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28 / F / Basel, Switzerland
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
hey everyone.

some charas are not that detailed. but it's ok! I understand that it's not very simple to write many details bevore you take part in the story. but feel free to to add some more details if you gather some during writing. just inform me and I'll add it to the "approved chara list"
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27 / M / In my Sanctuary
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 11/25/08
Character list:

Name: Sango Shinzo

Race: Human(ish)

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Good

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 10"

Age: 20

Weight: 164 pounds.

Eyes: Deep Brown

Hair: Brown

Skin: Fair and very scarred

Clothing: Red Samurai Kimono with no sleeves, Standard samurai sandles and socks, Bandages completely convering both of his arms

Image details: Presentable, yet powerful looking

Special Abilities: World Class Swordsman, Fire Master, Expert Strategist, Can sence Aura

Weaknesses: His Past

Pet : None

Pet abilities: None

Job: None at the moment

Weapons: His two swords, Toritsume (his strongest sword, but he rarely uses it, literally means "Bird Claw"), and Ryoutou Karite (his more commonly used sword, also the only one his is willing to kill with, literally means "Two-Headed Reaper")

Likes: The Desert, A Good Fight, Mind Games, Peace, His friends, Shirube Kaze (as a lover lol)

Dislikes: Darkness, Darkness's Generals, His Past, Pointless Fighting, Greedy People

Good Qualities: His sence of Honor, His Loyalty, His skills as a warrior, his self restraint

Bad Qualities: He can be to trusting, He can lack trust in someone, Sometime can't hold back his powers

Job: None

Financial Status: Enough to get by

About his family: They were all slaughtered by Darkness

Goals: To Destroy Darkness, Even if it costs him his life

BIO : Sango was raised to be the ultimate weapon by his family. He watched his family be slaughtered in front of his eyes as a small child by his mortal enemy, but everyone thought Sango was the one that killed them. He took a sword that was one of his clan most treasured heirlooms. He was later found by a man who knew of his power and used Sango for his own gain. Because of that man, Sango became a emotionless murderer and slaughtered anyone that the man told him to kill with the sword of his clan. He later found out that the man the he was working for was the man thats slaughtered his family, so Sango tried to kill him, but Sango lost and almost completely lost use of his arms. After the battle he lost, Sango was found by a man who healed his arms and taught him to fight for the good of mankind. He began to call the man that found him Sensei, and he was the only person that Sango felt he could trust. He made a promise to his Sensei that he would never kill another innocent being again. However, his Sensei was killed by one of his enemies top commanders, leaving Sango with no one. He then swore an oath, that he would kill the man that slaughtered his clan with the sword of his clan, and that the next person he killed with his sword would be the man he hates the most. Now he travels the world, getting stronger, and preparing for the final battle with his enemy

Character theme song: Redemption-Gackt
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28 / F / here and.... there
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08
Name: Nauz
Race: not human
Sex: Female
Mind: Evil- she wishes no more to torture people and make them suffer
Age: Unknown- but looks to be at least twenty
Eyes: normally cold and gray, but her eyes change within every emotion
Hair: fire red, flows in waves down her back
Skin: creamy white
Clothes: black silk dress that fits to her elegant curves and laces interestingly at the breats
Other details: tall and elegantly curvy, walks gracefully as if on air, soft calm voice, silver earings, long curving nails
Special abilities: able to inflict pain on someone with eye contact and the ability to move things at will with her hands (evil eye and telekinesis)
Pet: surviving victims
Special abilities of pet: none- they are like slaves
Likes: torturing, causing villages and kingdoms to suffer, manipulating others, using others, decieving, betraying, etc...
Dislikes: love... she would split apart a family just bcuz they love one another... peace... she causes peaceful villages to take on slaves and kingdoms war... life and liberty
What's her work?: sorceress
Poor or rich: Neither- she need not be
Family: None- killed them when she was ten
Future plans: To bring a personal hell of her own upon the world
About her: She's been practically every where, causing havoc and playing with men. The first village she came across was a peaceful and quiet village...and now it no longer exists. Then a kingdom with a great king who ruled it...she brought it down. She made the queen bore still borns until Nauz made the king believe the queen was a witch. Nauz personally burned the queen and laughed. She played with the king and used him until he was no more than a blind fool. Nauz left him to suffer. And when the king suffers... the kingdom suffers. She saw how a slightly poor family loved and cared for one another and slowly brought them to pieces. First, she stole the husband and after manipulating him so, she tossed him away. THen she broke the mother's ankels with a sledge hammer and tortured and killed each one of her kids in front of her. Nauz enjoyed this very much. She bond the mother to a tree and gave her immortality so that she shall suffer forever.

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23 / F / Arizona
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08
Character list:

name: (has various names over the years but her favorite is Mika)
race: half witch ~ half human
sex: female
mind (good, bad or neutral): depends on her mood
age: 1000 years old (but she looks 13-14)
skin: fair
clothes: changes every time
other details about the looking (like earrings, shoes or other special things…) : noe nothing
Special abilities: ~ can fly ~ master of water and wind ~ fast speed
Pet (could be a little demon, dog, cat, dragon…. what ever and it’s facultative): Nope always alone
Special abilities of the pet: n/a
What does the chara like? cinnamon buns, swiming, flying, and sometimes destroying things
What does he/she/it hate? smart allecks ~fire ~ spiders
Bad and not really good parts of him:
tends to cry alot
Bad abilities: sometimes cant control power
What’s his work (demon slayer for example) ? witch for hire
Is he poor or rich? very rich
About her family: HAD a family
Her future plannings? dosent quite know yet
About the chara (how grew he up, what did he before, what are his intensions…. and so on. Everything you want to write about your chara) : She grew up with her older brother and mother and father, her father was human while her mother was a witch making her and her brother half breeds They were very rich living in a mansion but one day a mob came to their home (when Mika was away) and killed her family. For revenge for her family's death she killed eveyone who was involved. After she traveled the world becoming a witch for hire (since she is a witch she has immortality). She requires of course payment after she completes her jobs and her condision is that she chooses the reward (can be anything like money, jewelry, or even someone's life if her mood is angry. or sometimes she requires no payment) She is searching for a man who was the leader of the mob that killed her family as she swore that she would kill him before she died.
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32 / F / Canada
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08

Character list:

name: Akira

race: Demon

sex: Male

mind (good, bad or neutral): He acts like a bit of a jerk, but he's good at heart

age: 16

eyes: Crimson

hair: medium-length, messy, and black

skin: pale skin

clothes: His clothing style is a little...childish. He likes wearing sweaters that seem a little oversized for him and baggy shorts that end at his knees. Since his favourite colours are orange and black, it's usually reflected on his clothing. His sweater is orange (not bright orange mind you) and hangs a little off his shoulders and his shorts are grey and black

other details about the looking (like earrings, shoes or other special things…) :
Akira's kind of fair looking, which he is very sensitive about (he looks more like his mother than his father). The only really defining characteristic is a strange moon-shaped birthmark on his left shoulder.

Special abilities: While not very good at handling magic himself, he is able to fully transform into a demon form (which has basic claw-like attacks). Besides that, he is also able to infuse his allies with a brief energy surge after a magical contract between the two of them.

Pet (could be a little demon, dog, cat, dragon…. what ever and it’s facultative): A small dragon hatchling named Ryu

Special abilities of the pet: fire-breathing is a bit of a stretch, Ryu is just a baby so all he can do is a puff of smoke

What does the chara like?
~Sweets of any kind, especially Strawberry milk
~Getting his way
~Helping others (though he would never admit to such a thing)

What does he/she/it hate?
~Vegetables, especially carrots
~His brothers
~People who call him "Pretty"

Bad and not really good parts of him:
~He's a spoiled brat that thinks he's always right
~He can act like a bit of a jerk unintentionally, he hasn't really got the whole "understanding peoples feelings" thing down

Bad abilities:
~ High power magical spells

What’s his work (demon slayer for example) ? Officially, he doesn't have a "job". He was accidentally mistaken for a missing fire-mage and recruited into a mages guild designed to send out people to keep the peace. Despite his constant tantrums, everyone is set on thinking he is that missing mage

Is he poor or rich? Rich

About his family: He is the sixth and youngest child of the noble demon house of Velvanni. His parents are usually busy on diplomatic conferences between different species and demons so they weren't really around, leaving him with not a lot of example for role models.

His future plannings? To find someone to 'kidnap' him from the Mages guild and get away from the area he lives in.

About the chara (how grew he up, what did he before, what are his intensions…. and so on. Everything you want to write about your chara) : Since he was the youngest of the six children in the Velvanni family (he's got two sisters and three brothers), Akira was brought up as the 'little angel' of the family. His parents didn't really have a lot of time to be spending with him so they tried to make it up to him by spoiling him. Instead of this strengthening their family bond, it just turned Akira into a bit of an ignorant brat. While one of his sisters seems to understand that he is a good person at heart, most people tend to think of him in a more...negative light.
In order to get a bit of attention, he ran away from home in hopes that his parents would notice he was gone and come running to the scene but instead he ended up meeting a group of travelling mages.
Convinced that he was a powerful fire-mage named "Scoarch" they hurried him away from his home and to the guild in which they belonged. Akira was presented with a painting of this mysterious mage and could not deny that they did look he had no choice but to go along. Even if he had tried to explain, the guild mages were so happy to have him back that they didn't even listen to his side of the story, in fact, they think he's just got amnesia.
Now stuck in this strange guild, having to fend for himself (for the first time in his life) hes desperate to hire someone to kidnap him or get him away from the mages guild so he can just go off on his own...

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24 / F / Somewhere in this...
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08

race: human well that she knows of

sex: female

mind (good, bad or neutral): good


eyes: brown

hair: brown boy cut


clothes: a long black trenchcoat that covers everything underneath

other details about the looking : carries a small easle on her back and is always carring paints with a blue dragon encrptions

Special abilities:when she gets angry she can use sound waves to obliterrate people

Pet : none

Special abilities of the pet: none

What does the chara like?:painting, trying to not be in the way,trying to forget the past,librarys,travling

What does he/she/it hate?: being mistaken for a guy,her home

Bad and not really good parts of her: she won't attack someone for her own sake

Bad abilities: she's a slow attacker

What’s her work: whatever she can find

Is he poor or rich: poor but not horrible poor

About her family: can't remmber anything about them but she had a best friend that was like her brother until he was murderd

Her future plannings?: to find the person who killed her friend,remember her past,becoming a artist

About the chara : she was left in a horrible orphanage that was more like a work house.she left as soon as she could but while escaping she slipped and hit her head on the ground.when she woke up she was in a little hut in a forest where she met her best friend kalvin.they lived there for a few years in those years he tought her how to paint. they were happy and safe until some raiders from another town found them.and killed kalvin whole trying to take lena and his paint brushes away.after lena saw this it was the first time she used her power.she screamed and punched then when she swiped at the air.when she did this one of the raiderslooked like something hit him from the inside and he somewhat disinagrated seeing this the other raiders left.
having no intentions to stay in the forest she cut her hair so no one would recognize her grabbed her easle tied it to her back and
took the paints her friend desperetly tried to save. she looked at the horizon and set out to find them.(sorry if it has to much info)
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25 / F / somewhere over th...
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08

something like this ^^

name: Mizuki Amano

race: angel/mage

sex: female

mind: neutral, depends on who she trusts at the time

age: 19

eyes: changes color depending on her mood

hair: silver, long hair that goes down to her waist

skin: pale tan

clothes: white, sleeveless, magicproof top; white magicproof mini skirt; no shoes (she doesn't like wearing shoes)

other details about the looking: a pair of white angel feather earings, white wings that can appear and disappear depending on if she wants her wings at the time

Special abilities: can fly, can cast magic spells, has excellent sight

Pet: small white kitty!! ^^

Special abilities of the pet: can detect danger and people (good or bad), is extremely fast

What does the chara like? practicing her magic, playing with animals, gambling, getting information on her parents

What does he/she/it hate? getting interrupted in practice (sometimes goes into uncontrollable rampage ^^), seeing innocent people get hurt

Bad and not really good parts of her: sometimes to stubborn to give into her pride

Bad abilities: absolutely cannot cook, cannot sing

What’s her work? writing fantasy novels and picture books for children, storytelling as well

Is she poor or rich? rich, but doesn't use much of her money

About her family: mother was an angel. father was a mage. father and mother were murdered when she was little. has a little sister that she has to take care of. sister's name is Amerilla, Ame for short. the sister is also a mix between an angel and a mage. Ame can be annoying and to eager to learn at times, but she still loves her anyway. Ame looks up to her. Ame gets into trouble often, and usually gets saved by an annoyed Mizuki. Mizuki occasionally leaves her alone to do her own things so she can practice, and depends on her kitty, Snow, to warn her if Ame is in any trouble.

Her future plannings? eventually find the people who murdered her parents, doesn't really have much of a plan

About the chara: she likes to go traveling to different places, trying different things, but has to get back to the town her editor is in by the time her latest book is due. when she is traveling, she usually comes across some children and tells them stories and performs some magic "tricks". no one knows that she is an angel, but some know that she is a mage. she knows many people in the town that she lives in (it's just the place her house is in, she doesn't stay there often), but she doesn't really hang out with anyone. whenever she has time, she likes to either practice her magic or look for information on her parents. when she looks at fire (not in a fireplace, like a fire that'll destroy things in it's path) she remebers her parents death, runs away from the area, and starts crying. her sister doesn't know that this happens.
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24 / F
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
name: Oguri Ri (last name first)

race: Kitsune

sex: Female

mind (good, bad or neutral): Neutral, doesn't mind helping either side, for a price.

age: A teenager in looks, but over 150 years old.

eyes: Deep Purple

hair: Red

skin: Normal human skin, with patches of red fur on ears, hands, feet, and tail.

clothes: Green doublet with puffy white sleeves; flexible green skirt; black knee high boots; black gloves.

other details about the looking (like earrings, shoes or other special things…): Has pointed fox ears and a fox tail, one ear has a gold earring, wears a gold amulet with strange markings.

Special abilities: Can talk to foxes

Pet (could be a little demon, dog, cat, dragon…. what ever and it’s facultative): A fox friend, named Kaito.

Special abilities of the pet: Very sneaky, can blend in with shadows.

What does the chara like?: Foxes and Crystals

What does he/she/it hate?: Cats and Manipulative People (even though she is one herself)

Bad and not really good parts of her: Manipulates people shamelessly in order to get their heart crystals.

Bad abilities: Must take away someone's most precious memory in order to get heart crystals.

What’s her work (demon slayer for example): Hired merchant, hobby of collecting heart crystals.

Is she poor or rich?: Rich, gets paid well for her work.

About her family: Never knew her parents.

Her future plannings?: Collect heart crystals to save fox 'sister's' life

About the chara (how grew she up, what did she before, what are her intensions…. and so on. Everything you want to write about your chara): Grew up in a fox's den with the help of her fox 'mother'. Left to collect heart crystals to save her fox 'sister's' life. After that, she's not sure.
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F / in my own kingdom
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
charater list

name: Suzu

race: Japanese and a little egyptain

sex: female

mind: bad

eyes: red

hair: mid-long blonde

age: 10 ( doesn't act her age most of the time)

skin: tan

clothes: black shirt with the words bad on it and a skirt

special abilities: talks to animals

pet: wolf ( name: Kai)

pet special abilitiies: can talk

like: to help pepole

hate: hate liers

bad: likes to play pranks

bad abilities: unknown

work: help people

poor or rich: poor but has enough to survive

familiy: lost her family when she was 4.

future plannings: unknown

about: she grew up in a small village that one day was attcked by bandits, no one survived excpet Suzu. she travled to a city to live. she now lives in the city and has to fight to stay alive but she doesn't give up. her pet is hidden and only comes out when she is in danger. even though she is ten she knows things that a little girl shouldn't know and seen things that she shouldn't have seen. but it makes her more wise and smart. she may act brave but is a very scared girl but she doesn't let people see it.

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30 / M / Running From Life
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/29/08
name: Seji Tsukomi

race: Dark Elf

sex: Male

mind: neutral, whatever he does, at the time it seemed good

age: 21

eyes: Hazel

hair: Dark Brown

skin: Light Tan

clothes: Black, light leather with gold outlines

other details about their appearance: Torn up Scarf to make-up for lacking a jacket, gloves that covers the entire arm, a tank-top for flexible purposes, long dark pants covered with light armor, and leather boots for any landscape other then ice

Special abilities: Master of the Katana, Dark Cutter- Sends a dark wave from the edge of the sword that cuts through air but feels like a gust of wind on dark creatures

Pet: Not a pet, but a little sister that follows him everywhere; Arima- when younger imitated Seji the best she could, current age- 13

Special abilities of the pet: has amazing aim and best suited for range combat

What does the chara like? you know while traveling in this era fruits tend to dry and meat quickly rots, so Seji's favorite thing is a hot meal, and if you can't tell by his clothes the color black with yellow

What does he/she/it hate? Racist creatures, staying still for too long,and the cold.

Bad and not really good parts of him: tends to ignore others (mainly strangers)

Bad abilities: Can't even cook eggs so Arima does the cooking

What’s his work? has no stable job, does part-time offten

Is he poor or rich? very poor

About his family: mother and step-father are died, now travels with his younger sister

His future plannings? none at the moment, just visiting all the Dark Elf Villages but its hard cause they're all hidden.

About the chara (how grew he up, what did he before, what are his intensions…. and so on. Everything you want to write about your chara) :

Grew up in a considerably large Dark Elf Village ( population 169). His father was a human and mother was an elf. They were forced to move to a Dark Elf Village and later the father died due to the short life span of a human. When Seji was nine his mother fell in love again but with a Dark Elf Warrior this time and had a twin babies one is now Arima.
During eight years living with the twins and his new father he learned the way of the sword. On the only holiday the village celebrated 'The Founding of the Village', a raid led by humans scared by the beginning of the 10 year war (a free-for-all-war everyone against anyone) came as the Festival was ending. While his step-father fought (half drunk) and quickly lost, with his family they took shelter in a big live hollow tree deep in the woods with other families. When morning came the village was gone and everyone decided to pack up and leave ( population now 117).
During their long walk bandits appeared. They fought while the young children were right beside them up with his left arm. Only a few children were left alive after they fought off the bandits (population now 39). They entered a human town and lived in at the outskirts of the town. Soon many of the Dark Elf's starved till death including one of the twins and their mother. Seji and Arima lived their for two years till it was only the two of them left from the Dark Elf Village and left (population now 2).
After the world has gone through 10 years of war caused by the down fall of the two empires (humans and creatures). All Species were beginning be become exepted by all. However many were more racist after years of fighting as well. Now traveling with Arima, They are well experienced in fighting and have gone through their share of tough times.

Seji's Timeline
0-years-old - Seji is born!
3-years-old - Father dies!
7-years-old - New Dad.
9-years-old - The Twins.
16-years-old - Fall of the Empires.
17-years-old - Beginning of the 10 years war.
17-years-old - Village Burns!
19-years-old - Two years of Hell.
21-years-old - New Start?

Lol, I can make an anime out of this alone. Though quite similar to Radiata Stories but at a whole different view and time.

Sorry, This guys like from a whole different world, We could say he and his sister warpped through dimensions while hiking a mountain if you like. lol
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30 / F / Stuck in Front of...
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 8/7/08
Character list:
Name: Avarielle meaning “Woman of Strength”
Race: Half breed Werewolf Human
Sex: Female
Mind :Neutral but a little dark at times
Age: 21
Eyes: Green with orange and blue flakes lined with red
Hair: Waist-length black curly hair
Skin: Tan
Clothes: Day Time Look

She wears this style of dress with two slits on the side that come to the waist and pants underneath. Her shirts tie in the same place as picture. She wears a hat to protect her sensitive eyes and hide them from other. She wears lots of black, blue and green.
Night Time Look

Her Shirt looks this way. Tight fitted black leather pant, black leather boots with a red scroll design, and black full body hooded caped that is red inside.
Other details about the looking: Gold hoop earrings, long necklace with a clear crystal with blue liquid inside , a pair of gold bracelets with an onyx stone in the middle and a tattoo of rose on her stomach. The earrings and bracelets were giving to her by her mother. She wears a bracelet on each arm. They control her strength. The necklace helps control her bloodlust. When on an Assassin job, she carries her black feathered arrows and bow that is painted black and red. She carries two swords. The first sword is double edged, thicker and extra long with “ The way of the Blade and Blood” written down the middle in an vampire language. The second sword is normal length, light weight and single edged.
Special abilities: Regeneration but it is slow, increased speed, the ability to see in the dark
Pet: Red eyed wolf named Midnight and black horse named Wind
Special abilities of the pet:. Midnight has super speed and can regenerate. Wind is fast than average horse.
What does the character like? Late mornings, flowers, reading, children, eating, and target practice
What does she hate? Early mornings, loud people, crowed places, drunken men
Bad and not really good parts of her: She has a really bad temper. She gets annoyed very quickly if she not dealing with children or her sister. She loves the trill of battle a little too much.
Bad abilities: Her arrow has perfect aim and can take body parts off. She snapped a neck in matter of seconds.
What’s her work? Part Teacher Part Assassin
Is she poor or rich? Well off but not rich. She can help the poor.
About her family: She never meet her real father, but he left her human mother weapons and training instructions for his child. The man who raised her was evil and nasty towards her and died in a drunken stupor 3 months after her mother died . She has an older half sister, who is going blind named, Kyire and nephew named Titus that live with her. Her mother died, after her 19th birthday, in a village raid.
Her future plannings? Find a way to stop her sister going blind and who her father really is
About the character: Avarielle had a pretty normal childhood. She was just stronger, faster and smarter than the other children. Because of that, her mother had a pair of magical arm bracelets made. The man who raised her was gifted weapons-maker and evil and nasty towards her behind the rest of the family’s back. He had a tendency to get drunk and beat on her. Her training that her real father ordered started when she was 15. It consisted of swords practice, archery, hand to hand combat, and stealth training.

She moved out on her own at 18 after her training was over. Avarielle was rather nomadic until she came the town her sister lived in. She had only planned on staying a week and move on to the next town and assignment when her sister, Kyire, asked her to help her to care for her 2 year old son. That evening after supper Kyrie told her she was losing her sight and would be blind in 3 years. That was two years ago.

Avarielle has a year left to find a way to stop her sister from going fully blind. She been teaching archery to soldiers by day and taking assassin jobs by the night under the codename “Black Scarlet”.
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25 / F / floirda
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/29/08
name: Shadow

race: Dhamphir

sex: Female

mind (good, bad or neutral): Kind of a Batman mind set, Good but willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done

age: 16

eyes: dark brown (normal), blood red (angry)

hair: Deep red

skin: Pale white

clothes: black, w/ boots and trench coat

other details about the looking (like earrings, shoes or other special things…) : Wears steal toed boots, carries a Glock 9mil and
a 5 inch knife
Special abilities: super human stregenth, speed, stealth, and beats up people 3 times her size

Pet (could be a little demon, dog, cat, dragon…. what ever and it’s facultative): Hawk/Wolf

Special abilities of the pet: Shape Shifting and unwaverling loyalaty

What does the chara like? Killing vampires, pissing people that she doesn't like off and protecting people weaker then her

What does he/she/it hate? Vampires and people who pick on those weaker then themselves

Bad and not really good parts of him: tends to get angry easaly, is a smart ass

Bad abilities: doesn't know when to quit

What’s his work (demon slayer for example) ? Vampire hunter

Is he poor or rich? poor I suppose doesn't go hungery or have problems getting the things she needs but isn't payed really

About his family: Her parents and little sister were murdered by the same vampire that took half of her humanity

His future plannings? Kill every vampire and protect the weak

About the chara (how grew he up, what did he before, what are his intensions…. and so on. Everything you want to write about your chara) : Shadow was born human, in a city called New Order. New Order is controlled by vampires. Shadow always got in to fights with bullies and was told by teachers and her parents that she was going to draw unwanted atention from the vamps to her.
One night before Shadow got home, 4 vampires came and killed her parents and removed her sister. 1 vamp waited for her to return home and made a deal with her, half of her humanity for her little sister. Shadow agreed and the vamp turned her in to a dhamphire, a half vampire. But when she saw her sister the vampires had killed her.
Stricken and confused by what was happening, Shadow ran. The vampires put out a search for her and Shadow swore to kill them and make them fear the shadows like they made humans fear it. She changed her name to Shadow to make a idiom out of it. Newspapers called her "The Bloody Shadow" to make her sound frightening and deadly.
She uses Blade to track down vampires and people.
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28 / F / Basel, Switzerland
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
hey guys! please don't forget that this story plays in the ACIENT WORLD tho ones who didn't know that should really read the RULES. It's not that the charas aren't good.... but this story plays in a old world. think about the clothing and the way your chara acts. I'll approve the charas for now... but please EVERYONE read the rules and perhaps the "setting of the story" (on the forum wall are also some impotant infos) and after that think about it.... does your chara really fit this world?

and again...for short:
your chara can have special abilities.... but no godlike powers! some of the charas are near that.... please don't overdo it
we write this story together... not against each other.

ah and one other thing: some of you (a lot) seem to be big "twlight" fans. look out that we don't have too much vampires... especially not too much with super edward cullen powers!^^
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29 / F / Fountain Park
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
Hey, croniel is a race and all but you have to a certain type of croniel like an elf, a fairy or any type you make up, croniel is just a general name for everyone with magical kinds of powers, lols. Just wanted to tell you...

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27 / F / Under your bed, e...
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/30/08

karlaf wrote:

Hey, croniel is a race and all but you have to a certain type of croniel like an elf, a fairy or any type you make up, croniel is just a general name for everyone with magical kinds of powers, lols. Just wanted to tell you...

I knew that. ><
-Runs to fix-

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