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Sakura woke up early, nearly 2 in the morning. She pulled on a thick hoodie, and some baggy pants. She sneaked out the front door, and walked to the park.
Sakura silently sat at a park bench in a small park. She was out here thinking, when Kenji arrived. He gazed at her for a moment, before approaching her.
Sakura was innocently sitting on the park bench, lost on a train of thoughts, not noticing that Kenji was in front of her. Kenji scrambled to sit beside her, and gently took her small hand in his large one.
"Boo." He said quietly. Sakura jerked, and her hand was about to slap him. "Woah, there." Kenji said playfully. Sakura flushed. "Oh, Kenji. I'm sorry." She said, looking down.
"What are you doing here, so early in the morning? It's nearly 2 a.m." He said softly. Sakura looked up to him. "I could say the same to you." She said.
Kenji chuckled. "I come here often." He said truthfully. "I see." Sakura replied. She then looked away from him. Kenji felt her distancing away from him. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong?" He asked.
Sakura looked back to him. "Oh, it's nothing." She lied. He looked at her weirdly. "Are you sure?" He said, raising a brow. Sakura let a sigh escape her mouth. "Alright, you got me this time. Everything's not alright. And I can't honestly say things are perfect at home.. Or here, either." She said.
Kenji looked at her baffled. "I don't get it. I know that things are not so good back at your home. But I don't get what your tyring to say about here." He spoke half-heartedly.
"My reason is stupid. Don't worry about it." She said, trying to distance herself once again. Kenji didn't give up. He took her hand and squeezed it. "I'm here. You can tell me. I'm your friend." He said quietly.
Sakura turned back to him, trying to suppress a sigh. "That's the reason, Kenji. That you're my friend."
Kenji looked at her bewildered. "I don't get it, Sakura."
Sakura took both of his hands, and held them. "Kenji, what happened last night.. You know that I'm married right?" She said quietly.
Kenji nodded. "I know. I got carried away. I'm sorry. I just don't want things to change between us.." He said, trying to look away. Yet, he couldn't. He got captured with Sakura's look.
"Nothing's going to change between us, Kenji. Ever." She said. Then, Kenji felt a pang inside his stomach. I can't keep doing this. He thought. I know I'm just going to end up hurting her in the end. Yet, she still had one more month in Suna. He had to keep holding on until then.
"Then what's wrong? I'm still not getting it." He asked her.
Sakura sighed deeply. "It's just, that.. You're all a girl could want. You know? You seem to be perfect in all the right ways. But, my love is not for you. It's for Sauske. And that's what I've been trying to tell myself all this time. I just wish that Sasuke would treat me like this. He could be the one who's making me happy right now." She said as salty tears ran down her cheek.
Kenji looked at her sadly. He un clasped their hands, and dried every tear that fell from her eyes. "Shh. Don't worry. I bet you Sasuke's dying without you right now. Because I know, that if I had a wife, and she left me beacuse I was making her unhappy, and knowing that she's probably happy with some other guy out there.. I'd die. Well, literally." He tried to speak truthfully.
But it was the truth. Part of Kenji's mask was beginning to crack. It was so hard to keep this up. He wanted to release the jutsu right then and there. Just take her into his arms, tell her all the things she would want to hear, and hold onto her like there was no tomorrow.
"Just don't worry about it, Sakura. Just worry about what's happening now. Yesterday was the past, and tomorrow's the future. And today's a gift from god, and that's why we call it the present. So just forget about that right now. Just focus on today. Let go of your fears, doubts, anything. I can promise you that things will get better."
His arms found themselves pulling Sakura closer to himself, as she sobbed into his chest. He held onto her, clinging onto her as if it was his dear life. Sakura didn't hug back, but her arms were limp at her side. "How do you know things will get better?" She sniffed. Kenji stayed quiet for awhile. "Because. Sometimes, you don't know what you've got until you lose it. And most of the time, you lose something really special."
Sakura nodded into his chest. "I can't thank you enough, Kenji."
"No need to thank me. I should be thanking you."
"You taught me many things. Like how to care." He spoke. And that was the truth. He had seen the true side of her, and he couldn't lie that she really was a great person. And it was killing him, knowing that he's the one pulling and pushing her through her pain.
He shook his head, not wanting to think of that. Like what he just said, focus on the present. Nothing else. What's happened has happened, and what's to come will come.
The whole day at work, Sakura smiled. Kenji liked this. He always kept what he said in his mind. Think abou the present. What's happening this very moment. Yet, it was hard. Knowing she was so happy.. And he didn't want to break her later on.
Kenji hated himself for this. He didn't want to be a fake person. He wanted to let go of himeslf. Tell her he was him. He didn't want to be doing this right now.. He wanted to be Sasuke. He hated himself for this. Yet, he must admit that this was beter than hurting her more each day.
Later that night, when they walked home, Sakura suddenly threw her arms around Kenji's neck. Kenji froze. "What was that for?" He asked.
"For everything you've done. You're a really, really great friend." She told him with a warm smile. Kenji smiled half heartedly back, trying not to show sadness and guilt.
When they arrived home, and they both climbed the stairs, Kenji was reaching his door knob, yet something pulled him back.
Sakura looked at him with baby eyes. "Good night." She said happily, placing a quick kiss on his cheek, leaving him in a daze as she giggled and ran in her room.
Kenji stood there, lifting a hand to his cheek. He made his way into his room and sighed dreamily.
This is so hard.
I can say things are really great here. Is Sasuke dying without me yet? And no, that's not a joke. I really miss my children. Please, please, tell them I said I miss them. How's the hospital without me? I'll be back in a month, so you don't have much to worry about.
I don't have much to say, but I just wanted to give you some updates. Tell Sasuke I said hello.
- Sakura
She once again handed the scroll to the slug, and again, the slug was off.

"You lack.. Hatred." Itachi spoke into his ear haste fully.
Sasuke jerked his eyes open. He panted hard. Just a dream, Sasuke. Just a dream. He tried to calm himself. He studied his surroundings, and looked down at himself. He was still Kenji.
He lay back down, slamming his head into his pillow. "Oww." He moaned. The throbbing in his head did not falter at all.
Kenji came downstairs, bags clear under his eyes. Sakura noticed this, and rushed to his side. "Kenji! Oh, are you okay?" She asked, checking im frantically.
Kenji slightly shoved her away. "Yeah.. I just didn't get much sleep." He grunted. Sakura nodded. "Are you sure you can go to work today?"
Kenji lifted a hand to his head. "Yeah.. I'll be --" He stopped in mid-sentence, beginning to fall over. But with Sakura's fast, amazing ninja reflexes, she caught him before he hit the ground. "Tsk, you're not going to work today." She told the unconscious man in her arms.
With all her strength she managed to carry him to the couch. She placed a hand on his forehead. There was a large bump. "Ahh." Sakura said as she studied Kenji carefully. She went to the kitchen to get a damp cloth, grabbing the phone as she did this.
"Ohayo, Hina. Kenji and I can't make it to work today. Kenji's not feeling good, and I need to look after him. Yeah. Arigato, Hina-san." Sakura clicked the phone off.
She placed the damp cloth on Kenji's head, as she ran upstairs for his blanket and pillow. Once the pillow was under his head, and the blanket was securely on Kenji, Sakura sat on the coffee table that was in front of the couch. She sighed.
"S-sakura?" Kenji spoke quietly, trying to sit up. Sakura rushed to his side, gesturing for him to lie down. Kenji did it without another thought.
"Shh." She said quietly. "That bump on your head is pretty bad." She said, studying him carefully. "Want dinner?" She asked. Kenji looked at her weirdly. "It's dinner time already?" He said, barely a whisper. Sakura nodded in response.
"I'll make you some hot ramen." She said, leaving to go to the kitchen.
Kenji didn't reply, and just watched her retreating back.
Sakura came back a few minutes later, ramen and all. She helped Kenji sit up, helping him eat his food. When Kenji managed to eat his own food, she smiled and ran a hand through his hair. Kenji slightly smiled.
"I bet you Sasuke's lucky to have you. You're a great wife.. To him, I mean." He said quietly. Sakura smiled. "I hope he does notice what's in front of him." She said. Kenji stopped eating for a moment. I do realize what's in front of me. And I want her. Forever.
He continued to eat, and when he had finished, he had asked Sakura to turn on the TV.
Now, Sakura and Kenji sat on the couch, watching a random channel. "I don't get this show." Sakura said. Kenji shrugged. "Me neither." Sakura briefly glanced over to the clock.
"Are you tired, yet?" She asked, looking at him.
"Yeah, kind of."
She nodded. "Here, I'll help you get to bed."
She carried his pillow, as Kenji was still wrapped in his blanket.
Now, Kenji was tucked and safe in his bed. Sakura kissed her hand, and placed it on his forehead. "G'd night." She said, glancing over to him, a smile clear on her face. Kenji smiled, and nodded in response.
"Arigato, Sakura." He said quietly.
"Hey, I'm a medic-nin. It's my job anyway." She added with a smile.
Kenji nodded, shutting his eyes. When the door clicked, and was closed, Kenji let out a dying sigh. She really is a wonderful wife. I just didn't get to see this side of her..
He shut his eyes, falling into a deep rest.
Sakura jerked his eyes open. She sat up right, looking for the yelling noise that was heard. Then, it clicked in her brain. Kenji.
She dashed all the way to his room, finding him yelling, seizing the blanket in his hands.
She climbed on his bed, studying him. Must be a bad dream.She thought. She sighed sadly. She slid under the covers, and she held him. Held him close to her. She was kind of sitting up, with Kenji clinging onto her, as if she was all he had.
He was murmuring something in his sleep, that was inaudible. Sakura looked at him sadly. She stayed up most of the time, singing, holding him to sleep.
She had fallen asleep for awhile, when Kenji had calmed down. Now, Kenji was yelling once again. It was 6:30 in the morning, and time to wake up. She began singing the tune that she had sung the night before.
Kenji calmed a bit, his hands clinging onto her tighter. "O-o..kaa-san?" He murmured, eyes still closed.
The tears lined Sakura's eyes. "No, K-kenji. It's Sakura.." She murmured into his ear.
Kenji's eyes fluttered open, his deep black eyes meeting with jade orbs.
Sakura still held onto him, and Kenji's arms were still securely clinging onto Sakura.
When he had finally hit reality, he jerked his arms off her. "O-oh.. Sakura. Gomen, gomen." He said, trying to supress the blush forming on his cheek. Sakura smiled, blinking tears away.
"It's okay. You were having a bad dream." I couldn't let you go through that by yourself.
He thanked her, and they both made their way down for breakfast.
It was tiring day off work, and Kenji was exhausted. They bid their good nights.
It was aroud 2 a.m., and Sakura once again was awoken by a piercing scream. Her eyes opened. Kenji. Oh no.She dashed to his room. She had positioned herself as the night before. He flung his arms around her, causing Sakura to jerk, and sigh.
He was murmuring things that were highly in audible. All Sakura did was cradle him in her arms, and sing him to sleep.
When Kenji had awoken, he found his arms around Sakura. Sakura was sleeping. He gently shook her shoulder. "Hey," he said. "It's time to wake up."
Sakura murmured something that couldn't be understood. When she finally had woken, she apologized to Kenji. Kenji shook his head. "I should be thanking you. And apologizing. I'm putting you through too much.. Just because of silly dreams."
She shook her head. "No, it's alright."
It was yet, another tiring day.. and Kenji was beginning to enter his room, when Sakura entered behind him.
"H-huh?" He asked her, baffled.
"I'll be here. Incase.. you know." She spoke quietly. Kenji nodded.
She had already changed, and was now in Kenji's bed. Kami, please forgive me. This is for Kenji's sake.She felt ashamed of herself. She knew she was married to Sasuke. But she had to help Kenji. For all the good things he'd done for her, she had to pay him back. It was only fair.
Sakura awoke in the middle of the night. She found arms that came from behind her, holding onto her tightly. She looked up, finding a calm Kenji. She sighed dreamily. She closed her eyes, and nuzzled her face into Kenji's pillow.
Sakura and Kenji ate breakfast quietly. "Uh,” Kenji began. “I just want to thank you. You know, for being there.” He said. Sakura smiled. “Your welcome.”
For the next nights, Sakura and Kenji shared his bed. On rare nights, he was calm. Most nights, the dreams didn’t stop. But Sakura would always sing him to sleep.
One night, Sakura began to sing before he slept. And luckily enough, he slept without any problems. For the rest of the nights they shared the bed, she always sang to him before he slept.
Kenji could never thank Sakura enough.
This was his wife. No one elses. He had to show her he cared. Just one more month.. Just one more month.

Sakura strolled down the streets of Suna, alongside Temari. Kenji had allowed Sakura to go out, as he was going to spend the day sparring.. Once again. Temari carried a milk shake in one hand, the other hand, 3 big bags of things she had bought. Sakura rolled her eyes at this.
"You spoiled brat." Sakura playfully hit Temari in the arm. Temari smirked. "It's what you get when your little brother is the Kazekage."
Sakura cocked an eyebrow. "You get money for that?" She asked. Temari shook her head. "Nah, the people who run the stores lower the prices for you." She said, smirking. "Aa." Sakura said, nodding.
Sakura walked onward, when she bit her cheek. "Oww." She moaned. Someone's thinking of me."Hey, Temari, give me a number from 1 to 27." Temari shrugged. "11."
Sakura counted. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K. Someones thinking of me, with a name beginning with a K. She thought. She shrugged it off, not really thinking deep about it.
Meanwhile, Kenji threw a few shurikens and kunais to a tree stump in one of the training grounds. Sakura.. Was all that was going through his brain right now. He wondered what she was doing this very moment.
He threw one last shuriken, panting. He fell to the ground in a heap, tired, and panting. He ran a hand through his messy brown hair. He didn't know what to do for the rest of the day.
His mind traveled back to Sakura. She sleeps in the same bed as me. She always had. But this time, how come it seems so different? Is it because I'm Kenji? No. That can't be. He pondered about this for hours, sitting in the middle of the training grounds, gaping at how wonderful she really was, and how he hadn't looked at her with different eyes.
It feels different.. Because, I feel comforted. Safe. Loved. He finally settled with a smile.
He stood up, and walked home.
It was nearly time for dinner when he had arrived. He found Sakura in the kitchen, bustling around. He snook behind her, poked her in the ribs and said. "Boo." Sakura jerked, and giggled.
"What's for dinner?" He asked with a smile. Sakura returned the smile. "Rice, tomato's, and fish." She said. Kenji smiled. Yum.
Sakura stared at his back, as he made his way to the table. She smiled. She never really got to make a meal for anyone who was happy about it.
Kenji's mind rambled. It felt good to be cared about, and to care about someone else.
When the food was served, they said their thanks to Kami, and dug in.
Kenji finished his food with a satisfying smirk. He glanced over to the clock. It was nearly 8 pm.
Kenji stood up, and looked at Sakura. "Want to go for a walk?" He asked. Sakura shrugged, then nodded.
Sakura found herself walking down a path in the park of Suna, alongside Kenji. Kenji noticed Sakura unusually quiet.
"You alright?" He asked her.
Sakura nodded. "I'm just thinking about my children." She said quietly. "Aa. Tell me about them." He said. Sakura nodded.
"Well, there's Daisuke. I call him Dai, though. He's 3, and really smart. He takes up after his father. I'm thinking of enrolling him into the academy next year. He's the spitting image of his father, and everything else like his father." She smiled at the thought of her son. Kenji nodded, trying to fight a small smile.
"And then there's my new baby, Akina. Aki, for short. She's only 1. Which literally killedme to leave her behind. She's a darling. She looks like me, and acts like me. She has pink hair, and green eyes like mine. I really hope that she takes up medical courses when she's older." She smiled. Kenji nodded.
"They sound nice." He said. Sakura nodded. "They really are."
They walked onward, a pregnant silence shared between them. A cold wind blew, and Sakura shivered. Kenji noticed this. He snaked an arm around her waist, holding her close to him as they walked down the path.
Sasuke.. Why? Why can't you be like this.Was the thought that was on her mind. That thought was always on her mind. She smiled sadly. Was there actual hope that Sasuke would change? He'd probably kill her for leaving. Sakura shuddered. So much for him changing. It would take a miracle for him to even look at her with caring, loving eyes.
Sakura sighed inwardly. Sasuke. She thought.
They had rounded the park several times, and Sakura yawned. Kenji turned to her.
"Ready to head back?" He asked. Sakura drowsily nodded, eye lids shutting already. Kenji smiled at her state right now. She looked so.. cute. He surprised himself. If the thought about it, he never really had said that word before.
Sakura walked beside Kenji, as if she was drunk. Kenji chuckled a bit. He lifted her up by the legs, and carried her on his back. Her arms were secure around his neck, and her legs cradled his hips. He smiled all the way home.
He placed Sakura on the bed, slipping into the bed beside her. He gathered her up into his arms, holding her close and tight. He nuzzled his head in her hair, taking the scent of strawberry's only she could bear.
He smiled into her hair. He placed a soft kiss on her head, settling into a deep sleep.
Sakura woke up, yawning and stretching. She found the bed abnormally large. She sat up right, not seeing Kenji.
She walked downstairs, only to be greeted by a wonderful breakfast. She rubbed her head. "Kenji, what's this all for?" She asked.
"For being a wonderful person."

There he lay, sprawled before her, pooled in his own blood. She dashed to his side, her pink hair sticking to her tears that had fallen from her eyes. She gasped loudly. "K-kenji.." She murmured, as she clasped his pale, limp hand into her own warm ones. He opened one eye, wincing as he did.
"I l-love you," he had said weakly. The tears brimmed her eyes. "I love you too, Kenji." She said, her body trembling with fear, sadness, and sorrow. "Shh," he calmed her. "You go live a happy life.. With Sasuke.. He loves you, Sakura. More than you'll ever know." He said wincing after every word. Sakura shook her head. "No, Kenji. I love.. You!" She said truthfully. Kenji's hand fell limp, and her grasp on his hand faltered. She shook her head frantically. "No.. Kenji. You're the only one I had." She said quieter than she had expected.
She threw her body and arms around the figure that was no longer breathing. His heart had stopped, and his lips and hands had turned cold. She weeped into his chest, hoping that he would hold her back.. Like he used to.
When she had the courage to stand up and regain herself, she picked him up, cradling him all the way to the where her legs brought her. On the way, people stared at her with disbelief in their eyes, and sadness. Some were baffled and bewildered, and some, wore blank expressions on their faces. Yet, there was no regret coming from Sakura. She held the dead figure in her arms, tears were dried on her face, and blood smeared on her clothes.
And the way she looked, she still had her head held up high. She smiled through the pain. She did. She always did.
"He's gone.. Kami. He's gone." She whispered to the air as they neared a clearing. She laid him down, tears threatening to fall. Yet, this time, she held them back as she bit her lip.
Then, cherry blossoms had emerged from nearby trees, as Sakura walked away into the distance, back into the village. The cherry blssoms surrounded and swirled around the dead figure in the clearing. A hand that was laid out, palm to the sky, was covered with one, single, living, cherry blossom.
The cherry blossom had whispered into the air, whispering all the loving and affectionate words that he never got the chance to say to the retreating woman just a few metres away from him.
As Sakura walked away, not the past had flashed before her, but the future. What she could have had. What they both could have had.
Sakura woke up, panting, as she struggled free from what had a grasp on her. The sunlight had poured into the room, bliding Sakura. Then, something had lifted up to meet Sakura's face, as something wiped away tears that still lingered on Sakura's face. Sakura squinted her eyes.
"K-kenji?" She asked quietly. Strong arms had snaked around her body, pushing her up against something.
"You were having a bad dream." A deep voice whispered into Sakura's ear, letting a dying sigh emit from Sakura's small lips.
"You died." Was what she said. Kenji held Sakura closer.
"I'll always be with you." He said as he rested his chin on her shoulder.
"I know."
"Don't worry, no matter what, Sakura. No matter what."
A pang of guilt rose through Sakura. He can't always be with me. I can't leave Sasuke and my children.Yet, Kenji was like the missing piece of her puzzle. He was the one that poured his love into the crack that was clear on Sakura's heart. She closed her eyes and sighed. She had no idea what she was going to do. She loved Kenji dearly, but she couldn't abandon her husband. Nor, her children.
She turned around, meeting Kenji's gaze. "You care for me, right?" She said quietly.
"Yes." He said firmly.
"Then, after my time here, you'd care enough for me to let me go?" She said as the pang of guilt hit her once again. Kenji didn't answer right away, until he let out a breath. "Of course." He said, his voice not clear, yet, was muffled.
She nodded. She wriggled free from his arms, and cleared her throat. "I'll go make breakfast."
Kenji finished his breakfast with a satisfying burp. Sakura giggled. Kenji rose from his seat. "Wait here."
Sakura nodded. With that, Kenji walked into the living room, and his footsteps dissapeared to upstairs. When he came downstairs, he had two hands held behind his back. He smiled and turned to Sakura. "Close your eyes." He said.
Sakura shut her eyes closed, a smile clear on her face. "Hold out your hand." Sakura firmly placed her hands out in front of her, trying to supress out coming giggles. Then, in moment, a rectangular, well, Sakura thought, was placed in her hands. She ran her hands on top of the object, and felt a hard cover, a thick binding on the side, and another thin, object hanging onto it.
Sakura opened her eyes. She gasped, and threw her hands around Kenji's neck. "Arigato, arigato, arigato! Kenji, I love it, thanks." She smiled warmly.
"I just thought you needed a diary to let your feelings out." He said with a little shrug. Sakura giggled. She went upstairs to put away the diary. It was a beautiful diary, she thought. The front cover was dark emerald, and embedded in the front said in beautiful curving, Sakura. It was written in gold, as was the date printed of the day she had received the diary.
Sakura ran her hand over the binding, which on it's side said, 'Life is a song. You are the poem, and your loved ones are your music.' Sakura smiled, letting out a dreamy sigh. She took one last look, and ran her hand over the diary once more, before she placed it down on her bed side table.
Dear Diary,
I haven't had one of these since high school! Kenji was nice enough to buy me this. Right now, he's beside me. He's sleeping like a baby. Work today was great. Everyone seemed happy today.. Or maybe it's just me. Smile. I miss writing in these kind of things. Anyway, this is a diary, right? So, that means I can let out all of my feelings without anyone knowing. Hopefully. My time in high school.. Was not a good experience at all. Is it great having your diary read in front of the whole school? I don't think so.
But whatever, on with my secret stuff. Sarcastic Laugh. About Kenji; He's a really great guy. There's no doubt about that. But in some ways, he kind of reminds me of Sasuke. Not in a bad way, though. It just gets me thinking. Or maybe, I'm just picking at the little things, and compare it with Sasuke. Well, I do, actually. Because Kenji is such a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have him. Today, he laced his fingers together, and rested his head on them. Like, come on! Sasuke always does that. And, you know what else? He always eats raw tomatos as a snack. The only man I know who actually does that, is Sasuke.
I'm getting confused here. But enough with the little observations: Kenji is the sweetest man. Well, next to Naruto.. I guses. But really, Kenji will preactically die for me. That's not even a joke. Well, we share the same bed, go out to eat together.. And what more? He's my secretary.. There's more to the list. I don't want to get too close to him. I'm married, remember? Well I think it's too late for the 'close' thing. Smack forehead.
But I can't just let him go. Nnngg, I'm going to end this here. My head hurts and I want to go to sleep. Good night!
Sakura shut her diary, placing it on her bed side table. She took one last look at Kenji before settling in under the covers and nuzzling her head into the pillow.
When Sakura had woken up in Kenji's arms, no surprise, she wriggled free from his strong grasp, and walked quietly to the kitchen. When Sakura had breakfast ready, as if Kenji was right on time, he came walking into the kitchen, a bright smile clear on his face.
"Good morning, Sakura."
"Ohayo, Kenji." She smiled to Kenji.
"I'll have to eat breakfast quickly today. Hina asked me to fix one of the windows in one of those tall buildings." Kenji said half-heartedly. Sakura nodded, not really minding anything.
Kenji nodded without looking her way.
Sakura rounded the corner, just to where Kenji was supposed to be. She snook out of work to drop off a lunch for him. But when she had rounded the corner, the sight that was -- or was happening, burned her eyes and memory.
Oh, no. Her dream? No! Why? There was the sight before her. There was a man, not really paying attention to what he was doing, knocked over the ladder that Kenji was standing on. Kenji could have easily saved himself, yet, he didn't know what was happening.
Sakura shook her head. She knew she hadto do something. She couldn't lose Kenji, nor let him get hurt.. At all. Before her eyes, ther he was.. Falling.On instincts her legs scrambled to where Kenji was falling. She placed her arms out, eyes shut tight. Then, before she knew what was happening, there was a heavy weight on her stretched out arms.
She and Kenji fell to the ground in a heap. She opened one eye, and hammered them open at the sight of Kenji; who's eyes were closed firmly, hands clenched. He too, opened his eyes, meeting Sakura's gaze.
"Right on time." He said, smiling with a wince.
"Always will be." She added with a dying breath.
"A-arigato.." Kenji said shyly.
Now, the people had gathered up beside them, circling them as if they were aliens. Sakura smiled slightly. "Nothing to see here. It's alright." She said. Kenji got off her lap slowly, clutching his right arm. Sakura didn't let this go unnoticed. "Let me check your arm." She said in the i'm-a-doctor-let-me-see-you tone. "No, I'm fine, don't --" He was cut off when Sakura took his right arm and examined it carefully.
"Not bad. It's badly bruised, nothing fatal. Probably happened when you fell."
Kenji nodded, clucthing his arm again. Sakura took a white cloth bandage from her sack that hung on her waist, and wrapped it securely around Kenji's upper arm. She patted it carefully. "Don't try to hurt it."
"And don't do much training. Just let it heal. If it's still bothering you in two days, I'll heal it."
Kenji nodded. "I'll go to work with you."
Sakura shook her head. "You won't be able to file anything." Before she continued, she handed him a bagged lunch. "And here, eat. You look hungry."
"Arigato. I'll see you later." He said before heading back home.
"Bye." Sakura said and squeezed him lightly.
Sakura entered her humble home -- temporaryhome, as she searched for any sign of Kenji. The TV blared with a loud light, illuminating the dark room, and Kenji's figure that lay on the couch.
She tip-toed her way to Kenji's side, caressing his cheek slightly before placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. She walked quietly up the stairs, changed her clothes and made herself comfortable in their bed.
Dear Diary,
Today Kenji could have been seriously hurt. It was almost like my dream. But this time.. I was right on time. Thank you, Kami. I have not much to say, but my time here is shortening and the days are flying by. It's going to be hard to leave. This is like a second home to me, well, next to Konoha's Hospital. I can't deny that I miss my children, Tsunade-sama, and Naruto. And, well, Sasuke.. I guess. Okay, well maybe I do. I wonder how he's doing all alone with the children at night. I guess it's okay that Tsunade-sama is taking care of them. Hopefully she doesn't get an over dose of Sake. Well, Shizune is there anyway.
I'm tired. I'll end this shortly here. G'd night!
Sakura closed the diary and placed it on her bed side. She thought of going back downstairs to get Kenji, but he seemed pretty comfortable, and Sakura didn't want to bother him. So, Sakura settled herself in the abnormally large bed and slept.
When Sakura had wokenk up the next day, she rushed downstairs to tend to Kenji right away. But, when she went downstairs, there on the couch, neatly folded was his blanket on top of his pillow. And on top of that, was a small note.
I went to work early. I have to make up for my time yesterday. See you at work.
- Kenji
Sakura smiled playfully and shook her head.
When she had arrived at work, she glared at Kenji. "I thought I told you that you had to rest."
"I know. I just can't help it. Plus, today would be boring without you." He smiled brightly.
Sakura couldn't resist. "Oh, fine." She said.
I'll really miss this man when I leave..

Love can be like magic.
But sometimes,
Magic is just an illusion.
Her time was shortening. She only had a short, limited time of 2 days left. Here, in Suna. Her heaven. Her happiness.
Dear Diary,
What's there to do? 2 days left.. Which, is not much. Kenji's asleep on the couch downstairs. He's come back from work late. Man, that Hina's been working him hard. Anyway, I want to make my last day, which is tomorrow, great. I'm leaving early in the morning the day after that. So literally, I have 1 day. Which, I better not spend moping, because I'm going to be leaving the day afterwards.
Well, I'll stop here. I'll go do something.
Sakura slipped from under the covers, quickly stretching a bit. She moved around her's and Kenji's room, throwing on some clothes. She had on her normal red top, cream skirt, short leggings and on top was her black cloak. She stared roughly at herself in the mirror, leaving her hair down, and making her way downstairs.
She stepped quietly across the living room, and put on her shoes. She took one glance at the man that lay on the couch and head outside.
As she strolled down the streets of Suna, she smiled at the buildings that she passed. Bad, and good memories flashed through her mind. And all those memories seemed to have Kenji in all of them. She glanced up to old buildings, ragged houses, and shacks that sold food. She passed bars, shops, and pharmacy's which had their own peculiar aroma lingering around.
She stood briefly outside the hospital, where she had spent most of the time with Kenji. As the past flashed before her, she thought about it, and wondered why it had all gone by so fast. She wish she had more time here.. Where she was truly happy. Yet, she knew, that one day she had to return home. She knew that her children couldn't grow up on their own, with just their father. The thought of her husband and children brought a pang to her heart. A knot in her stomach had began to tighten.
She walked onward, glancing up and down at the interesting streets and sights of Suna. Suna seemed like another home to her. Some ways, it reminded her of her home, in Konoha. Yet, in someways, she liked some things better here. Like Kenji. She shook her head, wanting to push away thoughts that would bring her down. She wanted to spend her second-last day here, great. She knew she did not have that much time.
After taking one last round around Suna, she headed back home.
When she had arrived into the house, surprisingly, Kenji was still asleep. Usually on Friday mornings he was up early. Maybe he wanted to stay home with me, until I leave. Sakura thought. But she shook the thought away. Whatever, she thought. She made her way upstairs, to finish her packing.
On her way downstairs, Kenji was bustling around in the kitchen, preparing and dashing around.
"Why are you so busy?" Sakura asked.
Kenji jerked a bit. "Oh, I just wanted to make you a good breakfast.. For the second-last time." Kenji said sheepishly.
Sakura smiled. "That's really kind of you."
Kenji replied with a heart-warming smile.
Sakura sat herself down at the table, watching as Kenji cooked and prepared their breakfast. He was so different from Sasuke. Kenji smiled more, talked more, and made conversations. He didn't get mad at the things that Sakura cooked. Actually, he seemed to like everything that she had made for him. And oh, the list goes on.
Sakura snapped out of her thoughts as Kenji's voice ringed through her mind.
"Sakura? It's time to eat." He said, looking at her deeply.
Sakura flushed. "O-oh, sorry, Kenji. I was just spacing out. Thanks." They said their thanks, and ate.
"Look, I have plans for our last day." Kenji began as they were in the middle of their eating.
"Hm?" Sakura said, chewing her food.
"Today, I want you to look for something really nice to wear. A dress or whatnot. Don't tell me what you're going to get, and don't show me when you get it. You'll wear it tomorrow night."
Sakura eyed him. "For what?"
"Good-bye party. The hospital crew wanted to throw you a party. You know, for taking the offer and helping so much."
Sakura smiled. "Aw, that's so sweet."
Kenji nodded. "I want it to be great. And, I also have the day planned for us tomorrow. Just us. Until tomorrow night, alright?"
Sakura nodded. "Sounds good."
"And while you're out shopping, I'll be planning and such. So you, go get ready after your done eating, and I'll see you at dinner." He smiled, got up from his seat, and disappeared to the bathroom.
Sakura smiled, and went upstairs, grabbing the cordless phone with her. "Hello? Temari? No, I'm fine. Yeah, Kenji's fine, too. I was just wondering, would you like to help me go shopping today? Woah, woah, settle down. I need.. maybe 2 outfits? One for the day, and maybe a night-dress. Oh, you've heard about the party too? Haha, alright, See you in a few."
Sakura clicked the phone off, smiling a bit about her rowdy friend. She changed her top, changing into a plain white t-shirt, a black skirt, and her same black heeled-ninja slippers. She put her hair up into a high pony tail, loose locks framing her delicate face.
She smiled at her satisfaction, grabbed her bag, and made her way downstairs.
Sakura panted. "Woah, Temari. How.. Do.. You.. Do this?" She asked as she tried to hold up a bag that was on the end of her finger.
"It's fun." Temari smiled.
"I said 2 outfits.. Not, a whole wardrobe!" She shrieked.
"Don't deny that it was fun. Plus, You got a discount!" She smirked.
Sakura shrugged her shoulders. "Well.. I don't reallyget discounts like this in Konoha."
Temari smirked. "Well, you should. Shouldn't you? You're the student of the Hokage. Practically the same as being the sister of the Hokage. Am I not right?" Temari playfully smiled.
Sakura nodded her head. "True."
"C'mon, let's get lunch." Sakura nodded, and trailed after her obediently.
"Bye, Temari! Thanks!" She waved slightly. Sakura slipped into the door, letting go of the extra weight from the bags of her arms. Sakura fell to the floor in a heap, letting out a dying sigh.
"Gah, I'll never get used to this shopping thing." She said to herself. She shut her eyes for a brief moment, then opened them to find Kenji looking down at her. He stretched out a hand for her. Sakura gladly took his hand in hers, and helped herself up.
"Thanks." She said quietly as she wiped her clothes, smoothing out wrinkles.
"I'm guessing you've had lunch." Kenji said. Sakura nodded.
"Well, we have maybe.. 3 hours until dinner. Want to go out for a walk?" He asked, meeting her gaze.
Sakura stood quiet for awhile, then pushed her bags aside and stretched out her hand for Kenji. Kenji laced their fingers together, smiling at Sakura's touch. They stepped outside, making their way to the park.
"Hey, do you want to go somewhere else?" Kenji asked after merely half an hour of walking around in the park.
Sakura shrugged. "C'mon." Kenji tugged on her hand, leading her somewhere else.
As they approached their destination, Sakura let out a dreamy sigh. This was the place.The place where their first kiss happened. She stared out into the horizon, dreamy sighs escaping her lips as she gazed down onto the peaceful village. Sakura was a little unsure as they first approached this place, thinking that something wrong that shouldn't happen, might happen again.
But when Kenji stood behind Sakura, holding her close to him, he whispered, "Don' t worry. I won't do anything you won' t like." Sakura nodded. She sighed inwardly.
Now, as the sun began to set, Sakura tugged on one of Kenji's arms that were holding her firmly.
"I'm hungry. Can we go have dinner now?" She stared into his dark eyes.
He let go of her, clinging onto her hadn as they left.
Dear Diary,
Today was alright. I think it was kind of Kenji to stay back from work today to stay with me. I'm excited for tomorrow, yet, I'm kind of sad. Tomorrow will be my last day here, in Suna. Kenji has the whole day planned out for us tomorrow, although he hasn't spoken anything of it. Tomorrow night there's a staff party. It's probably going to be a small party, but the way Temari speaks about it, she says their parties here are grand. Well, let's just hope so, because this dress I got,wasn't made for a little party.
Well anyway, back to Kenji. He's been acting really sweeter often, or maybe it's just me. Well, I don'r know. But it'll pain me to death to leave this place. But I know that leaving my children will always kill me the most. I can't wait to see them again.
Well, I will end this here. Kenji's asleep and grabbing onto me. G'd night.
Sakura shut her diary, placing it on her bed-side table. She let Kenji cling onto Sakura, as she made herself comfortable, her back pressed up Kenji, as Kenji's arms held her securely around her waist.
She nuzzled her face into her pillow, taking in her's and Kenji's smell that only he could bear.

There's these days when I just want to push you off a cliff.
... Then run under and catch you.
She smiled. She twirled several times in her white summer dress that hugged her body, and went below her knees. The hem lined with yellow flowers, making it's way up her sides, to right up to the strapless top, that showed off her wonderful curves, filling right out in all the right places. Her hair flowed right down to above her hip, slowly swaying as she moved around. She traded her black ninja-heels into white heels, with straps curving their way up to her higher ankle.
A small diamond necklace was framing her neck, with silver hearts piercing through her ears. A scent of strawberry's lingered around her, making anyone fall into a daze. Her eyelashes curved up high, and her lips pursed with every word she spoke. Her body was slender, and her movements were graceful. She walked briskly, her arms moving with her strides, limp at her side.
She sighed dreamily at her satisfaction, and made her way downstairs.
Kenji stared at her with wide eyes. Has she ever been so beautiful since the wedding. He thought to himself. He smiled genuinely. Taking her hand in his, he led her outside. They arrived at a small diner just about 5 minutes from home. They took a seat outside, ordering a small breakfast for the pair. He smiled across the table.
"How was your sleep?" He asked, a hint of a smile.
She smiled the same breath taking smile he would wake up to, "It was fine, thank you." She said, the sun shining in her smile. He smiled in return. He kept quiet for awhile, thoughts running here and there. He sighed sadly, jerking his head up in his own surprise, not meaning to sigh so abruptly. She looked at him crossly.
"What's wrong?" She asked. "Nothing." He replied with a small shake of his head.
She stared. "Are you sure?" He nodded. "I'm sure." She nodded reluctantly.
Their food came as if on cue, as the waiter bowed and placed their food either in front of them. They both said their thanks, as they began to eat.
Sakura finished chewing, and swallowed. "What do you have planned for us today?" She asked.
He looked at her, smiling. "I planned a lot." She smiled in return, nodding a bit.
As Kenji finished paying, they walked hand in hand with a small distance apart, strolling down the streets of Suna. The hot sun blazed onto Sakura's and Kenji's bodies, heating them to no extent.
"I'm going to have a heatstroke." Sakura said sarcastically with a hand placed on her forehead, as she threw her head back emotionally.
He smiled playfully, nudging her sides a bit, earning a little giggle from her.
They rounded Suna several times, and soon, it was noon. They ate out at another diner for lunch, ordering small meals.
Sakura looked at Kenji across the table. "Are we going to go to the plans soon?" She had asked.
He nodded. "After lunch."
Now, as they finished paying, and they walked out the diner, he led her somewhere that seemed unfamiliar to Sakura. Sakura squeezed Kenji's hand. "Where.. are we?" She asked, her gaze laying on her surroundings.
"I've been here many times. I enjoy this place." He said, taking in the scent of trees.
"I've never seen this place before." She had said. "Why is that?" She finished.
"Because this is my genjutsu. One of the places I come to think or just relax."
Sakura jerked, and then calmed. "So, where are we really?" She asked as her gaze traveled further until her sight couldn't find an end.
"We're really in the park. I prefer this place better." He said, tugging on her hand. She followed.
He led her to an opening, that was surrounded with bright, green tress, with the grass greener than she had ever seen. Little butterflies and birds dotted the horizon, the trees and grass spreading out endlessly.
She sat down in the middle of the clearing, taking Kenji down with her. He smiled, as he sat down beside her, as Sakura rested her head on Kenji's shoulder. She relaxed. She stared out into the clearing, spotting several different flying insects that seemed to sooth her.
She closed her eyes and thought. My last day. This was all she had. She hammered her eyes open, thinking that she felt a flicker of something familiar. She jerked her head upwards, facing Kenji. Then, black hair caught her eyes, the familiar pale skin filling her sight, and the same scent. Her heart sped. She blinked, rubbed her eyes, and Kenji was back. Her beloved Kenji.
She shook her head. No, not herKenji. She clinged onto Kenji's arm. Kenji looking at her as she did so. He stood up, helping her. They walked around, roaming this unfamiliar place to Sakura. They walked for minutes, which turned into hours. And as Kenji looked around, the sun was almost at it's peak, almost setting. He tugged on her hand.
"It's time to go to the party." He said quietly. She nodded.
They arrived at the hospital, which was now filled with color, balloons, and all this color exchanged with the odd pale color walls of the hospital. The aroma of UV's and needles also was exchanged with sweet scents, and colognes and perfumes of others. She gasped at the change.
Before she socialized, the crew quited down, as Kenji gestured her to speak.
"I want to thank you guys for everything. This place is like a second home to me. I want to say that it really was a pleasure working with all of you." She said. The crowd cheered, as Kenji squeezed her.
Gaara emerged from the crowd, holding a small gift in his hands. He handed it to her gently, as she studied it for a moment. She proceeded, and opened it gingerly. A red, dark maroon velvet case was revealed, and Sakura held this with trembling hands.
Before she undid the clasp of the small box, Gaara spoke. "It's from all of us," he pointed to Kenji, "but it was his idea." Gaara smiled. Kenji blushed a bit. Sakura smiled. She went onward, opening the case. Tears brimmed her eyes, a fat wet drop falling on the silver necklace that was placed in the case gently.
She threw her arms around Kenji and Gaara at once, wetting their shoulders. Gaara and Kenji also smiled. Sakura managed to utter a small thank you, with trembling hands. She loved it. She exchanged this necklace for the necklace she wore now.
The new necklace from the crew was a small silver chain, with a silver diamond hanging from the chain. It was simple, yet it was precious, beautiful and wonderful in all the right ways. Just like Sakura. Kenji thought with a small smile.
The crowd moved to the side, as Sakura looked at them confusingly. As they moved, a small bit of a platform was revealed. It was surrounded by balloons and more balloons, creating a small cage of balloons.
Gaara gestured Sakura, as 12 men lined behind the cage, one pink rose each in their hand. Kenji was last, and he, the only one without a pink rose, held a red rose. She smiled. She stepped into the cage of balloons, as slow music began to play. The first man, Gaara entered in the cage with Sakura, giving Sakura the rose. She took it in her hand, as she placed her hands on Gaara, with Gaara doing the same. The music continued on as Gaara and Sakura swayed to the rythm of the music.
Before it was time for Gaara to pass Sakura to the next man, she whispered in his ears, "This really is too much." With a hint of a smile. He shook his head. "None sense, this was all Kenji's idea." Sakura looked his way, smiling ever so brightly.
As the roses piled up into her hands, and her hips began to get tired, the last man was up to dance. The man with the red rose. Kenji handed the rose to Sakura as if it was made of glass.
He held her around the waist, as Sakura's hand were resting around his neck. They swayed together in perfect unison to the music that seemed to never end. And as the music ended, and the coda was playing, Kenji held Sakura closer, and kissed the top of her head. This brought tears to Sakura's eyes, as she wouldn't be feeling this love and affection after this night.
The music ended, and the roses' thorns prickled her skin. She walked over to a table, and lay them down softly. As they finished eating, and the music died down, Kenji stole Sakura away from the crowd, as he led her outside to the hospital garden.
As they roamed around the garden hand in hand, Kenji stopped her beside a small pond. Small enough so that you could only fit 2 to 3 people in it. Then, he looked at her, as the moon illuminated their faces and their surroundings, as Kenji took both of Sakura's hands in his.
He took a deep breath before talking.
"Sakura," he began quietly, "there's something I need to tell you. Something that has been dying to come out from me, ever since the day I first held you close." He said. Sakura looked at him quietly.

If you'd leave,
I wouldn't be able to stand,
facing tomorrow alone.
If you're to leave, how about us?
Our promise for one another is wasted,
If you'd leave.
He gulped, the breath hitching in his throat. He gazed into her eyes. Eyes that he loved to see first thing in the morning. When he mustered up his courage, he spoke. "Sakura," he said, "close your eyes." Sakura looked at him crossly for a bit, but he squeezed her hands, and she complied. She shut them, as Kenji let go of her hands, leaving Sakura's hand limp at her sides, cold, trembling.
Sakura's heart pumped not knowing why. But it did. And the feeling that rose within her was unstoppable, and she did not know what was going to happen next.
A warm hand took Sakura's hands in theirs, yet, this time it wasn't Kenji's hands. Sakura's eyes fluttered opened. She gasped, her grip on the man's hand faltered, shoving his hadns away.
Sakura looked up to him. Him. Him. How many times would she have to say it, before she believed it. She held her breath, not believing who was before her. She shut her eyes, believing that this was all an illusion. All just a lie. Yet, when she opened her eyes again, there he was. The man with the pale, fair skin, the masculine face, the broad shoulders, the onyx eyes on his face that never seemed to end, the pointed nose, and those eyes.. the way he looked at her.
"S-s-asuke?" Sakura stammered, not tearing her gaze away from the said man.
Sasuke reached out an arm to her, touching her gently on the arm. Sakura tensed, stepping back a bit. Sasuke felt hurt at this. "Sakura.." He said quietly. He gazed deep into her eyes, not breaking eye contact. Sakura shut her eyes. "Where's Kenji?" She asked dumbly. She wasn't stupid, but she didn't want to believe it. Why? Why would he -- ..
"Sakura. I'm Kenji." He said as if she wasn't panicking right now.
Sakura nodded. "I know!" She burst out abruptly. "But.. why?" She said calmer. Before he answered she began again. "Why, Sasuke? Did you do this, so you can build me up and just crash me down again? To see me hurt? Why would you do that? Are you THAT heartless?" She said. The tears came as quick as the outburst came.
The tears were unstoppable, as the sobs choked out of her. She whimpered, as Sasuke took a step towards her. He put either of his arms loosely around her, as she hit his chest all she could. Sasuke felt her pounds on his chest, as they were weaker than a 3 year old. Sakura sobbed, as she proceeded to hit him continuously, over, and over.
"Why?" She whimpered into his chest as she hit him again, and again. Her voice and cries rang through Sasuke's ears, alarming him, and panicking him, knowing that she was hurt. He drew her closer to him, enveloping her in his arms.
Sakura's cries died down after a bit, as Sasuke's hands ran through her long, silky hair.
"I love you, Sakura." He said after a bit. Sakura pushed away from Sasuke. "No, you don't." She said defiantly. "You don't.." She said once more.
And without knowing what Sasuke was doing, he pressed his lips on hers, tasting her bittersweet tears. Sakura once more pushed him away. "S-sas--..kun.." She said, her body trembling.
"Is one kiss not enough to prove you?" He said, and so, he pushed her to him, kissing her again. She pushed him away, but it was futile. So, he kissed her until her blood ran cold, and her knees met weakness, and soon, she knew she was going to collapse to the floor.
Then, abruptly, Sasuke stopped, stepping away from her. He let her go so violently, almost letting her fall, before she stumbled and regained her balance.
"You.. love me.." Sakura said as she raised a hand to her lips. "And why can I not deny that." He said as he kissed away the last of her tears.
"You know I wouldn't do that to hurt you, Sakura." He said as he tried to pull her closer. She didn't budge. "I would never." He said as he stared into her eyes. The eyes that he could see the night in, even the stars. Scratch that. His dreams. His whole world in.
Sakura took a glimpse beside her, watching as two fished chased each other around and around in a circle.
"Then why? Why did you pretend to be someone your not? And tell me you love me, sleep in the same bed with me, take me out, make breakfast for me. Someone that your not." She said as she blurted all these things to her. Things that died to come out of her. She whimpered again. "Why.. Sasuke." She blubbered as she stuffed her face in her hands.
This literally killed Sasuke. He didn't care what she did, even if she pushed him away, punched him away, anything. He gathered her up in his arms, whispering the loving and affectionate words she had longed to hear from him.
"I love you, Sakura. There's no other way that I can simplify that." He said lovingly, as she raised her head to meet his gaze.
Sakura looked at him as if there was something missing. "I'm sorry." He said after a bit of thinking. Sakura looked at him again with a small hint of a smile, as Sakura returned his embrace.
"I love you, too."
They both waved to their comrades and workers as they headed down the path from Suna.
Sakura heaved a sigh. "A right ending for a right story." She said as her and Sasuke began to spee up onto the path way. He nodded silently. As Sakura averted her gaze towards the path, Sasuke stole a glimpse her way, and mouthed 'I love you' as Sakura concentrated on their path.
Sakura quickly turned to Sasuke, and caught him smiling. Sasuke flushed, and smiled.
Sakura returned this smile, and walked closer to him, holding his hand lightly.
... :)

Epilogue no Jutsu!
And everytime I think of how much I truly love and care for you,
One star simply falls from the sky.
So, if you were to look up at the sky one night,
And wonder why the sky is plain black,
You can blame that on yourself.
Inolooked through the batch of letters she had received that morning. One letter stood out from all the others. This envelope was a light color of jade, almost sage colored. It was sealed with a gold and silver sticker that had two S' entwined with each other. Ino looked at it baffled, and looked at the front again.
Mr. & Mrs. Yamanaka and Family. It said with the same cursive writing, printed in a gold color. She opened the letter gingerly, only to reveal a card, that flipped vertically. The front cover was wax paper, that said, "We have invited you to witness the exchangement of our vows to love between I, Uchiha Sasuke and I, Haruno Sakura.." Ino gasped. She flipped the paper excitedly, revealing a faded picture of Sasuke and Sakura, holding onto each other, with the list of people who will be a role of the wedding.
Ino quickly scanned the other lists, before scanning the maid of honor list. One name listed under the header of Maid of Honor. There, it plainly said, Yamanaka Ino. Ino squealed. She scanned the rest of the list, finding Hyuuga Neji, and Nara Shikmaru as one of the 'Important Men', as Naruto would state it. And none other, was Uzumaki Naruto the best man.
She skimmed the rest of the list, as Temari, TenTen, and Hinata were brides maids. One of the new genin girls were flower girls, and Konohamaru as a ring barrier. Several other children had roles, and the other rookie nine played important roles in the wedding too.
Daisuke and Akina had one of the most important roles, as they walked down together, holding hands, carrying fancy scrolls which had Sasuke's and Sakura's vows written on them.
Tsunade and Kakashi would also be walking Sakura down the isle.
She smiled, and sighed dreamily. Her gaze traveled to the middle of the page, where in bold, cursive letters it said, "Once in awhile, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale." This caused Ino to squeal happily again, in awe.
Someone tapped Ino on the back. She jerked. "What's got you so happy?" The said figure asked. Ino turned around, meeting gazes with her troublesome boyfriend. "Sakura and Sasuke are getting married.. Again!" She squealed. Shikamaru plugged his ears playfully.
"Ah, again?" He asked. Ino nodded. "And you're one of Sasuke's "Important Men"." Ino said. Shikamaru's face flushed. "What a drag." He said. Ino poked him on the side.
"C'mon, Shika-kun! Let's go find me a dress!" She said, as she pranced out of the flower shop happily, dragging a muttering Shikamaru behind her.
"I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride!" The priest had said happily.
Sasuke looked at his wife happily and lovingly. Before he kissed her, he took her small hand in his, he kissed it gently, and said "I love you." He kissed her on the forehead, and said "I love you." He kissed her nose, and said "I love you." Again, and finally, he made his way to her lips, pressing his lips on hers. Then, as they parted, he said, "I'll love you more than you'll ever know." The crowd burst into 'aws' and coos, and finally they corrupted into mounds and mounds of applause.
Sakura smiled brightly, as she squeezed Sasuke's hand. They walked hand in hand together down the isle once more, as the music played. Before she stepped into the same white limo which dotted with flowers, she raised her head to the sky. "I know you're proud of me, Mother, Father." She said as the tears brimmed her eyes.
"Sakura?" Sasuke said behind her. Sakura smiled. She stepped into the limo, with Sasuke closing the door for her. Sasuke made his way to the other side of the limo, settling himself inside beside Sakura. They shared a loving kiss, before the driver rode off, with the crowd to look at them drive off into the horizon, going to prepare the reception.
A loud sob and sniff was heard, as the large crowd turned their attention to Naruto and Ino who hugged each other and sobbed into each other's chests. "Wah! It's.. So.. Fluffy and happy!" They both wailed in unison. The large crowd sweatdropped as they stared away in awe.
Sasuke took Sakura's hand in his as they strolled down the beach of a large island in Japan, happily on their honeymoon.
Sasuke suddenly lifted Sakura bridal style, as Sakura made an 'eep' noise. He stared lovingly in her eyes.
"We are true, living --"
"Fairytales." She finished. She gave him a quick peck on the lips. "I've found the love." She whispered to herself.
"I've found the love."

Hope all of you like it.^^
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