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This story is based before the Great God War, before the corruption of the Gods, yet after the downfall of Draethius's rain of the mortal realm. This is during the time where the Gods and the Mortal realm were gaining alliances to further peace between realms. The Gods demanded that the angels be reguarded as equals to the races of the mortal realm, this didnt sit to well with Azriel so he calls for a meeting with the Gods, the story starts here.
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Paradise Lost, But Not Forgotten.
Part I

“Azriel!” I heard a familiar voice come from behind me.
“Yes Brit, what is it you need?” I responded turning around to face her.
“Well, um, I know your going to see the Council of Gods soon and I just, um, wanted to wish you luck.” She says blushing.
“Hey there since when do I need luck? My views are solid; I mean honestly why should we have to resort to worshiping these, clans of races in the mortal world. We are angels, we are one step below Gods, and they want US to bow to THEM. I don’t think so. Don’t worry love, I will be fine, it is the council who should fear me anyway.” I reply
“Right, is Damien going to join you? He is loyal to you and you two have been friends for along time. If something were to happen know he is there for you.” She assures.
“I know babe, now go to the chamber hall, and listen to my address of the situation, all will be clear soon. I promise.” I say as I turn around and fly to the council chambers.
As I fly I notice all the angels heading into the chambers, some I knew previously and some I have not, “This is perfect” I think to myself. As I walk into the Chambers I head over to the waiting room to await the hearing. “Sire, I am here to aid you in your attempt to appeal to the Gods.” Damien says as he walks into the room.
“Although appreciated it is not needed my friend. I have this under control; you know what will happen already don’t you?” I ask
“Indeed I do sir, and I have come prepared.” He replies.
“Good, cause there is a lot that could go wrong, and having you by my side will make this a lot easier.” I calmly say to Damien.
“Sir I will follow you till Judgment Day comes.” he replies as he bows and walks out.
I get summoned into the Chamber Room, as I approach I hear the debating of the crowed some confused and others sit silently. I walk to the stand before a council of twelve silhouettes.
“Azriel, welcome, we understand that you have a problem with the new found alliances taking place on the mortal realm? Is peace and harmony to much for you to accept? Do you think yourself to good for mortals, to good for the Gods? It is by our power that these alliances have taken place; it is by our hand and our guidance that peace will restore the rising in entropy that has plagued this realm. Now answer me, do you deny your maker, your Gods?” One of the voices calls out to me.
“Do I deny your place as my maker? Do I deny you as my God? No, I am not so ignorant as to block out the reality of this realm, I in no way refuse you as my leader, thus the reason I called for this arrangement. I do not simply refuse peace; I in no way think that I am above the almighty ‘Gods’ but I do feel that these mortals have no place, nor should they be allowed to even conceive that they are in anyway on the level of an angel. I think that there could be peace without the acceptance of them as equals; I mean why should an immortal be reduced to the status of mortal? I debate the fact that you the ‘makers’ of our society, the ‘rulers’ of our realm as all powerful, but even the Gods, living in your own egos, could make a misjudgment. I simply ask you not to reduce our titles as angels, not to underestimate our place in ‘your’ realm, for we ARE a force to be reckoned with and we WILL fight for our place.” I yell turning to the surrounding angels. “We are strong, we will fight, and we will not be put down, not even by you so called Gods.” I say turning back to the Gods.
“This is treachery; you dare impose your resilience and defiance towards the Gods. You will be punished for your deeds.” One God replies.
“My brothers fight by my side, spread your wings, set yourselves free from these chains, fight with me, we are stronger then they think, we can take this realm, we can rule our own race.” I yell rallying the other angels in the room, half of which already have their weapons and ready to fight. Damien appears by my side, battle ready, and I also pull out my broadsword.
The Gods appear out side the chambers ready to show their might. I fly toward the God known as Rikia. He is already anticipating the attack and with his heavenly bow he strikes me in the left shoulder sending blast waves through my body. Damien also attacks Rikia, forming from the shadows behind him and using his duel katana slashes at the back of the God. As Rikia turns around I shove my broadsword through his chest and with a quick incantation the God erupts into flames killing him.
Michael, another angel fighting with Azriel, takes on the God Zaryel. Using his pole arm he defeats the God, and brings him to his knees where Michael precedes to behead the God. The Gods using their might raise titans from the ground who are the size of small mountains. The titans, alone, kill more then half of the angels’ fleet. I fly high above the battle field and the titans and begin to rain fire on the hapless victims below, the titans, so big they shield the angels bellow, take the full force of the attack and fall into piles of rubble. I dash to the lead God, Naxxaramos, thinking I was strong enough to take him on alone. As I get to him he uses his divine blade to cut into my shoulder down to my chest, then, placing his hand on my forehead he sends a shock into my skull rendering me unconscious.
As I awake, myself along with the rest of the angels including Damien and Michael, are chained and standing in front of the Gods.
“For your treachery and deception you have been banished to the City of Dis to eternally be tortured and in turn be the torturers if the damned, never again will the graces of life on either realm be bestowed upon you. As for you Azriel, you are banished even further into the pits of hell, banished even from your own kin for leading the assault and in turn causing the deaths of two Gods. You will be sent to be tortured along side The Demon Lord Draethius.
As I am being taken away I look at Damien and he nods to me, I get dragged away by the demons of Hell. As I see the Gods leave in what seems to be immediate urgency, the angels are cast into the City of Dis. The demons begin to drag me down the layers of Hell; one by one I see the tortures get worse and worse. Before the gates of the final layer of Hell I see Damien quickly behead one of the unsuspecting demons, as the other turns to see what happened I jam my hand into his chest cavity and rip out his heart.
“My friend you have saved me, but in this state we are too weak to try and elevate the City of Dis for ourselves, we need to get stronger.” I say to my partner.
“Indeed sir, but I think I know of a group that even defies the Gods themselves as we have, and subtly won. They are a group known as the SALIGIA and they may be able to help us.” Damien says to me.
“Ah I see, I have heard of them, they are very close knit, but I think I know where to go, and our luck has it that we are close. Come Damien we head out to the Mu Bridge.” I say.

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