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Story Writer.
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26 / M / In my Sanctuary
Posted 7/29/08

karlaf wrote:

Naruto_Genius wrote:

My real name is not important, but I love thinking up new ideas for different stories. I also have a tendancy to create different senarios for the same story, but I never forget my original ideas. I like to write them as well, but I lack the follow-through to finish them, but I always finish them in my mind. I only write action/adventure/fighting stories, usually involving swords and weapons with a blade. I'm fine with happy endings, so long as someone dies or disappears in the end, because it leaves room for a sequal.

Hahaha, I only ever finished two of the hundreds of stories I began so I get that. Just wanna say I luv ur style and am definitely enjoying your present story so do finish, lols. And since I've been accused too often for killing everyone in my stories, I kinda of try my best to leave a couple of people alive in the end, but I can't stand very happy endings, mediocally happy endings or bittersweet endings, and yay if someone disappears in the end... I just end up crying for days T_T, lols...

Heh...This story is one I've been "working on" for as long as I can remember, this is the first time it will be told like this. As for killing everyone in the story, if you do it right, you can make an epic conclusion lol. Endings don't effect me in anyway (like the ending of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, it had not effect on me emotionally lol). I've made so many sequals and prequals in my mind, it kinda makes me laugh. But most of them would make you feel sorry for the person while at the same time, reassuring you that they will return one day. For example, what did you think of my Chara's description? It almost tell you how I plan on ending this story lol.
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26 / F / Bored outta my mi...
Posted 7/29/08
Hey everyone! ^_^

Um, you can call me Kaho I guess.

All that stuff about my age and location and junk can be found over there <------

As for writing, I love it! Being an author is one of my career choices (not the top choice but still). I got into writing through fanfic. I just started off reading and something clicked and here I am with 1 story unfinished, 1 story completed, and 1 story about to be finished.

I love vamps so don't be surprised if you see me make a voide character.

I will pretty much read anything except dark stuff. I see reading as my happy place and dark stories arn't very happy, now are they?

Here's the link to the story I'm working on right now. Human Association With Creatures

Only bad thing is that I can't update as fast as I would like to cause of school and stuff. 2 more years and then I can relax!!
Posted 8/9/08
You can call me Ray and I live in Japan. But anyways...writing, thinking, and reading are some of my hobbies. I'm currently working on a story that I'm hoping to be published. And forgive me but I have frequent writer's block.
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