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Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/13/08
since we started the role playing and I said to the role playing rules
all of the role players must role play in any forum to this group

since I role play as Hinamori Amu and everybody is asking who's worthy to have Amu???

so this is the question who is worthy to have me(Hinamori Amu)????

our perverted cat and the hottest guy in shugo chara Ikuto

or the my prince(as Amu says on shugo chara)and little king(as Ikuto says)Tadase

and then say your opinion why you pick Tadase or Ikuto

note:all of the role players who answers this forum must role play ok

hope you all have fun^_^

~Hinamori Amu~

Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/13/08
oh I love to answer this question since I am Ran on role playing

I will pick Tadase-kun for Amu-chan because I am on the Guardians side and I am a Tadamu fan

so ganbare Tadase-kun

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Posted 3/21/09 , edited 3/22/09
Well i just joined this group and i would have to say ikuto! he's awesome! and well i'm amuto all the way! i still love the guardians.....but it would be great if amu was with ikuto! and well i pick ikuto cuz he is so hot! tadase is cute but not hot........sorry if i offended anyone!
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