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Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/11/08
From kikinini's vox

Nino said he always had an idea for concert goods.
It is T-ji Kamisori (T shaped Razor)
The T shaped razor of the design with which ARASHI are T-shaped
The razor that the each of them becomes the T character.
But Julie san (Fujishima, the president of J-Storm, Johnny san's neice) said "Please don't"

Also Riida wanted to make Camping sets.
But the price ended up as 86,000yen.

ehhhhh!? thats like crazy 86,000yen! And Riida can come up with weird ideas ae?
Anyways I'm really not getting Nino here, does anyone get what he means?
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Posted 6/19/08 , edited 6/19/08
gomen ne..
but i also dent get what Nino trying to say..

i wonder why Ohno came up with a camping set as an idea for the concert goods???
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Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08
i think Nino meant that he wants each member to pose in a ''T'' shape which looks like a razor, therefore he wants razor that represent Arashi. for example if Nino pose in a ''T'' shape and produce a razor with his outline you'll get to shave your legs/arms with Nino's help since he is the razor, it's something along that line if i understood him properly...i hope you understand what i mean it's kinds hard to explain...
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