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Posted 6/12/08
Under Construction
Posted 6/16/08 , edited 6/16/08
Osu!!!!.... im back and im gonna be covering the Dragonball movie like a i was before...

I think we can make exception for Dragonball even though it is an American made movie....

Anywa Ive taken a look at the original first draft of the script for the movie and

from the looks of it id say this movie is gonna be pretty freakin awesome!!!..

But there are parts i hope they fix in the final draft... dont worry i wont spoil any of it...

anyway Krillin might make a Cameo appearance.. im lookin forward to that...

Heres one of the latest Pics for the movie itself.... it could be another movie poster....

but i dont know for sure..

It isnt lookin half bad.. well keep comin back as i will add more

updates as i get more info on the Dragonball movie... Look forward to the next post

until then Cya....
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