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top ten HSJ members.....
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Posted 7/5/08
10. Keito - i do like him...just not as much as the others ><
9. Ryutaro - he's still maybe that's why it seems like he doesn't do stuff to stand out...
8. Yabu - reaally handsome...but again...he's only placed this low cuz i like the others more...not cuz i don't like him...
7. Yamada - his voice though!
6. Hikaru - so funny!~
5. Yuto - i LOVE his talking voice...especially when it gets all high! XD
4. Chinen - sooooo cute! i really think i'm gonna cry when his voice gets deeper...
3. Inoo - i...just really like him~ nothing much to say...
2. Takaki - i think his personality is closest to mine...but his hair looks better straight in my opinion...><;
1. DAI-CHAN!! - waaaaaaaaah...i love his face, his voice, his personality~~everything~
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Posted 7/7/08
I'm bored so....

10. Chinen- No particular reason. He just happens to be the youngest looking thing in the world and I would feel like a Pedo saying I like him LMAO
9. Okamoto-I adore this kid! but again for no particular reason lol
8. Inoo Kei-no exp there. He's adorable but all my faves are above XD
7. Ryutaro-Because he's a sweet kid that I fangirl as a kid BROTHER not as in I wanna marry him XD plus he was nice enought to help with Yama-chans present...awww Q_Q
6. Yabu-his voice is wahhh~
5. Yuto-because I love his perf of urwashi no Bad Girl O_O
3. Hikaru-because he's always been one of my faves
2. Yama-chan- because He has also alwyas been one of my faves lol
1. Takaki-Because, over all, he's one of my fave guys in JE period. So *bias*
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