Xbox 360 Tactical RPG - Enchanted Arms
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Posted 6/10/08 , edited 6/10/08
Hi guys, another post, sorry haven't been on in a while, been having some computer issues lately and so unfortunately I had to reformat, lost my 40 gigs of games and my 250 gigs of music, and I am way too damned lazy nowadays to spend another 8 months on getting that all back, so I quit online games and went back to console games, anyway... off topic... Anybody here heard/played/seen this one tactical RPG for the Xbox 360 called Enchanted Arms? It's pretty rare since mostly 360 has shooter games, so I read up some reviews and people are saying it was awesome, and it is, I'm currently 92% through the game, almost at the last boss, currently doing the optional hard ass dungeon called The Holy Beast Shrine, already at the 6th floor and killed the Minotaur and the Hydra bosses. I would have to say the battle system is just PERFECT for a tactical RPG, and for some reason, every time I play it I think I'm playing my PS3 (well it's also on PS3) or PS2 because the 360 hardly has any RPG games and this is my first one on the 360. I would most likely rate this game 9/10 on the fact that it has a very reasonable and hardcore story that keeps you in suspense on whats going to happen in the end. I'll just explain the basics to those who haven't heard of this and might wanna pick it up for their 360/PS3, I highly recommend this game for you tactical game lovers. The story starts off with a kid who likes Lunch and goes to a University where all he tends to do is just sleep. Accompanied by his friends, Toya (a genius know-it-all) and Makoto (a gay guy who loves Toya and hates your main character, Atsuma) they ditch their lesson to go to a festival that celebrates the foundation of their city, called Yokohama. Long ago, approximately 1000 years ago, there was an ancient war between the three cities, Yokohama, Kyoto, and London (The names etc. have nothing to do with real world stuff, as said in the video game) called The Golem War. Golems are man-mind machines used for everyday stuff, even fighting etc. Each city has its own special type of Golem, called a Devil Golem. These Devil Golems have a mind of their own but each Devil Golem either requires a royal heir of the throne from their city to be their Magicore, which is what fuels the Devil Golem from dying, in which the heirs can control the Devil Golems if they have enough willpower, but they just created artificial Magicores which gave the Devil Golems the minds of their own. There's three of them, but only one is hardly mentioned since nobody knows about it. Their names are "Queen of Ice" which is the Yokohama Devil Golem with the Water attribute, "Emperor of Fire" which is the London Devil Golem with the attribute of Fire, and "Lord of Earth" which is the Kyoto Golem with the Earth element. The unmentioned one is called Infinity (I don't have much info on it yet...) but I believe that would be the Wind attribute Devil Golem. They went at war with one another and practically obliterated the world, which after 1000 years later it was all rebuilt. Now your character, Atsuma, has a special right arm that negates Enchants (magic etc.) and his arm is not really his, it was created from Devil Golem cells to stop him from dying from an illness when he was a baby. So now his right arm has a mind of its own since its part of a Devil Golem, and when he nears the frozen corpse of the Queen of Ice in Yokohama, his arm sets her free. Each Devil Golem is unstoppable because of their superior power of regeneration, in which Atsuma's right arm and disable, since it negates Enchants, being hit or touched by this arm can dramatically destroy the persons magic, and a Devil Golems ability to regenerate which makes it vulnerable. After setting it free, she kills Makoto (in which I don't think he's dead, I think he's the Mystery Man who helps you on your adventure from time to time) and takes Toya to become her new Magicore since his ancestors were special Enchanters and he has royal blood in him beyond a mortal. Well like I said, I haven't beaten the game yet, I'm near the Queen of Ice's Castle but right now I'm doing the optional dungeon called The Holy Beast Shrine, in which, who knows, after I kill this Holy Beast I'll most likely get a kickass item that'll help me with the last boss dramatically. Well anyway, my rating on this game would be 9/10 or 4.5/5. Great graphics, great story, great battle system, great everything.
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Posted 6/10/08

In my opinion, it was a good game, but nothing awesomely special. I have it for PS3, and I can say for 20 bucks (the price it sells for), it's pretty good. I put in over 100 hours because of Golems.

8/10 from me.
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Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
hey im currently playing that n kinda stuck on the emperor of fire, you know when karin decides to become his magicore and you cant attack him unless he stops glowing... well ive just been curing my characters the whole time and after 40 turns and him still glowing me thinks im doing something wrong, any ideas?

nevermind figured it out, stupid mistake.
Posted 7/26/08

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Posted 7/26/08
Although i did not bother reading the first post... ... Heres my 2 cents worth

Seeing as this was one of the earlier Rpg's on the 360 and it was developed by Ubisoft
(who generally makes 3rd party shooters and platformers) i was surprised how much i
enjoyed the game and its Turn-Based strategy battlesystem. And the fact that the storyline
was pretty great.
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Posted 8/2/08
i played it for about 10 minutes then changed games lol...maybe i'll go back to it if i get super bored >_>
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Posted 8/3/08
jesus! China called, they want their wall back.

btw, great game. worth the $20 price tag. 8/10
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