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Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/13/09

LLawlight wrote:

My favorite episode is episode 11. I started and finished the whole series yesterday.
I guess my favorite scene is from episode 4. The S and M question.

Eto's question:Between S and M, of course, it's S.
Dealer: Well then please place your vote within 6 hours.
Nao: Mr. Akiyama
Akiyama: Did you notice something?
Nao: S and M... What is it?
Akiyama:....... Well... It's kind of like the difference between "defense" and "offence".
S stands for strike, while M stands for maintain.
Nao: Then according to my character I am... M, right?
Akiyama: Hey...
Nao: It's alright. Acordding with our strategy, my vote will be "yes", so I am S.
Akiyama: No.. That's not what I meant...
Nao: What is it?
Akiyama: I think it's best if you don't say things like that out loud.
Nao: Oh, you're right. -Walks forward, looks around stupidly-
Akiyama: wait.
Nao: Yes?
Akiyama: You really are M.
Nao: I... really am M?
Akiyama: Anyways, you should vote "No"

lol i liked that part but i feel so dumb cuz i still dont really get the real gist of it. what is s and m/??!?!
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Posted 4/30/09 , edited 5/1/09
hmmmm favorite parts..........i'd say the whole thing but the most
parts i liked was ............i dunno (。>‿<。) Wayy
too much XD but i didnt like Akiyama's history.
Heres some major parts i wly like:
Spoiler!!! i mean it!!
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