, it is the boys that revealed. People are criticizing the girls (especially Tiffany) for teasing and correcting their senior's but hey Suju and DBSK boys did it too in their newbie days. Antis pick on these girls because they feel insecure that the girls are getting too close to their boys. I personally know someone who is a Cassiopeia that disagreed with their fan club's action and went down to the wonderful section to cheer for SNSD. Those are the REAL fans. They respect the boys' words and support them, but not to the crazy point like the rest of these fan girls being possessive of the boys. Those crazy fans think the boys belong to ONLY them and would get jealous and attack any girls getting close to the boys. (GET A LIFE! THEY WOULD NEVER PICK CRAZY FAN GIRLS EVEN IF THEY WANT TO DATE A NORMAL PERSON) These boycott things and the hating and picking on the girls got to stop. Those in action are making the boy group (DBSK, Suju, SS501) feel ashamed and embarrassed of their fans and feel guilty and embarrassed toward the victims. If you are a true fan, stop with the stupid acts and be mature about it!!!

"Dream Concert?" haha. What a joke.
It's all just crazy.

All those artists are hard workers.
So what if some were trainees longer, they all still work hard.
People can't see it because they don't know the sweat & tears
That actually goes into it.
So the artists are not to blame WHATSOEVER!

The fans on the other hand...
This article is biased as many can tell.
I believe both sides were at fault.
I've heard so many stories behind the dream concert
I dunno what to believe now.

Sungmin's post basically tells everyone that they are close friends.
[To Fans] Jealous much?
Let them be friends & get over yourself.

Hopefully all the injured recovers.
Let the madness die & let music be what it

"According to fan accounts, other fan lclub members were beaten up by SNSD fanboys - some had their hair ripped out, raped, stabbed with a knife and had broken legs, and were taken to the hospital."
I'm hoping this part was written exaggeratively.

I found the whole article very biased despite that I don't have much liking towards SNSD. However, as I read more fan accounts and saw pictures as solid proof, the smallest respect I had for SNSD and their fans vanished. The girls themselves have already damaged their reputation with their inconsiderate comments about other bigger/more successful stars who are also their seniors.

The blame has been shifted to Cassieopeia/Elf/SS501 way too much. If you watch the Dream Concert clips it evidently shows that it wasn't just these three fan clubs that boycotted them but every other one out there besides Changjo and SNSD fans. I'm not saying what these "anti-fans" done were right but hey at least their acts weren't as dirty as the SNSD fans. Boo-ing, remaining silent, turning out lights, and such are far more tolerable than physical abuse. Boys picking on hopeless girls? Reading the SNSD fan's comments disgusts me. How dare they rip up those Super Junior/DBSK posters! They went over the boundaries. If they want respect they should first learn to give respect to others.

Moreover, they really don't know who they are messing with do they? Cassioepia/ELF/SS501 are the biggest fanclubs in Korea (Cassieopeia being the largest fanclub in the world), what makes them think that they can stand a chance against them?

& Yet some stubborn SNSD fans still try to defend those who done immoral things.
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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
omg. i didnt even know that this all happened
fanclubs going against each other and even resorting to violence?!!
omo... this is starting to make me think that fanboys are worse than fangirls

but seriously, that is some immature doings
no wonder why i get the feeling that dbsk likes japan more than korea

and to top that i feel so sad for the singers
SNSD, DBSK, SUJU, SS501 and all the other singers
i mean to know that your fanclubs are basically hating against your close friends and possibly hurting SM family.... it's really a sad sight to see and story to read

i just hope they'll get over this grudge and start to support the other groups beside their own.. otherwise.. who knows what the kpop industry might do....
suspend kpop for a while?? just to end this fanclub war?

but what upsets me the most is that the SNSD fans actually tried to stab ppls and raped some fans??!!
WTH?! if i was part of SNSD right now, i would feel very disappointed and maybe even lose the face to speak to my oppas again.
when fans resort to these kind of things, they're no longer considered fans, they're more like some crazy, obsessed FREAKS!
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Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/25/08
Those freakin' snsd fanboys blamed dbsk for sexual harassment!!!! cn u believe that? GRRR!.... I THINK SNSD IS FINE. ... but i dnt like tiffany!
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Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08
Pffft, this is really over the top with this fanclub and stuff.. why can't they just respect every artist that's standing on stage, If an artist is standing on stage it's because that person worked his/her ass of too stand on stage.. It really piss me off to see how much hate there is between fanclubs.. okay I understand that they want to support their idol but why should they go over the top damnn.. ><
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