Dying hair un-natural colors..........
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Posted 6/10/08
Well, for a while now I've been wanting to put some highlights in my hair in a bright color (like, say.....blue!).

However, I have NO experience doing that. I'd really appreciate all the advice and tips I can get.

My hair's a really dark brown almost-blackish color (though, I've dyed it black. Currently I've let the roots grow out about an inch and a half.)

I know you have to bleach it first, but I'm wondering how light I can bleach it without causing too much damage, and what colors might be my best choices.

Mainly I'd like to just dye the top of my hair.

Preferably I'd like replies to be in-depth, and well detailed.
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Posted 7/7/08
do you think it would look okay if i dyed the top the whole of my head blonde and then let the ends fade into the regular color (i'm azn) and leave a small section of the bangs regular as well?
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