what is your favorite daily routine on cr?
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Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
hmm...lets say u turned on the pc. You type crunchyroll.com on the address. Then, u log in.. What are u going to do next?

what are your daily routine in cr?
how do you spend ur cr time?

for example.

hmmm..lets see.
first - check the notifications
2nd - reply to those buddies who leave message
3rd - approve buddy request (dont forget to say, thanks for the add)
4th - check the quoted forum post(reply soon if there is any)
5th-open another window or tab for cr ( multi-tasking)
6th- add the online buddies of ur buddies
7th-chat chat chat chat
8th - post post post post
9th- upload pictures or photo comments or video comments (sometimes)

thats all..
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