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Who deserves Ichigo?
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22 / F / somewhere
Posted 5/23/09
Inoue TRIES to PLEASE Ichigo but ends up crying all the time. On the other hand, Rukia is always there for Ichigo as his pillar of support WITHOUT even crying.
Posted 5/25/09

yeah... i think you get the point. =)
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23 / M / baguio city phili...
Posted 5/26/09
Of course Inoue and Ichigo...because you see Rukia is an OLD HAGGG
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24 / M / Texas
Posted 5/27/09
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23 / F / on EARTH
Posted 6/29/09
i strongly think its ichigo and riukia
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Posted 8/17/09 , edited 8/17/09
Kubo Taito has hinted IchixRuki numerous times, from pre-ss, post-ss, HM, and so on. The easiest way to understand and learn that he does, is by simply taking your time and closely examining the art behind the two characters (look at their eyes, lips, lessened scowls and genuine smiles towards one another. Look at the background illustrations when they stare at each other or talk), the dialogue, and even how other characters see their relationship in the manga.

Examples that I’ve noticed throughout the manga and one outside.

1.Kubo Taito has made poems. Such as, the rain drags black sun down but rain was dried by white moon. Ichigo is the black sun and Rukia the white moon.

2. When Ichigo finally saw Rukia again in the manga. He was loud and shocked and a lil bit annoyed by the first five shinigami who walked up to Ichigo’s classroom, but when Rukia showed up by the window Ichigo’s mouth went agape, as he stood there motionless with his hands to his sides looking stupefied. Matsumoto even pointed out that Ichigo’s reaction was as expected, when it came to Rukia and also attractive.

3. The way Ichigo does not like Rukia being in his bed once she is back at Karakura(sexual tension), the way Rukia is beaming like a child in candy land when she is back in his room, and also the way that it doesn’t bother her that Yuzu and Isshin were spying on them- instead she said that his family is always fun. Also the way Rukia deadpanned at Ichigo for peeking at Matsumoto.

4. How Rukia told Ichigo that his house is the only real place she can get a good night sleep. Now regularly I’d think that a thin futon in a closet would be annoying and uncomfortable, how about you guys? And that she was upset that she would not be sleeping in Ichigo’s closet.

5. The famous “the you that still lives in my heart” speech, read it. It has plenty annotations. How Rukia drags Ichigo back to Inoue to let her know that he would do better. Friends don’t handle their friend’s body like that.

6. Rukia also never doubts Ichigo; she confides on him 100%, for example when Rukia finally found where Ichigo was. Just knowing he’s okay was enough to ease her worry, knowing that he is doing what he is in order to get stronger, and the smile of relief that she had said a lot also.

7. When Rukia was disappointed at Ichigo for not confiding on her and Renji to help save Inoue (look at this speech and watch how the other characters give Rukia and Ichigo their space when Rukia is talking to him on the matter, Kubo Taito does this on purpose)

8. How Ichigo completely forgets about Inoue when Rukia reiatsu drops, he didn’t do anything but throw a small fit when Chad’s dropped, but with Rukia he dropped everything and was going to go safe her instead. Until the 4th espada showed up.

9. In chapter 317 when Ichigo first sees Renji he’s shocked but keeps going after a sec, when he sees Chad he throws him a small greeting and a smile but keeps going after a sec, but when he sees Rukia he stops and gives her a beaming smile(Kubo Taito shows us this by the radiating pencil lines coming from Ichigo’s face.) but doesn’t proceed until Rukia tells him to hurry up and go. But before he goes they share a moment, not a sappy one but nonetheless a moment. Then the smile of what can only be described of happiness coming from Rukia after he goes again. Rukia has never smiled like that to anyone else but to Ichigo.

10. Also people like to discredit Kubo Taito’s drawing of Ichigo, when Inoue is healing Rukia. They say he had the same face when Inoue got hurt by Yammy. He was concerned and felt bad for not protecting them. He even says it himself; he mentions Chad, Tatsuki, and Inoue. Not just Inoue, and he can’t apologies to her, because he pained at himself for being weak. And for the obvious reason that he can’t apologies to Chad due to the fact he was worse off and wasn’t at school, and Ichigo doesn’t want to pull Tatsuki into the mix of hollow and shinigami. But when Rukia got hurt due to Grimmjow, Ichigo had an expression of worry, sorrow, and anguish. That face that Kubo Taito drew on Ichigo had never before been seen and hasn’t been seen since. And if you don’t want to believe Ichigo face was expressing that then simply look at Inoue’s, jealousy was written all over her face instead of worry for her dying friend. (Jealousy might be to hard of a term to describe her face. But it sure as hell wasn’t worry for Rukia; it all had to do with Ichigo)

The reasons why I only use post-ss references are simple. Ichigo and Rukia have a closer bond by that time, although many don’t see it due to the poor reading and poor depicting of the dialogue and drawings Kubo Taito has given us. There is still so much more stuff I could point out.

I fail to see, how people think Kubo Taito is going towards Inoue. They simply think that because she has been alongside Ichigo with the fights of Grimmjow through Nnoitra that it’s all about her now. But people fail to grasp that she is there due to the fact Grimmjow brought her to heal Ichigo. She’s a friend he isn’t going to throw her away after he’s healed. And please don’t forget for the last year it has been about Inoue watching Ichigo, not Inoue and Ichigo partying, talking, or bonding. There has been absolutely no character development between the two. Also don’t forget only one measly hour to two have past in since the five took their separate paths. So unless Ichigo fell in love with Inoue while fighting Grimmjow, watching Zaraki fight, or flying towards the final battle, then there is absolutely no chance for Inoue and Ichigo to be a paring.

HM “arc” is about five friends going to save another friend. Not Ichigo by himself saving Inoue- it was Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Chad, and Ishida saving Inoue.And that’s how it’s going down in the finial battles at HM.

Now then, how about that new ending, “holy damn,” that’s all I have to say. “Oh it’s just an filler ending,” has nothing to do with the current Amagi filler arc. “Oh it’s just for the new movie,” Kubo Taito is helping out with the movie and also first signs of Inuyasha and Kagome to actually end up together came from the second Inuyasha movie. So yes, movies do depict a lot. Since the director of Bleach most certainly knows what is going to happen. And also, the movie does not come out till Dec, 13. Never before has the animated Bleach series promo-ed a movie that is still five months away, so the ending might just be to let the viewers know that IchiRuki is real. It's also the first ending only showing two characters and the song is obviously a love song. Also Ichigo is saying to Rukia what the singer is singing, and Rukia does what Ichigo tells her to do, which is run towards her dream which happens to be in the direction where Ichigo is standing with a big smile. So unless the new ending is some sort of sick joke made to piss off almost all of Japan’s anime viewers and a lot of IchixRuki viewers overseas, Kubo Taito and the Director are basically saying that, “Yes they are the main pairing.”

And this is for the ichihime fans (warning! ichihime fans may cause a riot)
Posted 8/17/09
Ichigo would be better with Inoue, but Rukia would be awesome with Ichigo, too.

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F / In my own little...
Posted 8/30/09
i think nel or rukia
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27 / F / Everywhere and No...
Posted 9/2/09
I think Rukia. Sorry, folks, I just see them together. I don't see how Orihime's personality fits Ichigo's and I don't see what sort of chemistry they are supposed to be having. Even that one scene where he apologizes to orihime is cause Rukia just told her "speech". You know which one.
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31 / F / Melbourne, Australia
Posted 9/2/09
mmm... Rukia and Renji should be together which cancels out rukia and Ichigo leaving Orihime and Ichigo..

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30 / F / USA
Posted 9/2/09
no one
Posted 9/3/09
Orihime does. Happy Bitrhday Hime-Chan.
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24 / F / Far, far away~ wee~
Posted 9/25/09

she good for him..

not Nel..
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30 / F / In yo pants.
Posted 9/29/09
And again, the same thread with another name, DEFINITELY Rukia contineous hints, pictures(by Kubo himself), quotes, scenes, entire Arcs and even a movie. I could go on and on and spam this thread with an entire paragraph, it's obvious, it got hinted enough.
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23 / F
Posted 9/30/09
Rukia most probably.
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