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Posted 10/31/08

Reiinaa wrote:

AKATSUKI_89 wrote:

OMG....i watch the video of Leah Dizon already...she is really a bad bad girl.... a girl is called "Bad Girl" only when she do not reveal all parts of her body , and a 'good girl" should reveal all parts of her body!! why she do not reveal all? she is really a bad bad girl.. I hate her!!

I fucking don't like you. Your posts on every thread are all fucking annoying. No wonder you want her. But hey, go out there and vent your anger by attempting to get her in bed and I'll be there with the popcorn watching as her husband finds out and kills you.

OMFG!! I FREAKIN AGRRE WIF YOU!!! i love you reiina...lolz..i'm not's called "we're on the same side"
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