Post Reply What inspires you to play the piano?
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25 / F
Posted 6/10/08
For me, I feel inspired to play when I actually can do my pieces right. Also, whenever I hear a piano piece beautifully played. Recently, watching La Corda d' Oro makes me want to go back to playing the piano again.
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24 / F / In a cavern in a...
Posted 6/11/08
I feel inspired to play whenever i feel good or i feel bad, or when i've just read a beautiful scene from a book... or after I've finished listening to a piece which i know i can easily play by ear....
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26 / M / Ireland/UK
Posted 6/12/08
mostly i get inspired when i see someone else playing a peice well im really competitive from playing different sports a lot like badminton and fencing.. and if i see some1 else doing it.. it shows that it isnt impossible
Posted 8/13/08
Hmmm... I have A list (nothing in order)

1. Beautiful/hard piano pieces
2. Seeing someone play the piano nicely makes me really competitive
3. Lol... I know i said I have a list... but i forgot the other
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27 / M
Posted 9/23/08
if theres a song with full drama and beautiful harmony id stay on the piano and lern it if i hav enough determination for it then 100% sure i can play it scales are badass if u can master them
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22 / F / Washington- in my...
Posted 10/26/08
Maybe because my cousin brothers play it? All of them gave it up though. I'm the only one who takes piano as a part of me
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23 / RoZBiD CasTLe'
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
the music and melody..
the calmness and wonderful feeling that i get..
i have a dream where i want people to feel
or touch when they hear me play the song..
my family and my friends....
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