Fated To Love You” rating of 8.13 breaks Taiwanese idol drama record
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Posted 6/12/08
“Fated To Love You” rating of 8.13 breaks Taiwanese idol drama record"

Source: http://www.settv.com.tw/enews/msg_template1.php?news_no=1055
Translated by [email protected]

TTV/SETTV “Fated To Love You” rating hits new highs yesterday and set a new record for Taiwanese idol drama with a high rating of 8.13. According to statistic, the number of people who watched TTV’s main channel last Sunday and the two timeslots on SET last Saturday added together reached 10 millions. This means that during last weekend, on average one out of every two people in Taiwan has watched this idol drama. It has become a national activity! SET’s executive vice president Su Li Juan gave out red packets of 200 thousands prize money as bonus. When Ethan Ruan received news of the ratings yesterday, he immediately called Chen Qiao En. However, the first words Chen Qiao En’s said are: “Ah! Then I must call Ming Dao immediately!” Ethan Ruan said jokingly: “They are really close!”

Yesterday Chen Qiao En had to stay in Yilan for filming, so Ethan Ruan and Baron Chen took time to hurry back to Taipei for the celebration. TTV especially prepared sashimi arranged into letters of 8.13 to symbolize the fresh and top ratings. Ethan Ruan said: “Yesterday granny (Tan Ai Zhen) reminded me that I must go vegetarian if the ratings break 8. So from today onwards, I will eat vegetarian food for breakfast and supper on the 1st and 5th of the lunar calendar. Looks like the sashimi must be shared with everybody today!” Baron Chen who is at his side joked: “It’s not a surprise to break 8. But if the ratings break 10 then Ethan Ruan must swim naked!” Ethan Ruan was stunned for two seconds and then dragged Baron Chen into the waters. “It’s too boring to swim naked alone, we should swim together!” When Chen Qiao En who is in Yilan heard that they are swimming naked she asked to cover up the essential areas, but Ethan Ruan said that this is too easy on her. Even Baron Chen who seldom talked blurted out: “She probably can’t cover it!” This brings out the laughter from everyone!

TTV/SETTV’s idol drama “Fated To Love You” really hit it. In the drama, the ups and downs of the relationship between Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Ruan) and Chen Xin Yi (Chen Qiao En) and the conflicted feelings between them successfully captured the audience’s hearts. During last Sunday’s episode, Chen Qiao En nearly had a miscarriage and was hospitalized, causing Ji Cun Xi who is staying at Anna’s home to secretly go home to visit her. Ethan Ruan said: “I was deep into the scene and my entire person and feelings are woven tightly together. It’s hard to describe the guilt towards Xin Yi and I didn’t even know what I was doing.” But regarding the drama which has achieved high ratings and become the drama which everybody in the country watched, Ethan Ruan said: “Actually every drama fluctuate a little, but today’s success and the rising ratings really surprise me and I am touched!”


Just to clarify, the 8.13 refers to the highest ratings for a particular segment. FTLY's average ratings for episode 11 (highest so far) is 6.71.


8.13??~!?!? WOW!! lolz

well. they really deserve high ratings. its a good drama.. ^_________^
Posted 6/12/08
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