Positive Speed Racer Movie Discussion
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Posted 6/11/08
I'm sorry if this is a repeat. I searched and saw nothing similar. Sorry if it is and please lock it.

I just want to give props to the Speed Racer movie. It got bashed by critics and was a giant flop in the box office, but I loved it.

Finally a movie respected and celebrated it's roots. Sure, some details were changed in the movie, but it's very basic essence was still the Speed Racer I grew up watching. Some other cartoon-based movies could learn a lesson from this movie.

It had very anime-like shots, visually looked as much like an anime as any live-action movie ever could, and had the cheesy stunts like using a bee hive as a weapon, just like the anime. ^^

I'm tired of hearing negative things about this brilliant movie. Please tell me, do you think it respected the original series?
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Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/11/08

n_n303 wrote:

what do you mean you never found it? O__O theres so many threads about it. Shinji even made one about it before it even came out x__x

Go! speed racer go!

[Movie] Speed Racer wtih Bi Rain


EDIT: then again people always say they searched, plus its like her first thread, o well
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Posted 6/11/08
it's colorful
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Posted 6/11/08
Duplicate as reported.

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