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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/5/08
Vals Vertoon (Mascarade)


They remove their mask to show off the other
They take off their costume to don another
And smile in a moderate way
As they watch you quickly look away
They tell you that they speak from the heart
Because they know of this lie, a work of art
Their thoughts and feelings remain a mystery
As you contemplate him wondering
Your eyes shifting back and forth
Until his gaze returns once more
And you must once again look away
To avoid having to accost the masked ones gaze
A jester they are, this they know to be true
But they try not to reveal they are the fool just for you
That deep down there is something more
To this tired and overused score
So you look away from this masks embrace
Trying your best to save face
From one who has none of their own
Their conscious burden theirs alone

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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/5/08
And I Saw Mirrors of Me

Only you know,
what I'm talking about here.
For the true story only,
but barely caught your ear.

In reference to,
some prior fears.
I woke one night,
with frightened tears.

For now I know,
how you used to feel.
And how your love,
for me is truly real.

Curses then a bruise,
and shouts caused tears.
Words that made me feel,
like I was looking in mirrors.

You went through this too,
once because of me.
And until right now,
I couldn't see.

Couldn't see how much,
that had to hurt you.
And I'm sorry for,
everything I put you through.

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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/5/08
Persephone the Destroyer

Velvet underworld
pomegranate red bed
flows wetness Persephone,
Amniotic waters
Eros and Thantos
join to form such ecstasy.

Persephone's grove,
there flower-strewn body
dwells in blood shafts of setting sun,
abyss's procrustean ritual,
Under black poplars,
from Hades vestibule,
she calls, Happy and blessed one,
thou shalt be god instead of mortal." *

The sins of the flesh
do not matter to her,
of them she need not pretend,
She believes the death
of the tomb to the womb,
shadows' darkness is her friend.

Necropolis' flesh
ride her erotic bat,
destruction of resurrection
naked fire fear, asphodel grows here.
Orphic music plays,
narcissus darkly near,
faith afraid, hot sensation,
goddess of the blessed dead sees you clear.

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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
Tonight we Feed

Staring out into the distance,
No sound but the wind and my heart.
A sudden sound of tired screeching
And my whole world falls apart.
Just listen to the sound of screaming.

Hold your breath and cound to three (1, 2, 3)
Fire's burning, we are dying.
Cry out, reach out, one more count.
Close your eyes to see we're flying
The limited sky is where we mount.

Distant headlight, cry out.
Today is the ending- the first day of forever.
Tonight we hunt- blood thirsty for lust.
All humans tonight, take cover.
Tonight, we leave behind nothing but dust.

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Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/13/08
Its Story

In a timeless place
Of Chaos and woe
It waits untouched
Where none do go

A soulless being
Of faded beauty
It watches from shadow
In mindful duty

A face of white
All but drained of life
Its hope all lost
From years of strife

Its heart has darkened
Over countless years
And its soul is stained
With blood and tears

Riddled with guilt
In constant pain
That pain of death
Which sent it insane

It stands tall and firm
Emotions all gone
Like a guard to a secret
That went terribly wrong

Its eyes black as night
Lips thin and blood red
Sewn tightly shut
With thick black thread

Once a man of faith
He believed he did good
So they spared him the fate
Of sacrifice and blood

He was one to be trusted
Though only a boy
They gave him a choice
Though it was only a ploy

So here stand the creature
Trapped in time itself
Guardian of secrets
And master of stealth

A staff in one hand
It appears hostile and crude
The guardian of time
Trapped in eternal solitude

This is in a way a fan poem to one of my own stories
I hope you like
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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
Ulquiorra's Poem
I chose to go down the path of fight

But instead I went down the path of light.

Her auburn hair, her dimpled cheeks

Her smile never gave me creeps.

It brought me comfort as it made her shine.

Her eyes were ones that were very wide.

Her glowing gray orbs showed the way

Down that path that I will betray.

Once it ended, I looked up to her.

Her crying tears made her vision blur.

I asked if she was scared, it seemed rather odd.

She reached out to me and said “I’m not.”

It all made sense, then and there.

I had a heart, which was never spared.

I left her that day, bewildered one as it is.

I’ll never forget her, the one who was not afraid.

The one who wanted me to stay.

‘Orihime Inoue’

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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
Hueco Mundo
In my hollow world

Lost, scared and sad

I stand lonely

Nothing but blackness

All around.

The cold wind of this world

Brushes against my face.

I stand frozen

In complete fear

In the darkness

The feeling of death

Chills my skin

I am so lonely.

Then a pillar

Of light brightens

The surrounding


The sound of friendly

Voices soothes my fears

The light acts like a knight

Killing off the shadowy ghosts.

People emerge from the light

They are my friends. My Hollow

World…… no… my whole world

Where I stand bright and complete.

Entero Mundo

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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
You have died by Zaraki’s blade
There you stand before me,

your face filled with fear.

Never have I seen such cowardly fighting.

My face is ablaze,

spattered by your blood.

You are truly my right opponent.

3 times you have cut me,

but 3 times have I laughed at your efforts.

A body is lying before me,

still as night...

Have you no honor?

Just cowering in fright?

You are merely a lost and helpless cub.

We slash, we wound, we die,

neither one shall yield.

I have never known such strength and power.

I relish the battle, I crave the blood,

it flows and flows to stain the ground.

...your blood is on my hands.

your blood is on my sword...

You have no reason to live,

you have no reason to die.

Shall I spare you and burn what little honor you have?

Our blood is now but a trickle,

I am feeling faint.

But I’m still fighting,


always fighting.

...i have killed a man,

oh the shame I feel...

I’ve decided to kill you,

and leave you to rot.

Why should I let an embarrassment like you live?

Your sword is broken,

you don’t beg for your life.

Have you realised I’m the strongest man existing?

I admire your courage for you time is up,

I raise my war beaten sword. did it happen?

Why did it happen?...

I have finished with you.

Your blood is spreading.

A shame has been erased.

The sword comes down,

slicing you in half.

A shower of blood comes spraying up.

My clothes are soaked red,

and I have a memory...

...there is a small pink haired girl,

standing behind me...

I turn away.

I turn away.

I turn away.

I open my mouth,

I say,

“Another man has died by Zaraki’s blade”

Kimico: I hope you can guess what each type means. Weak, Strong and a memory.
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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
Bloody Haiku
(Code Geas, end of R2)
It had all been planned.

I should have seen it coming.

I should have known you.

Out of all of us,

You have been fighting longer.

Since birth you have fought.

What you truly sought,

I did not realize it.

I should have known you.

I maintain my views,

But in my heart, I knew it.

My heart stayed silent.

I felt like a pawn.

I felt broken for telling.

We openly kissed.

Little did I know

It would be our last farewell.

I despised you so.

I watched your display

Pompous and proud, as you were.

Demon Emperor.

I hated you so.

I stood there, hopelessly lost.

I watched at Zero charge.

I watched him strike you.

How ironic these things are.

Your Legend kills you.

It was Ironic.

It hurt when I realized.

I was your Q-1.

I had been the first.

I was there to say “good-bye”.

I had been the first.

I said, “I love you”.

I opened my heart to you.

I thought you crushed it.

It had been your end.

It always had to be you.

You did have a heart.

You had my heart too.

Just as you planned, huh Lulu?

Don’t you know the truth?

Being a hero.

It is the loneliest thing.

Where has my King gone?

A lonely Queen sits.

I should have seen it coming.

It was what we had.

Tohdoh had been right.

“There is no place for Ronin”.

Without you, I exist.

I’m selfish, I know.

It wasn't enough for me.

Kallen Kozuki.

It came in the mail.

A velvet-skinned envelope.

It said: “To my Queen”.

“We shall meet again,

Even with my blood stained hands.

The place we first met.”

I take a deep breath.

It had finally made sense.

Here I sat: waiting.

I always waited.

You always take your sweet time.

It all seems surreal.

People look my way.

The Red Flash of Japan, sits.

I hate this, you know.

All eyes were on me.

You know I hate attention.

Yet, you make me wait.

I hate you so much.

But, at the same time, I don’t.

Where are you Lelouch?

“My Q-1.” I hear.

A faint whisper in my ear.

I turn and see you.

My heart quickly beats.

I stand, feeling my hands clench.

I see you smile.

I am in clear shock.

Soon, those around us are too.

I grin, and punch you.

You’re so scruffy now.

You look just like a farmer.

I can’t believe you.

I also forgot.

You can’t dodge to save your life.

So, you are Lelouch.

To think I slugged you.

You knew you deserved it though.

I kneel by your side.

You grin that sly smirk.

I laugh and drop at your side.

I fall against you.

We hug for a time.

Those around us are in shock.

I laugh to myself.

I am on my knees.

Hugging the man I just punched.

I feel you hug back.

You smile at me.

I refuse to pull back.

“Where were you Lelouch”?

Your purple eyes glow.

“I have been looking for you.”

Your soft voice replies.

“Was it really hard?”

“I’m the Red Flash of Japan!”

Lulu…you baka.

I heard you say it.

As we embraced: “I love you.”

Took you long enough.

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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
Zero's Requium.
(Code Geas.)
…Shoot only if you are prepared to be shot at

If so then send the whole army, navy, and collective military forces after me

I have no where to go

I’m isolated

In a corrupt world this power will lead me

To my success

And my destruction

The results eventually justifies the cause,

And all sins shall be washed away with blood

I cannot stop

This is the path I walk, where life and death go

Hand in hand,

And the ultimate sin is brought upon myself

A road painted crimson…

Lives wasted by endless bouts of unnecessary fighting

To take a true look into our won nature

Means stepping into our own confusion and suffering

But a troubled past brings desire for the future

In our minds and souls, together as one in our collective unconscious

We ask fir liberation from our pains

And beg for tomorrow

There can be more than senseless bloodshed

And out selfish vanities

I intend to prove that

The ends justifies the means, but only if those lives weren’t lost

Without purpose

Their deaths were not useless to my cause

And I’ve killed more than my fair share

I killed with a reason in my heart, and a twisted smile upon my face

As I called out in my quest for power,

And obtained it with a manipulative nature known only to me.

Call me weak, hateful, deceitful, and self-centered.

A cruel ruler? It matters not.

I’ve hurt you all so much and more,

Then stripped away what pride was left

The only ones who should kill are those prepared to be killed

The ultimate sin is upon me….and for the sake of the future,

All pain and hatred gathers upon myself,

Heart, soul, and all,

And the eternal wish is granted towards

Unending time

This broken world shall be reborn from my ashes,

And with one life, one final blow, we are liberated.

…In death, I find true redemption…


…Destroy worlds…


…Create worlds….




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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
L and his thoughts
(Death Note)

No one will know for I am alone,

It is too late for my soul to atone.

This is who I am and this is how I feel,

With the space in my heart that nothing can fill,

Wary and tired; this is the life of a burned out soldier.

Everybody comes with problems,

and questions on my shoulder.

I try to help with all of my heart,

and give my best as a lonely leader.

No one will hear my screaming emotion,

that has been blocked by a boulder,

In the crystal ice, where your breath goes white,

rests my young untended soul Waiting for the fire,

that would wake the one that I admire,

the beauty of life goes foul.

All I want is someone to catch me,

when my tiring spirit falls from the overstretched flight.

When everyone forget I will never regret,

when my tombstone has been wiped out clean and white.

For that is what I do,

and the path I have chosen,

the job to take all the blame.

The role someone must take,

but no one will choose for they cannot be same.

Though it is a blessing to bear the letter,

that so proudly hides my shame In sickness and health,

I push myself for justice the world calls lame.

After time pass I realize,

this certainly is not a childish game.

The world is a jungle,

with great savage bests to tame.

And so I began for those without a guiding flame,

discarded my honor and gave up my fame.

And when I put the symbol in the frame

With a great voice I proudly claim,

That L is my name.

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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
"You r all I can see."
(Eureca 7)
The night is all around us
And you're laughing in my ear
And your arms are tight around me
And I've never felt so safe
The wind's whistling in our ears
And you're talking, but I can't hear you
And you're blushing, and I love you too
And I'm falling further and further

The stars are bright
And you're smiling into my eyes
And you've saved me, even if you haven't really
And I'm alive

The world is rushing past
And your lips are on mine
And the blood's rushing to my head
And I don't even have to try before I smile

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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
"Do you know me?"
(Evangelion: Rai's thoughts)
Do you know me?

Can you see me? Do you care to know?

I am here, questioning my existence

You may say “I exist, therefore, I am”

I say “I exist, going through the motions of living.

Existing, yet not being”.

How can I be, without a reason?

I look in the mirror of my soul.

But what I see is not human,

A demon stands, wearing the face of a human,

Where is my faith?

I cannot say, for I know not the answer

What is the reason?

Again, the answer eludes me

I question my humanity on the grounds that

To be human, one must be

Yet, to be, one must feel

Do I feel?

Ghosts of doubt fill my mind

How does one know how to feel?

Do you know me?

The phrase “I can read you like a book” is not always correct

You may know the book

Word for word,

Knowing the events is not everything


Why do said events take place?

Reasons can be used interchangeably

The book could have just as easily ended differently

You know the events

But why?

You know only what I wish you to know

Can you see me?

Do you see me?

Or all that I could be

I see myself

And I turn away, horrified

Only to find myself surrounded by mirrors

Each reflection whisper my faults

A constant reminder of what I am

And what I can do

If I shatter my reflections

Will I lose my sanity?

My reflections are my reasons for living

My weaknesses

Yet also my strength

My hatred for myself keeps me alive

My fear drives me

Fear of others

But mostly, fear of myself

I wear two masks

One to protect me

The other to interact

But which one is which?

Do you care to know me?

I am doubtful

My small steps outside are hailed as self-pity

When I say something strange for me

I am ignored

I wear a mask to interact

But I am unsure as to whether or not it is still a mask

My life is a question

One which has no answer

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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
"Just because I am."
Rei Ayanami

Where has my soul gone?

I exist because of him

I desire death.

Shinji Ikari

Fear controlled my life

With no one to hold me close

I just ran away.

Asuka Langely-Sohryu

I live for myself

The praise of others fills me

My self-worth is lost.

Toji Suzahara

I wanted to help

Though I became a pilot

I broke my promise.

Kaoru Nagisa

The soul is precious

It has value without doubt

You must accept this.

Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/15/09
A Soldier’s BeachA Soldier’s Beach
(Gundam Wings)
He would sit there on the sand,

A soldier watching the tide for hours on end.

In the times of peace between the battles he fought

He would remain there lost in thought.

Many times the object of his affection would turn her curious gaze

To the dune where he frequently lay.

She would not wonder why he hid under a mask,

But of his love for the sea she would always ask.

Under the moon by his side she would come to stand,

Reaching down to hold his calloused hand.

Once she looked at the line where the water would turn and fade

And inquired of him, “How is sand made?”

She didn’t have to wait long for his reply:

“It is made as we are, it is taken from the sky.

Where a higher power sends it to the sea

And there it could remain for eternity.

But if it is one the unfortunate few

It is forced to come live on land just as we’re to do.”

Her face took on an expression of pain

As she asked, “Is being here such a bad thing?”

“It matters who you are destined to be

Until you are swept back into the sea.

Each grain of dry sand is like a human life,

Finding its way back to an ocean that seems not to care of its fight.

The oceans care not how much blood we shed,

It just rolls in and out as it has since time began.

When it takes sand back into its watery home

It is like human death: welcome and insignificant alone.”

His listener just sighed and shook her head,

“I hate talking to you, you speak riddles and as if you wish to be dead!”

She started to make her way back to camp,

Leaving the boy back to his thoughts, cold and damp.

He whispered quietly so she would not turn back to the sound,

“But my love, what plagues me is the question of why not how.

Why was it that on this shadowed shore I am beached?

Placed so close to having Heaven but too far into Hell’s reach?”

He turned back full of anguish to the stars and sea,

“Why doesn’t the ocean care to rescue me?”

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