The Final Confrontation
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/13/08
This is it everyone. The Battle you've all been waiting for. The final story in the season. The Epic Battle between Sirberius and Dante. hope you enjoy it. And Larac, don't worry, you do die in this story. But I will write an after-story that shows you back and well.
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/13/08
(Dante vs. Sirberius)

It was around midday, and I was sitting on the steps that lead into the Hall of Music playing with a ball of fire. It had been a whole day since he had ran into Tenkai Hyachi (the Kim-un-Kur before him), and in that time, Larac, Ezra, The 7th seat Mystic, Calintz, The 3rd seat Mystic Youichi, and Mewt had all appeared in the city of Tyruna looking for me.
“So this is where you’ve been hiding from your duties, eh Sirberius,” Youichi said sternly at me.
I recoiled in fake fear, “Eh….. N-n-n-no…… I’ve been here waiting for Draethius and Dante to show up.”
She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “Ok, we’ll see if you are telling the truth.”
She sat next to me and pulled out a small book. Calintz and Larac were already with me. Evangeline had gone with Ezra and Mewt to do a bit of scouting and to let the officials of the city know to evacuate the city. We were trying to make sure that there was the least amount of casualties as possible.
“So what are you going to do,” Calintz asked curious.
“Isn’t it obvious… I’m going to fight him,” I say smiling.
Youichi looked at me, “But you could end up destroying the city, and killing him plus yourself.”
I scratch my head while still smiling, “Well we don’t really have much of a choice or anything better planned.”
“Well at least let us help you,” Calintz says.
“No! I will not allow you to jump into this fight,” I say shaking my head. “I’m the only one who knows what Draethius is capable of, and the only one who can stand against him. Besides, Dante wants this fight to be just me and him….. to test which one of us is the strongest.”
Calintz looked at me understandingly, but Youichi looked as if she was going to argue. That’s when Larac, Ezra, Mewt, and Evangeline came running toward us.
“Sirberius, he’s coming,” Larac yelled out to me.
I immediately got to me feet, “You’ve spotted him?”
“Yeah,” Evangeline answered. “I saw him over near the Cathedral. He was headed this way.”
“Alright.” I turned to Calintz and Youichi, “I want you to get them somewhere safe. And I want you to promise me that no matter what you see…… no matter what happens…… you will not try to jump into the fight.”
They both look at me reluctantly and nod their heads. Then they both give me an unexpected hug and walk away. Evangeline looks at me and understands what it was all about.
“So you are seriously gonna fight Dante?”
I place my hand on her shoulder, “Yea it looks that way.”
She moves close and gives me a hug, “Please don’t do anything foolish and get yourself killed.”
“Trust me, I won’t.”
She let go and walked over to Youichi and Calintz. Larac and Mewt both looked over at me and nodded their head toward me and walk over to the girls. Ezra followed behind her master (Larac). Youichi opened the doors to the Hall of Music and everyone filed into the building. The doors shut and I was by myself.
“Now we play the wait game.”
I sat back down and waited. About five minutes later, the person of the hour appeared.
“So now you decide to show up you lazy bum,” I say smiling widely.
I could sense the large amount of Demonic energy that was now in his body. I immediately recognized it as Draethius’s own power.
“This from the most childish in the entire Mystic Council,” came his smart remark.
He seemed like his normal self, but I could tell what is true intentions were.
“Ok, enough with the playing around,” I say serious. “Why did you turn on us? Why would you side with Draethius and go against everything that you helped me make?”
He smirked almost demonically, “For one simple reason. A reason that you know far better than anyone in this world. I obtained this power so that I would be able to defeat you.”
I raised my eyebrow, “So that’s it? No plot to take over the Council? You just wanna defeat me? Wow that’s a new one in the list for reasons to create destruction.”
“Well you know me, I’m all about the unexpected.”
I reach onto my back and grabbed my bastard sword.
“Well then, let’s cut the chitchat and get straight to the fight.”
“Fine by me,” he replied while drawing his dual katanas.
“But just know that I will stop you. And I will put a stop to Draethius’s plans to take over the Mystical Community.”
Dante smiled at me, “If you say so little Sirberius. But just know that I’m not going easy. I’m going to kill you if it comes down on it.”
I was taken aback by this last remark, “Is this what it really comes down to Dante?”
“Yes Sirberius. This is what it really comes down to. We will truly find out which one of us in stronger.”
I sigh, “Then I guess I have no choice but to fight you with everything ounce of strength that I have.”
I charged at him at full speed, and Dante ran at me at the same pace. We met in the middle of the town square and he started off by swinging both his katanas down. I blocked it and flung his swords up. I half jump and kick him in the chest. He flies back, but launches a dark ball of fire at me. It hits me square on and I fly in the opposite direction. I flip over and land on my feet to find that Dante what already rushed at me.
I charge up a nice amount of fire energy into the sword and slash toward him. He dodges to the side and lets it streak against the ground, tearing the concrete to ruble and destroying the water fountain. The destroyed fountain starts spraying water everywhere. Dante’s sword were suddenly covered in crimson fire while he still ran at me.
“Crimson Flame.”
He slashed at me at a very close distance and waves of fire kept issuing from the swords. I dodged as best as I could, but I kept getting singed by them. Then I slipped up and my reaction wasn’t fast enough. I ended up being hit by one of the waves. Dante took this moment and started rapidly firing his Crimson Fire. They hit me one at a time in different parts of my body. He let a rather large one fly and hits me dead on in my chest. I’m lifted off my feet and sent into the wall of the Music hall.
I pull myself up right and get to my fight. I utilize the power of the Ice Queen Natsume and start to control the water. I swing my hands together and the water streaks toward Dante. He immediately grows his wings out to block, but I push my hands outward and the water drives him back into the wall of the Meeting hall. I charge the ice energy and cause the water that was pushing against his body to freeze while at the same time, forming a ball of fire over my head.
“Flame Shot.”
I raise my hand underneath it and hurtle it at him. The fireball hits him and explodes in a fiery rage. After the smoke clears, I see him climb out of the crater that was left with nothing more than burn marks on his clothes. He seemed to be smiling.
“Silly Sirberius, you think you stand a chance don’t you? You are truly pathetic in every meaning of the word. I will kill you and I will put an end to this Mystical Bull Shit you have been feeding people over the years. I will end your reign and begin a new, I will allow Draethius to obtain the Mystical Council and rule this land, and you will be another notch under my belt.” Dante says menacingly.
“Well, in that case I will have to try now wont I.” I reply somewhat bluffing.
I charge at Dante but as I get up close to him a bolt of lightning hits between us and I fly back into a building.

Part II (In Point of View of Narrator (In the eyes of Dante))

“Who are you? Get out of my way I have unfinished business with Sirberius. I will kill you if you interfere anymore.” I say to this figure in front of me.
“Oh a good one, you think you are so powerful don’t you? You barely even scale up to myself, let alone my superiors, live in your ignorance. I have my reasons for being here, now prepare yourself.” The figure replies pulling out a broadsword, and flying backwards a bit as his fire starts to engulf his body.
“Stealing my moves I see, don’t you know the whole fire thing is my deal? Some people I swear, oh well I will just kill you and continue on to Sirberius. But first tell me your name.” I ask
“My name is Azriel de Ira, and I’ve been around a lot longer then you boy, now fight.” He replied.
Azriel begins to glow red from the surrounding flames as he chants an incantation. The fires erupt and Azriel becomes barely visible. Dante laughs and summons a rift in the ground as a horde of demons begin to pour out from the abyss. They all attack Azriel but in one quick burst all that was left was the charred remains of the demons. Azriel charges at Dante, who in turn charges at Azriel. They clash and the flames from both send shock waves into the air and into the city, destroying the buildings and structures.
The flames die down to see Azriel and Dante clashing broadsword against duel katanas. Dante laughs and releases the katanas letting the attack hit him directly. The attack does no damage and Dante grabs Azriel by the throat and lifts him up. Dante begins to fly upward with Azriel in his grip.
“I know you, you are the Angel who defied the Gods, Azriel the first of the fallen. Quite a title, I expected more from you. Now I will show you an attack I was saving for Sirberius.” Dante says as he emits four clones that surround Azriel.
Azriel Smirks and his wings shoot out getting out of the grip of Dante. On Dante’s command the four clones begin to attack Azriel, each of them with equal strength. Azriel fights back this time with great agility and defense, he manages to block or doge every strike. The clones back off and begin to glow black with the Darkness Flame. Each of them fire in a different series of blasts. The Blast litter the sky like rain, Azriel dodges most but is hit by a good amount causing him to fall to the ground. Azriel quickly recovers and flies towards one of the clones punching it with his fist surrounded by flames. The punch goes right through the clone killing it in a burst of fire.
The rest of the clones combine to create Dante, “you are much stronger than I thought, but you are nothing in comparison to me, I am only using a fraction of Draethius’s true power. I commend you on your valor, join me and you can serve under Draethius.” Dante says
“Tempting, but I don’t serve under those who I can kill.” Azriel responds
“That’s too bad then, but you will pay for your ignorance.” Dante replies.
Dante charges up an attack and his body begins to glow with the Darkness Flame, Dante appears behind Azriel and shoves his fist into Azriel’s chest and erupts the body with the Darkness Flame. The body disappears and in its place is one of the demon corpses Azriel burnt before. Dante tosses it aside and looks around; Azriel forms from the shadows behind Dante and slashes two giant gashes into Dante’s flesh.
Azriel grabs a vial from a chain on his waist, and takes some of the blood from Dante. “It has been fun to play with you but I really must be going now, my master waits.” Azriel states as he flies away from Dante who doesn’t give chase (Maybe due to injury, the want to fight Sirberius, or even fear.)
Dante’s flesh quickly regenerates and is back on his feet, he looks forward to see Sirberius perched on a ledge. “That was one hell of a dude; he kicked your ass man.” Sirberius states.
“So you are back, good now I can kill you.” Dante replies.
Before Dante can finish his speech to Sirberius he is hit with a blast from behind. Dante turns to see Mewt flying towards Dante at high speed. Dante appears in front of Mewt before he is ready. Dante grabs Mewt by the skull and pulses his Darkness Flame into Mewt’s body absorbing his energy and sending his lifeless body crashing to the floor.
“I never did like him.” Dante says his wounds completely healed from the energy.
“Ok so where were we, Sirberius ole pal.”

(Narration back into Sirberius’s eye)

“Not so fast there,” I say tapping my foot to the ground. “Time Spell: Replay.”
A giant spell clock appears beneath me as I tap my foot again. The hands form and the clock suddenly turns black. The hands turn counter clockwise and as the hands move, everything around me moves backwards. As if it was re-winding itself. I waited until Mewt was a few meters back before I tapped my foot again.
The clock stopped and disappeared. Mewt and Dante started moving as normal. Mewt comes flying out of the Music Hall and hurtles toward Dante. I streak toward him, grab the back of his neck, and toss him back into the Music Hall.
“Keep your ass in there. This fight is between Dante and me. I don’t want any of you to interfere.”
He looks up at me, “But Sirberius……”
“No buts,” I yell.
I use the water flying from the fountain to close the doors and seal it in layers and layers of ice. I turn back to Dante and see him grinning more.
“A new power I see. The power of time?”
“Yea, I got it from a good friend of mine. Or should I really say of Draethius’s.”
“Well it doesn’t matter how many times you rewind time. The fact that you are going to die will never change you pathetic half wit.”
“We’ll see,’ I say breaking my first two limiters.
My power begins to skyrocket and a black and red aura begins to appear over my body.
Dante senses my power and smiles, “So now you’re finally getting serious huh? Well then, let the fight for your life begin.”
I sense his power begin to rise, and his body started to change into his vampiric Blood Lust form. My black and red aura formed my dragon scale armor and my Reaper form was complete. I stuck my hand out to my side and Shadowy Death erupted from the shadows underneath me. He reached onto his back and drew Eternal Damnation (his broadsword). I couldn’t help but still think of us as two dueling friends, but I knew the thought had to end.
“Sorry, but I’m not serious yet. But who knows, you might push me to the edge and I’ll be forced to become serious.”
I ran at him with my scythe in my right hand. Dante rushes at me while consuming his body inside of fire. He slashed out fire arcs and I used my scythe to slice through them. We caught up and I jumped over his head as he slashed at me. He reached up, grabbed my arm, and slammed me down onto the ground. Then he started swinging me around and tried to throw me across the ground. I, however, struck my scythe’s blade into the ground once he let go, spun around in a circle in the air, and kicked him in the chin.
He was lifted high into the air.
“Reaper’s Edge.”
My Scythe glows white and I jump into the air. Dante looks at me once I get up to his level and he swings at me. I dodge in and start swinging my scythe in a circle. White beams of energy emit from it and hit Dante repeatedly. His sword flies out of his hand and falls to the ground. He soon follows it.
“I’m not done yet,” I say charge my scythe once more. “Reaper’s Vengeance.”
Shadowy Death glows yellow and I slash it at the falling Dante. He makes it down to his sword and grabs it. But he was too late; the gigantic energy arc I slashed at him came down upon him. The explosion was so great that it blew me higher into the air. It destroyed everything within a mile. The Music Hall was untouched though, probably from Youichi using her fire abilities to absorb the fire.
“Oh come on now,” I yell down to him. “Don’t tell me that you’re done already. I’m just starting to have some fun.”
Then I hear his voice from behind me, “Well this isn’t going to be fun for long.”
I turn around and he slashes me across my chest. I float backwards, look up and see that he’s disappeared. Then I felt a blade pierce through my back and a force flung me back down to the ground. I hit and the ground crumbled and broke due to the force. My body bounce back up, allowing me to turn around in midair to see a gigantic ball of fire hurtling toward me. I summoned all of my power to try and repel it but my body wouldn’t respond quick enough. The ball hit me and exploded. The crater that had been formed by my attack grew bigger.
I was sent flying out of it and streaked through house structures. Their walls crumbled due force of my speed. I skidded to a halt in front of the Granz Cathedral. I was about to get up when Dante dropped out the sky and onto my chest. The ground crack and blood shot out of my mouth. He raised his hand and another ball of fire formed.
“What’s the matter, getting weak in your old age?”
He jumped into the ground and launched it at me. It didn’t cause as big of an explosion as his last, but it was enough to do some serious damage.
“I expected more out of you Sirberius. But I guess you are as weak and pathetic as I thought you to be. You are a disgrace to the Mystical Community. And I will erase you from this world. I will exterminate all who are like you so that a new world may be born in the image that Draethius and I see fit,” Dante says laughing. “That will be a wonder place to live. Too bad you won’t be around to see it.”
Two flaming energy bullets came flying out of the cloud of smoke and hit Dante in his chest. He was pushed back a few inches, and then he looked back down. The smoke starts to clear and reveal that I am up to my feet. My dual guns taken over my Heine’s Shadow and the white attire of my True Hybrid form glowing with all its radiance. I wipe the blood from my mouth and look up at Dante.
“It seems that your virtues have really been alter and changed. I may not wanna admit it, and I probably will never understand your reason. But it seems that you have truly taken the side of Draethius. But know that no matter how much power he gives you, I will always take what you hit me with and send it back at you ten-fold.”
I charge my guns and aim them up at him. Three black energy blades form over the handle (thanks to the fusion of Heine’s Shadow and Heine’s Invasion). He drew his scythe (now in his Oversoul form) and cocked his arm back. Then in a flash I was behind him. He turned and met my foot the side of his face. He didn’t go far and swung his scythe, but I used the energy blades to block. For about five minutes we dished out blow after blow, strike after strike, and last after blast. We blocked each blow that the other dealt and matched each punch or slash with one of equal or greater force.
We halted and floated back down to the ground. I kept Heine’s Shadow raised at Dante just as he kept Death’s Touch ready to attack at any moment.
“You know, you aren’t half bad,” I say out of breath. “You have really developed since you were younger.”
He glared at me, “Yea, well don’t think that we are evenly matched.”
I charged my dual guns and grinned, “Oh we are nowhere near evenly matched Dante. And don’t you dare think that you are stronger than me.”
I jumped into the air and aimed down at him, “Infinity Bullet.”
My Ka’dai energy charged into my guns and was stored there. I pulled the trigger of one of my guns and a big ball of energy was fired at Dante.
“Reaper’s Dance.”
I created four clones and sent them right behind the Infinity Bullet. Dante had already grew out his wings and folded them over his body. The Infinity Bullet hit and bounced away from him. His wings unfolded and he found himself surrounded my four clones. Each one held one gun to him (the Infinity Bullet that I hadn’t shot). His wings came out, but the clones had already fired before he got the chance to cover his body. The four energy balls hit him from the front, both sides, ad his back.
I rose into the air and Zane materialized his body right next to me. We stood back to back with our arms (my right, his left) pointed at Dante. A gold eye opened in front of our palm and started gathering energy. Dante was on the ground and the clones had disappeared.
“Let’s finish this Zane,” I saw to him.
“Alright brother,” he says. “Draining.”
The eye glowed a ominous black and fired a black and red beam. Dante had gotten to his feet and looked up to see the beam. He picked up his scythe and attempted to try and knock the beam back. But it really was no use. The beam hit him and formed a ball around his body. Dante was lifted off his feet and raised ten feet up. Then he started to yell in pain as the energy ball drained him of his life force and energy.
“This is now over Dante,” I say grinning.
“Now perish to the depths of hell,” Zane yelled in fury.
He snapped his finger and the energy ball compressed itself so small that it was barely visible. Then I blew up and Dante was launched into the Cathedral. The whole building collapsed down onto him.
“Well I don’t think he will be getting up anytime soon,” Zane said smiling.
We floated back down to the ground and turned around to find everyone outside of the Music Hall. They all were waving at me while running over.
“You did it Sirberius,” Evangeline yelled out.
I smiled, “It was nothing.”
Then my worst fears were confirmed. Suddenly the ground started to shake. I turned back around at the collapsed cathedral and saw the debris shaking. Then a torrent of flames burst from below and threw all the debris toward us. Larac drew his blades and started destroying all the debris that came our way, while I used my guns to blow them into oblivion. The torrent of fire kept issuing from the building structure.
Finally, Dante emerged in a form that resembled his Oversoul Blood Lust form. But it was more demonic looking than it had ever looked before. I raised my guns, but was suddenly hit with a fire arc. I flew over Larac and hit the ground. Larac turned back toward Dante and rushed at him with his blades raised. He slashed at Dante but we knocked aside. He got back onto his and ran at his again, this time summoning all six of his swords to fight beside him. Dante snickered and disappeared. Then he was right under Larac, his blade pierced right through Larac’s chest and out of his back. Dante flung him off his sword and his lifeless body landed right in front of me.
I looked up with fear and got to my feet, “No.”
I ran over to Laracs body and charge my power, “Time Spell: Reply.”
I tapped my foot to the ground and waited for the spell clock to appear. Then I tried it again, but still nothing happened.
“Looks like your little power is all used up,” Dante said mockingly. “But don’t worry, I made sure he died quick and painlessly. But I can’t promise the same for you.”
I raise my guns and start firing out shots in rage. Zane combines back with me to add more power and force to my shots. But Dante knocks them all aside like they are nothing. Then his blade starts glowing red.
“Let me show you what 50% of Draethius’s power can do. Demonic Revolt.”
Suddenly he disappears and I fell a blade slash across my side. I am forced to turn around and I spot Dante smiling at me. Then he’s gone and I’m cut down my back. I turn around again to see that he has now made three clones. They all disappear and I am rapidly cut across my stomach, chest, back, arms, legs, and face. Then I am pierced through my back and both sides by the clones. They lift me up into the while by using their swords as leverage. The original is in front of me handling a black ball of energy in between both his hands. It grows out a lot more and he lunges it at me. I watched it come at me. I had given up hope, and didn’t care what happened anymore. Now that I was unable to protect one of my close friends. If I couldn’t save one of them, what made me think that I could save them all?
The ball of energy passed right through me. It left no scars but it felt like it burnt me from the inside out. It formed a giant black cross behind me and there I hung. Dante walked up to me and smiled.
“And now this is where the hero dies. It’s too bad. You would have been so much better on the side of Draethius and me. But that offer is long gone. Just like your pathetic Mystic Larac. I never did like that ass hole. Oh well, now he’s dead.” He looked up at me, “I did the whole world a favor by killing that useless bastard.”
I raised my head slightly to see his laughing face. I stared deep into his maniacal red eyes and I saw him for what he was.
“Zane, Sparda, it’s time,” I say inside of my mind.
Then Sparda spoke, “I am darkness in your soul, the evil of your heart that you willingly show.”
“So what do you have to say as final words,” Dante said, gently slapping his blade against my face.
Then Zane said, “I am the light that guides you from above, protecting all these you care for and love.”
“Well if you have nothing to say, then I guess it’s time to extinguish you pathetic live.”
“I am the balance between dark and light, using the skills of both to protect and fight,” I mumble under my breath.
Dante looked up at me, “What was that, I didn’t quite get it.”
I raise my head and a look of anger takes over.
“Divinity and Demonicy is what we seek, so we fight all opponents at our peak, and though while separated we are weak, by combining our power’s we become complete.”
I yelled the last part out loud, while Zane and Sparda yelled it from inside my mind. My power started to elevate while all three of our auras start to glow around my body. Zane’s white aura, Sparda’s black aura, and my red aura. The cross started to shake violently and then it cracked. Dante quickly raises his sword and slashes sideways at me. But the immense amount of energy that was issuing rapidly from my body stopped the blade before it got anywhere near my skin. The cross broke I was left suspended in the air, while my arms and legs spread out. All three auras swirled around my body and where absorbed into it. My power started to increase drastically. My muscles started to get stronger as my height increased by 4 inches. My hair grew out a bit and become more unruly. My clothes were burned away as the red aura cover my body. It disappeared and revealed a black short-sleeve shirt that was kinda like a cloth jacket because it had a zipper and came down to my knees, black, baggy pants that were tucked inside of my black boots, and I was wearing black gloves.
I clutched my fists and admired my forgotten strength. Then the black aura wrapped itself around my waist. A red waistband formed around me. Then the black aura formed two separate pouches. I knew right off the bat that they both contained pieces of my Death Penalty. Finally, the white aura wrapped around my neck. It solidified and formed a silver, skeleton chain. At the end of it was a shuriken like pendant that glowed white. This was my second most treasured item, the necklace that Rubi had given me so long ago.
My thoughts started to disappear, even my memories started to fade. Soon, my mind was blank. Suddenly, it filled back up with more serious thoughts and memories that had lain dormant for so long. My ‘childish’ attitude disappeared and my complete attitude resurfaced. I was now, my complete self.
I floated back down to the ground and stuck my hand out. Heine’s Shadow, Heine’s Invasion, and Heine’s Zero (which were still floating where their masters once held them) floated toward me. They gathered together and started to glow. Once the light subsided, my weapon, Heine’s Obliteration appeared in my hand. I took it in my hand and the two translucent blades that were on the top and bottom of the rifle barrel started to glow blue, indicating that I was using a water element attack. I fell back to the ground and in three graceful swipes, I had destroyed Dante’s clone.
“Complete Hybrid Form, power output, 21%”
Then I was right at Dante’s side with my right hand help to his chest, “Now I’m serious.”
I pushed him away while releasing a blast of fire. He flew right off his feet and landed right onto the remains of the burnt Granz Cathedral. I looked up and expected to see me, but I was already behind him.
“I will make you pay for what you did you filthy vermin.”
He turned around and I slash the top blade up across his chest. He was lifted off his feet and stumbled backwards. Once he stabilized himself, he looked back at me and found the barrel of Heine’s Obliteration looking him dead in the face.
“Infinity Cannon.”
The gun quickly charged, the blade glowed black and red, I pulled the trigger and fired a large beam of shadow and fire energy into his face. The beam carried him right through the three buildings behind him. He rose to his feet, threw down his sword and pulled out his dual katanas.
I smiled and put my hand on the handle of Heine’s Obliteration, “So you wanna play that games huh? Fine by me.”
Charge my energy through the blade and pull apart. The blades and the barrel split in half, along with the handle. The top blade on both halves, started to move clockwise. As it moved, the opening in the barrel started to close itself and become whole. The top blade finally made it to the bottom and joined together with the blade there. The handle fixed itself by using my energy as a substance. Once it was done, I was holding two identical gun-blades. Dante looked at me, almost in awe, and rushed up to me.
I raised my gun-blades and deflected his first attack, then his second and third. For his forth, he tried to slash me on both sides. I jumped up and kicking him in the chin. He back flipped and was about to land on his stomach, but I got onto my back under him and raised my weapons. The tip of the blades slid into his stomach. I pulled the trigger on both gun-blades and shot him into the air. I hopped to my feet, still aiming Heine’s Obliteration at him, and charged them with fire energy.
“Trinity Barrage.”
I pulled the triggers and hundreds of energy bullets started issuing from both guns and kick Dante’s body. He was flung around like a lifeless doll and then he fell to the ground.
I take both halves and put them back together, “I don’t know why I have to bother with pitiful vermin. But my “Childish side” wanted you dead, so you must be exterminated.”
Dante staggers to his feet, “I will not be defeated by you.” His power starts to grow larger and larger. “I WILL NEVER LOSE TO A PATHETIC LEADER LIKE YOU. DRAETHIUS, GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR STRENGTH. GRANT ME THE POWER TO DEFEAT SIRBERIUS!”
Suddenly an immense amount of power issues from his body and a large gust starts blowing everything away from him. I casually raised my hand to my face to block the wind from my eyes. Dante’s power had become so strong that a red aura was starting to flow freely from his body. He stuck out his hand and a black bladed sword formed in his hand. I recognized that blade as Draethius’s own Demon Reaper.
“I see that you are going to go to your limit,” I say putting Heine’s Obliteration onto my back. “Well you’ll have to apologize now. I can’t exactly go straight to my limit. But I can meet you half-way.”
I put my hands over both pouches and broke their seals.
“Give me your strength. Help me destroy the idiots that are foolish enough to try and get rid of the peace that I have worked so hard for. Come to me, my Death Penalty.”
Four balls of pure energy came flying out of the pouches and into the air. I raise my hands into air along with the rest of my body. The balls of energy streak to my hands and feet and take hold. There they form a pair of gauntlet that reached all the way down to my elbow and a pair of metal armor over my boots.
“Complete Hybrid form, power output, 53%
I fell back to the ground and took my fighting stance.
“Let us finish this now. Prepare to bow before your ultimate demise.”
I ran at him and he charge at me. He slashed down at me and I blocked with my forearm. I then instantly used my free arm to punch out at his chest. He turned sideways, dodged, and kicked me in the stomach. I jumped off the ground to avoid most of the damage. He came after me.
“Demonic Revolt.”
“Dragon’s Fury.”
He started to slash at me at a fast pace and I used my technique (which allowed me to use about 30-50 punches and kicks at an extremely fast pace) to block and counter attack his blows. We were both so graceful that it looked as if we were doing some type of interpretive dance. We both fell to the ground.
“It would appear that even with my power expanded this much and you at your limit, we are equal. But that won’t do.”
Dante glared at me with eyes of hatred, “No we are not equal. I am superior to you. With Draethius on my side, I cannot be stopped.”
I turn toward the others and smile. They were sitting there, watching from the safely of Youichi’s elemental barrier. Then I used my vampiric ability to talk into the minds of other, known as the Whisper.
“Youichi, Evangeline, Calintz, Ezra, and Mewt. I need you to take Larac’s body and do whatever you can to heal him. And I what you all to help the towns recover and rebuild their cities. I am also now appointing Youichi, as Grand Mystic for a while.”
Youichi’s voice echoes back into my mind, “What are you talking about Sirberius. Don’t tell me you are about to do something stupid.”
I smile and do a half wave, “I’m afraid so. And this is the only way to get the job done. I can’t beat him, but I can put him back where he came from. It will exert a lot of my energy and I’m not quite sure what will happen to my body afterwards. So I want you to take care of things while I recovering… or should I die… Well, so long and good luck. Oh and tell Rubi everything, she’d drag me back from the pits of hell and kill me all over again.”
I turn around and face Dante once more. My facial expression back to being serious. I could still hear everyone’s thought in my mind, but I pushed them aside and ignored them.
“Well Dante, I’m afraid that this is where everything ends.” I grab my chain and yank it from my neck. “Lend me your strength. Help me judge the fools who are unworthy to appreciates the peace and tranquility that I have made.” I cock back the arm holding the chain, “My Death Sentence.” I lash it out and the chain suddenly changes into a long spiked and dagger-tail whip chain.
My gauntlets protected me from the spikes, which is why I used these two together. Dante raised Demon Reaper and ran at me.
I concentrated on my power, “Complete Hybrid Form, power output, 70%”
My power shot up way beyond my limit. I can only handle about 55% of my Complete Hybrid Form’s power. My power started to exploded inside me and was leaking out so bad that the ground crumbled beneath me. I spin my Death Sentence over my head. I power both my gauntlet and the dagger-tail with fire and they both burst into flames. Dante gets right up to me and cuts me on the shoulder. I jump back and lash Sentence around his body. The spikes dig into his skin as I yank back.
“Hell’s Vengeance,” I say calmly.
I unleash twenty kicks to Dante’s chest, back, and head. He flew backwards and I yanked him back and jumped into the air a bit. My right foot is suddenly burning with a fire hotter than anything I have every experience. I twist my body to add momentum and kick Dante square in the chest. He was launched back and I tossed him into the air. Making Death Sentence let go of his body, I let it wrap around my right arm.
“Alright, here it goes. Soul Ripper.”
My whole right arm started to glow red. I touched my hand to the ground. A black hole opened in the ground. It then turned into a swirling black vortex. I knew that it led into the Death Dimension. This had to be my final move. I looked up into the air spotted my target. I bend down and streaked toward him. He turned around and swung the sword at me. He stabbed me through my chest, which is where the blade stayed. I brought my arm back and pushed it forward with all my might. My hand went through his chest like butter and I grabbed down. It wasn’t a physical grab, but a spiritual one. I had taken hold of his and Draethius’s soul.
My arm started issuing an electrical current through his body and we both streaked to the vortex. I could everyone out of the corner of my eye looking in shock. They tried to come out to me, but Youichi’s barrier prevented them. Once Dante and I got in front of the vortex, I pushed him ahead of me. His body hit the portal and started to get sucked in.
“Now go back to the hell which you came from pathetic vermin.”
His body started to go in further, and then I noticed it. My body was being dragged down with his. I tried to pull back but it was no use. My arm was already inside the vortex too much, and I didn’t have the strength to get out. My body was suddenly strained and all the energy in my body disappeared. The vortex drug me further and further. I looked down and saw Dante laughing.
“Looks like I get to ride your ass all the way to hell huh?”
I look back up at the others and see the terror on their faces. Youichi let go of the barrier and they rushed over to me. I had already had my head under the vortex, but I reached my hand out. Mewt made it to me the fastest and put out his hand.
“Grab my hand Sirberius.”
I pulled my hand away from his, “No, my work is done now. I am intrusting the rest in your capable hands. Then the vortex closed, and Dante and me fell through the darkness. To forever be trapped inside the Death Dimension. I finally get my arm out of Dante’s chest, grin, and start to crack my knuckles.
“Well it looks like it’ll be a contest to see who really get’s their ass rode to hell.”
He smiled and summoned his sword, “But don’t think I’ll go easy on you, just because you’ve defeated me on the upper plane”
“Don’t worry, I wasn’t thinking about that. And don’t think I’m gonna hold back you ass.”
As we fell through the black abyss, we held another the grudge match, just for the hell of it. But I knew that once we got there, he would have upper hand. Draethius would have the hordes of demon attack and I would have to fight them off for my life. So before the. I wanted to have one last battle. One last test of my superiority…… just one last one……… before my I was trapped in the Death Dimension for all eternity to fight for my live… just one last one…
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Javex arrived at the Castle in the Sky. Envy led the privileged guest into a secret room where Azriel and Valentine were experimenting on Dante’s blood. A multi-masked statue called Blue Satan was in the center of the room.
“Ah, Javex, good to see you,” greeted Javex.
“Good to see you too,” replied Valentine, “how did it go?”
“Hard to say.”
“Hard to say?” asked Azriel, sealing a vial of blood.
“Both Sirberius and Dante were well past their estimated limits. Tyruna took quite the beating.”
“But who won,” asked Valentine.
“It was a draw; Sirberius opened a portal sending both of them to the Death Dimension.”
“Hmm, I wonder if I can use this to my advantage.”
“I suggest not. With Head of the Mystic Council gone, Dominic will begin with plans on unbalancing the Balance of Good and Evil.”
“Why?” asked Javex.
“No idea,” said Valentine, “Apparently it’s Phaethon’s idea.”
“Basically it’s your fault,” commented Azriel.
“You did introduce Phaethon to Dominic. I still am wondering what your connection with him is.”
“That is my, and Javex’s, secret. Javex, inform Nemesis and Duo that Athius won’t be joining us as soon as expected.”
“Understood,” acknowledged Javex.
Javex teleported to the Mystic Realm.
“Nemesis, Duo, Athius, Phaethon… who are these people?” asked Azriel.
“You’re little mind couldn’t even begin to comprehend,” said Valentine.
Azriel grabbed Valentine’s head and smashed it onto the table. Valentine’s nose was broken. He snapped it back into place and it healed.
“Fine, they…” Valentine began.
Blue Satan activated. In front of the statue, cells were materializing. They began to bundle up to form a mass and then a body. Atoms covered the body to provide clothes. A soul went into that.
“What happened?” asked Envy.
“I don’t know, it never acts on it’s own,” said Valentine, “Blue Satan, what are you doing?”
“I have brought back the dead,” said the Green mask.
“He will be useful later,” said Red mask.
“All things will come into play,” said Yellow mask.
“Huh?” said Envy.
“Ignore it,” said Valentine, “each mask is a separate personality. An “other” if you will.”
“That person was at Tyruna,” said Azriel.
“He was a friend of Sirberius.”
“Blue Satan, who is this?”
“Larac,” said Yellow mask.
“L’rac Aledan,” said Green mask.
“Bloodshire prisoner #0174,” said Red mask.
Valentine sighed. “I have no idea what they think they’re doing bringing back the dead. I’d better bring him to Glycosa…”

Larac opened his eyes.
“Am I dead?” muttered Larac.
Larac pinched himself. It hurt.
“I’m alive! I’m alive! I’m…”
Larac looked at his surroundings.
“… Youichi’s mansion. NOOOO!!!”
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