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Konoha’s gates started to open as they greeted sasuke welcome. With him was a young girl about the age of sakura. She has dark brown hair and a medium type girl. ‘she is beautiful’ sakura thought. Her heart felt numb, As she saw this brown haired girl. Her name was Suginami. She was sasuke’s girlfriend. Sakura felt like crying. She felt as if the whole world was about to fall for her any minute now.
She left the crowd and ran into the forest.
‘I trusted him he said he will come back, yeah! He came back but bringing with him his girlfriend or let us just say wife to be!’
Cha! Sasuke-kun really hurted you! I mean us!
‘I want to die!no one will ever cared if I die!’
Hey! What about me, if you’ll die? I still want to live!
‘Shut your big mouth’
You know you must really go somewhere else and if your heart is ok already we can go back to konoha, don’t you think so?
‘You’re right maybe I should have a vacation, but I must first ask him…’
She search for sasuke and found him alone walking
“Sasuke-kun……. Do you love me?”
“What?! Why will I love a girl who’s weaker than me! And always annoys me!”
“I’ll take that answer for a no! Well I will never annoy you and you will never see me again” sakura said starting to cry
“Hn” and with that he started walking again
Sakura packed her stuff and ready to leave but she remembered naruto ‘I must tell him a farewell message’ she walked towards naruto’s house and knock
“I’m coming” naruto said
He opened the door surprised bout what he saw
“Bye! Naruto” sakura said
“Where are you going? Sakura-chan”
“I needed a vacation! But I will be back!”
“You promised that! Well have a good trip sakura-chan”
Sakura started her journey towards land of wind or sunagakure. When she came to the gates of suna the guards led her to the kazekage.
“sakura! What brought you here?” asked the kazekage
“well…..I wanted to have a break from all those trainings that I have”
“Oh I see… you have already a place where to stay?”
“actually I didn’t rent an apartment yet”
“no need to rent we have a guest room here so.. you can stay in that room”
“Thank you so much lord kazekage!”
“that’s nothing compared to what konoha did! All peple of konoha are all welcome here in suna!” and a smile was seen in the kazekage’s lips
The secretary of the kazekage came in and led sakura to her room. The room she would stay was purple. The bedsheets were made of silk and also purple. The cabinets was fully furnished and it was also purple.and even the ceiling was purple. Sakura really liked it or let us say loved it.

The next day
In konoha
Sasuke passed by sakura’s house and saw no one. So he went to naruto.
“where’s sakura? Naruto”
“oh! She didn’t told you she left for suna!” naruto answered
‘That’s why she said she will never annoy me anymore and I will never see her again’ as sasuke thought. “Hey! are you ok ?” naruto asked looking at sasuke puzzled. “well! She’s gone no one will annoy me anymore” sasuke said “she’ll be back! And stronger than before” naruto said angrily. “Hn! Loser” sasuke said “hey!”
At suna
‘I already missed konoha but I must start a new life here in suna!’
Well now you’re not crying like a helpless child
‘Yeah, I know!’
“Hi” A voice said from behind
“Oh! Hello lord kazekage!” sakura said smilingly
“pls. don’t call me lord kazekage, I feel like I’m older than you”
“Well….you are not older than me…but you have a mature brain!”
“What do you mean by a mature brain?”
“Well you think better than I do and you can handle a country on your own!”
“Your wrong!” gaara said “I have many advisers and I ask them what’s the wises things to do….their the one who have those mature brains” gaara ended
Their conversation was broken by gaara’s secretary
“Lord kazekage the meeting will start in 10 minutes”
“Ok! I’ll be right there! Sakura I gotta go but I’ll see you later”
“Ok! Lord kazekage”
“I’ll be back” said the kazekage w/ a grin in his face
‘I thought gaara’s bad but his not’
But he kills people before!
‘That’s before he had already change’
Oh I see so you fallen for him
‘I don’t know’
Sakura roamed around the village and found out gaara really managed to make the country beautiful. The place doesn’t have garbages scattered around. There are no beggars around pleading for money. The country was a nice and peaceful one.
When gaara’s meeting was over he looked for his guest.And found sakura roaming around.
"Sakura!"he said
"Oh! hello there lord-..."
"ah! ah! ah!" the kazekage stopped her "its gaara"
"I mean hello there gaara"sakura said ready to laugh
"why are you roaming around do you want to go to a hot spring?"
"oh! want to tell you something"
"what is it?"
"the reason I'm here is I want to work here and start a new life" sakura said beginning to feel sad
"why didn't you told me can apply in the hospital, your a great nurse and we need one."
"Gaara you really are helpful thanks for everything"
"what?"sakura asked with a smile
"why do you want to start a new life here in suna?"
"because i want to forget everything...everything that had happened to me when i was in konoha!"
"i see...this is your country now so.. pls feel safe!"
"your so kind...gaara"sakura said putting her head in the kazekage's shoulder. The kazekage in return holded her hand.

A/N: Hmm….it’s seems that this is going to be a GaaraXSakura, ne? But maybe they’re going to end together…….or not……^^

3 years after ( im really fast)
"gaara...can i visit konoha? i really missed konoha" sakura said watching gaara
"sure why not...konoha,before was your country!"gaara said w/ assurance
"arigatou gouzamasu...gaara"sakura said shifting her view to the skies
sakura is now working for suna. she is one of the greatest nurse in suna. she and gaara has already started a relationship.and especially she is an ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. Her body is perfectly shaped, her face is scar free. she really is a beautiful lady now
"gaara...i will come back" sakura said
"you know I also want to go to konoha to visit naruto..."
"so what do you plan? you will come with me?"
"no! actually you go first! i have a meeting today so i think i will just follow you there"
"ok! if thats what you want"
"hey! stay safe ok? i don't want you to get hurt!"
"thanks for caring! bye bye!"
'what do you think will happen? im kinda nervous'
don't be silly they will recognize you! your the only girl with a pink hair!
'your so...annoying'
she came to the gates of konoha and was greeted by the directly went to tsunade shishou and greeted her
"sakura is that you? welcome back! " surprisingly tsunade shishou asked
"yeah! its me tsunade shishou" sakura said and they hugged each other
"sakura are you staying here from now on?"
"no..." sakura said starting to be sad
"but you will stay here for some days?" tsunade shishou asked patting sakura's shoulder
"well enjoy your stay" and the news about sakura scattered in all parts of konoha.
"Naruto! konichiwa!"sakura said to naruto as naruto pass by
"who are you?"ask the puzzled naruto
"you don't really remember me? I'm sakura!" sakura said ready to laugh
"sakura-chan? is that really you?"naruto said surprised to what he sees
"yah! its me!" and she gaved naruto a hugged "Ichiraku ramen? my treat!"sakura said and thay started to walk towards ichiraku ramen

as sasuke passes- by ichiraku ramen, he saw naruto with this pink haired girl
"naruto? i thought you are engaged to hinata?" sasuke said looking at naruto then to the girl
"yes! of course i am!" naruto said looking puzzled at sasuke
"then who is she?"
"you really don't know her?"
sasuke looked puzzled and answered " really not!"
"she's sakura!" naruto said pointing at sakura
'this girl is sakura? hell no she's way hotter than sakura!' sasuke thought
"Hi!" sakura said waving to sasuke
"Hn!" sasuke answered and sat down 'she's really sAkura? she really changed into a formal young lady' sasuke thought still confused
"hey! naruto your engaged to hinata?"sakura asked
"well...I noticed i also liked her..."naruto answered smiling at sakura
"well your really meant for each other...amhhh...what about ino what happened to her?"
"well she started to date shikamaru!"
"oh!..." sakura said surprised that ino wasn't chasing sasuke anymore
"wait! what about telling me what happened to you in suna?"
"well...I found out that gaara the a good handsome guy! he really loved his country and cared for it. as much as he loved and cared for me!" sakura said blushingly
"what!? gaara loved and cared you?" naruto asked surprisingly and sasuke was jelous...
'what? gaara loved and cared for her? oh really!? gaara wouldn't do that...' sasuke thought jelously 'wait! why am i jelous i don't like her! why should I? she's weak!'
but hotter than ever!
'shut up! who the hell are you?'
your inner who's wild and tells you the truth and nothing but the pure truth!
'well shut the hell up your not helping!'
"yeah! in fact im engaged to him! heres the ring!"sakura replied showing the ring to naruto
the ring was made of white gold and has diamond letters of small G and S and in the middle was a small heart!

'she's engaged to gaara?'sasuke asked himself surprisingly but angry!
'she's ours! we must get her!'
'wait why do i feel angry and jelous?'
'because..amhhh YOU LIKE HER' his inner shouted
'no! shut up idiot!'
'if I'm idiot your also idiot'
'shut up!'
"sasuke are you ok?" sakura asked worriedly
'OMG! she ask us! answer her! answer her!'
"amhhh...i..m...o..k" sasuke said
'hey your not ok!'
'I'm ok!'
"you seemed to be pale" sakura said putting her right hand to sasuke's forehead.
'ZOMG! she holded us!'
'shut up!'
'I won't shut up!'
"your hot!"
"i am?"sasuke asked
"yes! you must rest!"
"sasuke, sakura i got to go hinata needs me!" naruto said leaving the two behind.
"bye..."sakura said looking at naruto
"well do you mind if i accompany you? your really hot and im worried you must go and rest!"
"what was that a yes or a no?" sakura said irritatingly
"that was a yes!" sasuke said
'yes! he can now be ours!'
'will you please shut up for a while! im really feeling dizzy!'
when they reached the uchiha compound sasuke opened the door and let sakura enter first"sasuke you must rest first! I'll get a wet towel"sakura said heading for the kitchen
"hn!" was sasuke's only answer
sakuras back with a wet towel and putted it in sasuke's forehead

"sasuke i got to go! i must ready my apartment!" sakura said walking towards the door. as sakura was to reach for the door knob, sasuke blocked the door
"not so fast sakura!"
"what is the meaning of this sasuke?" sakura said and sasuke wrapped his arms round sakura's waist. hugging her tightly
"sasuke what the hell are you doing?"
"sakura! I need you! stay by my side!!pls..."sasuke said pleadingly
"oh! really? I'm already engaged to gaara"
"you can always refuse him! and besides you can't refuse me! can you?"
"oh! sure i can" sakura said and sasuke loosens his grip
"why?"sasuke said with a low tone voice.
"did you remembered i asked you one last time when you love me then you answered me why would you love a girl whose weaker than you and who always annoys you"
"but I regretted what i said"
"what happened to your wife to be?"
"she left for another guy"
"did you felt the pain the same as i felt when you dumped me?"
"actually not! because i dont like her, i like you!" sasuke said and again wrapped his arms around sakura's waist
"hey! sasuke let loose! im not yours!" sakura said pushing sasuke
"but i know you want to be mine!" sasuke said seductively
"N-" sakura's eyes widened as sasuke's lips touch her tender lip. she can't resist so she let sasuke in. but soon she noticed sasuke hands travelling downwards. she moan...""sakura said protestingly. "sasuke stop" sakura ordered and push sasuke but the more she push the tighter sasuke's grip goes. 'i must get loose or else this thing will end up in bed' sakura thought so she gathered chakra in his hands and pushed sasuke. to sasuke's surprised he stumbled down but stand up immediately
"what do you want from me? my love? or my body?"
"body and soul!" sasuke said
" too bad gaara owned it already" sakura said and pushed sasuke out of the way and went out

sasuke was still wondering
'i really can't believed sakura dumped me'
'well believed it! you dumped her before! well now she dumped you!'
'everything you say doesn't make me any better! so..better shut up!'
'you better go to her and say sorry'
'what! an uchiha saying sorry? not gonna happen'
'what is more important sakura? or your precious pride?'
'maybe your right! now your helping!'
'duh! i also have a brain!'
sasuke started to walk towards sakura's apartment
"coming" sakura's sweet voice answered
'she really have a very sweet voice'
'yeah! because thats my sakura'
as the door opened sakura saw sasuke as she was about to close the door again sasuke stopped her.
"sakura...I'm really sorry. i thought you still love me. i realized when you left konoha that i also love you. thats why i don't want to regret for the second time that i will loose you AGAIN'' sasuke said looking at sakura "sakura do you still love me?"
sakura bit her lower lip
'do we still like him?'
'i dont know to you'
'im really confused...when he said he like me i feel like i want to come back, but thinking that i was engaged with gaara is really confusing me'
"i ask you once do you still love me?'' sasuke asked now his voice is high but sweet
"No! i don't y..ou anymore!" slowly sakura said as she says the word love
"then one last hug and i'll stop annoying you" sasuke said stepping forward and he hugged her tightly "I love you and will never stop loving you!" sasuke whispered into sakura's ears and turn his back to sakura
sakura again bit her lower lip but this time harder and it bleed...all of the sudden rain came pouring and sakura came running and hugged sasuke's back
"sasuke...i love you too..."sakura said and tears came falling her eyes. sasuke's eyes widened as sakura says the words i love you too. he hold both her wrist and and faced her. the rain still pouring heavier than before.
"sakura..." sasuke's mouth managed to say as he kiss sakura softly in the lips and she didn't protest. as they kiss, the rain stops and they also stopped kissing.
"maybe the rain wants us to settle down!" sasuke said with a smirk
"maybe!" sakura answered with a grin they entered sakura's apartment, they sat on the couch holding each others hands"sasuke what will i tell gaara?" as sakura broke the silence "can i sleep here i'm soaking wet? i will catch cold.."sasuke said looking at sakura"hey Uchiha I'm asking you bout gaara!"sakura said fakingly angry at sasuke
"hey don't call me uchiha! i feel im older than you!" sakura was shocked as she heard the words i'm older than you. she remembered her second day in suna, gaara told her not to call him lord kazekage because he feels his older than her
"hey! sakura are you alright?" sasuke asked at sakura worrily
"what happened?"
"so...can i sleep here?"
"what you don't want me to stay here? its ok i'll catch cold!"sasuke asked with a look of annoyance
"let me finish first! no! you can't go home because you'll definitely catch cold!" sakura said and sasuke smirked and hugged her and whispered to her ears "i really love my cherry blossom"and sakura answered "i also love you"

The next day
sakura woke up and saw sasuke by her side. He was still sleeping(but really nothing interesting happened). she checked the window to her surprised...she saw gaara standing and waiting patiently infront of the door.
'OMG! gaara is at the door! what will i do? what will do?'
"sasuke! sasuke! wake up!" sakura said waking the young uchiha
"what is it my...saku..ra...?"sasuke asked sleepily
"gaara!!" sakura said looking at sasuke with wide eyes
"what do you mean by gaara?" sasuke asked puzzled
"gaara's outside!"
"what!?" sasuke widened his eyes and his face was shocked
"ok! heres the plan when gaara gets inside the house. you use the window to get out ok?"
"got it!"sasuke said and sakura got ready and went downstairs. she opened the door and makes a fake face that she was surprised.
"oh! sakura...i came here to check on you!" gaara said looking at the pink haired girl
"come in!" sakura offered gaara . gaara came in
"you know why i came here"
"yes for naruto!"
"no! the truth is, first i wanted to check you, second i wanted to see naruto, and the third one is i wanted you to throw a party for yourself because now you came back in konoha after 3 full years"
"gaara! your really nice and sweet!" sakura said but feeling guilty "well tonight?"
"why not?"
"thanks!" sakura said giving the kazekage a big hug
So sakura made invitations and gave it to her friends. the party will be held at club 99 and it will start at exactly seven pm
AT CLUB 99 at 7 PM
the party just started, and all were present the party really looks nice. decorations were everywhere. lights are all in different colors. sakura was happy she was having fun. and of course gaara too because if sakura was happy he will also be. then eating time came.
"lets eat!" sakura said. sakura sited between gaara and sasuke(sitting position from the right side of the table from left to right:ten-ten, neji, kiba, shino, lee, chouji, and from the left part of the table from left to right:gaara, sakura, sasuke, ino, shikamaru, naruto, hinata). as everyone started eating, conversations started. gaara looked at everyone but he always look at sakura. gaara's face felt sad.

'sakura has never been like this happy before, not when she's with sasuke' the kind kazekage thought
when the party was over, everyone went home and gaara was to stay at sakura's apartment.they entered sakura's apartment. sakura went in first and followed by gaara
"sakura, I know you still love him!"gaara said and sakura's eyes widened, her back facing the kazekage. "sakura...i'll ask you once you still love him?...i don't want you to regret that you married me!...i give you your freedom...i don't own you me do you still love him?" gaara said still facing sakura's back.
sakura faced the sad kazekage and walked up to him.she hugged him tightly and said "gaara...those three years being with you means a lot to're very kind, you cared a lot for me, you loved me so much..." then silence "but" paused sakura "i can't return the feelings that you have towards me..." paused again "i ...still...lo...ved..sasuke...gaara i'm really sorry" sakura ended
"sakura im not angry nor mad at you...if thats whats make you happy...i'll set you free..."gaara said as he looks into sakura's eyes
"gaara what about the ring?'' sakura asked
"keep it! its the sign of our past relationship..."
"gaara!" sakura said giving gaara i kiss 'his really a good kisser' sakura's thoughts said wildly
''whats that for sakura?" the surprised kazekage asked
"gaara in that three years i never given you a kiss thats the kiss i wanted to give you before" sakura said
the next day
"gaara will go back to suna?" naruto asked
"yes! so lets give him a farewell message!" sakura said
"lets go!"
tsunade waved good-bye to the kazekage "bye- gaara have a safe trip.." tsunade-sama said
"gaara!" as gaara stopped he looked back and saw sakura. she ran up to him and kissed him once more. everyone was looking especially the jealous uchiha. "sakura!" gaara said his eyes wide opened
"i will miss you! i will miss suna! i will miss gaara!" sakura said breaking the kiss
" happy with your loved one! i will really miss you too! bye!" gaara said waving them ba- bye
"hey! why'd you kiss him?" sasuke asked looking at sakura and hiding the jealousy he has for the kazekage
"it was a friendly kiss"
"hn!" sasuke said slipping his hands into his pockets
"jealous?" sakura asked teasing sasuke
"No! why will i be jealous? your all mine now!"
"ows?" sakura asked ranning and sasuke chased her

(A/N: Sorry 4 some words are wrong spelled...)
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