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Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/14/08
This is how the Bingo Book series runs … we will start with the history of the realms and end with the new Bingo Book – SALIGIA

1.Grindell’s Past and the War between the Humans and the HyBreed.
- a.SALIGIA forms?
2.The First reign of the Demon Lord Draethius
- a.Fallen Order is created as a cult to the Demon Lord
- b.Clans unite (1000 years later) to over throw Draethius
3.Azriel’s Fall from Heaven
- a.Azriel joins SALIGIA
4.Great God War (and the corruption of the gods by SALIGIA)
- a. Bloodspire Ward is built and finished
5.Alliance with the remaining Gods
- a.Larac’s first trip to Hell
6.Start of the Mystical Community
7.Bingo Book begins
- a.Laracs second trip to Hell
8.Fight between Draethius and Dante
- a.Death of Mewt and Larac (they will be reborn)
9.Bingo Book - SALIGIA begins

These are subject to change and are not finalized
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