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(this happened around thirty years ago)

Dmitri's Past: Hawkeye Curse (part 1)

“Wow” was the first words out of the young boy’s mouth.
“This is Faralda,” informed Sebastin, “do you like it here, Dmitri?”
Dmitri nodded.
“Why doesn’t Zel show you around for a bit during my meeting with Tenkai,” suggested Sebastin.
The young boy’s name was Dmitri Valenti. He had red hair and wore glasses. He lived in the human realm but was visiting the Mystic Community with his mentor.
Dmitri’s mentor was Sebastin Darling. He was the man who currently held the title Coordinator (Earth Representative). He was a blonde with more toys than Dmitri. As childish as he appeared, he was very calm and polite. Sebastin was famous even among the Mystic Community due to his work with the alchemist Cedric, in which they had created many mystical objects like the Ruby and Sapphire Lodis, and the Oracle. He was also a poet who had written the famous poem “Ruby’s Kiss” which had long since disappeared. He had brought Dmitri along as part of Dmitri’s training since Dmitri was destined to succeed Sebastin. Their guide was a shinigami/angel hybrid called Zel.
“Want to see the Hall of Music?” Zel asked Dmitri.
Dmitri nodded.
“Have fun,” said Sebastin, waving them off.
Zel and Dmitri arrived at the Hall of Music. The Hall of Music was more of an art gallery than a music hall. Pictures of famous composers filled the walls and a few glass statues. Once Dmitri had thought he had seen the name “Vivaldi.” A wall said there was a Hall of Music in every major city.
“Uh oh,” said a teenager.
A glass statue fell off its stand and shattered. Security guards rushed in. Dmitri thought he saw a girl run down the hallway.
“What happened?” asked a bulky security guard who Dmitri nicknamed Fat Man.
“A little girl was running and knocked into it,” said the teenager, “I’ve seen her before. I think her name is Evangeline or something.”
Fat Man turned to Zel and Dmitri. “Did you see anything?”
Dmitri shook his head. Zel said no.
Two figures teleported inside the Hall of Music. One had white hair and the other black hair. Dmitri nicknamed them Mr. White and Mr. Black.
“How nostalgic,” commented Mr. White.
“Can I help you?” asked the surprised Fat Man.
“No…” Leonardo pointed to Zel. “…but he can.”
“Hello Lord Leonardo, Lord Valentine,” greeted Zel, “this is Dmitri Valenti. Dmitri, these are Lord Leonardo de Ira and Lord Valentine de Invidia.”
“Hi,” responded Dmitri.
Mr. Black who’s real name was Leonardo shook Dmitri’s hand. “Sebastin’s pupil?”
Dmitri nodded.
Mr. White, who’s real name was Valentine, gave an overdramatic sigh. “What a shame, the statue of Sir Pierre de Crutelz di Montili is broken.”
Valentine unstrapped the gourd on his back. He took out the cork to let out a flow of sand. Like magic, the sand put the pieces of Pierre de Crutelz di Montili together.
“Leonardo, I need some lightning,” requested Valentine.
“The statue isn’t Humpty Dumpty so I’ll give it a try,” said Leonardo, “Thunder Wave.”
A bolt of lightning hit the statue of Pierre de Crutelz di Montili. The sand turned to glass and the statue took its original form. Those who watched clapped. Not knowing Leonardo and Valentine had used science not magic to turn the sand to glass, Dmitri clapped too.
Leonardo turned to Zel.
“I need to speak with Sebastin now,” said Leonardo, now in a serious tone.
“He’s in a meeting,” replied Zel.
“I, we, must see Sebastin. It’s about the Oracle.”
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Dmitri's Past: Hawkeye Curse (part 2)

Zel led Leonardo, Valentine, and Dmitri to the Granz Cathedral. In a private meeting were Coordinator Sebastin and Tenkai Hyachi.
“I thought I asked you to take him arou… Leonardo?” said Sebastin.
“Long time no see buddy,” said Leonardo.
“What brings two Sinners here?” asked Tenkai.
“Grave news,” said Valentine, “we think the Oracle is in danger.”
“The Oracle?!” exclaimed Sebastin.
“Coordinator Darling, what is the Oracle?” asked Tenkai.
Sebastin explained that the Oracle was a crystal ball created by himself and Cedric, the reknown alchemist from Sibilis. Unlike other crystal balls which were used to predict the future, it had the ability to predict the past.
“Predict the past?” asked Zel.
“The present affecting the past,” said Sebastin, “that is the power of the Oracle.”
“And where is this Oracle?” asked Tenkai.
“The Villa of the Hermetism. Here in Faralda.”
“How do you know it’s going to be taken?” asked Zel.
“Cedric is dead.”

Sebastin, Tenkai, Leonardo, Valentine, and Zel entered the Villa of the Hermetism. Inside Calintz was helping the librarian pick up a mess. Books were scattered everywhere and ornaments broken.
“What happened here?” asked Sirberius.
“Some cloaked person who goes by Nemesis just took a crystal ball from the vault,” informed Calintz.
“We’re too late,” cursed Sebastin.
“Didn’t you add a seal?” asked Leonardo.
“Cedric did. I don’t know how much longer it’ll last with him being dead.”
“Is it possible to track it?” asked Valentine.
“No, I’m afraid not.”
“We’ll split up,” said Tenkai, “we’ll look around the city.”
“Alright,” they all said.
“I’ll help too,” added Calintz.

Dmitri spotted Tenkai searching the streets near the Granz Cathedral.
“Hello!” greeted Dmitri.
“Huh? Hello Dmitri,” replied Tenkai, “wanna help me search for a bad guy?”
“A real bad guy? Yeah!”
Tenkai laughed. He had to admire the eight-year old boy.
Tenkai and Dmitri walked towards the Granz Cathedral.
“I thought Valentine was going to be here,” said Tenkai.
Tenkai, followed by Dmitri, entered the Granz Cathedral. Dmitri was about to enter the main chamber when Tenkai covered his mouth and hid behind a curtain.
In the main chamber were Elder Gods talking to a shinigami.
“We came as requested,” said Elder God Izen, “so what do you want to talk out… Phaethon.”
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Dmitri's Past: Hawkeye Curse (part 3)

“A proposal,” said Phaethon.
“He ke he,” said the god Ppelono, “what kind of proposal?”
“Hybrids are a sin to everything. They must all be exterminated.”
“That is true but how could such a crusade to be accomplished. It would be impossible to do rally enough supporters to do it,” said Izen.
Phaethon took out a crystal ball from his cloaks.
“This is the Oracle,” explained Phaethon, “it has powers beyond the imagination.”
“He ke he, we’ll use it to destroy those horrible hybrids,” laughed Ppelono.
“My associate, Nemesis, who got this for me, does not know how to use it’s true power.”
“He ke he, then it is useless.”
“Let me continue. We can’t use its true power but we can still draw power from it.”
“And what do you plan to do with this obtained power?” asked Izen.
“Use it as a demonstration. Pretend it is the work of the Holy Lord. That should get you your supporters.”
“The Holy Lord is a myth. Luke recently found proof that the Holy Lord doesn’t exist. His findings will be published next week.”
“Nemesis is on her way to take care of Luke as we speak.”
“He ke he,” snickered Ppelono, “Luke is not some weak god. He could probably beat everyone in this room.”
“That is why I lent her some of the Oracle’s power.”
“Interesting,” said Izen, “how about a deal.”
“A deal?” asked Phaethon.
“He ke he, a deal, a deal,” laughed Ppelono.
“We’ll start this crusade but only if Luke is taken out of the picture. He would be a threat.”
“Don’t worry, you won’t be let down.”
A figure teleported in. Dmitri thought he knew the person.
“Hey, aren’t you Barrel?” asked an Elder God.
“Yes even though that’s not my name anymore,” said Barrel. “Phaethon, you’re in luck, Sebastin and the others don’t have a way to find the Oracle. I’ll stay around here so they won’t come into the Cathedral.”
(‘How does he know that,’ thought Tenkai.)
“Can you do me a favor and use your Thousand Eyes Restrict to show Luke’s capture?” requested Phaethon.
“No problem,” said Barrel.
Hundreds of eyes materialized. A mist showed Luke’s temple…

(what’s being seen in the mist)
Nemesis snuck into Luke’s temple. Luke was meditating in the throne room. He opened his eyes.
“Who’s there!” demanded Luke.
Nemesis left her hiding spot. She took out a two-bladed sword.
“I’m here to capture you,” said Nemesis.
Nemesis charged at Luke. Luke created a barrier.
“You’re no where as powerful as I am,” said Luke.
Luke knocked Nemesis to the floor. He took out a spear and tried to jab her with it. She used gymnastics to avoid the spear and get behind them.
“I’ve got a little surprise of my own,” mocked Nemesis.
Nemesis used the Oracles powers. She shot and energy blast at Luke. Luke was thrown to the wall. He fainted.
“Operation successful.”

“He ke he, Luke is out of the way,” laughed Ppelono.
“Finally we can rid ourselves of those blasted hybrids,” said Izen.
The doors opened. Leonardo rushed in.
“I should have know you were up to something,” said Leonardo, “it’s over. I won’t let you exterminate the hybrids.”
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Dmitri's Past: Hawkeye Curse (part 4)

“Uh oh,” said Barrel.
Barrel teleported out of Faralda. Leonardo got into a stance.
“He ke he, going to beat us up to death?” mocked Ppelono.
Leonardo charged at the Elder Gods. He jabbed his hand through the nearest god. The god died instantly.
“So this is the power of the Sinners,” said Izen, “attack!”
Three Elder Gods attacked Leonardo. Leonardo kicked the head off one. He snapped the neck off another. He punched the heart out of the last.
“He ke he, uh dear,” worried Ppelono.
Dmitri and Tenkai noticed a god sneaking up on Leonardo.
“Look out!” shouted Dmitri before Tenkai could cover up Dmitri’s mouth.
The god attacked. Leonardo didn’t have enough time to react.

Zel and his brother Chartage, also a shinigami/angel hybrid, were searching for Nemesis in the Maverick Hills district. No luck.
“I’ll try Elm Knots district,” said Zel.
Zel flew off.

The god fell down with a bullet wound to the head. Standing at the archway was Sebastin.
“He ke he, a human,” said Ppelono.
“Don’t think lowly of us humans so quickly,” said Sebastin.
Sebastin took out a shotgun. He fired at an Elder God. He fell over dead.
“Die human!” yelled Izen.
Izen lunged at Sebastin. Leonardo blocked it and kicked Izen across the room. Izen barely survived.
“Tenkai, take Dmitri out of here,” ordered Sebastin.
“You do it,” said Tenkai, “I can help Leonardo take on these gods.”
“He ke he, a hybrid,” snickered Ppelono.
“No time, we need to get out of here,” said Izen.
Izen, Ppelono, Phaethon, and the remaining Elder Gods were trying to make a run for it.
“After them!” shouted Sebastin.

Nemesis arrived at Duo’s hideout. She handed Luke over to Duo’s doppelganger servants to put in a cell.
“Any news from Phaethon or Athius?” asked Nemesis.
“Phaethon is still with the Elder Gods,” said Duo, “Athius is just where he has been since he was trapped in the Death Dimension.”
Nemesis sighed. “If only those Four Horseman were out of the picture. Then Draethius could be released.”
“Athius, not Draethius. We do not use his real name.”
“Understand… ‘Lonely One’.”

The Elder God and Phaethon arrived in the Maverick district. There they encountered Chartage. Noticing Sebastin and the others chasing the gods, he told them to stop.
“Out of our way you filthy hybrid,” ordered Izen.
Izen killed Chartage.
“Chartage!” yelled Zel, now back in the Maverick Hills district.
Zel attacked Izen only to be knocked to the ground.
“Tenkai, get out Dmitri out of here!” shouted Sebastin.
“I can’t leave you guys alone,” protested Tenkai.
“The hybrids must be warned. Get out of here now and take Zel with you!”
Tenkai picked up Zel. He grabbed Dmitri and ran.
“But Sebastin…” argued Dmitri.

Leonardo and Sebastin killed a couple more gods.
“I’ve had enough of this childish play,” said Phaethon.
Phaethon took out a Death Note. He wrote ‘Leonardo Aidan Darling: heart attack’ in it.
“Sebastin!” shouted Dmitri.
Leonardo and Sebastin turned to see Dmitri running back towards them. Tenkai had put Zel down and was chasing after Dmitri.
Thump… thump… thump… THUMP!
Sebastin clutched his chest. To Dmitri’s horror, he saw Sebastin collapse.
“SEBASTIN!!!!” screamed Dmitri.
Tenkai grabbed Dmitri and headed back towards Zel. Leonardo used Thunder Wave on Ppelono.
“He ke…” Ppelono died.
“What an annoying brat,” muttered Phaethon, “D-M-I-T…”
“Don’t you dare!” yelled Leonardo.
Leonardo charged at Phaethon. His Thunder Wave burnt the Death Note. He felt a sharp pain.
“I’m sorry,” apologized Leonardo.
Izen had snuck up behind him and stabbed him with Chartage’s sword. Leonardo used the last of his strength to put a Hawkai curse on Dmitri.
Leonardo died. Tenkai teleported himself, Dmitri, and Zel to the human realm.

“He’s dead, he’s really dead,” cried Dmitri.
Dmitri was all teary eyed. Tenkai did emergency treatment on Zel but he wasn’t in any danger. He assessed Dmitri’s condition.
Since Dmitri didn’t fight, he had no physical damage but Sebastin’s death had been emotional damage. Tenkai noticed something strange with his eyes.
“Dmitri, I want you to open your eyes all the way,” requested Tenkai.
Dmitri wiped away the tears and opened his eye. Originally Dmitri’s eyes were green but now they were a goldish yellow.
“Hawkeye Curse,” muttered Tenkai.
Hawkeye Curse was one of the most powerful eye curses out there. It prevented the victim to be unable to be killed by magic and turned the eyes yellow. The side effect however was that Dmitri was now fated to be able to sense the darkness in peoples’ hearts.
“You’re gonna have it rough,” said Tenkai.
Reports of Faralda being destroyed were coming in. Tenkai teleported to the Mystic Community.
“I won’t let you succeed, Izen,” said Tenkai.
Tenkai went out to kill the Elder Gods.
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Dmitri's Past: Hawkeye Curse (part 5)

Tenkai found himself in the ruins of the once proud city of Faralda. Hybrids and gods lay dead in the streets. Buildings have been burnt to the ground. The Hall of Music and the Granz Cathedral were the two buildings to survive.
“H… help me,” moaned a hybrid.
Tenkai ran over to a dying teenage hybrid (the one from the Hall of Music). There was nothing he could do.
“It’s the end for us hybrids… Izen has told the gods that the Holy Lord wants us dead… we’re all going… to die.” The teen hybrid died.
Matthau Ashford teleported in with Dmitri with him.
“So the gods really are killing hybrids,” said Ashford, “they must be stopped.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll kill them all,” said Tenkai.
Dmitri sensed something. At first he was confused what was happening but then he realized that it was his cursed eyes that had sensed it.
“Mr. Ashford, Tenkai, I sense someone with evil content coming,” informed Dmitri.
“Huh?” asked Ashford.
“Leonardo gave Dmitri Hawkeyes before dying,” explained Tenkai, “he can sense the hearts of others.”
Tenkai took out Deadly Goddess (a scythe). Ashford, being a human from The Order, took out dual guns.
“Hello Tenkai, hello Dmitri,” greeted Valentine.

Phaethon entered Duo’s hideout. Nemesis and Duo were there.
“Where is Valentine?” asked Nemesis.
“SALIGIA is a mess with Leonardo dead,” informed Phaethon, “we probably won’t see him for a while.”

Tenkai charged at Valentine. Valentine, surprised, took out Envious Scythe to block the attack. The difference in their powers caused Valentine to be thrown to the ground. Tenkai pointed Deadly Goddess at Valentine.
“That was you at the Granz Cathedral, wasn’t it,” demanded Tenkai.
“Yes, it was me,” admit Valentine, “I was keeping an eye on Phaethon.”
“What kind of connection do you have with him?”
“Business partner in a matter of speak. If it weren’t for you’re interference everything would have been okay.”
Tenkai pressed the blade on Valentine’s flesh. “What are you talking about?”
“Me and Phaethon’s plans were not actually to start a crusade against the hybrids. Our goal was to be able to capture Luke without the Elder Gods investigating. When they were about to go to war I was going to use my powers of Envy to make them jealous of our abilities to get them to join Athius.”
“Athius?” asked Ashford.
“Draethius’ codename. He needs the Elder Gods to free him.”
“But how did I interfere?”
“It was Leonardo sensing you and Dmitri in there that he went into the Granz Cathedral. Later when Leonardo died, the balance concerning wrath in out of control. Without Leonardo to control the flow of Wrath, the gods are even more wrathful than usual. Innocent non-hybrids are getting caught in the mess. I would advise that you not kill me.”
Tenkai pressed a little harder. A trickle of blood began to flow out of Valentine’s neck.
“And why should I do that? You’re even more responsible than me,” said Tenkai.
“I’ll make you a deal,” said Valentine, “you don’t tell everyone of my involvement- and not kill me- and I’ll tell you how you can defeat the Elder Gods.”
“How can we tell you’ll keep you’re end of the deal?” asked Ashford.
“He’s telling the truth,” said Dmitri, sensing Valentine’s honesty.
“Fine, tell us how,” said Tenkai.
“As you know, Dmitri has Hawkeye, an ability to sense people’s hearts. Since Izen was the one to kill Leonardo, he was the most affected by wrath. Dmitri should be able to sense Izen by sensing the most wrathful heart.”
“And what, go to city to city?” said Tenkai sarcastically.
Hundreds of eyes materialized.
“Each eye is connected to an eye in a city. Dmitri should sense the strongest wrathful heart from one of them. So Dmitri, which is it?”
Dmitri barely knew how to use the Hawkeye but he gave it a try. He sensed wrath in most of them, some greater than others. Finally he noticed one above the rest.
“That one,” said Dmitri finally, pointing to an eye.
“Tyruna,” informed Valentine, “that is where Izen is then.”
Tenkai removed the Deadly Goddess from Valentine’s neck. He took Dmitri’s hand and began walking off.
“What about me?” asked Valentine.
“I couldn’t care less,” said Tenkai.
Valentine teleported to Castle in the Sky. Ashford followed after Tenkai and Dmitri.
“I’ll go back to the human realm to see if I can get reinforcements from The Order,” suggested Ashford.
“No,” said Tenkai, “as Kim-un-Kur, it’s my duty to do it myself.”
Ashford returned to Earth. Tenkai and Dmitri went searching for a ride.
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