butterfly lover to sword butterfly
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Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08

Source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/x/2008-05-09/12472020182.shtml
Translated by: irrationally adept @ AF.net
Charlene with a cute and bubbly scholarly attire, Taiwan's pretty boy, Wu Zun with a black attire and sword in his hand, Hu Ge with a blue long attire as a martial magistrate. Tam Jun Yan transforms to a one-eyed antagonis. Hong Kong director, Ma Chu Cheng who has been directing 'Butterfly Lover' has been filming in Shanghai for almost half a month. Yesterday, the press went to visit them on set, but the weather was quite bad and the outdoor shooting was cancelled. Main leads have to stay indoors posing and showing stances.

Although its initial name is 'Butterfuly Lover', the director reveals that the story is not about Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai. Wu zun as Liang Zhong Shan and Charlene as Zhu Yan are the afterlife of Liang Zhu. The movie is all about the love story of Liang Zhu after they were transformed to butterflies. To show that the move has nothing much to do with Liang Zhu, the director changed the title to 'Sword Butterfly'

Charlene shows her feminine side.

Charlene has to take up the show after her good sister, Gillian quitted. But 'Sword Butterfly' originally wanted Charlene in it. However, she doesn’t have time for this show and hence Gillian took it up for her. The director is pleased that Charlene is back again as the female lead. There was a scene which was originally meant to filmed yesterday which shows charlene leaving home for the first time. She was dressed in scholarly attire and doesn’t know the dangers of society. She was nearly robbed of her jewellery but luckily for her, her senior, Wu Zun is there to save her.

Charlene is all along cute and bubbly and her roles have all along been weird. But the director told the reporters, "This time I want Charlene to show more of her feminine side. Charlene has expressed her character in the movie has more than one side to her character. She is a tomboyish at the starting and very much into the drama; she will change to a very feminine woman. The mood of the first half of the movie is a comedy but it is very tragic at the second half. Charlene said that you will definitely cry when you watch it. She even revealed that she cried many times after reading the story a few times. Also, the director wants to find a butterfly cave/valley to make the movie more realistic.

Wu Zun fight, is hurt badly.

Wu Zun appeared to be bored after being asked these questions. However, he became more excited after the reporters asked him of his role in the movie. It was known that the director has invited Chen Xiao Dong to direct the action scenes. He has come up with many beautiful action scenes to coincide with the drama. Wu Zun was very proactive for his first movie. He insisted not using substitute and many martial scenes were real. Even those bump on the door and knock into the wall scenes were executed by him personally without any signs of retreat. In the end, he hurt his hand till it bled. The wound can still be seen clearly till now. But wu zun doesn’t seem bothered by it. "i just want to try it myself. If i use substitute, it will be meaningless."

However, Chen Xiaodong is very scared. "I kept telling him, its okay your hand is injured. But you must protect your handsome face."

Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
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