Jiro, Rainie, George's new drama- Shooting in June
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Posted 6/10/08
Jiro, Rainie, George's new drama- Shooting in June

Friday May 16 2008, Taiwan (2008-05-16 08:56)
Source by 新浪娱乐讯 [Xin Lang Entertainment]
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The newest wave in the entertainment, Jiro Wang, George Hu, and "Mistress of Cute" Rainie Yang, work together for he first time in a Bada project, "Love Will Always Be Together" (Unconfirmed Name). Before filming, the three of them have yet to officially meet, but they already are expecting to hit it off the moment they do. Da Dong has called himself "Master of Cute", and even George Hu has acknowledge himself to be "Smiling Killer", both are expectant to exchange opinions with their female lead about ways to act cute.

The tentative date is around June, to start filming "Love Will Always be Together", Jiro Wang's character is described to be top notch idol singer and idol drama star. But because of a whole string of bad news coming one after the other, his momentum is starting to decrease, becoming an idol with a declining reputation. When he starts to have cash sprout problems, he has no choice but to rent a room outside, and thus, is introduced to his 'Landlady', played by Rainie Yang, as well as the female lead's childhood friend, George Hu.

Speaking of characters, when Jiro Wang was asked on his opinion of an idol's image, he said, "The commissioning of one's mood is important. No matter what happens, be serious in your job." He himself has had the thought that if he did not enter the entertainment industry, he would become a hairstylist, or a fashion designer.

Rainie Yang is collaborating with Jiro Wang for the first time, Rainie will have to portray the character of a 'miyake woman' type of lady. One who does not like to dress up nor act pretty, and who doesn't really have friends. In real life, Rainie does have the slightest bit of 'miyake' taste. When she doesn't have work, she'll stay at home and not go out, the highest record being three days. Even if friends invite her out in the evening, no matter how long they take to persuade her, she would much rather prefer to stay at home lazing around, wilding her time away, and get proper rest.

Acting the female actress's childhood friend, George Hu, will have a breakthrough in his acting career. He will be acting an "Ah Gan" innocence, his intelligence will be equivalent to one of an 8 year old, yet he is a swimming champion. Lately, he has been training his swimming, and even went to the gym for sauna, letting his body become tan, and looking more like a swimming champion.

But George Hu, who has a bright personality, is also a guy who prefers to stay at home. In America, when he was in his teen years, he preferred to stay at home reading his comics, or playing his games, to the point that he didn't step out of his house for one month! "I played my games, stop halfway to run out to the nearest game center to get a memory card, and then run back to my room to continue playing". After coming to Taiwan, he still spent most of his time at home, practicing his calligraphy, or he would spend his time in the gym.

But Jiro Wang is not the slightest bit like his other two co-stars. Last time, he always followed his family to go and offer prayers, and he always loved to go out on his bike, and see the natural surroundings. "I can't stay at home for more then one day without going out. Even if it is going out to buy something or to take a walk, would do." But when he is at home, Jiro would watch DVD's, or sing. If he has met someone he loved, but she is the type who prefers staying at home, after giving it some thought, Jiro stated that he would give up.

"I can't help it! I love going out!" But yet, around him, he has many friends who would rather stay at home.

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Posted 6/10/08
George reminds me of Nino from Arashi
Posted 6/10/08
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