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Because I love you
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Chapter 16:

Next day after that incident…

Mikan was sitting on one of the benches with Hotaru. Mikan was holding a can of beer in her hands while Hotaru was looking at her with such annoyance. When Mikan was about to take another shot, Hotaru grabbed the beer can.

“Mikan, what the hell are you doing? You already drank five canned beers. Are you not planning on going to school?” Hotaru asked irritably

“Well unfortunately, I’m not planning to go to school today…my head is aching like a hammer smacking my head and my eyesight is spinning. And oh Hotaru! There are two of you now! There is a Hotaru on the left and there is a Hotaru on the right too.” Mikan said groggily while pointing the so-called Hotarus. She grabbed another can of beer.

“Mikan, you’re already drunk…stop this…based on my calculations, you have low tolerance in alcohols. And now I proved it. This beer is just light but look at you…you are already tipsy.” Hotaru explained

“I’m not drunk Hotaru!” Mikan said and took another shot.

Suddenly, something made her blood boil. It seems like her grogginess slipped away after hearing that voice.

“My,my,my…that Sakura girl is so low. How can she drink inside the campus? She’s really a slut, no doubt. Even if she is the daughter of the school’s owner…she shouldn’t be drinking in school” Luna said loudly so that the other students will hear it. Mikan and Hotaru just pretend that they didn’t hear it. Mikan just continued drinking while tears started to flow from her eyes.

“She’s really stupid. Does she thinks Natsume really loves her? Of course not! She already proved it. Natsume believed me more than he believed her. I guess Natsume will be mine one of these days.” Luna said with an evil laugh. Mikan couldn't take it anymore. Just a mere thought about Natsume made her self-control slip away. Mikan stood up. She grabbed one of the canned beers. Since Luna’s company is facing their back to her she put the mouth of the canned beer on top of Luna’s head and let the beer unto Luna’s head. When Luna realized what she did, Luna stood up.

“What do you think your doing Sakura?!” Luna asked angrily. Some students were laughing because of what Mikan did. She never felt so embarrassed.

“For meddling with my relationship with Natsume” Mikan said and spun her heels to walk away but Luna didn’t let her. Luna grabbed her hair hard which made Mikan turn around. Luna slapped Mikan. Mikan’s face turned side wards with a hand scratch on her face.

“Not so fast Sakura, you bitch!” Luna yelled angrily. Mikan turned, her face was faced to Luna and then she slapped Luna too which made Luna’s face turn side wards. Mikan grabbed her hair and tousled her hair hard. Luna did the same with hers.

“That’s what you deserve bitch! I hate you! You’re a flirt!” Mikan said still fighting with Luna. Suddenly Natsume came and held on to Mikan’s waist to stop her. Student’s got shocked by the sight. He was back to normal. The old Natsume. The cold nerdy school boy.

“Mikan stop it” Natsume said still holding on to Mikan’s waist while Luna was held on by her friends.

“Let go of me you bastard! I still haven’t finished my business with this wretch!” Mikan shouted while struggling from Natsume’s embrace. Luna's face went blank when she saw Natsume in this state of fashion. Seeing Natsume like this she made her decision.

“He’s all yours Sakura” Luna said and walked away.

“So it’s clear now. She only likes you because of your appearance then” Hotaru said.

Mikan was still in Natsume’s embrace then suddenly she felt her stomach flipping. She suddenly wanted to vomit. She removed Natsume’s arms on her waist and started to run. Natsume followed her. Mikan ran inside the restroom and vomited. Natsume heard it and walked inside the girl’s restroom without caution. He caressed Mikan’s back while his other arm was placed on her waist to support her.

“Mikan, I’m sorry” Natsume said still caressing her back. Mikan was not hearing anything because she was still vomiting. After vomiting, Natsume washed Mikan’s mouth with his hand. Mikan lost her strength and fell asleep. She fell on Natsume. Natsume hoisted Mikan and brought her to his car. ‘This is de javu’ Natsume thought. He looked at Mikan. Mikan is really adorable and so pretty.

‘How can a girl like her loved me? She is too precious to someone like me’ Natsume thought to himself

“So it’s clear now. She only likes you because of your hottie appearance then” Hotaru words keep ringing on his mind.

‘Come to think of it, she’s the only girl who loves me despite my nerdy appearance. I'm really an idiot for not appreciating her love for me.’ Natsume thought sadly.

He went near Mikan's face and caressed her rosy cheeks. He looked at her, lovingly.

“Mikan, I’m sorry and I love you” Natsume said. A teardrop fell from Natsume’s eyes while looking at her. “I’m sorry if I doubted your love, sorry for not making you happy and sorry for hurting you”. He kissed her forehead.


Natsume stopped in front of Mikan's house. He carried Mikan on his arms and knocked on the door. An old lady opened the door. She was the lady from before.

"Oh it's you again! How are you? What happen to Mikan-chan?" the old lady asked

"She's drunk again" Natsume said.

"Okay, young man, please bring her to her room...I'll just get some cold water" The old lady said. He brought Mikan to her room. The room was still the same. Nothing changed since the day he first stepped foot in here.

"Okay, please take care of her...I still have some business to attend to" the old lady said and walked away. Natsume grabbed the towel and soaked it in cold water. He slowly caresses Mikan's body using the towel. First, on the face then on her neck then, her arms and hands. Natsume was looking at Mikan while doing that. Suddenly Mikan's eyes opened slowly.

"Nat...Nat...Natsume" Mikan moaned then a teardrop fell from Mikan's eyes. He went near Mikan's ear and whispered

"I'm here...Don't worry...I love you" Natsume said and kiss Mikan's cheek. He stood up and left.

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Chapter 17:

A sunny day was making Mikan irritated. It’s las if the weather was happy seeing her with such hurt feelings. It's been a week since her last encounter with that Luna girl. Luna droppes out from school. Now, she's gone for good.

Tonight, a ball will be held in their school for their JS Promenade. She was lonely, yes indeed. She thought that this year’s JS Prom will be the best. She thought she will be with her beloved Natsume, he would be her escort but everything turned upside down with just one snap. Her dreams couldn't become real. She even thought of not going to that damned JS Prom. The hell! Why will she go there? There was no need really but Hotaru insisted her to come so she had no choice but to say yes. Her thoughts were disturbed when her cell phone rang. She picked it up and answered it.

“Hello?” Mikan answered lazily

“Hey Mikan-chan, Hotaru asked if you’re really going to the Prom?” Ruka asked.

“Yeah” Mikan said and ended the call.

"Natsume? Are you coming to the Prom?" Ruka asked

"I don't think so" Natsume answered not looking at Ruka

"Awww, come on Natsume! It's part of our high school days!" Ruka said cheerfully

"What will I do there? Sit on a chair? Watch you and your girlfriend dancing?Listen to mushy love songs? Geez Ruka! That's stupid!" Natsume said defensively

"Come on Natsume! Don't be a kill joy!" Ruka said to his stubborn best friend

"Fine then, just to stop this stupid conversation of ours" Natsume said and hide behind the blanket.

"That's the spirit Natsume!" Ruka said cheerfully. "I'll be leaving now, I need to prepare for the night" Ruka said and leave

It was already 4:00pm and Mikan was still sitting on her bed, still thinking if she will go or not. If she goes, she will definitely see Natsume there. At this very time, she still doesn't want to see Natsume. She was already ready to leave but she was really hesitating to go. She might as well be hurt when she sees Natsume. The reason? She definitely doesn't know.

Mikan was really stunning for tonight's evening. With her appearance tonight, she can get the title of "Prom Queen". 'A queen huh?' Mikan thought to herself. A queen without a king perhaps. She was wearing a blue tube which was knee length with flower designs and a red shawl on her shoulders . It was a balloon type that makes the gown simple but elegant. It had different expensive stones that were attached to the gown. Indeed, the gown was expensive and beautiful, it was sparkling under the moon light that made her like the Greek Moon Goddess Selene. She had diamond black choker, a diamond chandelier dangling that hang on both ears with a matching diamond bracelet and ring. She was wearing glass slippers that had straps which was sent to her by her mother to match her gown. The glass slippers were 4 inches high and there were pearl drapes around her ankle. Her hair was down and perfectly curled with a small but cute tiara on her head and she put on light make-up to her face. She was not only a "Prom Queen" with her looks but also the modern Cinderella. She grabbed her silver handbag and started to trail to their limo.

"I'll be going now Nanny" Mikan said

"You look stunningly beautiful tonight Mikan-chan" Nanny Tsubaki said

"Thanks, I guess" Mikan answered boringly

"By the way Mikan-chan, where is your escort? Don't you have one?" Nanny Tsubaki almost forgotten about the delivery

"I don't need one" Mikan answered

"But I thought it was required" asked the old woman.

"No, it doesn't...its still up to me" She walked out the door. She climbs into the limo and left. Nanny Tsubaki waved at her and she waved back.

The place is surely beautiful. It was a 5-star hotel owned by the Sakura's. She climbed out of the car and in an instance the students outside the hotel turned their heads to take a glance at her. Amusement, admiration and envy were seen at each student's eyes. She didn't give a damn to those student and just started walking inside the venue walking elegantly and gracefully. When she came in to the hall, she saw the students dancing. She walked down to the stair and as if in cue students turned their heads to her. She didn't care about them looking at her. She just maintained her posture while walking down. Chin up, pouting lips and straight body. On the end of the staircase, there was Keiji waiting for her. When Mikan reached the end, Keiji handed her his hand. Mikan hesitated about accept it.

"Would you mind, if I bring you to your friend's table?" Keiji said sweetly

On the other hand, Mikan's friends were sitting in their table and they can clearly see what was happening. Natsume, was staring sharply at Keiji. Ruka noticed it

"Natsume, why don't you fetch Mikan and bring her here?" Ruka asked

"I don't think she will accept my offer to bring her here, she might still be angry at me" Natsume answered and drank his first shot. Natsume was wearing his elegant formal suit but he had his thick eyeglass that covered his crimson orbs. It made him look formal but looked nerdy at the same time. It was really thick, it's like a magnifying glass but he didn't care. It was that stupid hottie image that made him and his Mikan break apart.

"It's not so bad to try Natsume" Ruka insisted.

"Fine" Natsume said and started to stand up but stopped when he heard Hotaru's words

"I think, there's no need to waste your time" Hotaru answered and they looked at the direction where Hotaru was looking at. Natsume's blood boiled up. There, they saw Keiji walking towards their table escorting Mikan. Natsume was following them with his gaze. When they reached their table, Keiji pulled a chair for Mikan that was beside Natsume and then he assisted her to sit while Natsume was looking at them with sharp eyes. When Mikan was already sitting, Keiji spoke

"Good Evening everyone" He said and bowed then turned his attention to Mikan again. "I hope you don't mind if I ask you to dance later on" Keiji asked politely

"I don't mind" Mikan answered coldly while drinking her wine.

"Thanks, I'll be looking forward to it then...I need to go now...I'll be back to get you for a dance" Keiji said and Mikan nodded. Keiji looked at Natsume. Natsume and Keiji's eyes met. Keiji smirked at Natsume to piss him off then started to trail back to his friend's table. Natsume just remained standing, his fists were clenched.

"Natsume, why don't you sit down?" Koko said. Natsume then sat down, he then grabbed another shot glass and drank tequila

Moments later, most of the boys inside the hall asked Mikan to dance with them but Mikan refused them. That made Natsume smile. But suddenly, his smile faded when he heard a familiar baritone voice.

"Can I have this dance Miss Mikan?" Keiji asked. Mikan looked at him and she saw his hand. She hesitated but then she grabbed his hand. He led her to the dance floor. On the other hand, Natsume was really angry. He shook it off and had another shot.

"You shouldn't get angry, it's your fault anyway" Hotaru teased then pulled Ruka away to the dance floor.

"I know" he whispered to himself then walked to the bar.

-With Mikan and Keiji-

Keiji's arms were placed around Mikan's waist while her arms were on his shoulders. Keiji was looking at her lovingly while she was avoiding those gazes.

"Mikan, I know you still love Natsume...but can I court you the way you deserve it?" Keiji asked sweetly, full of determination

" already came out of your mouth that I still love Natsume; why are you still asking me that?" Mikan answered

"Mikan, I want to help you moved on" Keiji answered back

"I love Natsume, Keiji, and I don't if I'm ready to enter a new relationship and besides I only see you as a brother and a friend"

"Mikan, I'm willing to wait...I'll wait for the day that you will learn to love me" Keiji said full with love

"Keiji, I don't want to hurt you" Mikan said while looking at Keiji

"I'm willing to get hurt Mikan if that means you will love me in the end"

"You don't understand Keiji"

"Yeah! I really don't understand why do you still love Natsume despite the things he has done to you?" Keiji asked as his eyes started to get blurry because of tears.

"Keiji, please try to understand...I love Natsume...I know you will find the girl who deserves to be loved by you...someone who is better than me" Mikan said while tears started to form in her eyes.

"Mikan, please don't cry...I feel miserable when I see you cry" Keiji said and started to wipe the tears out using his thumb.


"It's alright Mikan, I understand now...Hyuuga...he's one lucky bastard" Keiji said while smiling. "Come on, let's go back to your prince...I'm letting you go Mikan...I hope this time everything will work out for the two of you"

"I don't think so Keiji...but still, Thank you" Mikan smiled sweetly and Keiji smiled back. Keiji walked Mikan back to their table.

-With Natsume-

He saw everything, from the smile to tears. He thought Mikan had finally given Keiji his chance to her.

'So there's no more chance for us' Natsume thought

"Maybe, you shouldn't sulk yourself in here...maybe it's better if you ask her to dance" Keiji said

"What are you taking about?" Natsume said coldly

"Your one lucky bastard Hyuuga...stamp this on your thick head...if you hurt her again...I'll make sure I'm going to get her...whether...she likes it or not...I'm not going to give you another chance...this will be your first and last" Keiji said then he patted Natsume's back and walked away. Natsume looked back at Keiji and muttered a soft "Thank You".

Mikan was sitting on her chair still thinking about her previous talk with Keiji. Suddenly a voice broke her thought

"Will you mind if I ask you for a dance?" Natsume said. Mikan froze on the spot but she was able to look back. "May I have this dance? I hope you don't mind" Natsume said while handing his hand to her. Mikan just looked at him then nodded. Natsume led her to the dance floor. Natsume put his arms around her waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Ummm...Mikan" Natsume started

"Huh?" Mikan asked innocently

"I'm sorry...for everything"

"It's nothing really...don't worry about's in the past now"

"Past? So does it mean I'm only your past now?" Natsume asked sadly. Mikan didn't answer his question.

"Mikan...can you give me another chance?" Natsume asked desperately, Mikan just remain silent.

"Natsume..." Mikan said but cut off by Natsume

I'll never go far away from you
Even the sky will tell you
That i need you so
For this is all i know
I'll never go far away from you

"Tell me Mikan, are you happy that I'm now out of your life? If you say yes, then I'm letting you go now...I'll leave, if that's what you want" Natsume said while tears started to form in his eyes. "Mikan, I admit that i have made a very big mistake to you...but Mikan...if you give me another chance I'm willing to start from scratch...I will court you the way you wanted and deserved" Natsume said but Mikan still remained silent. He removed his hands from her waist and said "Come on, let's go back to the table" Natsume said and about to walked away but Mikan stop him. He looked at Mikan.

Come to me and hold me
And you will see
The love i give
For you still hold the key

"Natsume, what if I tell you to stay? Will you stay with me? What if I tell you my love for you will always be here in my heart and never be gone, will you believe me?" Mikan asked. Natsume smiled and hugged Mikan.

Every single day
You always act this way
For how many times i told you
I love you
For this is all i know

"I love you! I love you! I love you Mikan!" Natsume said reiterating the lines "I love you". Natsume broke the hug and placed his arms around Mikan's waist again and Mikan's in his shoulder. They started to dance with the melody which lovers only hear. Mikan slowly lifted her right hand to caress Natsume's face then slowly lifted her hand to slowly remove his eyeglasses.

"Much better" Mikan said while smiling. Natsume smiled back then slowly moved down his face and caught Mikan's lips into a sweet kiss. They broke their kiss to gasp some air.

"I can't believe you gave me another chance...I promise I won't waste this chance Mikan...I'm not going to do things that will make your heart break-" Mikan cut him off by placing her pointer finger on top of his lips.

I'll never go far away from you
Even the sky will tell you
That i need you so
For this is all i know
I'll never go far away from you

"Shhhh..." Mikan smiled then kissed his lips again. "You'll always be forgiven Natsume...always be loved and you will always have a chance..." Mikan said and their lips find their way to met again. Their passionate kiss was disturbed with claps and shouts. They broke the kiss and looked around and they saw the students and their friends looking at their way with smiles plastered on their faces. Their eyes looked around again and they saw Keiji standing with a goblet in his hands. He raised his goblet like saying "I wish for your happiness". He was smiling while watching them but cannot hide the fact the his eyes shows sadness and hurt.

"Thank you" Mikan mouthed to Keiji. Keiji just nodded. Mikan looked at Natsume and he leaned down again and kissed her despite the large crowd looking intently at them. Suddenly, they felt something on their head and when looked up they saw different colors of confetti are flowing on them while the others were continuing cheering for them. Natsume slowly leaned down again to claim his lover’s lips when Mikan whispered something.

"Stay by my side forever and don't leave me again" Mikan said sweetly while Natsume’s head slowly nearing on her face.

"I will...I promise...because I love you" Nastume whispered back before letting their lips collide as the confetti continue to flow.

I'll never go...far away from you...

"Be strong. Remember not everything has a happy ending, and endings don't mean stop! It's just a way of telling us that there is a new beginning ahead of us. You should always be ready for the unpredictable, expect the unexpected.. It's easy to fall but hard to get up, but once you're up and back on track, you will be a better person. That's the way of life, you don't just live it, you learn from it!"

-Fat Albert-

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Special Chapter:

It's been 6 years since Natsume and Mikan become together. They even graduated now from school. She was now a famous fashion designer while Natsume become a successful businessman. They are now 22 years old.

Mikan sighed in frustration. It's been a week since their last date. Natsume wasn't even calling her, nor texted her and not even went to their house. She terribly missed her boyfriend.

"The nerve of that guy! What did he think he is? He not calling me nor texting me! Damn! Damn! What if he found another girl? No! Don't be paranoid Mikan!" Mikan thought to herself.

Suddenly her cell phone rang. She quickly grabbed her cell phone and looked who's calling. She made faces when she saw who's the caller was. She It was Natsume! She calmed herself first before answering her phone. She need to calmed down because she might said awful words to him. She counted 1 to 10 and when she felt her self calmed down she answered the phone.

"Hello?" she said calmly and sweetly

"Baby? How are you?"

"Oh! How sweet of you to asked me that! I'm fine! I'll be finer if you didn't called!" Mikan said sarcastically

"Are you angry?"

"Wow! What do you want me to feel? Happy? Excited? You didn't give in touch with me for one week! And you expect me not to be angry? How could you!" Mikan said while hiccuping

"I'm sorry! I was arranging something last week. Please don't cry! I promised I'll try to make it up with you"

"Hmp! What is that something? Maybe you should bother to explain!" Mikan said

"I'll explain it to you later. By the way, I'll pick you up at 7:00 pm. We're going to have dinner"

"Why? Its not our anniversary nor our monthsary!?It's not your birthday too! Not even mine" Mikan said curiosly

"I'll explain it to you later okay? I need to hang up baby! Bye! I love you!"

"Wait! Natsume! Natsume? Grrrr! He hang up!" Mikan said and hang up too. "That guy! He's going to taste my sweetest sermon!"


6:45 PM...

Natsume wass iting comfortably on the sofa, waiting for Mikan. He's wearing his best tuxedo. He stood up when he saw Mikan going down the stairs. His girlfriend sure is beautiful. Wearing a simple pink tube dress and silver-colored sandals makes her more elegant. He laso saw that's she wearing the necklace he gave her.

He walked towards the end of the staircase. When Mikan reached the end he extended his hand to her. Mikan take his hand.They bid they farewell to Mikan's nanny and walked out the house. Natsume and Mikan stopped in front of the front passenger door. Natsume stared at Mikan and smiled.

"You look lovely" Natsume said and bent down to smack her strawberry colored lips.

"Yeah right" she answered sarcastically

"What's with the sarcastic tone?" Natsume smiled and caressed her cheeks

"Would you care to explain? Why didn't you showed up for one week huh?" Mikan said pouting. Natsume scratched his nape and smiled shyly.

"Well, I have something important to do" he said smiling

"Important than me?" Mikan answered

"Of course not! Well...I'll just explained it to you later okay" Natsume said and open the car door. Mikan sighed

"Fine" she was about to hop in when Natsume hold her arm to stop.

"What?" she asked

"Wear this first" Natsume said and handed her a blindfold

"Why?" Mikan asked confused

"Just wear it baby" Natsume said and put it in her eyes.


Natsume stopped the car in a high class French restaurant. Mikan eyes was still covered

"Where are we Natsume?" Mikan asked to Natsume.

"You'll know it soon" Natsume said and climb out the car and help Mikan to climb out. His right arm on her waist while the left was holding her wrist.

Mikan felt that they were climbing. Then suddenly she heard a song was played. It was "Your Guardian Angel" which happened to be their theme song.

"Natsume, where are we?" she asked really curious

"Just be patient, princess" Natsume answered to her. Moments had passed and she finally felt that she was standing now on a platform. The song become louder. She felt Natsume was taking off her blindfold. When her sight finally back, her eyes widened in shock. It was a candlelit dinner on one of the class restaurant's rooftop. There was also a band that was singing different love songs and most especially their theme song. She was awe on what she saw. She couldn't speak. She seems to lose her mind not until Natsume hugged her from behind.

"This is the reason, why I didn't show up for one week. I need to fix this up to make it perfect" Natsume said and kissed her cheeks. She turned around to face Natsume. She saw him smiling and she can see happiness in his eyes. She hugged Natsume tight.

"Did you like it?" Natsume asked brushing her long brunette hair.

"I love it Natsume!" Mikan said and kissed Natsume on the lips. They broke the kissed to gasp some air. She smiled at Natsume.

Suddenly, Mikan heard fireworks. She turned around and her tears started to flow. She saw the fireworks say...

"I was quite the spoiled brat. I have quite a temper, obviously inherited from my father, and I became very good at ordering everyone around. But when you came into my life, everything change and I become a better person"

Then after that...a new batch came and that made Mikan cried more

"I love You and Thank You, my princess"

Mikan was lost in her own thoughts until Natsume went in front of her and showed her an opened blue velvet box. The box contain the a diamond solitaire engagement ring. Another batch of fireworks came and it says:

"Will you marry me?"

Mikan looked at Natsume. Natsume was smiling. Natsume kneel in front of her and asked.

"Will you take the honor of being my wife and be with me for the rest of our lives?" Natsume said picking her left hand and slipping the ring in her ring finger. Mikan just remained staring at Natsume. Natsume stood up and whispered...

"Now, what's you answer?" Natsume asked smiling. Mikan went back into reality and hugged her arms into Natsume's neck. She kissed Natsume and Natsume kissed back.

"Of course! I'm willing to be your wife Natsume Hyuuga!" she said and hugged Natsume as Natsume hugged back.


Tnx for reading this fanfic!!!
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