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will sasuke destory kohono!?!?!?!?!
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Posted 6/9/08
I think naruto will kill sasuke
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Posted 6/9/08
the spelling is not right...........
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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/9/08
can't you put this in the Naruto Thread? and like everyone said, you spelled Konoha wrong
and put a spoiler warning first
Back to Topic: Mostly I think they'lll maybe follow the traditional way of it. Based on how much drama and anime i seen ( )
Mostly I think it's either this 2-3 opinions:

1: Sasukes enters Konoha and sabatage the village and Naruto will come back to either
A) Asks whats going on and sasuke replies with a bad way, Naruto gets heartbroken, and fights sasuke and loses
B)Asks whats going on and sasuke replies with a bad way, Naruto gets heartbroken, and goes outta control (foxy time) and half kills sasuke. and then stop in the end.
C) least possible, all of B but in the end kills Sasuke and regrets (while emoing)
2: Sasuke will meet Naruto half way of the Journey and:
A)(not that possible but) fights each other and both of them gets badly injuried and people from the Roots comes to finish them off.
B)They fight each other and both gets injured and in the end they both retreat while sasuke either hates naruto more or gets softer (it depends on what Naruto does), and Naruto gets more into helping sasuke and protecting or gives up on sasuke/konoha and tries to protect one.
C)(least possible)Same as A but people from the Akastuki (i know i spelled it wrong) come and interfer (not too possible since Madara is part of Akastuki so they really won't interfer)

3: Non-of the above, if the author thinks of something TOTALLY different from the the traditional ways of the drama. Oh well. What i said above is what usually happens in animes/dramas. I have more ideas but i forgot them while writing this

Btw, don't call me a Narutard because unlike those people, I got no naruto things in my room (ex. posters, dolls), and no naruto pictures or background in my computer. I'm just a person who reads manga and just interested in it. And for what i said above about my predictions. Mostly i see azn dramas, animes (which mostly contain romance and revenge) so I'm more pschologically prediction and into these type of things
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