Grindell's Past: Link
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Grindell’s Past: Link (part 1)
“It’s a boy,” said Father.
“Solomon then,” said Mother.
“Solomon the… he’s a hybrid! Did you have an affair with that demon who keeps visiting?!”
“Honey, I can explain…”
“I’ve heard enough! Out! OUT! And don’t come back!”

Grindell walked exited the mansion and walked through the grounds. He was remembering his parents again.
“Damn,” cursed Grindell.
“Solomon… Solomon…”
No, he despised that name. He had removed his birth name. He was no longer Count Solomon Gregorovitch. He was Grindell.
“Is everything all right?” asked Legato, one of his “others”.
“Just remembering the past,” said Grindell.
“That is not good, especially right before battle,” said Heliosephysis, the other “other”.
“Yes, the realization of my great cause will come soon. I can expect them to resist me to the very end.”
An army of demons and servants that was under the command of the Gregorovitch family stood in ready for the crusade. Grindell was planning to eradicate the existence of humans. Since many opposed his ideas in the Mystic Community he would demonstrate his power and will by destroying the humans on Earth.

“Solomon, can you come in here?” asked Father.
“Okay daddy,” said five-year old Solomon.
Solomon enters his bedroom. On the floor is Mother laying in a pool of blood.
“Mommy?” whimpered Solomon.
“Come here Solomon,” said Father, “I need your help Mother repent for her sins.”
Solomon began walking away from Father. Father got out of his seat. A bloody knife was in his hand.
“Come here son,” ordered Father.
Solomon stopped. His eyes turned wine red.
“Hello… Father,” laughed a demonic voice coming from Solomon.
Father stood dead in his tracks.
“What the hell are you?!” exclaimed Father.
“I’m Solomon’s “other”, Heliosephysis,” said Solomon, “you’re frightening him, you need to go.”
Solomon lunged at Father. He grabbed his father’s neck and squeezed. There was a sickening crack.
Solomon returned to normal. His “others”, Heliosephysis and Legato appeared before him.
“I hate this!” shouted Solomon, “discrimination against hybrids is all thanks to the humans, they must be destroyed.”
“How” asked Heliosephysis.
“I’ll gain an army. I’ll exterminate them like bugs. But this name is useless. I need a new one.”
”Solomon isn’t good enough?” asked Legato.
“Shut up. I know what name I will have which will strike fear in the hearts of men. From his day forward I shall be know as… Count Grindell.”
The five-year old tyrant went off to report that ‘a robber had killed his parents’.

Grindell marched in front of his troops nicknamed the Liberation Front. His troops were made of hybrids called the HyBreed. Grindell’s right-hand man, Seithreen, a demon serpent/ elementalist hybrid.
“The troops are ready to be departed on your command,” reported Seithreen.
“Good, have we chosen our first target?” asked Grindell.
“A desert country called Egypt. They worship the god Ra.”
“Doesn’t Set live there?” asked Grindell.
“Elder God Set? He got banished I think.”
“No worries, we shall cause chaos and then destroy them.”
Slykr, a solider, opened a portal to Earth.
“Forward march!” commanded Seithreen.
The HyBreed marched into the portal.
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Grindell’s Past: Link (part 2)
Grindell and Seithreen were waiting for news on the terrorism. They were in a tent protecting them from the sandstorms. Slykr ran in.
“Sir, it was an ambush!” reported Slykr, “the Elder God Scyphodeeiruus had troops waiting.”
“And what of our troops?” asked Grindell.
“Most of the HyBreed were wiped out. I managed to rescue some of our men.”
“Did the Plague make it?” asked Seithreen.
The Plague was made out of the ten elite hybrids in HyBreed. They included Dam the Bloody River, Tsfardeia the Amphibian, Kinim the Lice, Arov the Beast, Dever the Disease, Shkhin the Boils, Barad the Flaming Hail, Arbeh the Locust, Choshech the Eclipse, and Makat Bechorot the Born Killer.
“We’ll have to be more sneaky about it,” said Grindell.
“We could send out Plague one at a time and terrorize the humans,” suggested Heliosephysis.
“Good idea, the humans would think they’re just the acts of the gods,” complimented Legato.
“Quiet, both of you,” ordered Grindell.
“Excuse us?” asked Seithreen, confused.
“Send Plague out one at a time to terrorize the humans. It’ll take Scyphodeeiruus longer to track them.”
“Understood sir.”
“And me sir?” asked Slykr.
“I don’t like insubordination.”
“What?! I’ve done nothing wro-“
Grindell sliced Slykr in half with his scythe.

On the first day, Dam turned the river to blood killing all the fish. The second day Tsfardeia terrorized the Egyptians with hordes of frogs. The third day Kinim attacked the Egyptians with hives of lice. The fourth day Arov summoned a beast which damaged people and livestock. The fifth day Dever created a disease which caused a famine. The sixth day Shkhin infected the humans with a skin disease which caused boils. The seventh day Dever whipped up a storm of fire and hail. The eighth day Arbeh sent locust swarms to devour the crops. The ninth day Choshech moved the moon and caused an eclipse.
“It went just like predicted,” said Heliosephysis.
“Yes, the humans are blaming Luke,” said Legato.
“But some humans remain unharmed,” said Grindell, “they must all ‘repent’.”
Grindell summoned Makat Bechorot, the last of Plague and a shinigami/ lycan hybrid.
“You called, Count Grindell,” said Makat Bechorot.
“The time for death has come,” informed Grindell, “kill all of the first-borns.”
“As you wish.”
Makat Bechorot left.

Scyphodeeiruus was in the Pharaoh’s throne room with Luke. The Pharoh was talking to the masses about the false preaches of Moses.
“Is it alright for us to be here?” asked Scyphodeeiruus.
“All of Earth is mine,” said Luke.
“It seems that Makat Bechorot is coming, what should we do?”
“There are two things that can protect a mortal from the effects of the Death Note. Hawkeye and holy blood.”
“None of these humans have holy blood.”
“That is why I have prepared sacrificial lambs with holy blood in their bodies. My followers shall spread the blood on their doorways and be protected.”
“As you wish. Tomorrow, we destroy them.”

At the end of the tenth day, all the first-born sons were dead. Thanks to the blood of the sacrificial lambs, Luke’s followers were spared.
The Pharaoh summoned Moses and the prophet Press.
“My son is dead,” said the Pharaoh, “you’re people can go.”
Moses and Press left the pyramid. They met up with Luke.
“Our people are free,” informed Moses.
“Good Moses, take them to the promised land,” said Luke, “I have a mission for you Press.”
“For me?” asked Press. She was confused.
“Yes, an Order needs to be organized if we are to protect Earth from the HyBreed and other mystical creatures.”
“I’ll do it.”

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Posted 6/12/08
Grindell’s Past: Link (part 3)
“Stupid hybrid!” insulted the human girl.
“You’re a sin to society, Solomon,” insulted the human boy.
Solomon sat in a mud puddle all beaten up. Heliosephysis and Legato appeared before him.
“You’re a Kim-un-Kur,” said Legato.
“A what?” whimpered Solomon.
“A being with immense power. You have different forms. Use one to kill these brats,” said Heliosephysis.
Solomon transformed into his demon form. The two human children were frightened. The boy was wetting himself.
“Mommy!” screamed the human girl.
With his new sharp claws, he ripped the head of human girl. The human boy tried to hit him but the new found reflexes blocked it. He twisted the boy’s arm until it snapped. He used the strength he obtained in his demon form to toss the boy into a nearby wall. The head smashed into the wall leaving a bloody smear.
“My name… my name is Grindell.”
Grindell’s demon form faded and he returned to normal. He walked off for home.

Grindell and Seithreen walked onto the battlefield. His troops of HyBreed were ready to slaughter. The Plague was up in front.
On the opposite side of the desert was an army of eager humans in the newly formed Order ready to take revenge on HyBreed. In front was Press on a horse. Also in the army were Scyphodeeiruus and King Diosma.
“Oh no,” worried Legato, “we can’t beat Diosma.
King Diosma was known throughout the Mystic Community as a strong and fast, justice-loving person. He had helped found many prison institutes. A special ability of his was his true immortality, he could never die.
“Diosma won’t stop me,” said Grindell, “no one will. My justice must be accomplished. For the sake of myself, all the hybrids who have been discriminated by humans, the hybrids yet to come… and for Valentino.

“Don’t even get up,” said the human teenager, “got that!”
Valentino, a hybrid, whimpered as he covered his head. The human teenager continued to kick Valentino. Solomon, now a teenager himself, walked down the alley.
“Stop it,” yelled Valentino.
“That’s enough,” ordered Solomon.
The human kept kicking Valentino. He turned his head at Solomon and turned back in disgust.
“Stupid hybrids, you’re like bugs,” insulted the human, “if there’s one there’s more.”
Solomon transformed into his demon form. His claws speared the human teenager’s heart. The human choked on his own blood before dying.
Solomon reached out his hand. Valentino grabbed it and got up. They began walking home.
“I told you not to wander around,” warned Solomon.
“Don’t worry,” said Valentino, “you’ll always protect me. You didn’t have to kill that human though.”
“Humans deserve to die.”
“Thoughts like those are going to get you killed one of these days, Solomon.”
“Can you call me Grindell, please.”
They walked home.

The two armies charged. The HyBreeds attacked the Human forces. The two forces clashed into a bloody battle. Heavy casualties were on both sides.
Makat Bechorot and Seithreen killed a few humans and went over to where Grindell was. Grindell killed three humans at once with one swipe of his claws. He was in his demon form.
“Those gods are a bit of a problem,” reported Seithreen.
“They’ve already taken out Kinim, Arov, and Barad,” added Makat Bechorot.
“Seithreen, take out Luke,” ordered Grindell, “I will take on Scyphodeeiruus.”
“And Diosma?”
“Get Dam and Arbeh to help you constrict him.”
Seithreen went to battle Luke and Makat Bechorot went to find Dam and Arbeh. Grindell killed a few more humans and spotted Scyphodeeiruus.
“Hurry, before he notices,” suggested Legato.
Grindell used Twin Dance. A copy of Legato appeared and the two of them charged at Scyphodeeiruus. At the last second, Scyphodeeiruus created a barrier.
“You fell for my trap,” laughed Scyphodeeiruus.
The Legato attacked Scyphodeeiruus only to be thrown to the ground. He fused back into Grindell.
“Count Solomon Gregorovitch, the Elder Gods wish for me to bring you to them alive,” said Scyphodeeiruus, “you’re not being very helpful in the matter.”
“Good,” snapped Grindell.
Grindell took out Certain Death. He put his powers into the scythe and cut the barrier in half. Shocked, Scyphodeeiruus was barely able to counterstrike with Hellfire.
“Nice trick,” mocked Grindell, “I can do that too.”
Grindell shot Hellfire at Scyphodeeiruus. The god shot his own Hellfire. He two Hellfires hit and exploded. Scyphodeeiruus created a barrier protecting him but Grindell was swept off his feet.
“Good bye Count Solomon Gregorovitch,” said Scyphodeeiruus.
Scyphodeeiruus was make the finishing blow.
“My… name… is… GRINDELL!” yelled Grindell.
Grindell turned into his dragon form. He flew out of the Hellfire’s blast radius. He swept down and clawed at Scyphodeeiruus.
“Stop it,” begged Scyphodeeiruus.
“No way human-lover,” said Grindell, it was Heliosephysis who had said it.
Scyphodeeiruus bled to death. A solider killed one of the HyBreed. He had noticed his commanding officer slain and charged at his attacker.
Grindell returned to his Normal form. He took out Certain Death and cuff the solider’s legs. The solider fell down to the ground. Grindell kicked the solider’s sword away and began kicking the solider.
“Stop it!” yelled the solider.
Grindell froze. “Valentino?”
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Grindell’s Past: Link (part 4)
Grindell removed the solider’s helmet. It was indeed Valentino. What was worse was that Valentino was bleeding to death thanks to him.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” said Grindell.
“It was my choice,” said Valentino weakly. “I signed up to help Scyphodeeiruus and Luke to fight the HyBreed.”
“But why?”
“Humans don’t need to die… they discriminate us because they fear us… and fate leads to hate… with enough hate people start to kill each other.” Valentino coughed up some blood. “I know I said you might die because of you’re beliefs but look… my foolishness has caused my death… please… forgive…”
Valentino closed his eyes. His grip on Grindell’s hand weakened. He was dead.
“It’s all your fault,” said a voice behind Grindell.
Grindell picked up Certain Death.
“I’ve been waiting…” said Grindell, “…Diosma.”

Mother entered the estate. Father wasn’t pleased. A frightened boy was with her. He was a hybrid.
“How dare you bring such filth in this household,” said Father, “I allowed Solomon to stay but no more hybrids are coming in his house!”
“Solomon needs playmates,” said Mother, “I’ve brought a neighbor kid who could play Solomon.”
“Aargh! I’ve had enough. Do what you want.”
Father stormed off. Mother brought the boy over to Solomon.
“Solomon, meet Valentino,” introduced Mother, “Valentino, this is my son Solomon.”
“H…how are you,” greeted Valentino.
Grindell have a warm smile and put his arm up. Scared, Valentino hid behind Mother’s dress.
“Valentino, you shake it,” said Mother.
Valentino put his own arm up. It was a bit shaky. Solomon took it and shook it. At first Valentino was shocked but began to smile.
It didn’t take long for the two to get along. An hour later they were playing with blocks.
“So where do you live?” asked Solomon.
“I don’t have a home,” explained Valentino, now calm, “my parents abandoned me at birth. Do you think they didn’t want me? Am I really an ambomination? I deserve to die.” Valentino began to get teary eyed.
“Don’t worry Valentino. I’ll always protect you. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Grindell kept swinging Certain Death at Diosma. Diosma dodged them. Sometimes he let Grindell strike him but it caused no serious damage.
“I can’t beat him with this strength,” muttered Grindell, “I need more power.”
“Let us help you,” said Heliosephysis and Legato.
The “others” combined with Grindell.
“What the…?” exclaimed Diosma.
Grindell has transformed into his Complete Hybrid form. His demonic body was flowing with energy.
“Time to test how immortal you really are,” said Grindell.
Grindell attacked Diosma. Like before, Diosma dodged it by using extreme speed. This time Grindell was catching up with Diosma’s speed. He sliced an arm off. Diosma yelled.
“Fool!” yelled Diosma.
Diosma grabbed his own arm and slapped Grindell with it. Grindell flew into a duel between Shkhin and Press. Diosma ran over to him. He killed Shkhin on the way.
“I can’t lose,” said Grindell.
Grindell and Diosma’s arms locked on the other. It was now a matter of time before one’s strength failed. Diosma slid.
“He he,” snickered Grindell.
Diosma lurched back. Grindell had then noticed Diosma had played him into a trap. Grindell fell to the ground. Before Diosma could smash Grindell with his fist, Grindell transformed into his Dragon form and flew off.
Press fired an arrow at Grindell. It pierced Grindell’s wing. He fell to the ground below where he crushed Choshech. Diosma ran over to him. Grindell transformed to his Normal form.
“I haven’t lost ye-“ Grindell began.
Diosma hit Grindell in the head. Grindell fainted.

Seithreen walked into the courtroom. Grindell was inside sitting alone.
“Why would the ‘Grim Reaper’ wish to speak with such a lowly hybrid as myself?” asked Seithreen.
“Seithreen, I have a dream.”
“A… dream?”
“Yes, a dream, one which will bring peace to all hybrids. If you knew you could accomplish such a feat would you do it?”
“Of course but such a thing will never happen.”
“It can and will.”
“Pardon my asking but why arm I really here?”
“You’re an excellent military man yet you’re not in the military. Why is that?”
“Discrimination of hybrids.”
“Exactly. I plan on getting rid of discrimination of hybrids at its source… the humans. Are you with me?”
“All the way.”

Grindell opened his eyes to find himself tied to an obelisk. The chains used to bind him had a magic-supression spells on it. He noticed a crowd of human spectators surrounding him. In one corner was Press holding her huge torch.
“Count Solomon Gregorovitch, commonly known as Count Grindell the Grim Reaper, I charge you with treason with the power granted into me, Coordinator Miranda Press.”
She walked towards the obelisk. Grindell looked at his feet to see tons of the crops that Arbeh’s locust had missed.
“No, no, you can’t do this!” protested Grindell, “you can’t do this to me!”
Press lit the crops. Grindell was being engulfed by the flames. Before his death, he could have sworn he saw Valentino in the crowd beside Press.

Valentino, actually Valentine, entered the Granz Cathedral. For the last twenty years he had been assigned to observe Grindell. The Elder Gods were waiting for his report.
“How did the experiment go?” asked Izen, an Elder God.
“The gene was successful in creating a Complete Hybrid form but it was imperfect,” reported Valentine, “Diosma defeated him with ease in that form.
“He ke he, the “others” were imperfect,” said Ppelono.
“No, the “others” are to restrict the Kim-un-Kur’s power so it can be manipulatable. The sync was off though.”
“Then what we need to work on is perfecting the “others”?” asked Izen.
“Yes but it might take a few generations until such a feat can be accomplished. I would like to continue experimentation from here.”
“No, we’ll take it from here. We just needed your Sinner ability to manipulate the Kim-un-Kur gene to create “others”.”
“Understood. I shall take my leave then.”
Valentine teleported to the Castle in the Sky.
“He ke he,” said Ppelono, “he cannot be trusted.”
“I agree,” agreed a Elder God.
“We all know Valentine was manipulating us just as we know he knows we manipulated him for that assignment.”
“I hope he didn’t have any attachment to Grindell or he’ll come for us,” said another Elder God.
“I don’t think that’ll be a problem. Valentine knows he doesn’t stand a chance against us without godly powers.”

Valentine entered the secret chamber in the Castle in the Sky. Sir Kira and Captain Envy were waiting in it. A statue of Blue Satan stood in the middle with four masks covering its head.
“I have the piece of the Link as needed,” informed Valentine, “how long until the missing piece will be shown?”
“The prophet said 1305 years from now,” said Kira, “another Kim-un-Kur named Sirberius Reono.”
“Reono huh? Well I hope the Kim-un-Kur will have been perfected by then. I’d really would be interested in fighting him then.”
“What now?” asked Envy.
“We continue regular routines. Stay quiet until the perfect time to complete the Link comes forward.” Valentine stared at the statue of Blue Satan. “I will find out your secret Draethius.”
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