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Posted 6/11/08
ChoosenShipping - Blue(female)/Silver
FranticShipping - Ruby/Sapphire
GracefulShipping - Wallace/Winona
GrantedShipping - Lance/Yellow
GymShipping - Misty/Brock
MachisakiShipping - Lt. Surge/Bill
MangaAdvanceShipping - Red/Sapphire
OldrivalShipping - Blue(female)/Green(male)
OriginShipping - Wallace/Steven
PalletShipping - Red/Green
MangaPokéShipping - Red/Misty
PreciousMetalShipping - Gold/Silver
RaltsShipping - Ruby/Wally
SpecialShipping - Red/Yellow
Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/19/08
hey you double post!!!!
but mine would be:
RaltsShipping because it so cute having the sickly Wally and have the vain Ruby
CommonerShipping -Dia/Berlitz
FranticShipping-Ruby and Sapphire
PreciousMetalShipping-Gold/Silver saw a video of them and it was cool
ChoosenShipping-Blue(girl)/Silver very sweet
That's it i guess
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F / アメリカ
Posted 9/28/08
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