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Because I love you
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Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
I hope you will all like this fanfic!!! remember every week I will change the fanfic!!!

I hope you will put your opinion, reaction, comment or anything about the story!!! at the last page!!!

~~~~~~~~~~Because I Love You~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 1:

Natsume Hyuuga was getting ready for school. He’s wearing a blue jogging pants and white baggy shirt. His hair was flatly brushed on both sides with a hair polish that made it shiny. He has a pair of big eyeglasses on his eyes that cover his tantalizing crimson orbs. A big backpack on his back to complete his make-over. His make-over as the school’s greatest NERD OR FREAK. He was impatiently tapping his right foot while waiting for his best friend Ruka outside the house. Suddenly he saw a familiar pink Mercedes Benz coming. His eyes narrowed when saw the car. He was surprised when the car nearly hit him…fortunately he fastly dodges the car and fell on his ass to the floor. The car stopped.

“Hey are you going to kill me?” Natsume shrieked.

The girl opened her window car and turned her head towards Natsume’s directions and smile sweetly at him.

“Oh! Ohayo Natsume-kun! What’s up?” said the girl.

The girl has brunette hair which is curled in big curls which follow her every move. She’s wearing a black tube that shows her curve, a white mid-thigh denim shorts and a black high-heeled sandals. She has big rounded diamond earrings, diamond heart locket necklace, and diamond made watch and 3 big shinning bangles on her right hand. She has white Prada shoulder bag that hung on her shoulder and pink shades that cover her brown orbs. She has smooth pale skin. She was indeed beautiful and sexy and not to mention, really seductive. She was Mikan Sakura. Alice Academy’s Campus Sweetheart. She’s a head turner. Every people she walked pass was always turning their head just to glance at her. She was popular at her school and outside. Has many suitors in different year level and has 5 different fan clubs. Many girls envious her because almost of the boys try their luck to date her. To the ugliest to the most handsome but Mikan turned them down because the only guy she like rather love is…


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Chapter 2:

Natsume Hyuuga…

Mikan come out on her pink car. She was facing Natsume. She smiled at him. She removed her shades on her eyes and put it on top of her head. She winked at him.

“Ohayo Natsume-kun!” Mikan said as she move her way to him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Natsume screamed furiously

“Oh! Is that your way of greeting your soon-to-be girlfriend? But oh well, to satisfy you honey, Ruka called me and said to pick you up since he’ll be picking Hotaru” said Mikan while walking up to him nearer. She stop on Natsume’s front

“Tsk! Cut the crap! Stop that blabbering of yours, your not my soon-to-be girlfriend and will never be” Natsume said

Mikan smirked, making herself more seductive and gorgeous.

"Don't assume things Natsume-kun"

"I swear to myself that I'm not going to like you!"

“Oh yeah? How about this?” Mikan said with that seductive voice of hers. She slowly put her arms around Natsume’s neck and crashed her lips against his, kissing Natsume passionately. She pushed herself closer to Natsume to the point Natsume can feel her tits. Natsume was shocked, not finding the right move. She closed her eyes and makes the kiss more passionately as she can. She lifted her right hand and gently caressed Natsume's cheekss while the other was placed on his clothed chest rubbing it gently. She finally broke the kiss when she can’t breathe anymore. She trailed kisses on Natsume’s neck up to his ears and said…

“How was it baby? Do you like it then? You’ll be getting more than that if you become my precious boyfriend” She said on his ears and nibbles it slightly. Mikan smirk. Natsume’s eyes widen when she heard her words. Boyfriend? Him? Is she crazy?

“I’ll make sure one day I’ll be you girlfriend” She announced. “Come on we’re going to be late…I’ll give you ride…” Mikan said winking at him. Natsume finally went back on the reality.

“No thanks…Maybe I should commute rather than having you with the same car” Natsume said and turned his back. Mikan grabbed his arm and kissed him again voraciously. Her arms enveloping him. She broke the kiss to catch some air and said…

“I told you, I’m giving you a ride” she said, pulling Natsume to her car. Natsume can smell her perfume. It was Victoria secret. It was Strawberry scent.


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Chapter 3:

Natsume was sitting on the passenger’s seat while Mikan sit on the driver’s seat. Natsume’s syebrows was twitching and he has frown on his face.

“Hey honey, are you angry?” Mikan asked mockingly

“How can’t I be angry? If I’m with someone like you?”

“Why? What’s the problem about me?” Mikan asked

“Because you’re a self-centered person, pulling me here without my consent. You even stole a kiss from me earlier. Natsume shrieked ‘and because you’re a slut’ Natsume wanted to add that.

“Oh honey, just admit it. You love my kisses. It’s not like the first time we kiss.” Mikan said while looking at the road.

“That’s the reason why I’m pissed off idiot; you’re always stealing a kiss from me. You kissed me without my permission.” Natsume defended

“I already told you I love you, If I ask your permission to kiss you, I won’t be able to have my kiss” Mikan said

“Why do you even bother yourself on me? Why don’t you accept your other suitors?” Natsume asked

“Because you’re different” Mikan answered

“Different? Yeah! I’m different because I’m nit handsome like the other. Aren’t you embarrassed being seen with me?” Natsume said while his bangs covering his eyes.


“Where are you taking me Shinji-kun?” Asked the innocent Mikan

“Nowhere, I just wanted you to experience something” said Shinji while smiling evilly

They walked to a secluded area (more like a stock room) as Shinji pinned the shock Mikan to the wall. Mikan is squirming to free from his tight grasp but Shinji has stronger upper body than Mikan.

“What are you doing Shinji?” Mikan shrieked

“Nothing, I just want to” Shinji said as his right hand was starting to feel her thighs. “You know what? You’re sexy and hot as ever” Shinji said huskily

“Stop this! Helpppppppppppp!” Mikan screamed

Outside was a certain raven-haired boy was walking in the area holding a pot of flowers. He suddenly heard a girl screaming for help. He quickly rushed for her aid.

“Shinji! Stop this! Mikan screamed as Shinji kissed her neck. Suddenly a loud “Crack” was heard. Shinji fell unto the floor. She saw a raven haired boy panting very hard and was holding a broken pot which seen to be the root of Shinji to faint. Mikan burst in tears on the floor as Natsume kneeled down and handed Mikan a handkerchief.


“Arigato” Mikan said and hugged Natsume “I’m scared, he nearly raped me”

“It’s ok now, your safe; come on let’s go to the principal to report this”

And they trailed. After that incident MIkan learn to love Natsume despite his looks and she keeps following Natsume. Greeting him, annoying him, kissing him forcefully and of course loving him.

Flashback end

“I didn’t say you’re different because of that reason, and no, I’m not embarrassed. Why would I? Besides I don’t care about looks…I considered the personality more” Mikan said passionately.

Natsume was shock at what she said. They finally arrived at school. When the boys saw the car, the boys suddenly stop from their business. They wanted to glance to the gorgeous brunette. One of the hottest guys named Keiji walked to her car. Mikan came out of the car.

“Oh! Hi Mikan! You’re looking great” Keiji said flirtatiously


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Chapter 4:

“Oh! Hi Mikan! You’re looking great!” Keiji said flirtatiously. Keiji is in his 4th year on the Middle School department. He has green hair and violet eyes.

“Oh thanks Keiji…thanks...I guess” Mikan said lazily

Suddenly the door on the passenger’s car opened. The student’s jaw dropped when they saw who the person was…Keiji was insulted. He can’t believe a freak can be with Mikan on the same car. He walked up to Natsume and grabbed him by the collar.

“Hey freak! What do you think your doing in Mikan’s car” he asked furiously. He punched Natsume’s cheek. Natsume was thrown to the floor.

“Natsume!” Mikan screamed. She ran fast as she can to go to Natsume’s side. She takes out her Armando Caruso handkerchief. She holds Natsume’s face and gently wipe the blood on his face. Natsume groaned because of pain.

“Natsume are you alright? If you like I’ll bring you to the nurse.” Mikan asked with concern on her face and voice. Natsume didn’t answer.

“Why did you do that for?” What did Natsume did to you?” She yelled angrily.

“Are you saying that you’re taking his side against me? What did you saw on that FREAK? He don’t deserve someone like you Mikan! You’re way too perfect for him. He’s a nerd nothing but an outcast! He doesn’t have any place in this world, so enough for this craziness Mikan! I know your just playing with him and the one you really like is me!” Keiji said furiously

“How conceited can you be? Who even told you that I like you? And don’t call him a freak because you don’t have the right to judge him. I’ll be rather off with someone like him than someone like you!” Mikan answered back.

“I said stop this craziness Mikan and don’t go near that freak again” Why do you even bother yourself on that FREAK?” Keiji said emphasizing the word FREAK.

“I love him…that’s why” said Mikan while her eyes covering by her bangs.


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Chapter 5:

“I love him that’s why” Mikan said. Keiji and the other students was shock.

What? Mikan Sakura the “Campus Sweetheart” was in love with the school’s “Greatest Dork”? That was hilarious but the truth hurts! Suddenly Ruka came with his arms on Hotaru’s waist.

“What’s happening here?” Ruka said, and then he noticed Natsume still sitting in the floor with some blood on his lips.. “Natsume! What happen to you?” Ruka asked her bestfriend with concern.

“It’s none of your business Ruka” Natsume answered

Natsume stood up and run as fast as he can from the crowd. Mikan stood up and was about to follow Natsume when Hotaru stop her.

“Let him be Mikan…he need sometime to be alone” Hotaru said expressionless.

“Yeah Mikan let him be…just leave him alone first, come on were going to be late” Ruka said while smiling. They trailed their way to the classroom.


Natsume was sitting on the Sakura Tree. ‘She defended me that was the first time someone defended me beside from Ruka. She said she loves me…did she really mean it? Or is she just playing with me like Keiji said? Every time she kisses me, I can feel butterflies on my stomach. I don’t want to fall for her…I might end up hurting myself. Keiji is right she is way too special and perfect form someone like me. I need to control myself! Yeah control! But how? Mikan Sakura, you’re really something…you’re making me crazy.’ Natsume thought to himself. Natsume trailed to the classroom.

At the classroom…

“Hotaru! Do you think Natsume’s alright?” Mikan asked teary eyed

“He’ll be fine, he’s old enough and he can take care of himself.” Hotaru said emotionless

"but...but..." Mikan said stammering

Suddenly the door clicked open and revealed Natsume. Mikan was so happy to see him. She stoop up immediately, the moment she saw him. She hugged Natsume tight.



“I’m sorry about earlier” Mikan apologized while burying her cheeks unto Natsume’s firm nice chest. Natsume removed Mikan’s arms that enveloping him. He started to trail on his seat. After that incident, Natsume keep ignoring Mikan but as for Mikan she kept pestering him until he give up and talk to her but Natsume never gave in. Like this day…

“Natsume-kunnnnnnnnnnnnn!!” Mikan shrieked while Natsume stop and looked away. “What do you think your doing? Why do you ignore me?” Mikan asked. No reply. “Ugh! What’s your problem jerk?” still no reply. “Fine, be that way but promise me that your going to be on the party. I want to see you there.” Mikan leave.

“Tsk! Whatever!” Natsume said


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Chapter 6:

“Natsume! What are you going to wear for party?” Ruka asked with a smile.

“I’m not going, I might as well ruined the party” Natsume said nonchalantly

“What are you saying? Mikan will surely be sad when you don’t show up”

“I don’t care if she’ll be sad or not, I’m not going to that party and that’s final”

“Please Natsume...I don’t want Mikan to be sad” Ruka begged. Natsume looked at Ruka and gave in.

“Fine then, I’ll go”

“Thanks Natsume”

At the party...

Mikan is extremely gorgeous tonight. Mikan was wearing a pink haltered backless that fits her good, a black miniskirt and flat sandals that has long straps that reach 5 inches about her ankle. Her hair was curls and has an expensive headband about 1 inch thick. She has ruby dangling earrings that on her ears. A silver watch; a big star shape ruby necklace that hang on her neck and a ruby bracelet. She’s sure is rich. She can have the cheapest to the expensive jewelleries.

“That guy, where is he?” Mikan thought. She was sitting on a round table for ten along with Hotaru, Anna, Nonoko and Sumire. They are drinking their vodka suddenly the boys came.

“Sorry we’re late” Ruka said and the girls nodded their head.

“We have gone to the mall because we need to buy some clothes for Natsume” Yuu explained

“It’s ok” Said Anna. Suddenly a certain raven-haired boy went inside. They were stunned when they saw him. Natsume looks hot and gorgeous (a/n: Oh my God! Natsume I love you! Please be my boyfriend!). Mikan and the other girl’s eyes widen(a/n: wider than a plate people!). She can' believer her eyes. The boy’s jaw dropped. Natsume was wearing a black pants and a blue polo shirt with tribal design at the back. His nice firm chest and hot body was obvious on his shirt. He wears black shoes; his hair was not on its usual style. It was in a messy style that fits his looks. His raven hair compliments his crimson eyes which is by the way free from his large glasses. He has this ruby earring on his left ears. His hand was placed on his pocket.

“Why? Is there a problem??” Natsume asked emotionless

“Nothing, you just look not like Natsume” The girls answered in unison; except for Mikan and Hotaru. Mikan was still shock to see how handsome her “NATSUME”. (Well perhaps, I should say MY Natsume...wahhhheee)

“Hey, baka youjo; are you going to stare at me for the whole time?” Natsume said as he walked to the barista. Mikan snapped to reality and realized what he said and screamed.

“Natsume no baka!!”

Girls are giggling and blushing while looking at Natsume, even the barista was giggling at him.

“How did he look like that?” Anna asked while her eyes were sparkling.

“I don’t know, when we came at his pent to pick him up he look already like that, except he still has his normal clothes. He asked as to accompany him to the mall to buy some clothes. Mikan wasn’t listening to their chatting because she felt jealous when she saw Luna flirting with Natsume.

“Hey Natsume, want to got to my place?” Luna asked flirtatiously. Luna is sexy and beautiful but not as gorgeous as Mikan. She ranked only second to Mikan. She’s in her last year at the Middle school division, same as Keiji; one year younger than Mikan and Natsume.

“No thanks” Natsume said lazily

“Oh come on, I know you want it” Luna said as caressed Natsume’s lips seductively.

“I said no! So go away you SLUT!” Natsume said to Luna. Luna was shocked because no one rejected her.

“Fine be that way, but I‘ll make sure you’ll be mine” Luna said and walked away. Mikan saw how Natsume treated Luna and she suddenly smiles to herself. She drinks her Vodka. Her thought was interrupted when Hotaru speak.

“Why don’t we play truth or dare?” Hotaru suggested.

“Yeah! That’s a good idea” Koko said

“How about Natsume? Aren’t we going to make him join?” Mikan asked

“He wouldn’t like stuff like this” Ruka explained. They got a empty bottle. Hotaru spin it and the bottle landed on Mikan. Mikan was finally drunk because of too much Vodka.

“Mikan, truth or dare?” Hotaru asked

“Dare” MIkan answered while drinking another shot. Hotaru saw another girl flirting with Natsume and thought of a nice dare...She smirked inwardly

“Mikan, I dare you to...”


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“Mikan, I dare you to kiss Natsume on the lips”

On Nastume…

“Hey Natsume-san, want to dance?” said a girl name Haruka

“Go away” Natsume said. Natsume was drinking his wine when suddenly Mikan came out between him and the girl. Mikan smiled at Natsume and faced the girl afterwards.

“Don’t you dare flirt with him, he doesn’t like you; so go away before I tell the principal to kick your ass out of the hell of this school” Mikan said and she quickly faced Natsume.

“Hey baby, don’t get angry ok It’s just a dare” Mikan said and slammed her lips to Natsume. She snaked her arms around Natsume’s neck. Her eyes were close. Natsume was dumbfounded and again he felt butterflies on his stomach. His eyes were wide in shock. She kissed Natsume hungrily yet with so much passion and love. Natsume can feel it. The students jaw dropped because of her bold actions. Boys got really jealous especially Keiji. His eyes narrowed because of the scene he was witnessing; he was gripping the goblet of whiskey tight that may cause the goblet to break. On the other hand, Luna throws her glasses on the floor because of too much jealousy. ‘Mikan Sakura, you’re such a whore. I swear one day I’m going to bring you down; starting from your precious Natsume’ Luna thought furiously. Mikan and Natsume’s friends gasped because of astonishment except for Hotaru. Hotaru just smirked because of her masterpiece.

“I didn’t expect Mikan to kiss Natsume that hard” Yuu said sweat dropping. The other’s nodded.

Mikan and Natsume

Mikan broke the kiss and smiled at Natsume sweetly. Natsume was still dumbfounded. Mikan grab Natsume’s goblet and drink the remaining wine when suddenly Mikan collapse because of too much alcohol. Natsume manage to catch her. Natsume hold her waist to support her body. He was sure Mikan was too drunk because he can smell too much alcohol that emit from Mikan’s body. Hotaru stood up and walk towards Natsume and Mikan. She handed Natsume a piece of paper.

“What is this Imai?” Natsume asked confused.

“Mikan’s address idiot, take her home; make sure she’ll be safe” Hotaru said emotionlessly and walked away from the two. Natsume was about to protest when he heard Mikan murmured his name.

“Natsume…” Mikan murmured

‘Mikan…I guess I don’t have any choice’ Natsume thought; he carry Mikan bridal style. Natsume droved off. Finally he reaches Mikan’s address.

“No doubt, she’s really rich” Natsume said to himself. Sakura’s are really rich. Her father own 7 five stars hotel, 13 technology companies, 2 car dealership, 10 famous restaurants, 15 high class department stores and 8 T.V networks. Her father was known as “World’s greatest businessman” whiles his father only ranked second. Her mother owns Sakura modeling centers, and a fashion house. There’s no doubt Mikan’s clothes are expensive. It was designer clothes of course. She has every sample of their company’s clothes. Sometimes Mikan will be their model for some fashion shows; both international and local. He’s no match for her business. Mikan’s family owns the electric company where the whole Japan takes electricity and in fact she owns Gakuen Alice. His family only owns the “Hyuuga Telecoms” while his mother owns a famous magazine publishing house in Japan. He breaks his thoughts and carry Mikan to her mansion. He knock and an old lady open the door.

“Oh my God! What happen to the young miss?” Ask the old lady panicky.

“She’s drunk” Natsume answered plainly.

“Ah…Mr.; Can you bring her to her room, it’s upstairs.” The old lady requested. Natsume nodded. He carried Mikan and gently laid her to the bed. He looked at her face and found it to be beautiful. He removes strands of hair so that he can see Mikan’s face clearly. His heart was pounding really hard. Suddenly Mikan stir that cause her short skirt to flip up a little showing her smooth thighs. Natsume blushed because of the view of her thighs. He touched the hem of her skirt and gently pulled down the skirt to cover thighs. He gently removed her sandals. Suddenly, he noticed a picture on her table. It was a stolen shot of him sitting under the Sakura Tree. He smiled. The old lady came holding a basin with cold water.

“Young man what’s your name?” asked the old lady

“Hyuuga, Hyuuga Natsume” Natsume answered politely and bowed his head as a sign of respect. (a/n: really Natsume you know the word “respect”? Of he knows that, well maybe in my fic)

“Thank you for taking the young miss home.” The old lady bowed also.

“It’s nothing, don’t be too formal; by the way where are her parents?” Natsume interrogate

“Oh, her parents live in America; she lives here with us because she refuses to live in America because according to her she doesn’t want to leave her friends and a certain guy therefore her parents decided to leave her here with us; her parents just send money for her needs. Her parents usually come here every Christmas and spend the holiday with her.” The old lady giggled. Natsume looked at Mikan with compassion. He doesn’t know about her situation, maybe if he knows he might treat her well. Then it struck him “she doesn’t want to leave her friends and a certain guy”

“Who’s the guy?” Natsume asked curiously.

“I don’t know, she doesn’t tell us the name of the lucky guy. By the way, are you his boyfriend?” Asked the old lady. Natsume blushes hundred shades of red because of the question.

“No, I’m just a friend of her, nothing more, nothing less” Natsume answered still blushing.

“Oh sorry for the misinterpretation” said the old lady apologically

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it” Natsume said while smiling. “Maybe I should go home, it’s quite too late already” Natsume said.

“I can ask the driver to bring you home cause it seems you don’t have your car with you, there’s no bus and taxis at this period of time.” Suggested the old lady. Natsume nodded in agreement.


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Chapter 8:

Natsume didn’t go back to his Nerdy look. He was now a campus heartthrob; having a fan club with million of girls in different level, and when I say MILLION, I really mean it. He was now ranked first in the survey “Who is the most gorgeous lad in Alice Academy?” Ruka ranked second while Keiji ranked third.

Natsume, Ruka, Koko, Yuu and Mochu were playing snooker outside the campus. Suddenly Mikan came along with Hotaru, Anna, Nonoko and Sumire. Ruka saw Hotaru and kissed her cheeks. Mikan saw Natsume and went towards him.

‘I should thank him for last night, after all I became a burden to him last night; carrying me and driving me home’ Mikan thought and giggle. Just thinking of that thought makes Mikan giggle.

Natsume was still playing. He has this annoyed expression when she saw Mikan. Mikan come closer to Natsume and leaned her back on the snooker table.

“Hi Natsume-kun” Mikan greeted

Natsume looked at her for a second then snob her.

“I just wanted to say thank you for carrying me last night” Mikan said and smile.

“And by the way Natsume--” Mikan said but Natsume cut her off.

“Next time you drink; drink only the amount you can carry. You’re disturbing other people with your reckless actions. If you want boys to respect you, then stop treating yourself as a sexy tart.” Natsume raised his voice.

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean? You even bit a guy to drink from bars and when you dress, it’s like Japan’s has some shortage of textile. You even dance like there’s no tomorrow and you open yourself to every man you meet. You’re so like a prostitute”. Natsume finished. Mikan’s smile faded.

“Natsume-kun, Mikan just drunk last night she doesn’t know what’s she’s doing. It’s not her fault” Nonoko said defending Mikan.

“Of course it is, if she didn’t drink too much she wouldn’t be like that” Natsume fight back.

“Stop it!” Mikan shouted and face Natsume.

“You don’t have the right to talk to me like that because you don’t know me.” Mikan said to Natsume

“I know enough about you…to…to…” Natsume said stammering

“To judge me?” Mikan asked but it’s more like a statement.

“Yes, to judge you” Natsume answered back.

“Now go away…” Natsume said and focused on the white ball on the billiard table but Mikan grab it. Natsume was pissed off and he looked at Mikan.

“Regret what you said just now” Mikan said looking at Natsume angrily.

“Why would I? The truth really hurts eh?” Natsume said sarcastically

“Then let’s make a bet” Mikan suggested

“I refused to”

“If I win, you’ll spend the whole weekend with me, all expenses are paid by you of course and you’ll regret what you said just now” Mikan dared.

“You’re crazy” Natsume answered

“Why? Are you scared? Scared to lose unto me? I didn’t know you have cowardness on you ” Mikan asked.

“I already told you I refuse. What meaning can’t you understand on the word REFUSE?”

“But…I insist…You should pay for insulting me; just admit it you’re scared” Murmurs and whispers can be heard throughout the room. Natsume was pissed off.

“Fine then, but if I win; you’ll get out of my life” Natsume said indignantly

“Call, a deal is a deal” Mikan answered

Natsume is the first one to play. He focused on the ball and he shot it…


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Chapter 9:

Natsume is the first one to play. He focused on the white ball and shot it but unfortunately he misses it. Mikan smirked. She leaned down and focused to the whit ball. She pointed her billiard stick and shot it. 2 balls were in! Mikan smirked again. She moved to the other side and focused again. She shot the white ball and she was able to shoot 2 balls. Natsume gulped and he was now starting to sweat. Only 1 balls left. Mikan go to Natsume’s side and pushed him slightly using her hips. She focused on the ball; and she shots 2 balls. Natsume started to sweat harder. 2 balls were only left. Mikan winked at Natsume. She focused again but she misses it. Natsume smirked and she just shrugged. He positions himself and focused but he misses it. ‘SHIT’ he thought. Their friends are watching as well as the others. Ruka is so nervous while Hotaru just watch emotionlessly. Mikan smirked. She sat on the billiard table sexily and lifted the sticked and shot the white ball (what do we call to that technique?). 1 ball was in. Only one left. Natsume sweated more. He wipes the sweat that trickled down on his forehead. Mikan positioned and focused again on how to make this damn blue ball in to that stupid hole. She sighs lazily. She shot the white ball and the blue ball was in, which means the game is officially over. She won! Natsume’s eyes widened. The boys shouted in triumph. Mikan lifted herself up and looked at Natsume while walking towards him. Natsume was still shock. He kept looking at the table out of the blue. Suddenly gentle soft hands grabbed his arms. Mikan put her left arm at Natsume’s neck while the other was on his raven hair. She pressed her warm lips to him. After a minute or so, she broke the kiss.

“Saturday, pick me up at 1:00, you must come or I’m going to sue you for verbal abuse” She said threateningly and have five with Anna and Nonoko. They started to trail.

“You know Natsume, maybe you should apologize to her, she might forget about the bet. Ruka said.

Saturday afternoon…

It was 12:00 noon. Mikan was cooking when suddenly the door bell rang. She run to the door and open it. She smiled at the sight of Natsume.

“Hey, you’re early, I didn’t expect this…I still not ready, but maybe this is ok…Come on! Let’s go!” Mikan said while pulling Natsume’s hand.

“I’m sorry…about last time.” Natsume said stammering

“It’s nothing, come on”

“I’m not going, I just come here to inform that and apologize”

“What?” Mikan said shocked

“I already regretted it so there’s no need for us to go together. You just made this bet so that I’ll regret what I said right?” Natsume said

“Ok then, but please come in for a while”

“No thanks, I need to go”

“Please just this once, you’re getting used on rejecting me” Natsume gave in and nodded. He came in. He sat down on the lilac sofa.

“What do you want, juice, iced tea or coffee?” Mikan asked while smiling.

“It’s ok, I don’t need anything”

“Come on, you’re my guest; I should treat you right”

“There’s no need really”

“I get you an iced tea” Mikan said and walked away and go inside the kitchen.

“Maybe I should put some sleeping pills here so you can rape her already” said the maid jockingly. ‘you think you can get away from this’ Mikan thought. She grabbed a knife on the kitchen and go outside. One of the maids brought the iced tea to Natsume.

“Where’s Mikan?” Natsume asked

“Young miss? Oh she’s…she’s in…the kitchen” said the maid stammering. Suddenly Mikan came in with a smile.

“Eat lunch here, since you’re already here” Mikan suggested

“No thanks, I’m going; thanks for the iced tea”

“Okay then” Mikan said. Natsume stood up and leave. He climbed on his car when suddenly he heard a loud “boom”. He checked on the tire of his cat and found it to be flat. Mikan suddenly came in riding on her new blue Ferrari.

“Oh! I thought you’re going home?”


“I see, come on I’ll give you a ride” Mikan suggested

“No need, I can do this”

“Come on, your just going to dirt yourself; I’ll ride you home.” Mikan said pulling Natsume away from his car. “Come on climb in” Natsume sighs in defeat. Nastume climbed on Mikan’s car.

“Guard…send the car to the Hyuuga residence, I’m just going to teach this guy a lesson to remember”

“What? What are you saying?”

“Come on” Mikan drove off.


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Chapter 10:

“Hey! I can’t believe your doing this! Stop the car!” Natsume yelled


“I said stop the car!” Natsume shrieked

“Shut up! You’re being noisy! Apology, apology; I don’t need you apology. You’ll see, you’re going to find what you’re looking for” Mikan answered back

“Hey Mikan, the stoplight is red! AH!” Natsume shrieked. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you think you’re the queen of the road? I told you it’s RED for Christ’s Sake. Natsume said

“Sorry, I didn’t notice” Mikan said with a teasing tone. Natsume jaw dropped.

Finally the two arrived at a big house. Natsume harshly climb out of the car.

“Here we are, this is one of our rest houses; so you’re free for the rent”

“Hmp” Natsume said while putting his hands on his waist. “I’m going home!” Natsume shouted.

“Oh sure!” Mikan teased. Natsume was finally reached his limit. He kick the floor and scratched his head with annoyance.

“Ok! Fine, fine…Let’s gonna so over done it. What are we gonna do?” Natsume asked

“Hey wait….I’m the winner on our bet, so I’m the one who will decide what to do and when to do those things” Mikan said irritated. They went inside the house.

“What are we going to eat? And beside how many room does this house have?” Natsume asked

“It has 5 rooms, and don’t worry I’m not gonna rape you” Mikan said

“And what will I wear?” Natsume asked.


At the mall…

Mikan was picking different clothes.

“Red or pink?” Mikan asked Natsume

“Of course Red, what to do you think of me? A gay?” Natsume answered irratibly.

Mikan picked 4 shirts and 2 pants. They gone to the men’s underwear section.

“What size?” Mikan asked smirking.

“What the hell are you asking?” Natsume said flushed

“I’m asking for the size of your underwear Mister” Mikan answered sarcastically. “Are you not planning wearing any underwear? Oh no! I’ll be having a rapist with me for the whole weekend.” Mikan said mockingly

“What are you saying? You’re the one who drag me here and you’re saying I’m the rapist here. Logically thinking, if this will known by the whole world the will definitely say that you’re the rapist here” Natsume said with the matter-of-fact tone.

“Whatever just hurry up and tell me the size” Mikan said demandingly

“Large” Natsume said blushing. Mikan smirked.

“Fine then” Mikan said and got 6 boxers for Natsume. They went to the cashier. The cashier was giggling and blushing. Mikan noticed it and get annoyed.

“Can you please hurry up, we still have some business to attend” Mikan said exasperatedly.

“What kind of business?” Natsume asked. Mikan noticed that the cashier lady was listening and she was doing her job angrily and Mikan thought of provoking her. Mikan smirked.

“Don’t know, maybe something like this” She holds Natsume’s face and kissed him passionately. Shoppers are shock; the cashier lady rolled her eyes. Natsume was shocked, his eyes was big as saucers. He didn’t expect that. Mikan broke the kiss.

“Why did you do that for?” Natsume asked

“You were asking what our business is and I just answered you and I’m also marking my territory.” She faced the cashier lady. “How much?”

“A thousand yen” answered the cashier while rolling her eyes.

“Give me 1000 yen” Mikan said to Natsume

“Why?” Natsume asked

“Of course for your clothes, Dummy” Mikan said annoyed. Natsume handed her a thousand yen.

“Here” Mikan said to the cashier lady. She grabbed the shopping bags and shoved it to Natsume.


Time passed and they become closer. Mikas is so happy because she’s now close to Natsume while Natsume was falling to Mikan more deeply.

Sunday night….

Mikan and Natsume were sitting under the luminous moonlight. They were eating and drinking some stuff (Not alcohol ok?). They were looking at the sky.

‘After this night, were going to back to normal. I wish this night wouldn’t end. I still want to be with you, but at least even just for a while I’ve been with you I’m so happy. You make me the most happiest girl in this world’ Mikan thought and looked at Natsume

“What’s wrong?” Natsume asked when he noticed Mikan looking at him

“Nothing Natsume-kun” Mikan said and smiled. Suddenly Natsume stood up, and he was like a person losing his mind. He looks like he wants to say something but couldn’t. Natsume’s eyes were covered by his bangs. Mikan noticed it.

“What’s wrong Natsume?” Mikan asked worriedly.

“Everything! I don’t like the way you dress, I don’t even like the way you dance, but...But…” Natsume said stammering

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Chapter 11:

“But…but…I love you” Natsume said in a low tone. Mikan’s ears perked up and her eyes were wide as a saucer.

“You loved me?” Mikan asked still inon the state of shock. Natsume nodded his head, looking at Mikan with sincerity and love. Mikan chuckled hysterically as her eyes somewhat wet because of tear of joy. Mikan hold Natsume’s neck and leaned to Natsume and pressed her lips against his. Natsune smile against Mikan’s lips and slowly drapped his arms around Mikan’s waist. Mikan kissed him passionately as Natsume responded to her with equal passion. Natsume genly laid Mikan to the ground and kissed her crazily. Mikan broke the kiss and smiled at Natsume as he smiled back to him. Mikan was indeed happy seeing, he smiled back at her. She hugged Natsume and buried her face against Natsume’s chest. Natsume hugged him back.

“I love you Natsume-kun, I love you” Mikan reiterate it for a thousand of times.

“I love you too Mikan” Natsume answered as they slowly carry themselves to sleep in each others arms.

Next morning at school…

Natsume along with Ruka, Hotaru and the others were chatting at the corridor(except for Mikan). They were waiting for the bell to ring.

“I thought so! I know you’re going to be ended with Mikan-chan , Natsume” said Koko

“Yeah! Mikan is too damn sexy to resist Natsume! You know what? When you kept on rejecting her I thought you have loosen a bolts on your head” Mochu said and the laugh.

“Hey! That’s insulting” Natsume shrieked

“You know Natsume, I’m happy for the both of you! Finally you’re together. Mikan is the only girl who loves you despite your looks (meaning his nerdy look).” Ruka said happily.

“Yeah! That’s why I love her very much. She doesn’t care about looks. Earlier when I met her and she starts bugging me, I thought that was the end of my peaceful world. I even thought she’s like other girls who like to flirt and play with boys, and after they were finish with them they just throw them away like trash. But as time passed, I can see how she loved and cared for me…I realized then that everything I thought about her was all wrong, she has a pure heart, a very clean heart, that she not like those rich girl who flirt and who open their self to every man they meet” Natsume said while smiling.

“You became mushy Hyuuga” Hotaru butted in.

“Imai!!” Natsume shouted

“Don’t you dare hurt that baka or I’ll bury you alive” Hotaru said emotionless but while a slight smile.

Suddenly, they heard soft murmurs. They were shocked to see Mikan. Natsume was smiling as Mikan was smiling at him too. Mikan was wearing a denim pants and a white polo shirt. Her hair was let down with its natural curly tips with a matching white clip at the left side of her hair. She was wearing white converse sneakers. She has a small body bag that hung on her body. She was walking towards his direction. When she was only inches away from him she greeted him with her sweetest voice.

“Hi baby!” Mikan greeted him while she wrapped her arms around Natsume and hugged him. Natsume hugged back, taking her strawberry scent.

“Hey baby, why are staring at me like that? Do I have stain on my face?” Mikan asked

“Uh! It’s nothing, don’t mind me…I guess I was just shocked. It’s seems not you” Natsume said while brushing Mikan’s hair.

“I don’t understand you baby… I really can’t figure out what you like and dislike” Mikan said pouting.

“It’s nothing just forget about it” Natsume said and peck Mikan’s lips and hugged her. Little did they know, behind was Keiji and Luna. Luna was staring at them angrily while Keiji was staring with despair. You can “Uy’s” and “Oi’s” around them.


Mikan and Natsume was walking side by side, hand in hand. Boys are greeting Mikan as she greets them back. Natsume was pissed off because Mikan was gretting them as if she was flirting with the boys, even though they were finally together. Natsume reached his limit and he dragged the smiling Mikan to the infamous Sakura tree. They sat down on the ground.

“Babe, anything wrong?” Mikan asked as she looked at Natsume with concern.

“Yeah, you! Why do you keep on flirting with boys?” Natsume yelled angrily.

“But I’m not flirting, I’m just greeting them” Mikan answered Natsume

“Stop greeting them it will look like you are flirting and it looks like you’re like those other…other” Natsume said stammering. He can’t say the last words. Mikan alreadt knew the last word and didn’t bother to asked him to continue. She just apologizes to Natsume because she knew, he was just jealous.

“I’m sorry babe; I won’t do that again…” Mikan said as she hugged Natsume’s waist and leaned her head to Natsume’s shoulder. Natsume placed his right arm around Mikan’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry again babe…”

“It’s ok, just don’t do that again” Mikan smiled and nodded her head like a kid.

“Yeah! I promise…I love you Natsume” Mikan said

“I love you too…Always remember that” Natsume said and he kissed Mikan’s forehead

“I’ll always remember that”

They stay at the Sakura tree for a few minutes…they love each other’s company…then suddenly Natsume asked something…

“Hey, since we will be having a semestral break tomorrow and will last only for a week…Why don’t we go spent it together” Natsume suggested

“Where are we going?” Mikan asked

“You? Where do you want?” Natsume asked back

“Maybe…out of town? Yeah! I would like that! I want it to be near at the sea!” Mikan answered

“Near the sea? I don’t know any” Natsume said

“I know somewhere!” Mikan said happily

“Ok! We’ll go there…I’ll fetch you tomorrow at your house..ok?” Natsume said smiling

“Hai” Mikan said happily


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Chapter 12:

Mikan and Natsume go to Nagoya. The hotel they were checking in is a high class hotel. They were inside the room. Mikan was arranging their baggage as Natsume helps her. When they finished doing the baggage Mikan asked Natsume if he wanted to go to the sea and swim.

“Baby, don’t you want to swim?” Mikan asked sweetly

“Its fine, do you want to? Then let’s go take a swim” Natsume answered Mikan

“Thanks!” Mikan shrieked with enjoyment. Mikan changed to her swimming clothes inside the bathroom while Natsume changed inside their room. Mikan was so excited that she had changed so quickly. When she goes out of the bathroom, she saw the shirtless Natsume. Mikan was shocked and blushing really hard. Natsume just smirked. Mikan was standing at the bathroom door and staring at Natsume with her mouth slightly opened.

“Change your mind to go for a swimming and just planning to stand there and stare at my body? Do you want to play?” Natsume asked playfully and seductively while smiling maliciously. Mikan snap out of the reality. It took seconds for her to realize what Natsume has said.

“HENTAI!” Mikan screamed at Natsume’s face. Mikan is wearing a blue summer dress, underneath was her red polka-dots swimsuit while Natsu,e is just wearing a white shirt and shorts. He drives to the so-called sea that Mikan keeps blabbing about. When they arrived at their destination, they can’t see any people around so it only means that they have the place alone. Mikan happily climbed out of the car and ran to the sea like a helpless child. She raised both hands and inhale the clean and fresh air. Suddenly a strong pair of arms suddenly wrapped around her tiny waist. Natsume leaned his chin into Mikan’s right shoulder. Mikan smiled.

“Happy now?” Natsume asked

“Yeah, thanks for taking me on a vacation baby” Mikan said and kissed Natsume’s cheeks

“Anything for you Princess, I love you” Natsume answered. Mikan removed Natsume’s arms that were wrapped around her waist. Natsume frowned at this. Mikan removed her dress and picked up an oversized long see-through sleeve in their bag and wear it and then ran to the sea to swim. She tapped some water to Natsume. Natsume frowned but smiled immediately. He removed his shirt.

“I’ll get you for that!” Natsume yelled jokingly. Natsume started to ran to Mikan’s direction. Mikan ran as Natsume started to catch her as if they were playing tag. Mikan laughed while running. You can see how happy she was and how she wishes that this will last forever. When Natsume caught her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and turned her around to make her face him.

“I caught you!” Natsume said and he pressed his lips into Mikan’s. Mikan moaned as Natsume shoved his tongue into her mouth, massaging her own tongue. Mikan moaned again and she wrapped her arms around Natsume’s neck.

“I love you my princess” Natsume said

“I love you too my Natsume” Mikan said and pressed an enticing kissed into Natsume’s lips and she pushed Natsume so that Natsume will land in his butt. Mikan chuckled.

“hahahahha…” Mikan laughed. Mikan handed him her hand. “Come on, grab my hand and stand up” Mikan said while smiling to him. Natsume grabbed her hand and pulled her to him to make her sit in his lap. She was now on Natsume’s lap. She can see clearly his tantalizing crimson orbs staring at her. Mikan was hypnotized by his orbs. She smiled at him sweetly. Natsume pulled her head and crashed his lips to hers. Mikan was shocked but she was able to recover her shocked. She put her arms around Natsume’s neck and responded to the kiss with equal passion. Natsume felt her kissing him back as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. Minutes or so, they broke the kiss.

They decided to watch the sunset and they were enjoying the view. Mikan’s back was leaning to Natsume as Natsume’s arm was placed around his waist. His chin was leaning into Mikan’s right shoulder. Mikan’s hands were on top of Natsume’s hands.

“It’s beautiful!” Mikan shrieked

“Just like you…” Natsume complimented. Mikan blushed and looked at Natsume. Natsume looked back at her and smile. Mikan cupped Natsume’s cheeks and kissed him passionately. Natsume put Mikan’s right hand on his chest where his heart is located. Mikan can feel Natsume’s heart beat. It was very intimate that it calm down everything. He hugged Mikan tightly as if he doesn’t want to let go of her. He kissed her with equal passion. They broke the kissed to gasp some air.

“Promise me you won’t leave me…promise me you wouldn’t let go of me…promise me that you will stay beside me forever” Mikan said sincerely. Natsume smiled and smacked her red lips.

“I promise you…and please promise to me too that I will be the only guy for you…” Natsume said sweetly. Mikan and Natsume were in cloud nine that time.

Natsume and Mikan finally got home. When Mikan was about to hold the door knob, Natsume hoisted her (bridal-style).

“Natsume! Put me down!” Mikan yelled while giggling.

“No” Natsume said flatly. Natsume walked towards the bed and gently threw Mikan. She climbed on the bed and crawl on top of Mikan. He played with Mikan’s hair.

“What are you planning to do Natsume?” Mikan asked nervously. Natsume smirked and leaned down. “Nothing” Natsume said flatly. After answering he crashed his lips into Mikan’s. Mikan moaned in contact as he trailed butterfly kisses to her cheeks down to her neck. Mikan moaned again.

“Natsume, what are you doing?” Mikan asked nervously. Natsume broke the contacts between his mouth and Mikan’s body.

“Nothing, I’m just marking my territory.” Natssume said and kissed Mikan’s lips again. After minutes of making out they broke their animalistic kiss (a/n: nothing happen ok? Just kisses). Natsume lied beside Mikan.

“Where do you want to go tomorrow” Natsume asked

“Don’t know” Mikan said as she snuggle close to Natsume

“Maybe, we can have some horseback riding…I’ve been craving for that since this morning but since my princess asked for a swim I let it pass” Natsume said

“It’s fine with me baby…Don’t worry about me…Anything will be fine for me, as long as you’re here with me” Mikan said and kissed Natsume’s cheeks. “Good night baby” Mikan said and close her eyes and fell asleep.

“She must be really tired…Go to sleep now my princess and don’t forget that I will always love you” Natsume thought and kissed the girl’s forehead.

“Good night to you too my princess” Natsume said and turned off the lights and slept.

Morning came…

Mikan is the first one to wake up. It was already 8:30 in the morning. She was rocking Natsume but he didn’t budge.

“Natsume wake up!” Mikan yelled while rocking Natsume

“Hmmmmmmmm….” Natsume moaned

“Natsume! It’s already 8:30! Are you planning to sleep all day?” Mikan asked but Natsume didn’t answer her. Instead he continues to sleep. A bulb lightens up in Mikan’s head. Mikan smiled maliciously. Mikan leaned in and softly smacked Natsume to his lips and she whispered something to Natsume.

“Hey baby, I want to play…Would you mind?” Mikan said. Automatically, Natsume’s eyes open and he sat down immediately. He stared at Mikan intently. Mikan giggled…

“Thought so, I know you’re awake…I was just joking, get up now baby…please?” Mikan begged. Natsume snorted then smiled.

“Not if you wouldn’t kiss me” Natsume answered huskily

“Shut up Natsume!” Mikan said and started to leave but Natsume grabbed her wrist.

“Na-uh, you can’t go away without giving me my good morning kiss” Natsume said and kissed Mikan hard. Mikan responded.

Like they plan, they will take the horse back riding for today and go straight to the amusement park. Practically now, they were riding in the same horse. Mikan is in the front and Natsume at the back. Natsume was hugging Mikan’s waist to support her. They were chatting while the horse was moving. They were whispering to each other some sweet words. It makes the other couple envy for being so sweet. After the horse back riding, they went straight to the amusement park. When they arrived their, Mikan saw a stall.

“Baby! I want those!” Mikan shrieked happily.

“What those?” Natsume asked curiously

“Those!” It was a store the sells a fluffy, white candy called Howalon.

“OK, come on let’s fall in line” Natsume said. They ran to the stall holding each others hand.

After some minutes…

“Here is your Howalon mister” A chubby guy handed over the Howalon to Natsume

“Thanks” Natsume said curtly. “Here, Mikan” Natsume said smiling. Mikan smiled and pecked Natsume to the lips.

“That’s you’re reward” Mikan said

“Let’s eat it there” Natsume said pointing at a Sakura tree.

They eat the Howalon under the shade of the Sakura tree…

“Baby, you have something in your mouth” Mikan said and remove the small pieces of Howalon using her delicate fingers. “Better” Mikan said and smile. Natsume stared at her. He loves staring at her. It completes him; he wouldn’t get tired of staring at that beautiful and innocent face. Every time he’ll glance at Mikan, he feels like he wants to cry. He feels like he wants to smile and laugh. He feels like he wants to die. Mikan is so precious for him. She’s like an angel who climbs down from heaven to guard him, to lighten him and love him. He would give everything just to keep those smiles and laugh to his life. His absent-mind pulled Mikan to a kiss. It was hard yet full of passion. They broke the kiss.

“I love you Mikan Sakura” Natsume said and hugged Mikan tight. Mikan smiled

“I love you too Natsume Hyuuga” Mikan answered and hugged back Natsume. Everything seemed perfect for the two of them like they were living in their own rhythm in life. The sweet melody of their love will bond them forever. But either did they know that there is someone who is planning to break their relationship.

“Investigate about that Mikan Sakura…I’ve been sensing that she has a secret” a girl said

“Yes Mam, I will” the investigator said

“Good…” Luna said. ‘Just wait Mikan Sakura, I will take my revenge on you’ Luna thought


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Chapter 13:

After Mikan’s nice vacation, classes is starting again. She was having a little chit-chatting with Hotaru and the others. Little did she know Koizumi Luna, her secret enemy who hates her so much was planning to ruin her wonderful relationship with beloved boyfriend. Natsume in the other hand was walking to the hallway looking for Mikan. But instead of seeing Mikan, he saw Luna.

“Hi Natsume” Luna greeted. Natsume ignored her and walked passed her. Luna was pissed because there is no guy in their right mind will ignored her. “Don’t you want to know something important about your lovely girlfriend?” Luna asked. Natsume stopped on his tracks. He turned around and throw a curious and confuse look to stupid Luna.

“What do you mean?” Natsume asked curiously. Luna smirked, knowing that she finally got his attention. Well there is this quote, curiosity kills the cat. She shoved a brown Manila folder to Natsume.

“Read it, after you read you will understand what I mean.” Luna said and walked away. Luna stopped for a while.

“By the way, you can find Mikan at the cafeteria.” Luna said and started to walked again. When Luna was finally out of sight he slowly open the Manila folder and read it. His eyes widened and his hand was holding the folder tight. He runs to cafeteria to look for Mikan.



Mikan was laughing with the others when someone pulled her arm. She looked at the person. It is Natsume. Mikan can see hatred and disappointment in his eyes.

“What’s wrong Natsume-kun?” Mikan asked with concern.

“Did you enjoy playing with my feelings now?” Natsume said while staring at Mikan.

“Huh? I don’t know what are you-“Natsume cut her off

“I believe in every you said, I believe that you love me…that your not playing with…that your not like the others who love teasing me, insulting me and most of all hurting me but guess I was wrong…your like them…those shits who likes playing with boys around.” Natsume said while his bangs were covered by his eyes.

“Natsume-kun, please tell me what-“ Mikan asked but cut off by Natsume. Natsume lifted his gaze into Mikan.

“Tell me, how many guys already touch? How many guys are you planning to make a fool?” Natsume yelled angrily.

“Natsume! What are really trying to point out! I can’t understand you!” Mikan said as her tears slowly falling to her cheeks. Natsume throw the Manila folder that he got from Luna. Mikan slowly reach the folder with was thrown to the floor. Mikan slowly opened the folder and read it. As she read it her eyes wide open. She didn’t believe that this secret of hers is going to be revealed.

Inside the folder:

Name: Mikan Sakura

Age: 16 years old

Birthday: January 1

Mikan Sakura was born in a well known rich family. She was the heiress of all the business of the Sakura’s. She was known in school as the school’s “Campus Sweetheart”. She was hiding a secret to everyone that she somehow worked in a nightclub as a prostitute because of some reasons.

“Natsume! It’s not what you think it is! It doesn’t mean that working in a nightclub is being a prostitute! I only worked there as a waitress because-“ Mikan said trying to explain but she was always cut off by Natsume.

“Shut up! I don’t need your explanation! I’m not going to let you fool me again! I hate you! If only I knew that you were selling your body for money I shouldn’t have love you! Is your family’s money still doesn’t enough for you that you have to worked there to have more money? I didn’t know you’re a money eater! I feel ashamed of myself for having you as my girlfriend!” Natsume yelled to her dissapointedly.

‘God! The impact of those hurtful words! It hurts so much!” Mikan thought

“Natsume please give me time to explain!” Finally Mikan finished her words. Mikan is really crying now. She cannot stop herself from crying. Natsume walks to her and holds her shoulder and started to rock her.

“No! I don’t need your explanation! I can clearly see that you choose money instead of you dignity as a woman! You’re more than like a slut!” Natsume said. His face went sideward as Mikan’s slap was obvious to his sore cheeks.

“I can’t believe that you see me that way!” Mikan said and stood up. She runs as fast as she can to runaway from Natsume. She buried her face in both hands and ran.

In Natsume…

Natsume was just sitting in one corner holding his sore cheeks. He can’t believe he said those hurtful words. It’s like his mind turns blank because of what he have known. He can’t believe that the girl he only loves was like that. He really can’t believe it but he felt his eyesight turns black, that’s why he has said those words to Mikan. He didn’t meant to gone this far. He knows he hurt Mikan but he didn’t bother to follow Mikan because pride prevails.

Back to Mikan…

Mikan was running to the school corridor. She was running to nowhere. She was hurt, no, more than hurt. She felt she was in hell this time. She can feel fire was eating her because of so much hurt. She doesn’t know what to do. She just run,run,run,run until she bumped into someone. Some she can lean every time she was in a tight decision. The person who knows everything about her. The person she trusts. Mikan’s eyes was puffy and red that makes oblivious to Hotaru that she was crying.

“What’s the matter baka?” Hotaru asked emotionlessly

“Nothing Hotaru” Mikan answered

“I can’t say it’s nothing Mikan. Now, tell me what the hell happen” Hotaru said

“Natsume…Natsume thought I was deceiving him” Mikan said and cried again. Hotaru’s eyes softened as she saw her best friend cry like a kid who haven’t eat for years.

“Mikan, stop crying you look uglier. Come on, let’s go to my place and tell me everything” Hotaru said as she helped Mikan to stand up. They go to Hotaru’s place. When they arrived at Hotaru’s place, Mikan told everything to Hotaru.

“So that’s why you’re crying?” Hotaru asked. Mikan nodded. “Did he give you time to explain?” Hotaru asked again.

“No…he didn’t” Mikan answered and started crying again. Hotaru rubbed her back to calm her down.

“Mikan…Smile when in leisure. Smile when in pain. Smile when troubles pour like rain. Smile when someone hurt your feelings, coz you know, smiling always starts the healing…so Mikan smile, you look prettier when you smile” Hotaru said with a smile

“Hotaru…” Mikan said and smiled.

A week later…

Mikan still haven’t gone to school since the incident happen with her and Natsume. Because of that Hotaru was pissed because her best friend was ruining her life. When their class is ended she went to Mikan’s house.

At Mikan’s house…

“Sakura Mikan!” Hotaru shouted while banging the door. “Open the door BAKA! I said open the damn door!” Hotaru shouted. When she felt that Mikan is not opening her she asked one of the servant to give to her Mikan’s duplicate key. She slowly opens the door and there she saw Mikan lying on the bed in prone position and her head was buried on her pillow. She is crying, Hotaru knew it.

“Mikan…will you stop crying. Aren’t you tired of crying because of stupid Hyuuga?” Hotaru said. Mikan just continue crying. “Mikan, can you please tell me the real reason for crying?” Hotaru asked, eying Mikan.

“Hotaru, I already told…Natsume thought I was-“Mikan was cut off

“Mikan, love is like a game…started by two then later on others will join…sometimes if bad luck is in your side you’re going to be the “it” of the game…you’re going to run and look for him…but Mikan what if Natsume found another playmate? Are you still going to bet your heart for him?” Hotaru asked

“Hotaru, I’m scared to see Natsume with another girl when I come back to school…When I imagined him kissing a girl or just a girl’s hand it makes me cry…I don’t want to lose him…I love him so much” Mikan said while sniffing.

“Even though he hurts you so much?” Hotaru asked. Mikan nodded. “Mikan, you have a clean heart.” Hotaru said and smiled at Mikan


“Mikan please come to school…don’t let Hyuuga destroy, why don’t you try looking for another person to love…the one who will love the full you…without hesitation and regrets…”

“Hotaru…I don’t think I can”

“Mikan…do you think love dies?” Hotaru asked.

“No…I don’t think so”

“Sometimes no, sometimes yes…there are times that the two of you keep holding on…the two of you fight for your love even though it means sacrifice…but if fate decided to pull you apart then you cannot fight anymore…No matter what you do, you cannot fight against fate…We’re just human, we can’t have our own destiny in our bare hands…but if the two of is really meant to be…it will come back no matter how many were going to avoid that…and fate will bring you back” Hotaru explained while Mikan was looking at Hotaru.

“So Mikan, can you please go to school now…Hyuuga, don’t mind him. If he found another then be happy for him…” Hotaru said

“Hotaru, but-“ Mikan was cut off

“Fight Mikan…the Mikan I know is always brave…always smiling…always fighting…don’t let Hyuuga see that you’re too affected” Hotaru said while caressing Mikan’s long hair

“I will Hotaru” Mikan smiled and Hotaru hugged her

Next day…at the school

Students were all around the school campus. Others were chit-chatting, laughing, fighting and other were making out (a/n: What making out?harhar). Students were very busy when suddenly a red Volkswagen beetle stops in the middle of the parking lot. All heads turn to the car. A girl with brunette hair climbed out of the car. All eyes were stuck on Mikan. Some are whispering to each other, some are drooling and some have widened eyes. In other words, all of them are shock to see her.


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Chapter 14:

Students were all around the school campus. Others were chit-chatting, laughing, fighting and other were making out (a/n: What making out?harhar). Students were very busy when suddenly a red Volkswagen beetle stops in the middle of the parking lot. All heads turn to the car. A girl with brunette hair climbed out of the car. All eyes were stuck on Mikan. Some are whispering to each other, some are drooling and some have widened eyes. In other words, all of them are shock to see her.

The old Mikan was back but this time become more different. A more seductive Mikan was on the sight. Wearing only a denim blazer which shows her belly button was placed above her pink sando bra paired with a black denim midthigh skirt. A pair of boot that reach 5 inches above her ankle. Her chocolate orbs were covered by a light pink Chanel sunglass. Her hair was curl that gently fell on her slender shoulders. Beside her was a gorgeous lad with violet messy hair and blue orbs. The guy’s right arm was placed in her waist. All eyes were stuck on the sight of the two gorgeous people in school. When suddenly, a blue BMW car stopped in front of them and revealed a raven haired boy. Mikan fixed her eyes unto Natsume as Natsume fixed his eyes unto Mikan too. They eye-lock for a moment before Mikan grabbed the violet haired boy into a kiss. Shock was seen in the eyes of the students but Natsume keep his stoic face but deep inside, hurt was killing him. Students started to whisper to each other. Natsume turned his heel to walk away. Little did he know Mikan was keeping an eye contact to him. When Mikan saw him walked away she broke the kiss and dragged the boy named Takeshi to the cafeteria.

At the cafeteria…

Natsume and the others was sitting in a table taking their late breakfast.

“Hey, have you heard that Mikan finally gone to school?” Koko asked

“Yeah! I heard that two…but I still didn’t saw her…did you saw her Natsume?” Ruka asked. Natsume just kept quiet. He is not even attentive on what the others were talking about. He was thinking about the incident this morning. He was deep in thought when he heard the cafeteria door open. He raised his head to see who it was and much to his surprise he saw Mikan with Takeshi again. His blood started to boil again with anger and jealousy. He saw Mikan walking towards their table. She was smiling. Why is she smiling? Is she that happy that I’m finally out of her life? Doesn’t she love me anymore? Natsume started to become paranoid and he was answering some stupid question in his mind while staring to Mikan with sharp eyes.

“Hi guys! How are you? It’s been a long time!” Mikan said without sending a glance at Natsume

“We’re fine Sakura! And wait a minute…who’s that cutie there” Sumire said with beautiful eyes while drinking her orange juice.

“Oh! Haven’t you heard about him? But well he’s Takeshi Hiruma! He’s my boyfriend!” Mikan said cheerfully. Sumire spitted her juice to Koko. Koko has disgusting facial expression but you can see shocked in his eyes.

“When?” Mochu started

“did?” Koko followed

“that?” Ruka followed Koko

“Happen?” The whole people in cafeteria said in unison, well aside from Hotaru and of course Natsume. Mikan chuckled before answering.

“This morning? Why? Why are you all looked shock?” Mikan asked

“Mikan, are you joking around? This morning? How will that happen? You just attended class this morning too?” Ruka asked curiously

“Well, he was waiting for me in front of the gate and asked me if I can be his girlfriend since me and Natsume-kun break up and I agree. Why? Aren’t you all happy that I finally moved on? He’s handsome right so I don’t think there will be a problem if we become couples” Mikan explain

“I know that Takeshi-san was handsome but-“ Ruka started but cut off by Mikan

“Then it’s settled, Takeshi-kun is now my boyfriend. No but Ruka-kun” Mikan said irritably

“Ok…” Ruka said sadly

“Ok, I’ll be leaving now! Bye!” Mikan said and she turned her heels to walk away. She cannot take Natsume’s sharp glance anymore. Takeshi place his arm into Mikan’s waist.

“Hey Mikan-chan! Aren’t you going to join us here?” Anna asked

“No, maybe next time… I still have business and I don’t have guts to eat with someone out there” Mikan said and started to walked away. All of them know who is that someone is. Natsume stood up and was about to walked away when Hotaru speak.

“Where are you going Hyuuga?” Hotaru asked while eating her crabs

“None of you business Imai” Natsume answered arrogantly

“If you’re planning to stop Mikan, you better changed your mind…You’re just going to make the situation complicated” Hotaru explain

“What kind of best friend are you? Can you bear seeing Mikan destroying herself? Are you really her best friend?” Natsume asked emphasizing the word best friend.

“Then what are you Hyuuga? Are you really his boyfriend during the time of her miserable days? Don’t forget Hyuuga…You are the one who destroyed her first. If you really her boyfriend you should have let her explained her side…you shouldn’t have come up with your conclusion first. You should have listen to her…It’s just show that you don’t really know her and you don’t really trust her." Hotaru said. Hotaru stood up and stare sharply at Natsume. They look like they were having some kind of staring contest. They stare at each other for almost a minute. Hotaru broke the eye contact and started to walked away. Natsume just sit down on his chair and drink his remaining juice.


Day passed, students always saw Mikan making out with different guys everyday. Sometimes they will saw her making out under the shade of a tree, sometimes inside the classroom and cafeteria but mostly in her car. Natsume always saw her doing her routine but he confronted Mikan. Today he saw her under their Sakura tree. He was about to sit there to sort out his feelings but unfortunately he saw Mikan making out again with some hot guy. This time he can't resist anymore. His anger and jealousy eating him.

How can she do her dirty works here in our Sakura tree? Natsume thought angrily. His mind is blank so he didn't know that he is finally near at Mikan and he harshly pull Mikan to the guy's embrace. Astonished, the guy stood and punch Natsume and vice-versa. They exchange punches until both of them lay in the floor helpless. Mikan went near Natsume( Mikan really love Natsume!) and lifted his head.

"Natsume-kun! Are you okay? Why did you do that for?" Mikan asked worriedly. Natsume just stare at her and stood up and drag her living the guy there looking in nowhere.

"Natsume! Where are you taking me?" Mikan asked while struggling but Natsume was not listening to her. He just continue dragging her. They reach his car and he opened the passenger seat and forcibly take Mikan inside.

"Natsume! What are you planning to do?" Mikan asked. Natsume didn't answer her. He just sit on the driver's sit and started the engine.

"Natsume! Answer me!" Mikan shrieked

"What are you doing with your life?" Natsume asked between gritted teeth.

"What are you-" Natsume cut her off

"Why are you acting like this!" Natsume shrieked

"Acting like what? A slut? This is what you see about me right? A slut? A prostitute? Flirting with boys, kissing boys and whatever a slut and a prostitute can do...I'm just satisfying you...Happy now? I'm doing this for you" Mikan said emotionally

"Then show me how slut you are" Natsume declared.


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Chapter 15:

They stop on a 5-star hotel. Natsume opened the door of the passenger seat.

"Come on, we don't have the whole time in the world" Natsume said but Mikan just remain stiff. She's not moving nor talking. Natsume got irritated and pull Mikan out of the car.

"What are you doing Natsume!" Mikan yelled

"Come on now!" Natsume said. Mikan keep on struggling on Natsume's tight grip but Natsume wouldn't let her go. They went to the reception table.

"WE need a room" Natsume said to the receptionist while emphasizing the word WE.

"With single bed or double bed?" the receptionist ask while smiling

"Isn't it obvious? Of course double!" Natsume shouted irritably to the receptionist.

"Sir, room 106,18th floor" the receptionist said while handling the key to Natsume. Natsume took the key and he walked to the elevator, still dragging the poor Mikan.

"Natsume, why are we here?" Mikan asked again. Natsume didn't answer her.

"Natsume! What the hell is your problem? Why aren't you answering my questions?" Mikan shrieked irritably. What the heck is the problem of this guy?? Mikan thought.

Suddenly the elevator door open and Natsume started to drag her again. They stop in front of a door. Natsume thrust the key into the keyhole. When the door open Natsume pulled Mikan harshly inside. When they got inside, Natsume slammed the door closed and lock the door.

"Natsume! Please tell me what are we-" Mikan was cut off when Natsume pushed her to the wall. Natsume arms was human caging her. His arms was rested on her sides. Natsume started to kiss her lips aggressively. Mikan's eyes widened. She was stiff as a lamp post. She can't believe what's happening. She was not moving as Natsume was still kissing her. On the other hand, Natsume felt Mikan was not moving at all and neither responding to him. Because of irritation, he hoisted Mikan and lay her on the hotel bed. Mikan returned to the reality when she felt Natsume's lips going down on her neck while Natsume's right hand was unbuttoning her shirt while Natsume's left hand stated to hold her thighs. Her brain finally work and she realized what Natsume mean by his word "then show me how slutty you are".

'Does Natsume mean the we will make love? No! I can't give him myself in this way. I want to give it to him because of love not lust' Mikan thought panicky.

She gained all her strengths to push Natsume off but Natsume is too strong.

"Natsume! Stop it!" Mikan yelled. "Please Natsume! not this way...Please" Mikan begged. When Natsume heard this he stop kissing her and get off her. Natsume was standing in front of her. She sat and started buttoning her clothes again. She was crying, Natsume see it.

"Name your price, little girl...I'm not going to sympathizes you because of tears." Natsume said while gritting his teeth.

"What do you mean Natsume?" Mikan said still crying.

"Don't play dumb on me Mikan...tell me, how much does those guy gave to you just to make you sleep with them. I will double the price" Natsume shrieked while holding Mikan in the shoulders.

"Natsume you don't know what you're talking about!" Mikan said defending herself

"Oh yeah? Then tell why are you refusing me? Am I not enough for you? There's nothing you're going to lose anymore. You already gave it to the whole male population in Jap-" Natsume was cut off by Mikan's slapped. His face turned sideward because of the sudden strong impact. He hold his sore cheeks and slowly turned his head toward Mikan. He saw sadness and disappointment on her eyes.

"Don't talk as you know all about me!" Mikan shouted while tears still flowing on her eyes

"I know all about you! I know you work as prosti-" Mikan is cut off

"I didn't work as a prostitute! I work there as a waitress! You don't know the whole story!" Mikan answered back


Flashback: (Mikan is still 14 here)

Mikan was looking at the window, staring at her parents who are going to leave her again. '

"They will leave me again...When will I have a happy moments with my family...they don't care about me...Maybe I should just leave here...I'm only a bother to them'' Mikan said to herself

Night at the Sakura Mansion...

Mikan was tying her waist to her blanket. After tying it, she went to the bed and tie the blanket to the bet. When she was sure that the blanket was tie securely she went to the window and slowly climb down. When she already touch the ground, she removed the blanket around her waist. But when she was about to leave she heard a cold voice

"Where are you going baka?" said the cold voice

"Hotaru..." "

I'm asking you Mikan, where are you going? Hotaru asked again

"Somewhere...I need to get away from here" Mikan said and she started to run.

Mikan don't have enough money so she decided to work in a club as a waitress. The co-workers treated her well so somehow she felt belong...she felt love. But one day, she was shock to see Hotaru.

" did you know I'm here" Mikan asked

"Nanny Tsukuba was so worried at you so I asked our family investigator to find where you were hiding" Hotaru explain

"Why did you do that?" Mikan asked again

"Aren't you listening? I said Nanny Tsukuba was worried about you" Hotaru said irritably.

"Now Mikan, tell me, why the heck did you leave?"

"Hotaru, I left because Mommy and Daddy doesn't care about me...I'm just a bother to them" Mikan said as tears started to flow. "That's not true" Hotaru said emotionally

"It's true Hotaru!! They always leave me! They doesn't care about me! I don't want to be a bother anymore" Mikan yelled

"You're really an idiot Mikan...Auntie and Uncle was doing that because of you...they care about your future...It doesn't mean that they always gone they doesn't love you...They love you MIkan...very much...that's why they were doing this even if it means away from you" Hotaru said.

"Hotaru...Are you sure I'm not a bother to them?" Mikan asked. Hotaru nodded. Mikan smiled.

"Now Mikan, go long auntie and uncle is away...I will be always in you side" Hotaru said smiling. They hugged.

"Yes Hotaru! I'm going back!" Mikan said happily

Flashback end...


"Maybe Luna just change my occupation in the paper she gave to you...but I only work there as a waitress...nothing more, nothing less" Mikan said. She stood up and walk towards the door but Natsume grab her hand. She looked at Natsume. Natsume eyes was covered by his raven bangs.

"What do you still-" Mikan was cut off when Natsume spoke

"I'm sorry" Natsume lifted his head and looked at Mikan with guilty eyes

"Are you saying sorry because you're guilty or because you really mean it" Mikan said and withdrew her hands on Natsume's grip. She was about to open the door when she felt Natsume hug her behind.

"I'm sorry...very sorry...I didn't meant to hurt...I felt betrayed world turn black when Luna said to me-"

"That's the problem Nastume! You believe to Luna more than me...You didn't let me explain...You drop into a conclusion fast!" Mikan yelled. She removed Natsume's arms that was wrapped around her and faced him.

"Natsume, do you really think I'm that kind of girl? Do you really think I'm that cheap? Am I that low in your eyes? Ever since you always think I'm a slut" Mikan said with teary eye

"Mikan..." Natsume was cut off again

"Natsume...what else is missing? Natsume, I gave you everything...everything I can give to you...I didn't give a damn care about myself...Everything you say I always followed...I have loved you Natsume but I wasn't enough...I loved love you Natsume but you choose to hurt me...I thought in you I will feel safe, I will feel loved, I will be happy that I won't be feeling any hurt again, I will feel belong...I tried to change but you didn't appreciate it...I was like your slave Natsume but still I didn't have your trust...Natsume, I don't know you anymore...You just change your appearance...even character change...Where is the Natsume I once love?...I thought I finally found the person who will love the whole me...but're like them...your greedy Natsume...greedy to people like me" Mikan said emotionally and started to walk away...away from Natsume...

Natsume was left inside. He felt hurt. How can he let go of Mikan? She's too special to let go. Natsume sat on the bed and buried his face to both palms. He felt miserable. His heart was shattered into pieces. The impact of those's killing him...

"Natsume...what have you done?" Natsume said to himself. A teardrop flow on the corner of his tantalizing orbs.


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